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(315) 343-0513

169 E. Bridge Street
Oswego, NY 13126

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Friendly staff and excellent customer service!
    Stephanie - March 2018
  • On time appointment and truck was ready when they said it would be; services (oil change and inspection) done satisfactorily
    Randolph - March 2018
  • My family and I (mom, dad, 2 teenagers) broke down on the highway after completely a college tour road trip. Our car was dead and we were 5 hours from home and had to get home by the next morning.
    Michael - February 2018
  • Offers an overview of the vehicle beyond the oil change, honors coupons, communicates information about vehicle for future maintenance.
    William - February 2018
  • Quick and easy to come get an oil change, great price, and friendly staff! Will be back again!
    Jill - February 2018
  • Great service
    Mark - January 2018
  • This store is a disgrace to the Monro franchise. They tried to back me into extremely unneeded work and purchases for a $2345 total charge before tax. The Oswego store should be close and have a change of staff.
    Jacob - January 2018
  • Great Service. Got me in quickly and did a good job fixing my car.
    Lauren - January 2018
  • Impeccable service, price, and timing.
    Richard - December 2017
  • The man in the office was very friendly and accommodating. He checked out my car and informed me of a recall on the part. Very honest
    Amber - December 2017
  • Oil change was completed at the appointed time. I was in and out quickly both dropping the car off and picking it up again.
    Donald - December 2017
  • Not too long of a wait, comfy waiting room too.
    Nicole - December 2017
  • Brought car in right before holiday weekend, was told by nearby competitor they couldnt even look at my car for a week. Given a price quote same day and car was fixed same day.great work and professional fast service
    Delia - November 2017
  • Needed quick work done without appointment. They handled the job without issues.
    Steve - November 2017
  • A Job well done.
    David - November 2017
  • Tire rotation, air pressure check, fluids check, air filter check and Max Life synthetic oil change for $33 approx.(w coupon) The manager was very friendly and customer focused. Awesome job guys!!
    Faith - November 2017
  • I purchased winter tires at Monro and go every spring and fall to exchange tires and have oil changed. I have always had great, dependable service.
    Katherine - November 2017
  • William Bero always provides great service to his customers- when Bill is on the front desk there is never a question things are going to be done right.
    Rich - November 2017
  • My car runs much better now
    Jarri - November 2017
  • Car is quiet again
    Joe - October 2017
  • Had an oil change and it was a great price and included tire rotation and lube. Very good customer service. Thanks
    Amy - October 2017
  • Great service
    James - October 2017
  • Service was good. Only waited about 45 minutes which is shortest time I’ve ever waited.
    Alyse - October 2017
  • Very reasonable pricing and got the job done.
    Brooke - October 2017
  • Cost friendly, top notch mechanics, friendly staff, just some of the reasons I use Monroe in Oswego, New York.
    Ed - October 2017
  • should have just told my daughter to bend over the counter. What a screw job. $1600 for a catalytic converter?!!! I will tell everyone on my facebook page how crooked you are and to never go there. Not satisfied at all! Only rated it one star because I couldn't choose 0 stars.
    Ron - September 2017
  • Fast, speedy service.
    Chris - September 2017
  • Oil change and inspection were done well
    Donna - August 2017
  • I was in and out of getting my car inspected.
    Pat - August 2017
  • I went in without an appointment and had my tire patched. They got my truck in within 5 minutes of being there and I am thankful for that as I had my 9 month old with me and it was nap time. Forever Monro customer
    Skylar - July 2017
  • OK
    David - July 2017
  • Was successful morning. No problems
    Janice - July 2017
  • I had a great first experience they took care of my car. They were very helpful & explained everything they did for my car !!!
    Kristina - June 2017
  • very friendly , good service
    Jennifer - June 2017
  • Waited longer than usual, but pleased.
    David - June 2017
  • Went for a oil change, that was it. They took off my tires and tried to press me that I needed new breaks, my breaks have nothing to do with my oil change!!! Then as I was leaving I was told not to use the online scheduling, that they don't like people using that. Well guess what I won't be coming back then!!!
    Alyssa - June 2017
  • Great Service in a timely manner
    Michelle - June 2017
  • Always professional and friendly, don't have to worry about sub par service. They do what I ask, make suggestions without pressure. Much appreciated!
    Rebecca - June 2017
  • They changed our brake pads, tires and rotors! THANKS!!!!
    Andrea - May 2017
  • Great service!
    Lirong - May 2017
  • Went in for a routine oil change and tire rotation
    Michelle - May 2017
  • Oil change is quick and at a good price
    Joshua - May 2017
  • Made an appointment came in and got quick friendly service
    Pat - April 2017
  • I bought my wife a newer van and wanted snow tires set up on rims for this next coming winter and BILL WAS ABLE TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN FOR ME
    Albert - April 2017
  • shop did a great job as they always do
