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3503 Brewerton Road
N. Syracuse, NY 13212

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What People Are Saying:

  • Got my oil changed and fresh brakes on my winter rat, she was very happy! Looking forward to my next oil change!
    Carrie - March 2018
  • Ben was very helpful as I went in for an oil change but needed my brakes done as well - he called and sent me pictures so I could see for myself. Quick and friendly service; will definitely continue taking my car there for servicing.
    Kaci - March 2018
  • The customer service was good. The up pricing in parts is ridiculous. Not allowing customers to buy their own parts and put them on to be more cost effective for the customer is also ridiculous. Allowing customers to do that again as we used to is better and you would get more customers. Or Stop up pricing parts so much!
    Bambilynn - March 2018
  • I've been going here for a year and love it. Their prices are great and I've recommended this place to a lot of people who have drove their car out happily like myself.
    Heather - March 2018
  • i have been going there since three years and they are very good at service and handled stuff very professionally.
    Adeel - February 2018
  • Great service from Benny, understood what I needed
    Shelly - February 2018
  • David Chapman and his crew helped me through every step and took the time to make sure I understood everything that was needed to be done. The entire staff was very time efficient and made sure everything was done right. I highly recommend this store location to family and friends.
    David - February 2018
  • I recently made the mistake of purchasing tires for my 2015 Ford F150 on line and had another local shop install the tires and supposedly balance them. After driving my truck I noticed a slight shimmy especially at higher speeds but figured it was just the new tires having to wear properly, I finally decided to bring it to Monroe in North Syracuse, NY. Benny LaRocca was extremely willing to assist with the diagnosis and repair. They got me right in and shortly afterwards I was informed that ALL of the tires were way out of balance. What a difference now that the tires were truly balanced the right way. I am so glad I brought the truck to Monroe in North Syracuse and will be returning for any future needs. Thank you Monroe!
    Benny - February 2018
  • Dave is a excellent manager..I called him for a appointment he told me to come right in. Dave replace a barring in my car and only charge the labor because I just had it done in July..and changed my oil ..I paid 167.00 intstead of 350 plus.. Then wrote on the bottom because I’m a good customer..I get all my work done at monro thank you Dave and your mechanic s for all the work you do..5 Stars ?? Rating for sure ..
    Sharoncook - February 2018
  • I can honestly say i use to hate going to a shop to have my vehicle looked at because I am a woman and I felt like I would always be taken advantage of but not at this shop. Benny LaRocca the manager always took the time to explain everything to me about what was wrong with my vehicle and showed me the part that was bad and needed repair. I also needed to know the price of what it was going to cost to repair my vehicle if I could afford it or not and if it was safe to drive until I could afford it and Benny would tell me yes it can wait or no it is not safe to drive it that way. That is truly a caring person to make sure you are safe driving off that lot, anyplace else was just out to make $$ off of me. Thank you for a great place to take care of my vehicle and myself as far as safety is concerned.
    Bobbielou - February 2018
  • The staff was very helpful and would recommend monro to anyone looking for reliable and honest people to service their cars
    Mathew - January 2018
  • Bill Brown from your corporate office gave us some gift certificates. My but was to,day he could not use the $50 certificate because “the amou t had to be pver $50”. Really???
    Gordo. - January 2018
  • tires work so well in this snow. Very pleased with my purchase
    Jackie - December 2017
  • Great customer service even though the oil change was slow. They fit me in without an appointment!
    Anna - December 2017
  • This place was well cleaned and maintained, and the employees were really friendly, informative and they were quick with servicing my car. I love this place and I'll keep coming back!
    Ryan - December 2017
  • Everyone was helpful and very pleasant to talk to
    Sharon - December 2017
  • Satisfied every time I’ve visited
    Aiysha - December 2017
  • David is wonderful!! He had the truck all day long and made sure he broke nothing during the procedure as it is a 2009.
