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172 South Cascade Drive
Springville, NY 14141

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What People Are Saying:

  • scammers was told I needed parts lie did not need them
    Richard - March 2018
  • A hundred percent impressed, With store manager Mike Backhaus's commitment to customer satisfaction and associate Ron's attention to details. It is always great to see a store that cares about its customers and its community. Thank You Springville Monro!! Manny
    Manuel - March 2018
  • Quick and friendly service
    Kirsten - March 2018
  • had ball joints and wheel bearings replaced 2/19/18 manager was friendly and professional. only one tech on duty and still got the van in the time frame they said it would take. also had wheel alignment done, tech said he put it back to dealer specs.first time in years the steering wheel has been spot on. next time i have a problem this is where i will go.
    nelson - February 2018
  • Mike, Jim and all the gang work hard to make things right, at a reasonable price.
    Gene - February 2018
  • Friendly people that work there, decent prices and usually can make appointment the same day
    Brandon4 - February 2018
  • Mike always provides great customer service!!
    Amber - February 2018
  • These guys are always taking care of me and doing what they can to keep my vehicle running like new. Great service and outstanding shop. I recommend any friend to the springville store in New York. Awesome guys!
    Laci - February 2018
  • Take survey
    Mary - February 2018
  • Called and scheduled an alignment and inspection. Day of service I came in gave my name and services I was there for, employee nodded and got to work on vehicle. When completed I paid and drove away, less than quarter mile down road I noticed my inspection sticker appeared unchanged. I returned and was told my vehicle had been aligned as requested/ scheduled. “If you want it inspected I guess we can squeeze you in quick.” Consequently I was 20 minutes late for work due to this misunderstanding.
    Jen - January 2018
  • not applicable
    Gene - January 2018
  • We stopped in to see when we might be able to have our Santa Fe inspected as we were on a10 day extension after just registering it. The manager could not have been nicer. He asked his mechanic if he'd be willing to take a later lunch and do the car right away. The young man pleasantly agreed and said sure no problem. Was so surprised, and so pleased with the friendliness, and eagerness to help. Awesome way to promote Monro!!
    Carroll - January 2018
  • Very curtious employees & we're good on time
    Jamie - January 2018
  • Excellent customer service. I drive over 500 miles a week for work so I need frequent and convienient oil changes. Monro was able to fit me in last minute and within my time frame.
    Nicholas - January 2018
  • Took Almost two hours for an oil change and inspection. I was the only customer there. Was not happy about waiting so long.
    Brian - January 2018
  • They are fast, reliable, Nd efficant. Definatly would tell my friends and family to go there
    Angela - January 2018
  • Had a front end alignment done on my Jeep. Guy at front desk was very friendly, talkative and helpful. Young man that worked on my car was also very friendly and helpful.
    Tessa - December 2017
  • My Family & I (3 kids) were stuck in a crazy snow storm on Christmas Day and got stranded in Springville, NY. The morning of 12/26/2017 I tried to get snow tires from Wallmart as this would be the only way to get off the small roads and make it to a major interstate. WMT had none to fit my vehicle. They suggested checking with Monro across the street. I did just that, however there were only (2) tires available that fit my 2016 Honda Odyssey. Store MGR and others cautioned me about only having 2 snow tires due to the potential risk of fishtailing. There was a customer in line behind me whom also drove a 2016 Honda Odyssey. He heard our situation and volunteered to allow me to take the (4) tires he had reserved for the 2016 Honda Odyssey. The staff at Monro (Michael Backhaus) was so professional and supportive and expidited our Van to have snow tires. In addition, he gave me lots of good directions for the roads. The great news, my family and I were able to safely make it back to North Carolina later that night. What a A++ experience.
    Shawn - December 2017
  • Everyone I dealt with at Monro was friendly and courteous, would return to this location.
    Melinda - December 2017
  • Excellent prompt n complete service.
    Mike - December 2017
  • Excellent customer service , I highly recommend Monroe Muffler in Springville , They are honest and trustworthy and I wouldn't take my vehicles anywhere else. Recently my truck engine underwent major surgery, I was worried about the outcome but Justin took care of everything and had me up and running much sooner than I expected. I've had other work done by him on my truck and van, including NYS inspections.
    John - November 2017
  • I like shopping at Monro, there are never any surprises. They are timely,and do quality work. I like the coupons as well.
    Decker - November 2017
  • I purchased new snow tires for my Jeep renegade. The tires were sold to me and put on my vehicle at an amazing price and in a very timely fashion! I couldn't be happier with the service at Monroe muffler!
    Timothy - November 2017
  • Found my new service center
    Torrie - November 2017
  • The tires they have with the rebates are definitely worth the price. Great customer service as well. Called and wad able to get in the same day to get new tires on.
    Kimberly - October 2017
  • Made an appointment day prior. In and out quickly with great customer service. Perhaps corporate could recognize the positive effort these employee's put in to their job with minimal staff at times. Great Team Work !
