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What People Are Saying:

  • Every time I get service done at Monro Muffler on Monroe Ave, I have a great experience. Joe and his team know how to treat their customers. Getting work done on your car is not a "fun" thing to do, but they make it enjoyable. I feel they are fair in cost, friendly and make you feel welcome!
    Karen - March 2018
  • I had multiple tasks for my car and these men handled it quickly and professionally. I will be back
    Loren - February 2018
  • I had multiple tasks for my car and these men handled it quickly and professionally. I will be back
    Loren - February 2018
  • I've been doing business with monroe muffler/brake for quite a number of years now. But only a coupe of years at the Chili location.These guys have been great with everything that i've need on my vehicles. Just a pleasure doing business with them.
    Charles - January 2018
  • Staff is very cooperative and friendly
    Sami - January 2018
  • Each time I have had my vehicle serviced, it has been completed as promised, at the price I was quoted, and done right! -Top quality service.
    Dave - January 2018
  • I had snow tires shipped and installed. Appointment was easily made and work timely done. However they neglected to tell me they failed to connect the tpms sensors until I called the next day to ask about it, and this was blamed on a busy day.
    Wendy - January 2018
  • I wandered in to the Chili-Paul store looking for a quick inspection; now their my "go to" place for everything! I've purchased tires (met or beat every other place in town, including the internet) get my inspections done and really love the $9.99 oil change. I can't do it myself for that price and it comes with a free tire rotation; yes please! Kevin Higgins is the manager and really does want to help out his customers. I met Jon today and he's just as friendly as any of my neighbors. #customerforlife
    Mark - December 2017
  • Kevin was very informative, helpful, kind and honest
    Shanna - December 2017
  • The manager (Kevin) went out of his way to ensure that i received quality service and a great price. He was informative, kind and patient.
    Shanna - December 2017
  • Oil change & tire rotation. Store manager John hooked me up with a sale price. Saved me some nice money. He also caught the fact that I was overdue on an inspection, booked me an appointment for today. Probably saved me even more money if I got stopped. Very polite to me and the other customers that came in while I was there. Will definitely recommend to family and friends.
    Dave - December 2017
  • inspection went great
    gerald - December 2017
  • Bought my vehicle in for one issue and Kevin's team identified a similar issue that was manifesting itself on the other front wheel/brake. Good catch to avoid a potential failure while out in traffic!
    Don - December 2017
  • I have taken my vehicles to Monro for many years. This latest trip was the usual oil change and tire rotation. Normally, this takes about 25-30 minutes. When I dropped off my vehicle this time 10 minutes early for my scheduled appointment, I was told it would take until 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment. I get it - I was early but it was also right when they opened. When I inquired as to why so long this time, I was told "we aren't Valvoline" and rotating tires takes time. hmmm. Anyway, I returned 45 minutes later and my vehicle still didn't have the tires rotated and nobody was working on my vehicle even though it was on the lift. I watched my vehicle and about 10 minutes later, someone came over and rotated the tires. Then they lowered the vehicle and it sat there for another 10 minutes with nobody touching it. Then a technician got in and drove it around front. Apparently it was done 10 minutes before but nobody pulled it around or notified the front desk to cash me out. No the vehicle is sitting out front and still nobody is moving to cash me out. I inquire and am given half a dozen excuses as to why that is. Not, sorry, let me get you cashed right out. Nope. Excuses. My Monro used to be so fast and responsive even if the aren't "Valvoline". Those days are over.
    Robert - November 2017
  • The Management and staff of Monro Muffler in Chili, N.Y. not only goes above and beyond expectations to make sure you are happy with the work on your vehicle but they make sure you know exactly what was done and why it was needed. We have been Customers for 20 years and will continue to do so in the future. The staff and management are always friendly and professional. We know we are in safe hands.
    Frederick - November 2017
  • Great tires and awesome price
    Don - November 2017
  • Once again, great service and also identified a prospective issue with the other wheel bearing. Truck running normal again thanks to Kevin & his staff.