    john - April 2017
  • The gentleman that assisted me with my inspection was incredible. Very friendly and very real with me. I will definitely be back to this store. Thank you.
    Amanda - April 2017
  • made my apt got right in did the work+got me out thanks
    John - April 2017
  • Really bad experience. I had an exhaust leak on a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox Ask for a quote. After they looked it over I was told I my exhaust manifold gasket needed replacement. I was quoted 320.00 for replacement (Labor and exhaust manifold gasket). Seemed a little much but I figured it was a real pain to replace so I gave approval to replace. During the replacement it was found it was actually a cracked exhaust manifold not the gasket. They called and said it would be an ADDITIONIAL 265.00 for a total of 585.00 and they already had one ordered and on the way because they figured I had no choice and needed it. I questioned the additional cost and asked to break down materials and labor and they told me it was just for the exhaust manifold as the labor would basically be the same. I told them I didn't have that much in my budget and they said they would give me a really good deal and make it 200.00 even for the manifold. I told them I would get back to them. I checked Rock Auto and the exhaust manifold was 65.00. I call the GM Dealership and I was quoted 385.00 complete (labor, exhaust manifold and gaskets for both the manifold and exhaust pipe) And note it was for a GM replacement part and not an aftermarket. I called them back and declined the service. I was told even though they diagnosed it wrong it would still be 52.00 labor to put it back together even after they admittedly said they didn't look at it close enough to give an accurate estimate to begin with. What is wrong with this picture. Everybody knows Dealerships are anything but cheap and yet Monroe can quote an additional 50% more than that. THATS A RIP OFF.. Said part is we have three vehicles and have brought them to Monroe for oil changes... well no more. Take my advice and steer clear!
    James - April 2017
  • Fast and efficient oil change
    Donna - April 2017
  • flexible appointment times!
    Linda - March 2017
  • This company helped my car change oil and done mechanica check. These men worked hard and check carefully.
    xiancong - March 2017
  • The people were very friendly, online appointments are convenient, but they didn't tell me that my final price would be double what the coupon was for until I had to pay.
    Meghan - March 2017
  • The people were very friendly, online appointments are convenient, but they didn't tell me that my final price would be double what the coupon was for until I had to pay.
    Meghan - March 2017
  • The people working at the Oswego, NY Monroe store are very nice & thorough.
    Dave - March 2017
  • The people working at the Oswego, NY Monroe store are very nice & thorough.
    Dave - March 2017
  • Had oil change & tires rotated. Manager was very nice & accommodating. Been a long time customer. Disappointed that the tires I bought from you like 15 months ago are already at 50% wear when I put less than 10k a year on them& have them rotated at every oil change.
    Darlene - March 2017
  • Oil change went well.
    Chris - March 2017
  • I didn't know how to explain what I thought was wrong and the worker was glad to drive my car with me and then have his guys look at it. When they finished my oil change they told me to come back in a few days to tighten the tires again and I did and the man was extremely nice through the entire process.
    Amber - March 2017
  • Oil change
    Carol - March 2017
  • Brought my vehicle in for an oil change and inspection. Service was great and I was in and out in no time at all!
    Corinne - March 2017
  • It didn't take that long.
    Randy - February 2017
  • Great place to get things done, very very very informative.
    Danile - February 2017
  • They changed my oil and did a tire rotation. Only took about 15 minutes. It was no inconvience at all
    Elexia - February 2017
  • We were happy w/the promptness of the employees in getting our vehicle in on time for our oil change appt. Our only problem was that we had requested a synthetic blend oil; they apparently didn't hear "blend"; and used full synthetic, which is quite a bit more expensive. He apologized; but that really wasn't "cool" as we weren't expecting to spend more than about $36.; and it was more like $64! He said he had new employees that he was training. We asked if he would "meet us 1/2 way" as far as the extra cost; but he did not. We had a coupon; so I guess that was our discount. But they were very nice.
    David - February 2017
  • Had a inspection done
    Pat - February 2017
  • Got an appt for next day. Was in and out of there in good time. Had inspection done. Men were very kind and efficient. Thank you for your service.
    Shelly - February 2017
  • Terrible service! The heat doesn't work and I never received my inspection sticker on my car. I will never return to Monroe in oswego!
    Jessica - January 2017
  • Great price, great seevice. No hidden fees. Didnt try to tell me I need more of somthing I didnt really need. Took exactly how long he told me it would :-)
    Karen - August 2016
  • They did work to my car, rushing to get a part so I could get to work on time, then let me take the car without charging me anything, even though he did say he'd just me charge the part (no labor). The check engine light didn't come back on, and it's runn
    Diana - September 2015

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