    Diane - October 2017
  • Fast service and nice people
    Wilson - October 2017
  • They always get me in when i need them to service my vehicle always are friendly while we wait and put up with my 5 year old running in the waiting area
    Heather - October 2017
  • oil change was on time and fast.
    Gary - October 2017
  • Went in for NYS inspection and full automotive check before travelling to SC, full service completed in under an hour.
    Bill - October 2017
  • Oil change tire rotation. What's not to like.
    Chris - October 2017
  • Once again, outstanding service!!!!
    Chris - September 2017
  • Made appointment online, arrived at scheduled time and was taken care of promptly.
    Donna - September 2017
  • I get oil changes tire changes brakes and tires at monroe
    Melinda - September 2017
  • Staff are very friendly and ready to help in any way they could. Work was started on time per my appointment time and the work was done quickly.
    Jamie - September 2017
  • As always I called Monroe at the last minute to change out tires. They were able to squeeze me in the same day. Everyone was amazing. They swapped out my tires, placed the other ones the back, reset the sensors, and sent me on my way. I love this location because they only fix what I have asked them to, and they never pressure me into having something done that isn't exactly necessary just to make a couple extra dollars. Great service. Wonderful prices. Overall good experience.
    Gina - September 2017
  • Hope to save on life of tires!
    Marie - September 2017
  • I love that so much is included in with just an oil change. Best place in town for the price!
    Damien - September 2017
  • The good folk at my local Monroe (Springville, NY) always suppy me with good reliable friendly service. The fact that everyone there knows you by first name basis is a great feeling. Keep up the great work gentleman!!! Chris
    Chris - August 2017
  • I like the fact that I was in for any oil change and they recommend that I should take care of another problem,
    Daryl - August 2017
  • On time, at the right price.
    Daryl - August 2017
  • Great, friendly service
    Kim - July 2017
  • Squeezed me in last minute for an inspevtion
    James - July 2017
  • Great service
    Kenneth - July 2017
  • Things normally go smooth, but on Sunday July 2nd, we had a 9:30 appointment. We got there on time and were told some unscheduled 'emergency' work had come in and it would be a little while. Checking back around 1:00pm we were told it would be in the shop within 1/2hour. The car was finally taken in about 4:00pm. We had slow leaks in two tires that had recently been mounted at that location. Allegedly nails were found in both tires and they were plugged. The following morning one tire was below 25 psi. I pumped it up and by noon it was low again. Like I said it went in for slow leaks. 2 weeks to get to 25 psi, now it was 4 hours to drop that much. We took it back in, they checked it, fixed it and told us if it did not hold, the tire would have to be replaced. For a finishing nail?
    Patricia - July 2017
  • the manager was very helpful, got me an appointment right away. I took my car in for an oil change. I also asked them to check my brakes I knew they were bad and they put my new brakes in right away. Really great service.
    Kathy - July 2017
  • I wiould use your service agin for the price no issues or complaints
    Gerald - June 2017
  • I'm always happy with how quickly the workers at Monro get me in and how friendly and helpful they are. They always finish my service in a timely manner and do a great job!
    Megan - June 2017
  • Great service and mike is the best guy to deal with
    Pam - June 2017
  • guys are very friendly and always get me in quick. you do need to watch and question the price each transaction. the prices are always different, not what you were quoted and you need to make sure that they take your coupons. a little negation and everything works out.
    Kimberly - June 2017
  • Been a customer for 11 years and always great service.
    Chris - June 2017
  • Had a noise in the front end that they were able to fix
    Amanda - June 2017
  • Service was on time and completed efficiently
    Sharon - May 2017
  • Had a basic oil change
    Pam - May 2017
  • Had a basic oil change
    Pam - May 2017
  • The guy that did the work was really nice but I had just gotten my brakes done the week before my oil change and he said my brakes were 7/16. There is no way, they were only one week old.
    Melissa - May 2017
  • Excellent knowledge of parts, etc
    Paul - May 2017
  • I like coming here for certain things for my WRX - they're friendly and competitively priced. I gave 4/5 instead of 5/5 because the wait was pretty long. Their machine for changing tires broke while I was there. They fixed it and got my car done, but the wait was pretty long.
    Melinda - May 2017
  • I had scheduled an appointment the night before I wanted to get in for a wheel alignment. I showed up at my appointment time I signed up for and he said he had not accepted my appointment time because they were so booked. Luckily, someone who had an appointment didn't show up so he was able to get me in. These guys went above and beyond what I ever expected. They also did some adjustments besides the wheel alignment so that I would have a safe drive 2 hours away that day. These guys are awesome! I would recommend them to anybody!
