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(585) 466-8078

3000 W. Henrietta Road
Rochester, NY 14623

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Had great service. Brent was very friendly and knowledgeable.
    Dan - March 2018
  • I find the service to be quick, accommodating and convenient. The service techs are knowledgeable and friendly.
    Steven - February 2018
  • Fair price, free tire rotation, free brake check. Mentioned advertised $9.99 price but was told it was only for Drive card users - but ad says nothing about that - not even in fine print.
    Matt - January 2018
  • Quick and easy oil change! I stopped in for 15 minutes and left with a $10 oil change. You can't beat that!
    Sophia - January 2018
  • Fantastic service
    Nathan - December 2017
  • Shaw knows his customers and communicates very well.
    Anthony - December 2017
  • Their customer service is always excellent no matter what location I go to. They strive to get me good deals. I am always in and out without a long wait.
    Ericka - December 2017
  • This is the only place I ever took any of my cars the people there specifically Mark and Shaw are absolutely great they provide great customer service as well as are quite friendly and make me feel very comfortable to always bring my car there these guys definitely deserve the biggest raise ever and are great examples of Monroe Muffler
    Alexander - November 2017
  • There was an issue with my Good Year credit card being expired and the staff attempted to work to get a new card/updated account but the company did not provide that service any more and it lost us additional rebate monies. It was too late as the tires were on the car. Disappointment in the Monro policy.
    David - November 2017
  • I came in for an inspection and new wipers. This was done in a timely manner. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Great customer service!
    Michelle - November 2017
  • Always have good service and employees are Awesome
    Patricia - November 2017
  • I called for an oil change appointment. Your manager said 10 AM on the next Monday was open and we scheduled. I arrived at 9:55 and checked in and gave the man my keys. After 1/2 hour of sitting there, I asked why my car hand't moved into the shop yet and the man went into the shop and talked to the operator there. After a few minutes the car was driven inside. then the oil change took another 45 minutes... An oil change took almost an hour and a half I have been coming to this location for years and since the turnover of managers since Damon, the "service" has been very bad.
    mark - November 2017
  • On June 23rd the front breaks on my Kia Sol started making some noise. I was near the Monro Muffler store and stopped in to see if they could help. I was headed to Albany, New York and I needed to get there that day. Curt Wise was manning the desk and he was able to figure out the issue and provide me with options on how it could be repaired. Curt and the mechanic were able to get my car in and out within an hour. I feel bad that it has taken me this long to fill out this survey. Curt and the mechanic did a great job and helped me see that Monro Muffler has great service and great employees. Thank You
    E. - November 2017
  • Great service! Car was taken back within a few minutes after giving them my keys, and then done quickly within 30-35 minutes!
    Danielle - November 2017
  • I made an on line appointment to have services done to my car and upon arrival - within record time everything was done! The staff at this location are wonderful, especially Mr. Marcus! He took my printed coupons, applied them to the total amount of repairs with a Smile:) I am very very pleased with the amount of time it took to service my auto...Thanks Guys!!
    Barb - November 2017
  • They were kind, quick and did a good job. Im very happy and will be coming back.
    Brittan - November 2017
  • You always do a great job!
    l.Pond - October 2017
  • Took my car in last minute on multiple occasions. Very appreciative.
    Tatiana - October 2017
  • Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Explained everything in a clear and understandable way. The waiting room was a bit small and confined.
