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123 Genessee Street
Oneida, NY 13421

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What People Are Saying:

  • Always explain what I need and when I need it. Last minute appointment but in and out quick. Always friendly. Really sprucing up lobby, nice to see!
    Liz - March 2018
  • Tony is great for the Oneida location wish he would stay on board..I have gone to Monro for over 20 years and honestly there have been times where I felt I was being mislead because I am a woman..I have a few times gotten second options to find out the price they gave me was double that then the competition company without saying my quote..Tony seems honest and not filling you with Non sense. people appreciate that more than anything you can charge a lil mark up but don’t hurt people’s pockets cuz there are other places that will do it cheaper that keeps people coming back..I like the drive card perks as well hopefully they will add some perks soon..
    Carol - March 2018
  • The person in charge was very nice and resourceful. I am a newbie and really appreciate that much information about my car and ways to take care of it. I am very satisfied. :)
    EL - March 2018
  • Tony and his guys did an excellent job on my vehicle. They had it done on time and the price was good. Will do business again.
    Norm - March 2018
  • I went in for my annual inspection at my scheduled time. Because it was the last day of the month, this location was busy and they weren’t able to get me in at my scheduled time but said they would do the best they could. I went for a walk and by the time I came back, my car was being driven into a service bay. My inspection went smoothly and I was apologized to again for the wait as well as rewarded with $5 off my inspection for my patients and understanding!
    Maggie - March 2018
  • I usually go with a coupon which brings my oil changes to $19.95, which is cheap. I always have an appointment scheduled when I arrive, but I usually wait for at least an hour--sometimes close to 2 hours. One time I only had to wait about 30 minutes. They certainly do get busy. My suggestion is to book an early appointment and drop your car off.
    Melissa - March 2018
  • Very satisfied with the service rendered as well as the manager, Tony, who waited on me.
    Nick - February 2018
  • I was going to the Commercial drive store & meet Tony. Love his personality & kept going back. Was disappointing to find out he went South. I had my service done again on Commercial Dr was very dissatisfied with the new manager . I didn't go back. Found out Tony was in the Oneida store . Yes I drove that far. Always a pleasure doing business with him as he is amazing with the customers needs. Need more people like him.
    Paula - February 2018
  • Awesome and very professional staff
    Gary - February 2018
  • Yea
    Kevin - February 2018
  • Service was excellent
    Kevin - February 2018
  • Good service
    Curtis - January 2018
  • Fast and friendly staff and service every time
    S - January 2018
  • Very personable and informative.
    Nick - January 2018
  • Made an appointment for 10am a week prior for an OIL CHANGE. On the day of the appointment I didn't get out of there until 12:15pm. There were 5 employees working and TWO customers there. All the employees sat in the bay area smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee the whole time! No safety goggles on per the signage displayed in their shop, and my car wasn't brought in until 11:20am. After I finally paid and left, my tire pressure light came on-note that it was NOT on when I got there! This is one of the four things they supposedly "checked," for me too...At one point during this disastrous process an employee came out of the bay to ask me HOW to check my odometer!! I only drive a Honda Civic, so this should have been common knowledge as it's displayed clearly on the dash....As I was leaving the employees noticed that there was a 9am appointment that still had yet to be done because the person dropped their car off earlier that day. The 9am client was on the phone asking if it was now ready and very upset based on what I could here. Never ever ever again will I go here!
    Heather - January 2018
  • I was very pleased with my service
    Tonie - January 2018
  • Went in for inspection. They let me know other things I may want to do to improve my vehicle
    Todd - January 2018
  • Great service!
    Nick - January 2018
  • Tony was very nice and helpful, and the service was good on the car.
    Elfi - January 2018
  • The guys at the shop I go to are always so pleasant and try to keep a smile on their customers' faces!
    Sarah - January 2018
  • I had originally went to Monro for an oil change for my 2003 Hyundai Elantra. While performing the oil change, the mechanic at Monro had noticed that my flex pipe had a hole in it and that my cabin filter was clogged. I had my cabin filter replaced and scheduled and appointment for my flex pipe to be fixed.
    Dexter - January 2018
  • Howard was cordial and upfront about everything.
    Mike - December 2017
  • Outstanding service and prices that competitors cannot touch
    Doug - December 2017
  • The tires are amazing in the snow.
    Cecile - December 2017
  • Very qualified staff. Appointments always on time - great promo's
    Doug - December 2017
  • Highly recommend! Brought my vehicle in for a alignment was in and out and less than a hour. Tony was very professional I will recommend all my friends and family!! Thanks again Tony!!!
    Jimmy - December 2017
  • They got me in before my appointment time, did the requested services in a timely and efficient manner, even correcting a minor flaw found in previous service. They gave me clear and understandable explanations so I was aware of what was being done and why. this all helps me feel confident and comfortable bringing my service needs here.
    Francis - December 2017