    Sierra - May 2017
  • Normal tire rotation; 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500HD rotated and never adjusted air pressure (60psi front 80psi rear), never flashed/adjusted TPMS sensors so in cab readout and computer readout see tire locations prior to rotating. Had to take vehicle to Chevy dealership to correct air pressure and flash TPMS sensors a day later because your shop only had 1 tech other than "manager" working and neither knew how too do it.
    Bill - May 2017
  • Took my vehicle in for an inspection and to have summer tires put on. Appt. was at 8:00am. I called at noon, and they still had not pulled my vehicle in for the serving. Initially when I made the appt. I told them I needed my vehicle and to be sure to call me when it was done. Very disappointed in the service I received.
    Michele - May 2017
  • They were personable, fast, and very reasonably priced
    Lynnette - May 2017
  • Quick service
    Craig - April 2017
  • I have been getting oil changes at this store for 4 years now, oil change and tire rotation, I like the printout with tire depth and brake condition. I have family that works in the new car field and I like that they don't try to up sell me things I don't need otherwise I wouldnt go there I would just do it myself.
    David - April 2017
  • Prompt, courteous, and professional service
    Jack - April 2017
  • I was in and out in no time
    Jannet - April 2017
  • This shop has great people working, honest and very helpful
    Jannet - April 2017
  • They did a great job on my oil change. Had tire trouble, they fixed it also.
    David - April 2017
  • Friendly service at a reasonable price.
    Robert - April 2017
  • I typically pride Monroe muffler on their friendly customer service, and great deals on oil changes and other services. I was very disappointed in my recent stop to Monroe
    Mercadize - April 2017
  • Monro is my go to place for tires and oil change. Friendly fast courtious service.
    Bill - March 2017
  • excellent customer service and quick
    Joe - March 2017
  • The manager was able to to schedule me the next day, after I called. The technician did a fine job and had me in & out in very little time. I always like taking my car or truck in for oil changes; the price is right & the service is great. Monro Muffler/Brake is also only 20 minutes away, so I don't have to go far for services at a reasonable price.
    Richard - March 2017
  • Professional, communicative, courteous, usual.
    Scott - March 2017
  • The coupon for oil change and tire rotation for $19.99 is a good price. Although I used to find a $16.99 coupon. I was hoping you would bring that promotion back. Staff was friendly also.
    Kristine - March 2017
  • polite and professional
    dave - March 2017
  • Fast, reasonable price and easy location to use during my work day.
    Mike - March 2017
  • The service is great and quick. The associates were vertu knowledgeable and even wen the extra mile to inform us of issues that could cause future problems even though it wasn't part of the requested action.
    Jeremy - March 2017
  • The Monro store and repair shop in Springville, NY is s great place for general maintenance for our vehicles. The team is always very courteous, professional and communicative. I'd heartily recommend them!
    Scott - March 2017
  • Fast, friendly service with a smile! Manager makes sure that I use any coupons that apply.
    Sandra - March 2017
  • The Service Manager was extremely knowledgeable and treated me with respect. He was not at all condescending to this 75f year old woman! Thank you!! I would return to this location again to have my car serviced.
    Claudette - March 2017
  • Make sure your suppler knows what you need
    Jannet - March 2017
  • Included tire rotation and exam under the car as I had a rattle
    Melinda - February 2017
  • they work around my schedule, there is a huge trust factor, will pick me up if I need a ride. some prices (on tires) are high but will match the competitors price. always friendly and seem to appreciate my business....I change my oil on a scheduled basis...and I like the emails to remind me.
    Kimberly - February 2017
  • Monroe has been nothing but good to me. reliable and trustworthy. I can leave my car over night and they can get the oil change done. if they are not there..say over a week night, I can get my car then come back later in the day and pay. if I need a ride, they will pick me up. they match the competitors prices on tires and services. I like the service and the partnership we have established. ps...and they have good senses of humor!
    kimberly - February 2017
  • I called for an oil change and was hoping to schedule an appointment sometime within the week, but they were able to get me in the same day (within the hour, actually). They even put the air in my tires that I've been putting off for weeks :) They are always fast and friendly. I live almost an hour away, but it's for these reasons that I always come to this Monro for service.
    Halee - February 2017
  • Great, efficient service. Wonderful staff!
    Brandy - February 2017
  • Service%20was%20great%20and%20completed%20quickly.%20
    Amanda - January 2017
  • I%20was%20there%20for%20an%20oil%20change%20and%20they%20found%20something%20else%20wrong%20with%20my%20car.%20Instead%20of%20just%20telling%20me%20about%20it%20the%20technicIan%20showed%20me%20the%20problem.%20I%20was%20extremely%20happy%20about%20that.%20They%20did%20a%20great%20job%20and%20I%20will%20be%20going%20back%20again.%20
    Jeremy - January 2017
  • The ease of scheduling an appointment and the top notch customer service. I feel as though the staff went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of.
    Sean - January 2017
  • The manager was excellent and made me feel part of the team and not just a number.
    Mike - June 2016

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