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(845) 246-0026

3160 Route 9 West
Saugerties, NY 12477

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What People Are Saying:

  • I brought my car in for 4 brand new tires and an oil change. They put the new tires on, but when I received the car back my TPMS light was on. Never has it been on before! The person behind the desk said the new worker messed up my tire sensor and they would replace it for free. That was fine, as I came the next day for the replacement. BUT, my TPMS light continued to stay on. The person behind the desk claimed that it wasn't his fault as another sensor was dead. How does the sensor die when I dropped it off for 4 brand new tires and the TPMS light was never on before? I'm sure the new worker screwed up more than just the one tire sensor. He said that they could replace the "dead" sensor for $90, but I just spent $600 on an oil change and new tires. Sounded like a sales oriented scheme to give me another problem when I just gave them business. Why should teh customer have to pay for something that wasn't wrong with the vehicle before? I live close by and they should care about repeat customers. If they force me to pay for a new sensor when it's something that they did wrong, I will be forced to find a new trustworthy mechanic that puts the customer first. Hoping they can look further into this situation, as I would like to recommend this Monro to others.
    Jon - March 2018
  • All regular scheduled service needed Prices are very fair and the staff very knowledgeable and courteous.
    Ed - March 2018
  • I went in for an oil change and came out with over 1156 quote for tires
    April - February 2018
  • It's good to know that there is still a place you can bring your vehicle for honest and reliable service. Manager Joe Phillips at the Saugerties Monro has regained my family's confidence. He is definitely competent and goes out of his way to assist you. He reminds me of a former Saugerties Monro Manager, Frank Coddington. Both are top notch. Thank you.
    Dan - February 2018
  • I love how professional and helpful the gentleman at the counter was.
    Joann - January 2018
  • The guys there are extremely nice and helpful. They hustle and always do an A++ job. Will continue to go there for most of my cars needs!
    Laszlo - January 2018
  • Went in for an oil change, had a very good experience.
    Katherine - December 2017
  • Consistent good service
    Zoe - December 2017
  • Consistent good service
    Zoe - December 2017
  • I brought my car into Monroe on 11/24 to do some routine service. While the car was there I had asked that they check the car in general for some noises I had been hearing. Overall they found a few things wrong and I ended up put about $1000 into my car in repairs. Two days later I was driving an hour away from my house when my back wheel locked up and I ended up having to get my car towed. I am very disappointed that the mechanics did not find the issue before it was a major issue. It could have caused a major accident and I am pretty lucky it didn't. I was towed to a different Monroe location and they were able to fix my car that afternoon thankfully.
    Erin - November 2017
  • They are just so friendly!! I actually enjoy going there!
    Amanda - November 2017
  • Hey all. I have had. Horrible experience with one of your locations in saugerties new york. Ive lost about 300 dollars, and my cars value has depreciated significantly as a result of my visits to monro. I went in for them to put tires on. They didnt balance them and it felt like a had square wheels. I went back, and while it was there i said do an oil change and check the exhaust. They tried to charhe double the price for an oil change that was discussed. They replaced the leaky flex pipe.. And now the exhaust rattles against the floor board constantly, and it now has a check engine light. And the wheels still arent balanced. I took it back again because of the issues, and they kind of just shrugged it off. So to reiterate.. My car ride like it has square wheels.. Sounds like its about to fall apart because of the rattling.. I cant get it inspected because of a bad o2 sensor caused by the work done.. And im out 300 dollars. I was trying to tighten things up to sell it. It was a nice car before i brought it to you guys. Now it is worth less, drives like a piece of shi, and im broke. Thanks.
    David - November 2017
  • Brakes work great
    Mary - November 2017
  • Everyone who works there is always so friendly and they really look my car over for issues which is really important to me since I do a lot of driving and like to know about problems as soon as they occur so they don't get worse.
    Amanda - November 2017
  • Efficient and friendly.
    William - November 2017
  • Very convenient location
    Raychel - November 2017
  • Appearantly, auto tech was NOT diligent when draining the old oil out...because, after leaving there, went home parked truck in garage, and next day, nice oil spot/now stain- on my garage floor....oil level was good, so I chalked it up to when old oil was drained a good amount got caught up , on under carriage and dripped off unto my garage floor......also specifically asked for tire rotation and tech , at first, did not do, until he pulled truck up, like it was done, and I asked him if he did the rotation and he said he pulled it back in and did it......