    Janine - December 2017
  • No complaints
    Amanda - December 2017
  • Overall good service. I keep going back to this specific shop because they take care of customers can usually get an appointment quickly and do t try to give me the run around to make more money.
    Amy - December 2017
  • Fast friendly service
    Melinda - December 2017
  • I am very happy with the service from your shop, the manager did a great job explaining to me what was wrong with my vehicle. The manager ( Benny LaRocca ) was so helpful as to explain to me what the issues were with my vehicle, and being a woman, I don' t understand to much about these things and he wanted to make sure I knew what they had to do to my vehicle, he showed me the parts that had to be replaced so I knew what was wrong and fixed it the same day so I didn't have to wait all day. Great service at that shop and friendly as well. Thank you for doing such a great job, it is so appreciated by me.
    Bobbie - November 2017
  • Great service and price
    Mike - November 2017
  • I always go here, staff and management are great and very helpful.
    Amanda - November 2017
  • Ben and David did a great job with obtaining a hard to find set of tires. Install went smooth and overall a good experience. Thanks.
    Alex - November 2017
  • I had snow tires put on.
    John - November 2017
  • Very accommodating got me right in and out
    Robin - November 2017
  • Brought my car in for an inspection. Staff was pleasant. My car was taken right in. I appreciated that the mechanic applied the insp ection sticker neatly inline with my registration sticker. Would recommend this location!
    Anne - November 2017
  • I had to get my vehicle inspected but the check engine light was on. The car had several problems and the staff at Monroe helped me understand everything that was wrong, which things I needed to pass inspection, and helped me work out how to stagger the repairs so I could budget the money for paying them while making sure my vehicle was legal. The help was much appreciated.
    Sonya - November 2017
  • Great product and GREAT service
    Gerry - November 2017
  • For the past 15 years I have had my car serviced at this Monroe shop. Have always received good service.
    Jerome - November 2017
  • My college aged son took this truck in when he visited. From 3hrs away. He said the power steering was not working and put power steering fluid in but it only lasted for the trip here. He bought more and put some in to take it to monroe. We had to pay $1500and they were very rushed to have him pay and close shop, even though we only live 2 miles away and as soon as they called he said he was on his way. The next day he went back to college but found nothing had been fixed and was probably even worse. He had to put in more steering fluid that became empty within 1.5 hours. I spoke with the manager and mechanic. They advised for him to take it to a monroe near his cllege town. They wanted to charge more. Really? I’m not happy. We have spent 10s of thousands at this monroe. This is the second time this truck has not been fixed after we spent thousands of dollars. The fist time it was so bad we even had to tow it back there after brakes were cherry red. We do not plan on EVER.returning.
    Lisa - November 2017
  • I had a low tire and they took my car right in found the issue and resolved it right away
    Mary - October 2017
  • I buy all my tires here, always get my oil changed here, and have gotten some bigger jobs done here as well, like a new radiator. I really enjoy the managers and am always satisfied. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars, is because they always recommend I have things fixed that do not necessarily need to be fixed. No biggy, but sometimes it’s a tad much.
    Rachel - October 2017
  • Car feels more lively than before.
    Bob - October 2017
  • great all season tire for the price you pay
    Patrick - October 2017
  • I would get an oil change and tire rotation fine there again. The service was timely mannered. The employees and environment was very friendly and comfortable.
    Caitlin - October 2017
  • My tires are great and the guys that work at the Brewerton Road North Syracuse location are awesome!
    Cynthia - October 2017
  • I was in a jam and in a big hurry on a Sunday morning. The technician squeezed me in and took care of everything quickly. He was extremely helpful and friendly. .. Excellent customer service!
    BarbAra - October 2017
  • Ben & Dave are AWESOME!! I have never really felt like I could trust any mechanic but these two gentlemen proved to me that some people in this world are honest!! I would highly recommend this location and will definitely take my vehicle there again!!
    Cindy - September 2017
  • Ben & Dave are AWESOME!! I have never really felt like I could trust any mechanic but these two gentlemen proved to me that some people in this world are honest!! I would highly recommend this location and will definitely take my vehicle there again!!