    Stephanie - October 2017
  • very quick
    Nate - October 2017
  • I took for simple flat tire fixing, I dropped the car on Morning by 8am, I got a call at 9am asking tire is worn out and needs replaced shortly, I told him i know it and i would like to fix it. Over the phone Sam confirmed he will fix by 1pm. He asked $45 to fix flat tire (Super expensive i have ever heard) I came from office by 5pm, to my surprise i see my car tire is still flat, when i asked the person in charge. He is least bother. He walked like as if someone problem and wanted to drive the flat tire car without any hesitation. After seeing this i filled 20PSi using my small 12v Air inflation. Later without any sorry or gulity he said its fixed now, When i asked why was it not done earlier or what was done earlier, his reply was rude enough. His Attitude was so bad towards customer. I took car and came home, Next day morning when i trying to take car, I realize the same tire is flat again. I called and spoke to Sam again, he asked to bring it. I took to store by 5pm, Again without any regret he took the car inside and after 10 or 15 minutes came back with an answer there is puncture in the side and cant fix it. He asked to replace the tire. I asked how was this not detected when they try to fix last two time, his answer was people could have ignored. Again very vauge and rough answer. My personal suspect and i dont have evidence, I am almost positive my car tire which went flat was little worn out tire. But i see the tire was some what new which is was on the other side. I suspect these guys would have done something wrong in swapping and make flat on purpose so that i could replace all 3 tires. I am not going to go back to that shop in W Henrietta Rd, Rochester, I was a loyal customer for last 6 years
    venkatavaradhan - September 2017
  • Shaw is a great rep. He's been helping me for about 6 to 7 years and always been respectful and heads up about maintenance with my car. Greatest mechanic ever
    Alexander - September 2017
  • Friendly workers get my oil change here all the time
    Patty - September 2017
  • quick
    David - September 2017
  • My oil was done quickly and was a bargain.
    Amy - September 2017
  • Always explain things and work done timely. Everyone is nice
    Rachel - August 2017
  • Always friendly and fast service
    Athena - August 2017
  • Everything went Great I only needed an inspection sticker
    Jeneen - August 2017
  • I have been going to the same Monro location on W. Henrietta Rd ever since the early 80's . They have always been great with me. My mom just this week brought my truck in at the spur of the moment for an inspection. She arrived very early. Instead of making her waite, they got her in and out very quickly. She was very happy for that. Steve
    Steve - August 2017
  • Fit me in for an ongoing tire inflation problem. Fixed it and educated me, too.
    Barb - August 2017
  • I have been going to monro since the early 80's they are one of the few garages I feel I can trust consistently over the years I wish they would expand to more states as I travel extensively for work.
    Steve - July 2017
  • It was a great experience. The guys was great, fast, down to earth, and honest. I highly recommend.
    Chevon - July 2017
  • very fast service
    Ronnie - June 2017
  • I was driving through one of many construction zones in the area and ended up with something in my tire, I called the Monro store in west henrietta and they were able to see me right away. When I arrived they were very accommodating, they started working on my car right away and was finished within the hour. I was very happy with the customer service I received from them and will definitely be returning in the future.
    Christine - June 2017
  • The service was quick and easy and they took the time to show me what was wrong on my car and explain my options. It would be five stars if catalytic converters weren't so expensive!
    Leah - June 2017
  • I had a great oil change and tire rotation experience at monro muffler this weekend.
    Chad - June 2017
  • Great location, friendly manager/staff!
    Grace - June 2017
  • I went here because my muffler was loud. They went over what needed to be done in detail and how much it would cost. I made the decision to get the muffler fixed and it was completed in a timely manner. They were very friendly and I was impressed with the overall experience.
    Sarah - June 2017
  • Great Service
    Harjeet - June 2017
  • Didn't wait long.
    Tess - May 2017
  • I always come here for tires, brakes and oil changes. The staff is friendly and never tries to sell me things that I don't need. I am delighted with the service
    Bruce - May 2017
  • After receiving a routine oil change and coolant flush I noticed a leaking of oil. Thought nothing of it because I thought it was run off of oil being spilled during service. The next day I saw a significant puddle of liquid underneath the front end of my vehicle. I immediately called monroe muffler and told them my issue amd requested for them to look at my vehicle. I had to ask the technician what the issue was after hearing alarming side conversations. I was notified that my oil pan had a leak. The oil pan is not worked on when changing the oil. Im now concerned about the potential damage that may have been caused to my engine. I'm really uneasy to have the same company that gave me the leak to begin do the repairs.
    Diana - May 2017
  • I use Monro for all repairs and maintenance! They have a great team running the store on West Henrietta Rd.