    Don - November 2017
  • I arrived at 1:55 pm, on a Sunday, for a 2pm oil change appointment and the job was not completed until 3:15pm. I had the opportunity to read almost every magazine in the waiting area. I THINK YOU ARE RUNNING THIS SHOP LIKE A DR"S OFFICE AND OVERBOOKING YOUR APPOINTMENTS!
    Ronald - November 2017
  • Did my state inspection really fast
    Mary - November 2017
  • I bought four new tires and two brakes for the car. Both make my car feel brand new again
    Krissy - November 2017
  • I use Monro Muffler for regular service on my car. They provide great service and are very transparent when it comes to diagnosing car problems and pricing. They do not try to sell you something else or add extra charges for problems that you were not even aware of.
    Sam - November 2017
  • I had to order 16” rims to use my old snow tires on my new Honda 2017 Honda Ex. The price quoted to me was competitive and Kevin , the Manager, went out of his way to meet my scheduling needs. Professional service all round!
    Gail - October 2017
  • The two men working in the lobby the day I went in we're very friendly. I was running late and they could have been rude about it but instead thanked me for the call to give them a heads up. I was waiting with my 3 year old and they offered her candy which was a nice distraction for her during our wait. I have nothing negative to say about my experience.
    Nicole - October 2017
  • I received excellent, prompt and friendly service
    Sharlene - October 2017
  • Work on my car was done well and just as I wanted it done. Was given 2 options for repairs and couldn't be happier. They weren't pushy trying to get me to choose the more expensive option, they respected my decision. Will definitely return to this location!
    Erica - October 2017
  • Always have a great experience at this location!! Quick and great service.
    Courtney - October 2017
  • Dropped my car in first thing in the morning and they had my exhaust leak fixed quickly and inexpensively.
    Rob - October 2017
  • They were awesome!!! I brought my car in and Kevin was wonderful to me. I told him I had a nail in my front tire but It was really the back. He was so professional but compassionate . He made me feel so comfortable and told me don't worry they would take care of it.
    Krissy - October 2017
  • Very efficient and explained everything being done to my car and whet needed to be done in the future
    Stephine/Pa - October 2017
  • Kevins team found the source of a noise coming from the, Alternator, Power Steering Pump, AC Compressor area. They recommended an alternative to an expensive repair and am pursuing that option with them.
    Don - October 2017
  • Oil changes
    Theresa - October 2017
  • I was very impressed and pleased with Monroe Muffler/Brake. I had not stopped there for any service in many years and was very impressed with the entire staff. The manager, Kevin Higgins and his entire staff were extremely professional and friendly. He and his staff were very attentive and focused on getting my car serviced in a timely manner. This team is outstanding and I will be advising my family and friends here in the Chili area as well. My overall experience with Monroe was very positive. Thank You.
    William - October 2017
  • I was very impressed and pleased with Monroe Muffler/Brake. I had not stopped there for any service in many years and was very impressed with the entire staff. The manager, Kevin Higgins and his entire staff were extremely professional and friendly. He and his staff were very attentive and focused on getting my car serviced in a timely manner. This team is outstanding and I will be advising my family and friends here in the Chili area as well. My overall experience with Monroe was very positive. Thank You.
    William - October 2017
  • Kevin the manager was very friendly and accommodating. Our family uses this location frequently.
    Hope - October 2017
  • A+++ service. Friendly staff.
    James - October 2017
  • Scheduled a oil change and inspection online, was called within an hour to confirm. Went in and waited along with my 2 year old which can sometimes be tough but they were awesome! Everyone was very nice and accommodating. Answered all questions, accepted my coupons and was out in about 30 minutes! I highly recommend this location especially and I will now be a returning customer.
    Leah - October 2017
  • Focused on what i asked and found other issues. Noise is still there but likely from other problem areas I did not have serviced yet.
    Tiffany - October 2017
  • I continue to keep coming to Monro for all the work on my car because they treat me well, give me good prices, and fit me in according to my schedule.