    Cindy - September 2017
  • Every time I come into Monro for service to any of my vehicles, I am provided first class service and top notch attention. This level of service is enhanced with on-time delivery, and quality knowledge. I would recommend Monro in North Syracuse to everyone.
    Anthony - September 2017
  • I took my classic car in to have the exhaust system checked. The manager advised that I would need to replace the complete system from the headers back because that is how they are sold. He said that he would see about a temporary fix and was able to weld and patch the holes and install a custom hanger for the muffler. This was all done at a minimal cost to me. I’m very satisfied with the service and will be taking all of my vehicles to this location.
    Bruce - September 2017
  • Very pleased with the treatment received!
    Chris - September 2017
  • I brought my jeep in for an inspection. They were very busy but the staff was still extremely friendly and welcoming. I would recommend Monro to anyone!
    Melissa - September 2017
  • I’ve been to many many shops and this shop is by far the most honest.
    Benny - September 2017
  • I have used Monro for most of my car care needs for years. On this occasion I was charged $56 to replace 4 bulbs. I was not informed prior to the work that this was needed, and I probably would have declined as I could change those myself. Also, I was charged $32.99 for an advertised oil change price of $24.99. The tech said it was because my car takes more than 5 quarts of oil. Monro has done the majority of the oil changes on this car and never have I charged more than the posted price. Finally a defective bearing was put in my front tire. I caught this as I was leaving the shop. It was properly fixed and I was given a free oil change for my next oil change.
    Matt - September 2017
  • Needed an inspection and new tires and they made it quick and easy
    Dan - September 2017
  • They only did what was needed and did not try to make me fix thing that my car did not need.
    Chris - August 2017
  • Very friendly and great customer service.
    April - August 2017
  • In response to the sign outside the store for an oil change for $14.99, I made an appointment for an oil change. I must have missed that promotion, because in the store I was told that without the Drive credit card, it would be $24.99. Got a call during that day that the car needed a new air filter, cabin air filter, and drive belt. Agreed to the latter two since I was able to change the air filter myself. The price was okay, but I noticed I was charged $30 for the oil change . When I called about it, I was told I'd need to come into the shop the next day and speak to the manager. For $5 I decided it wasn't worth the trouble, but I was a bit aggravated.
    Kristin - August 2017
  • I came for an oil change at different location but had to go to the North Syracuse store. I was surprised by clean and inviting waiting room and pleasant greeting by the manager. I received prompt service, and had the NYS inspection done and they found that the improper oil filter was put on my vehicle at the other location and corrected that at no charge.They also informed me of needed other repairs and said they would be happy to do them when I was ready. On the whole a great experience, and I did not feel taken advantage of, Will recommend to family and friends.
    Rosemary - August 2017
  • Ben is a Awesome manager .His Assistant is also a good manager
    Sharon - August 2017
  • Good job
    Kate - August 2017
  • They guys here at the north Syracuse monro rock, always friend and awesome service. Highly recommend!
    Josh - August 2017
  • Easy oil change. Was recommended solutions with other problems for my car. No pressure situation.
    Josh - August 2017
  • Bill Burnet is awesome.....he'll always have my trust when it comes to taking care of my car.
    Kari - July 2017
  • Service was above and beyond. Always!!
    Debbie - July 2017
  • It was easy to make the appointment and they checked all parts of my car not just what I came in for. Found some issues and advised me so I can take care of them before they get worse. Thank you!
    Ashley - July 2017
  • I have been coming here for some time and I am always pleased. But this past Saturday I went to the shop because I heard a heinous sound from my back right tire. I explained my problem and tried to describe the sound as best I could, left my keys with the manager who was taking the car for a test drive, and went for a cup of coffee. When I returned, the manager was now in the back seat, hanging out the window to better hear my elusive sound!! He did finally find it, fixed it and had me on my way in short order.