  • Got me in fast very friendly they went over 10 min then the time they told me so he apologized and gave me a discount. Very will to please.
    Katelyn - November 2017
  • The Monroe in Oneida is amazing. Everyone there is personable. They're relaxed yet professional. They tell you what needs to be done without giving you the run around. They're straightforward and honest. They're the only place I let work on my car.
    Edward - November 2017
  • The workers are all very nice and I appreciated them doing extra when I just asked for an oil change they checked my brakes and rotated my tires but I think it would be better if they asked if the customer had the extra time for this to be done I had to bring my sick baby with me and it took a lot longer than I wanted to be there for these extra things to get done
    Heather - October 2017
  • The guys there are great.
    Tiffany - October 2017
  • Always get the oil changed at this sratuon. Very satisfied with their work.
    Kathy - October 2017
  • I'm always treated with respect and always feel like an appreciated customer. Rory, the manager, is a gem!
    Tammy - October 2017
  • Car running good as new
    Nick - October 2017
  • Service has been and is "top shelf". I own four cars and Monro Muffler, Oneida is no doubt the place to go with the maintenance, tires,etc. As a result of the great service I am also a "Drive Card" member. I am a very satisfied customer.
    Doug - October 2017
  • I got my oil changed. They did a great job. The only complaint I would have is that I had an appointment at 3:30 and my truck didn't get serviced until at least 4:25.
    Max - September 2017
  • Problem was fixed in a fairly quick time
    Troy - September 2017
  • Good job fixing my exhaust.
    Misti - August 2017
  • The staff was great - didn't pressure me into anything I didn't want like most oil change places do.
    Molly - August 2017
  • I liked that they have hours that work with my schedule and even more that I could make the appointment online. Very user friendly. . The people seemed nice, but there are a few small things that I did not like.... the first is I had to call to find out if my car was done and second the change oil light was not reset after the oil change.
    Malissa - July 2017
  • Great experience
    Rickey - July 2017
  • I would give this no stars if possible. For starters they have the worst time management skills I have ever seen. Next they were so rude. Then I got in my car only to find oil stains all over the interior. They were far from professional.
    Erin - July 2017
  • Service was prompt and professional
    Pamela - June 2017
  • Only issue is I had to reset my oil gauge to 100% and had to also reset my tire warning symbol.
    Stephen - June 2017
  • Always nice there
    Maryanne - June 2017
  • I had called to schedule an appointment for and oil change and inspection for the following day. Appointment was made over the phone and confirmed. I got there the next day and they did not have me in their system. They said they'd get me in but I'd have to wait at least and hour. I declined and asked to have an appointment made for the next day. New appointment made and the next day they did what needed to be done. They did give me half off the cost for the inconvenience which was nice. Until I notice they didn't do an alignment which has always been complimentary with an oil change every time I have had one done. They also put on my bill that I declined a part/service which I didn't and was concerning to me. So, overall I was okay with the services and the fact that they attempted to make their mistake right. But I wish they would have done the alignment and spoke to me about the part/service they said I declined.
    Jessica - May 2017
  • The manager always makes sure we're completely satisfied and gives us all of our options in detail. Great customer service!
    M. - May 2017
  • I was on the NYS Thruway when I got a flat tire outside of Schenectady. It was very close to closing time when I called the local Monro Store to see if they could help me. Brian, the store manager told me to bring it in and they would see what they could do. I found out later that Kerry, the technician had asked to leave early, but stayed until I arrived. My thanks and gratitude for getting my tire repaired and getting me back on the road within an half hour.
    Bonnie - May 2017
  • They got me right in at my scheduled time for my oil change. Very professional, polite and informative on what my car needed.
    Cassandra - April 2017
  • Quick and easy!
    Pamela - April 2017
  • Nice job
    James - April 2017
  • I have been getting my oil changed at Monroe for year , they do a great job
    Cindy - April 2017
  • Knowing that they do good work and are reliable make me feel safe.
    Lewis - April 2017
  • They took me in right away and did an excellent job aligning my front end. They were very professional and did not try to sell me unnecessary work.
    Kent - March 2017
  • I needed help with my car and they stepped up to help me
    Kerry - March 2017
  • I have been going to Monroe Muffler for years and am always provided with great service and affordable prices.
    Dan - February 2017
  • I am deaf and used the online appointment option to make an appointment for an oil change. This the second time I've used the online appointment option and I did not have any problems either time. The oil changes are done quickly and the customer service is superb.
    Jennifer - February 2017
  • Always polite and helpful. I never go anywhere else!
    Kim - January 2017
  • The men were very helpful with helping me with my new car. I don't know a lot about cars and they were very informative.
    Holly - December 2016
  • I went in for an oil change.. They checked the brakes, which were down to the pads and I got new brakes. I'm handicapped and winter is coming. I shudder to think what could have happened if those brakes went out in the dead of winter. Great service.
    Faye - August 2016

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