    Emily - October 2017
  • Muffler installed quickly and efficiently
    Tim - October 2017
  • The staff was very friendly, service was timely and overall did a great job.
    Shannon - October 2017
  • I came in on an off chance that there might me an opening for an inspection. They were very busy, but fit me in!
    Chelse - October 2017
  • service was great
    Gerald - October 2017
  • The Management and staff have always treated me like I was their favorite customer. I am quite sure all customers receive the same care. I have been going to Monro for almost 20 years. It has been this long because the outstanding service and care I receive every time I go. The professionalism and Customer Service skills are obvious from the minute you open the door.
    Frederick - September 2017
  • My car is always ready when I need it, and they truly try to help me cut costs where I can.
    Taylor - September 2017
  • Quick and fast business for a great price. Workers know what they are doing and inform you as well
    David - September 2017
  • This is the only place I go to get an oil change. Everyone is nice and accommodating. They don't try to charge you with extra, unnecessary repairs or products.
    Lauren - September 2017
  • I drive every day on y new tires which make me feel safe and prepared for winter. I also had brake work done so my car feels like it has a new, fresh ride. I appreciated the prompt and careful service director and the efficient work done for me.
    Maria - September 2017
  • They have great service and knowledge and experience great customer service
    Fran - September 2017
  • They look to serve the customer well!!!
    Joe - September 2017
  • I brought my car in for an oil change, inspection and windshield wipers. When I asked how much everything would be on the phone I was told it would be 60 dollars total. When i arrived they told me my oil change was 54 dollars alone. After completing the inspection they told me that I needed new tires (which is fair) and that they would match any price in the area and discount 5% if I found any cheaper. I found tires cheaper at in the area and when I told them I was told that they could not match the price.They insisted they needed to fail my inspection. They went on tot tell me my car would be ready in twenty minutes. When I went to go pick it up 35 minutes later, it took another twenty minutes before it was done. Not sure how twenty minutes turned into 55...
    Melanie - September 2017
  • The crew is very professional at our Chili location. We have been going there for years. Charles Cummings and Steve Krill go out of there way to help us.
    Frederick - September 2017
  • I called and they got me in for an oil change the very next day. It was a very quick and convenient process !
    Hanna - August 2017
  • Not the first time I have purchased tires from you. Always good at meeting or beating competitors prices.
    Tom - August 2017
  • I called on Thursday and got in on Friday for an oil change and tire change over. Kevin, the manager, was kind, courteous and very professional!
    Sandy - August 2017
  • Simple inspection. Did not try to over sell me on tires. Offered to put on the tire I had for $18 instead of pushing me to buy new ones. When I checked out gave me a $5 coupon for inspection. The honesty at an auto repair place is greatly appreciated and I will go back.
    Steven/Kare - August 2017
  • Simple inspection. Did not try to over sell me on tires. Offered to put on the tire I had for $18 instead of pushing me to buy new ones. When I checked out gave me a $5 coupon for inspection. The honesty at an auto repair place is greatly appreciated and I will go back.
    Steven/Kare - August 2017
  • Went for an inspection. Will never do that again. They gotta find the smallest thing and of course it's gonna cost me over $400 ($99 for the brakes, just the pads no way).
    Christopher - August 2017
  • No problems, everyone (especially Kevin) was very pleasant and efficient.
    Anne - August 2017
  • the manag ment and service were excellent would recommend this location to my friends
    Steve - August 2017
  • Thanks
    Steve - August 2017
  • I know I can count of this team to tell me the immediate things that need to be done to my car. They found this really important problem, and fixed it. I was only in for an oil change and they went an extra mile!
    Mariah - August 2017
  • More money then expected but done right
    Jim - August 2017
  • Done very fast
    Jim - August 2017
  • Inspection and oil change done quick.