    Sharon - July 2017
  • efficient, polite, compete
    Jerome - July 2017
  • none
    Alan - June 2017
  • Dealt with Ben who was overwhelmed with paper work and phone calls, While caring for all was very thorough and professional. I believe you should respect Ben for representing your company in the manner that he did. Having been around the block a few times this is the type of person I would hire.
    Jacob - June 2017
  • Helped me out of a jam
    Brian - June 2017
  • Came in for an oil change and some other issues came up. Manager was very helpful in coming up with a solution I was happy with.
    Dylan - June 2017
  • The techs here are great. I trust them with my vehicle and not to sell me parts I don't need. They keep me in the loop of what they find and suggest what I may want to have done to keep my car and myself safe. The parts, from tires to break parts, are all top notch. Very pleased.
    Stacey - June 2017
  • I usually have no problem getting an appointment that fits my schedule.
    Robin - June 2017
  • Customer service is always amazing and their work is exceptional
    Erica - June 2017
  • Have been taking my car here for awhile, and these guys really are honest and upfront. Highly recommend.
    Steve - May 2017
  • It's oil, it makes the car run smoothly
    Dylan - May 2017
  • They are professional and fast!
    Tieesha - May 2017
  • I was early and Ben tried his best to get it in and done early
    Daphne - May 2017
  • Car spent entire day in shop.
    No - May 2017
  • Fast service.
    Brian - May 2017
  • We are always taken care of in a prompt manner. Customer service is excellent!
    Troy - May 2017
  • have always gotten courteous and timely service. It was wonderful to find a a car repair and preventative maintenance place that you can depend on, and that treats you so well!
    Joanne - May 2017
    Glenn - May 2017
  • Was in and out in a short period of time for front brake work
    Brian - May 2017
  • Fast and courteous service
    Jennifer - May 2017
  • Monroe has always been good to us and has fixed our vehicle for 10 years now. We have no issues with the quality of service. One negative comment I have is that there was a problem with our vehicle last year and was told nothing was wrong. Took it back in this year because the problem is a lot louder and now it is going to cost a lot to get it fixed. Second comment is that it's sad that it seems like every year there is someone new there that has taken over. The first few years was the same person we dealt with and knew our vehicle and the individual knew us by name. Now we walk through the door and no one knows who we are, Sad. Customer service is good employees are pleasant and do the work needed.
    Steve - April 2017
  • WAS booked for day but took me in right away
    Bob - April 2017
  • I felt like I was being lied to...trying to get the most money from me because I am a woman...I had to wait for over an hour Just to get a oil change and an inspection (with an appointment)
    Eileen - April 2017
  • Always there when I need them and always so friendly. Only garage I go to!
    Angela - April 2017
  • The tech made sure to let me know how bad my old clutch was. Yikes! But he did a great job on my 14 + yo car.
    Bonnie - April 2017
  • I have worked in this business for over 40 years, I am aware of the selling methods use. I was certified in many levels of automotive repairs (ASE). This is my fault as well as the shop's,but, I know how to read and perform alignments. So when the salesman showed me the printout of my vehicle's alignment, I saw that the camber both front and rear were in the green - within specs, the front caster- both sides in the green - within specs. But the total toe was green - within specs , but each side was out. I KNOW when total toe is within specs, steering wheel was level, toe setting is not needed. The salesman said that it needed to be set -I OK'd the work - wasted my money. Driving the vehecle, I noticed no difference on how the steering wheel was set, plus I received no alignment printout, so I don't even know if the work was done.
    peter - April 2017
  • We made a 9:30am appointment to have new tires, rims, and tpms sensors installed along with tire balance and an alignment check. When we arrived, we were told that they were busy and running late. They did the tire work and I told them we would return the next day for the alignment check. The work was done very well and the crew was friendly. We did return the next day (30 mile drive) and had the tires re-torqued and the alignment checked. (that will be another story)
    Peter - March 2017
  • Quality and fast work during each visit
    Brian - March 2017
  • Great service every time I go there! Fast and efficient and the manager Benny is Great! Will always bring my car here
    Jenn - March 2017
  • Absolutely great service! Never going anywhere else!