    Hunter - May 2017
  • the team was all very friendly and they got you in and out in quickly
    Cindy - May 2017
  • Everything was completed sith expert persision. The best part was when i was shown what was wrong on my car.
    Anne - May 2017
  • They always treat me well, let me know before hand what the problem is - if any and give me fair options as well.
    Leslie - May 2017
  • I took my car to the dealer for something I thought they could only fix there. They told me I needed to replace the entire muffler system and the catalytic converter. I took my car to Munro Muffler, they fixed the problem without having to replace everything. A million thank you's to these guys. My 2007 Saturn and I appreciate your diagnosis and quick repair.
    Karen - May 2017
  • They did my inspection really fast.
    Erica - April 2017
  • waited more than 1/2 hour in a less than wonderful waiting room watching employees in a group in the garage talking. my scheduled appointment was 9:30 , car finally brought in garage at 10:07...then 1 hour for an oil changer. Next time, i'll go to a place that takes you in when scheduled and dos toe work in a timely manner.
    mark - April 2017
  • Shaw and the guys are absolutely the bestl
    Alexander - April 2017
  • I been goin there for years
    Kent - April 2017
  • Our car was rented in Maryland and when the check engine light came on in Batavia the local Enterprise told us to go to Monro in Batavia. We located the store (easy access), and they checked us in within minutes - thanks to both the Counter Sales and the Mechanic we were out within a half an hour easy, with no warning light, oil change and other fluid top ups. There were no charges which were billed direct to Enterprise. We are very appreciative of the friendly service and quality care, especially as we were on holiday!
    Jeanette - April 2017
  • They are always very flexible with my schedule and get us in and out quickly. We only have one car so we need to always stay when our car gets fixed and they are always pleasant, understanding, and explain everything before doing anything. Simply wonderful
    Ashley - April 2017
  • Every month i get my car serviced here. It is always an enjoyable experience. I love that for one price you get multiple things. It is also nice that if something needs attention, they offer to help you and sometimes give you a good deal.
    Anne - April 2017
  • Good customer service experience and fantastic job by the team! Keep it up
    Balkrishna - March 2017
  • Went in to get my car aligned and also used a coupon for tire balance and rotation. The guys were all friendly and service was fast and efficient. Happy to have my car back to normal after dealing with lots of potholes
    Christine - March 2017
  • Thought my rear brakes might be getting low. Brought my car to Monro and they fixed me up right. Brakes work great (no funny sounds anymore). # No more worries / # Peace of Mind / # Happy Customer!
    Cindy - March 2017
  • we went to a Subaru dealership and they said it would be around $650 to replace a piece, we then went to Monroe and the mechanic was able to do the fix for about $150.
    Jennifer\To - March 2017
  • Highly recommend!
    Amy - February 2017
  • They are always honest and helpful. Been going there 12 years as a result of this.
    Michele - February 2017
  • Fast friendly service .
    Laura - February 2017
  • Appt was on time and oil change was provided within a reasonable time frame.
    Aaron - February 2017
  • Tyrone did a great job explaining and the work was superb.
    Nancy - February 2017
  • I take my car here often but my most recent visit was for my state inspection. My emergency break is not something I need often so it was a bit stuck and they got it unstuck so that I'd pass the inspection.
    Jennifer\To - February 2017
  • I needed a NY inspection and oil change. My car was reviewed and done well during the holiday season. They noticed I needed new windshield wipers and installed those for an overall great deal and terrific experience.
    Liz - January 2017
  • The manager and assistant manager went over and beyond to get my car fixed and the communication was exceptional. Love it.
    Beverly - May 2016
  • Walked me under car to show me & gave a fair price. Kept his word on the price and didn't try to sell me anything more than I wanted or needed. They are always friendly and honest at the Henrietta station.
    Lois - April 2016
  • The gentleman that worked on my car discussed possible future repairs and the cost of each. This was very helpful.
    Dawn - September 2015
  • Always treated/appreciated as a valued customer.
    Tony - September 2015
  • Very friendly, down to earth service.
    Johnathan - August 2015
  • Damon and his crew are always prompt, helpful and friendly, and do great work.
    Sara - August 2015

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