    Craig - August 2017
  • Excellent
    D. - August 2017
  • Took my car in and fast and courteous service
    Zak - August 2017
  • took care of my issue, very friendly
    Zachary - August 2017
  • Needed to be in Buffalo for a wedding, when I discovered I had a flat tire took it to Monro they fixed it in a jiffy and I WAS ON MY WAY
    Charles - August 2017
  • Charles was very helpful
    Jim - July 2017
  • Twice I have been given conflicting information in back to back visits.
    Julie - July 2017
  • Received prompt and courteous service
    Gail - July 2017
  • Oil change done promptly as always
    Mike - July 2017
  • I was very pleased with getting my car inspection done at Monroe Muffler. It was quick, cheap, easy, and quick. As well as very good friendly service!
    Matt - July 2017
  • Made appointment on short notice and completed work same day
    Alan - July 2017
  • No complaints
    Monique - July 2017
  • Job done in a timely manner.
    Ronald - July 2017
  • They are pretty friendly.
    Sami - July 2017
  • Great service as always.
    Lori/Cecil - July 2017
  • Monro always does a great job when servicing our cars
    Rachael - July 2017
  • Great service
    Charles - July 2017
  • I had a couple issues checked out on my exhaust system. I had it replaced in January but had questions about a noise I heard while driving and also whether it was necessary to replace my catalytic converter.
    Karen - July 2017
  • Things went smooth and my car was fixed within hours.
    Sharon - July 2017
  • whats great is an oil change for under 18:00 dollars
    Charles - June 2017
  • I took it there for an oil change. I scheduled an appointment and they started the work on time and completed it within a reasonable amount of time.
    Richard - June 2017
  • They perform my NYS inspections and do a great job every time.
    Andrew - June 2017
  • I had my oil changed and dropped my car off for the day but it was done by lunch which was even better for my coworker to give me a ride to pick it up instead of after 5! Thanks for the speedy work guys!??
    Tracy/Steve - June 2017
  • The service was fast and the workers were amazing! Best customer service ever!
    Michelle - June 2017
  • They really took care of me and my car! I needed to get my tint off of my window and they called me before they started the inspection to tell me so that I didn't waste our time and my money on an inspection that was just going to fail. They were really great!!!
    Michelle - June 2017
  • I needed an oil and filter change and the guys took great care of my vehicle without an appointment. Courteous and thorough!
    Barbara - June 2017
  • Timely friendly service
    Angela - June 2017
  • They were quick and well informed
    Benjamin - June 2017
  • great hospitality and professionalism. "On the ball!"
    jim - June 2017
  • I brought my car in to replace a leaking brake line,was charged $300 to replace one line,they also called me and said my rear brakes were "metal to metal" and needed pads ,rotors, and calipers.I just replaced the rear brakes 6 months ago and had the car inspected one month ago. This place is a rip off and I and friends and family will never go there again.
    Richard - June 2017
  • During NY State inspection. found out That I needed rear brake pads and calipters. they re[laced them And I am happy withe jpb they did
    Charles - June 2017
  • I took my mini van in to have the Emergency brake looked at - when I returned the estimate was over $1800 to replace front and back breaks and rotors...and the emergency brake we broken and now falls limply to the floorboard. I refused service to my vehicle. And strongly suspect that the ebrake was intentionally broken so that I would have to repair or replace it. This location usually up charges on most routine repairs.
    Gary - June 2017
  • Had the car inspected.
    Ronald - May 2017
  • Flexible to schedule and I like getting reviews on things needing to be watched for future repair
    Dawn - May 2017
  • Very professional
    Tom - May 2017
  • Quick service. Pleasant staff.
    Donna - May 2017
  • Had new breaks installed and they did this very quickly and very well. This is the only auto shop that I actually enjoy going to.
    Jerry - May 2017
  • Only an oil change and air filter change, fast, and efficient. Staff is super friendly and always helping the customers!
    Crystal - May 2017
  • I received a timely oil change and I appreciated being told my front brakes were getting low. Charles was very helpful.