    Justice - March 2017
  • Had an appointment for a state inspection, vehicle was taken in on time and finished quickly, including some minor maintenance.
    Andrew - March 2017
  • I always feel like a valued customer at this shop.
    Jerome - March 2017
  • Very knowledgeable and friendly
    Patricia - March 2017
  • Went in because of loud noise when turning my wheel come to find out I need new brakes! The noise is still there now so need a new joint or something ????
    Judy - March 2017
  • Very friendly and fast. I am very pleased with the services.
    Lisa - March 2017
  • I brought my car in to have the brakes looked at and come to find out the back pads and rotors were bad. The manager, Benn, was amazing through the whole process. He was very friendly and helpful when it came to signing up for the credit/rewards card to get a discount.
    Kim - March 2017
  • My check engine light had been on for a while. We tried a few different things but the light would come back on in a short while. They finally tracked it down to the battery. It worked!
    Bonnie - March 2017
  • Staff was pleasant and had car done exactly when they said it would be
    Jacqueline - February 2017
  • Great Traction in the Snow & Ice here in Up State N.Y. Gotta Love Syracuse (NOT)
    Judy - February 2017
  • Very courteous staff, excellent service
    Lyle - February 2017
  • Employees where nice and plesent and tryied to get work done in a timely fashion
    Monica - February 2017
  • inspection
    Brian - February 2017
  • I was very happy with with recent experience. My car was ready on time with a thorough explanation of everything. I was treated extremely well. I will definitely continue to take my car here.
    Steve - February 2017
  • I brought my car in for a regular oil change and tire rotation. While completing the tire check, they found a leak that needed to be patched. The repair took a bit longer than anticipated, so I ended up waiting awhile. The front desk technician kept me informed and apologized for the wait. He was very courteous and tried to make it right. I've brought my car here many times and will continue in the future.
    Tiffany - February 2017
  • The folks at Monro in North Syracuse completed my car exactly when they said they would, in time for me to get to work in the morning. They also called me as soon as it was ready.
    Kristin - February 2017
  • Can't say enough great things about buying my & service experience. Manger was very knowledgeable & went out of his way to be helpful! Thank You Very Much, Ben K.
    Judy - February 2017
  • I got an inspection with an appointment time, it took an hour and 20 minutes and it was essentially normal. I asked them to fill my wiper fluid and they said "oh yeah that's taken care of". Well I got in my car and it gave me the warning that the wiper fluid is low. It's not a big deal I can do it myself but I specifically asked them. Otherwise the staff is nice and friendly enough.
    K - January 2017
  • I%20was%20in%20for%20my%20appointment%20right%20away%20and%20I%20paid%20less%20the%20coupon%20I%20had.%20%20The%20service%20representative%20was%20helpful%20and%20courteous.
    Juan - January 2017
  • As I said previously, the way I was treated with professionalism, courtesy and friendliness. They made me feel like I was a lifelong customer. Thank you Zack!
    Linda - January 2017
  • I really wanted my car back that day. They said that would be tough because they had full bays. They were able to pull it off for me. Thank you.
    Mike - November 2016
  • I always receive great service at Monro. Tyree was very helpful explaining what was wrong with my car and it was repaired in a reasonable amount of time.
    Sarah - August 2016
  • Very professional and have always taken our vehicle(s) to them. They always give outstanding service.
    Steve - July 2016
  • The shop was clearly busy, but they still slowed down enough to give me the focus needed to get done what I needed!
    Mark - July 2016
  • The manager was very courteous. Gave me the options. Took effort to find a matching tire. Price was reasonable. My car is leased so I normally go to the dealer, but your shop was there for an emergency.
    Linda - April 2016
  • We always get great service when our cars are serviced here. Better service than at the dealer.
    Tim - April 2016

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