    Michael - November 2017
  • I have gotten my oil changed here twice and everyone is always very pleasant and helpful. They always offer me,deals and coupons.
    Dylan - October 2017
  • Shocks and a fuel treatment done well, and at a fair price. Love this location!!
    Danielle - October 2017
  • This was great when I was there on Saturday all a perfect help and you the technician was great and the front desk service was wonderful better than ever thank you for all your help guys. Front desk service was very knowledgeable and respectful as well as Leon and all the others in the shop
    Derrick - October 2017
  • Very polite great people
    Corey - September 2017
  • Customer service was great
    Marian - September 2017
  • i have no complaints about the work done on my car
    Samantha - September 2017
  • I took my car in to be serviced because it was making a funny noise. I brought it to Monroe because it was close to my home. (Shame on me for not doing more research.) I spent $663.09 (which included a brake cleaning) and the car not only still makes the noise but it was worse after "being fixed". We left it there overnight to be looked at again. When my husband called to investigate matters they said that they did Nissan's recommended routine maintenance and to get rid of the sound I would need to have other work done. When asked about their guarantee, the person on the other end became irate and hung up. When my husband went to pick up the car, the key was sitting right on the counter, unattended, for anyone to take. We ended up taking it somewhere else and it turns out the brakes were not put back in properly and a pin broke. This cost another $99. I've worked in retail. I get it. You always want to cover yourself and not have to fess up to wrong doing, but you don't mess with someone's brakes and every now and again you have to admit you made a mistake, take accountability and make a wrong a right.
    Kelly - September 2017
  • it wasn't nice and cold in there while i waited for my oil change to finish
    Nicholas - September 2017
  • Honest people, even saved us money without us asking. My family literally comes here for everything.
    Remi - August 2017
  • I went in for an oil change and a scan for my check engine light, the employee was very helpful and explained the details of each code and was willing to work with me for the work involved. I regularly go to this location and have never had any issues or ever had to deal with rude, unprofessional staff. I will continue to keep doing business with them and always recommend them to friends and family
    David - August 2017
  • Went in for my first NY State inspection, and I was told that I needed new brakes to pass inspection. My "check engine" light was also on, and I asked the shop to diagnose the issue. In short, I was charged over $800 for new brakes (I have never heard brakes running over $500), and a "shotty" code reader was throwing an emissions code that the shop could not fix. So after spending $850 at this Monro location to pass inspection, they failed me for a loose gas cap seal? Yes, I could have gone elsewhere for new (more affordable) brakes, but in my panic to pass inspection, I caved. I felt like I was taken advantage of because of my urgency to fix the matter. Will not be returning to this location for service.
    Aaron - August 2017
  • I loved using monroe. They were excellent! Very present to deal with and quick. Didn't push anything not needed either which I loved. I would highly recommend to anyone in the area!
    Jennifer - August 2017
  • The service tech was smoking right before he got in my car, the waiting room is dirty along with the restroom and no toilet paper
    Rosemarie - August 2017
  • After making an unplanned, last minute drive from Michigan to New York due to airline glitches, I was distraught to find my muffler bouncing around and partially detached from my car at 4:45 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, just before I was to make the return trip back to Michigan. I was certain that all businesses would close at 5:00 p.m. I was delighted to find Monro Muffler open until 7 p.m. The man at the front desk got my car into a bay and onto a lift right away. The mechanic made no guarantees, but actually succeeded in welding my aged muffler to the prongs under the car. I would be set to hit the road the next day! I was thrilled. I got my credit card out, ready to pay, and the man at the front desk said, "No charge today." I practically wept. Not only did Monroe Muffler put my car back together, they restored my faith in the kindness human beings. Thank you so much! And the weld is still holding!
    Kristine - July 2017
  • Everything was fine about my visit except for the long wait time. Was told it was a mechanic's last day and he wasn't firing on all cylinders. Went in at 9 am for an inspection and was completed by 9:40 am. After the inspection, I was told there were a few things that should be taken care of, wheel alignment, replacing the coolant, and power steering fluid. I elected to have just the alignment and coolant replaced, then was given a 1 hour estimated time wait. 2 hours later it was finally completed and while waiting outside for my vehicle to be pulled up, the mechanic backed it out the bay, popped the hood and hosed off under the hood then walked away. Had to get another mechanic to come explain what was going on, then he (the new mechanic) told me the vehicle needed to be driven up and down the street quick to test the gauge. All in all everyone was nice (manager and second mechanic) but the main mechanic who was working his last day sucked. (censored) that guy.