    Tina - May 2017
  • Easy to get a convenient appointment the next morning for road debris damage. Kevin got it up on the lift, showed me what the damage was, provided s prompt estimate and repair.
    Bob - May 2017
  • thorough job and very good customer service
    James - May 2017
  • took my 2002 chevy Silverado to get my heater core fix n it work's great but in d process thay broke the top dash board which is in pieces n thay left out some pieces at the bottom for the feet's n i had to pay for a part that thay broke a high pressure AC hose !
    Poncho - May 2017
  • I like going to the chili-paul location
    D. - April 2017
  • I like going to the Chili - Paul Monroe
    D. - April 2017
  • Far exceeded my expectations. Fit me in for repairs quickly and did an awesome job.
    Danny - April 2017
  • Charles, the manager of this location was very good at giving me a quote, keeping me informed along the repair process and getting my vehicle back on the road in the promised time.
    Doug - April 2017
  • Shop manager recommended Yokohama tires and he was right, enjoyable ride, much quieter than the OE Dunlop tires that came with the car.
    Chris - April 2017
  • Great service, would come back again
    Morgan - April 2017
  • I got an oil change and state inspection. Friendly customer service every time I bring a car in!
    Rebecca - April 2017
  • Super fast service. Professional and courteous. Very knowledgeable staff. Fair price
    Greg - April 2017
  • I needed brakes, tires and an oil change. They showed me what I needed and was able to complete the job in a timely matter. I was also given discounts on the job.
    Lisa - April 2017
  • Service done right the first time and competed when requested
    Tony - April 2017
  • I appreciated my experience at the location I went to. I came in with a flat tire and in need of an oil change. The oil was more expensive than I expected since my car requires synthetic and my tire couldn't be repaired since it had sidewall damage so I had to buy a new one. The manager was very kind, accommodating, and gave me some great discounts.
    Grace - April 2017
  • Great service and knowledgeable staff.
    Brooke - April 2017
  • Honest and trustworthy employees
    Stephen - April 2017
  • Quick service and great customer focus
    Josephine - March 2017
  • Had to get inspection. Service was fast and courteous
    LaVerne - March 2017
  • I got a oil change and they were fast and efficient and great customer service.
    Patricia - March 2017
  • Great guys !
    Lisa - March 2017
  • Great service
    Esteban - March 2017
  • Great service all around, every time!
    michael - March 2017
  • fast excellent service , manager friendly and informative, recommending new tires asap. Love this location
    Mark - March 2017
  • Got me in quick and took care of my main issue by resealing a tire on rim.
    Mike - March 2017
  • I did not use But the manager Kevin was great, nice and extremely helpful. Service was quick. Kevin was friendly and personable as well.
    Amanda - March 2017
  • We had our vehicle inspected and they rotated our tires. All went well.
    Barry - March 2017
  • The team at my Monro Muffler is always pleasant and professional.
    Anita - March 2017
  • Monro staff is always very thorough. They have even let me know when I do not need something I thought was necessary. Charles is always a source of great advice and professionalism. I will not go anywhere else for service to my vehicles.
    Frederick - March 2017
  • Courteous and professional. Technician did a fantastic job replacing my drum brakes!
    Jeff/Wendy - March 2017
    Robert - March 2017
  • I trust the staff and Steven Kril with my car. They have been honest about service needed to keep my car safe.
    Kim - March 2017
  • I was quoted 1/3 hour to install a fog light. When I arrived for the service I was told the charge would be 1/2 hour because I had my own bulb from Autozone, instead of using your $49 bulb. To add insult to injury I was told the labor rate was $42.50/half hour when the sign on the wall clearly stated $40.50
    John - February 2017
  • Thought they would have checked my tire pressure but did not
    Jeff - February 2017
  • Very responsive to an urgent car need, with excellent,knowledgeable same-day service and appropriate phone updates. Thank you!!
    Laura - February 2017
  • They got done when they said they would. Were very friendly... But sometimes I feel like they try to sell you more than you need to fix your car they told me I had a problem a few months back and this time its not an issue?
    Hannah - February 2017
  • No streaks on my windshield
    Kathleen - February 2017
  • Kevin and Charles always make time to get me in. And they know the specifics about my situation currently and are always willing to work with me as well as get the job done properly
    Kelly/Austi - February 2017
  • I was pleased by the tires. Waiting 1 hour before even starting the job, not so much. An appt is made for a reason, right? Luckily the manager was so nice it eased the pain abit
    maryann - February 2017
  • I get all of my oil changes and scheduled maintenance items completed at Monro. They usually have great availability and are good at working around my schedule. They also are good at pointing out future maintenance items that I should be prepared for in the future.
    Joel - February 2017
  • Super friendly - got me an appointment within less than 24 hour notice!
    Amber - February 2017
  • I get most of my vehicles maint. done at the Chili NY store. Mgr. Kevin is always friendly and honest. Coupons are great, always bring my bill down, prices competitive.
    Phil - February 2017
  • I dropped my vehicle off for a scheduled appointment. They said they would call me in about 30-40 minutes when it was done. I showed up 70 minutes later and it was still on the lift. They were waiting for me to authorize additional work that they hadn't called me about. When I said I wasn't interested in getting the additional work, the person at the counter waited another 20 minutes before telling the guy doing the oil change to let the vehicle down off the lift. Then, when I finally get checked out, they tell me they didn't even rotate my tires.
    Robert - February 2017
  • Very good service
    Tim - February 2017
  • Keep automobile in tip top shape.
    Ronald - February 2017
  • I have gone to this location for years, but have had some problems. this last time was the deal breaker for me. i new, based on my last visit, in order to get my tires rotated, i needed to replace a few lug nugs. they made a note on my account. when i came in that day, i mentioned i needed this done, along with my oil change. an hour later i came back. they said oil change was done, but not tire rotation. they are trying to get the parts for my tire rotation. i was upset no one mentioned this when i got there. i told them i cannot wait around and that someone should have told me ahead of time. i then declined that service. they also did not do a brake check or tire check report.
    Wendy - February 2017
  • test
    test - February 2017
  • Lifetime replacement on the brakes.
    Will - January 2017
  • They got my car right in for repairs.
    Joel - January 2017
  • why make appts. when they can't deliver the promised work on time, why does it take 4 hours to do an oil change?
    Matt - January 2017
  • Inspection and oil change were fast and efficient
    Laura - January 2017
  • It took a couple of days, but the job got done right. Plus, I brought my car back for an unrelated matter and they fixed the issue for free.
    CN - January 2017
  • Test email. Test email. Test email.
    Chris - January 2017
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    Chris - January 2017
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    testf - January 2017

  • - January 2017
  • The price for service was less then I expected. I was very happy.
    Ari - August 2016
  • Kevin does a great job explaining the current condition of my car, what can be done, what should be done and how to go about doing it. He works hard to save me money and give the best possible advice to keep my car running and running well!
    Aaron - August 2016
  • Charles and the mechanics at Monro always take great care of me and my car. They do a great job and work quickly and efficiently. They let me know what needs to be taken care of now and what can wait. There are no surprises with the bill.
    Kate - August 2016
  • They were workable, they were very nice and the customer service was great vs what time of the day you would find a different person at the desk and they were still the same.
    Debbie - June 2016
  • My car was done in half the expected time, and it was done well!
    Kristen - June 2016
  • Kevin at the counter is always very thorough in explaining everything about the service and what is necessary. I never get asked about unnecessary work and the vehicle is always ready on time. I recommend Monro to everyone I know.
    Robert - June 2016
  • They said it would take a couple hours to do my inspection because I was a last minute Saturday appointment but they got me in and out in an hour.
    Gabriella - June 2016
  • Service was completed promptly with no needless "up-sells".
    John - September 2015
  • I take all my cars to Monro and have received good service.
    Bill & Susan - September 2015

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