    Matthew - July 2017
  • I only put about 4,000 miles on my car in a year but I seem to have to put $500+ every time I'm there. Friendly people just know they are trying to sell me everything under the sun. I seem to end up having more problems when I leave then when I come in. Car is now mis firing which wasn't before
    Brett - July 2017
  • yet again - a new manager & all new faces....................
    Mike - June 2017
  • I first bought my vehicle in to get my new tires put on, get an oil change and an alignment, get a new tpms sensor for my one tire, and get a NYS inspection. The mechanic put a new tpms sensor in but then some how knocked my check engine light on and then failed my NYS inspection. I was told to come back after driving 100miles and they would inspect it. The tpms light on my dash never went off, even though I spent nearly 100$ for that specific reason! I was then told I needed to bring my car directly to the dealership because they couldn't figure out how to get it off. That was a waste of my time and my money. It gets better, I then go to leave work on a 90+° day and my one tire is completely flat. So now for the third time in less than two weeks I find myself having to go back AGAIN! The man behind the counter basically kept telling me that this was all my fault. Needless to say three trips and 300 later I finally was able to get my car inspected, the tires finally keeping air, however my tpms light is still on!!
    Nicole - June 2017
  • Same as my headline I guess. I don't know what else to add.
    Brian - June 2017
  • Had my brake pads changed
    Chris - June 2017
  • Like everyone else in Saugerites, I needed a state inspection on the last day of the month. I called Monro on 9W in Saugerties and a short time later - state inspection completed!
    Rita - June 2017
  • Oil change was done.
    Andrea - May 2017
  • Very competent staff!
    Kathy/Bill - May 2017
  • None
    Richard - May 2017
  • Very personable and knowledgeable staff
    Kathy - May 2017
  • The belt was put in fast and at a good price.
    Natasha - May 2017
  • Made an appointment,got it done on time,people where on the ball.
    roger - May 2017
  • Ive been going to these guys for years and they always do the job correctly and quickly.
    Joe - April 2017
  • I had winter tires changed to all new spring tires. As always, Peter and staff did everything possible to make the experience easy, fast and to save me money. I definitely recommend Monro to my friends and family.
    Beverly - April 2017
  • I needed work done on a short notice. My state inspection had expired and although there were no promises to have the NYS inspection completed, before I had to be at work, on a very busy weekend - the job was done in plenty of time.
    William - April 2017
  • Quickly performed on time change.
    Dick - April 2017
  • They did the job quick and right! Helped me get what I wanted done
    Laszlo - April 2017
  • Technician noticed my tires were nearly bald. Since I only had 20K miles, he suggested I go back where I bought them. I did and got new tires at a fair, prorated cost. Great catch - thanx!
    Darrin - March 2017
  • TU
    James - March 2017
  • Called to inquire about the $19.99 oil change sale and was able to make an appointment same day and the service was super fast and friendly! Will be returning here regularly for my oil changes
    Savanna - March 2017
  • The service provided was quick and was reasonably priced
    Gerardo - March 2017
  • Don't really trust the employees I watch things very close
    Rosemarie - March 2017
  • I needed assistance with my exhaust and they were not only able to fix it but used quality parts. The quality of work was above and beyond.
    Jessica - February 2017
  • Friendly staff and they always complete the work when they say they will. I have purchased tires here too and found the staff knowledgeable and the prices were competitive. The free tire rotations are very convenient!
    Shannon - February 2017
  • I do not likecthe experience I had with my recent VERY EXPENSIVE SERVICE & DO NOT APPRECIATE TO BE MADE A FOOL OF.
    John - February 2017
  • 9:30 appointment, had to wait an hour but it was busy and everything got done and service was excellent.
    Jim - February 2017
  • Very friendly staff, easy to schedule an appointment and they are very flexible and reasonably priced. They try to help me out and not do any type of work that isn't really necessary.
    Abigail - June 2016
  • The staff was extremely friendly and detailed about the service, also made me aware of another problem and was extremely helpful. Will definitely go back if needed. Would use the gift card if won at Monro!
    Sheree - September 2015
  • The mechanics were friendly and did not push me into products I did not need.
    Andrea - September 2015

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