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(845) 343-9131

173 Dolson Avenue
Middletown, NY 10940

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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9:00AM - 5:00PM

What People Are Saying:

  • Right away, the employees there were very friendly and had a great sense of humor. I was able to set up an appointment an hour and 45 minutes before the appointment time. And the service itself was very fast! They called me and the same great customer service was provided. On top of that the bill came out to be cheaper than I thought! I will certainly be returnin.
    German - January 2018
  • purchased a set of four tires from Monroe and so far so good. I was told they cleaned the rims up to prevent a slow leak issue i have been having from the bead seal. they feel great, appear to handle the snow we have been having and look good. they cost a good penny but think it was well worth it.
    tom - January 2018
  • Fast, courteous and cheap
    Robert - December 2017
  • I feel this store has good honest people. Love Brian and California.
    Ann - December 2017
  • went for inspectoin said faild becuse slite uneven break ware after taking all 4 tires of wicth they never due 1 tire only yes i hade one bolb out went to another garage pass inspection fix bulb
    joe - December 2017
  • The oil change with conventional oil was great and my car is running very smoothly. The service was quick, friendly and efficient!
    Emily - December 2017
  • Went for inspection needed rotors and pads. Reasonably priced
    Nancy - December 2017
  • Installed muffler was not even close to the same as the OEM muffler. Car returned with exhaust leak that shop failed to fix (2 times) at the gasket, shop said it was flex pipe, took car home and installed larger gasketing material and leak stopped, was not flex pipe. Marketing ploy to spend more money ?? Specified oil for oil change, shop disregarded instructions and used 5w30 in a car with 295k miles. Requested front end alignment and after waiting 5 hours for work to be completed, they could NOT do it, stating the nuts were frozen, one was installed less than a month ago...more nonsense.
    CHARLES - December 2017
  • Staff was helpful, friendly. Service was good, time as expected, and fair price. Thank you.
    Margery - November 2017
  • very timely... friendly staff... usually a very complete service
    Flo - November 2017
  • I pulled all of my vehicles from Monroe Service. I have been a customer of Monroe for at least 10 years and am absolutely appalled at the way I was treated and talked to by the Manager. For him to tell me that if I don't like his service or findings I can go to another business and sue him! I advised him that that was a stupid thing to say and that rather than sue him I would cancel my appointment for the following day, pull all of my vehicles from Monroe and go directly across the street and give them my business. I immediately went across the street and received excellent service.
    Gary - October 2017
  • Great service
    Jack - October 2017
  • I have been using the services of this store since 1995 or there abouts. They have always treated me right.
    Gerald - October 2017
  • I was quoted 1800$ for new catalytic converter. I went elsewhere and my issue was fixed by replacing 3 rusted bolts. The connection to the pipe had separated. There was NOTHING wrong with my catalytic converter. This guy should go to jail for fraud!
    Ann - September 2017
  • Conveniently located
    Robert - September 2017
  • The car did not have all of it's oil removed before adding new oil and even that amount exceeded the manufacturers requirement. ( over filled massively ).
    John - September 2017
  • The shop did a nice job in a timely fashion.
    Mikel - September 2017
  • Happy with the work and the guys
    Bob - September 2017
  • They always try to screw you over at this Monro. It’s funny how they tell me last week my tires are really bad and need to be replaced when they put 4 brand new ones on the car....3 months ago. Clearly don’t know their own work. If that wasn’t enough - “your timing belt is about to snap you need to replace that or else you’ll get stranded somewhere.” I ask “can I see it?” Sure let’s walk. Then they try showing me a snapped belt that’s not even in my engine, I walk over to my car and see all my belts are fine. NEVER coming back and I advise non of you to do so!
    Dillon - September 2017
  • I got an oil change, I didn't wait long at all and was back on the road in no time! The manager was very nice and so was the mechanic who did the oil change.
    Autumn - September 2017
  • The oil change was great!
    Keanu - September 2017
  • The oil change was great!
    Keanu - September 2017
  • They currently find additional "problems" with your vehicle and take advantage of people who dont know very much about cars.
    Andrew - September 2017
  • Staff at Middletown, Location is very profession and friendly.
    Ming - September 2017
  • Rude manager
    Micheal - August 2017
  • Always quick service. Thorough and friendly. Always come here for maintenance.
    Kali - August 2017
  • Have been a regular customer at Dolson ave Monro in Middletown NY . The service is efficient and honest. Current counter guy Kalid is knowledgeable and very personable.
    Ronald - August 2017
  • The mechanics at this Monro location were very nice and diligent about making sure my car was fully serviced. Double checking with me to ensure the use of the correct oil.
    Stephanie - August 2017
  • Been going to Dolson Monro for many years with multiple vehicles. They are straight up with me about what needs to be done. They never steer me wrong.
    Ronald - July 2017
  • Brian and the guys who work there are always helpful.
    Chris - July 2017
  • Received courteous and inexpensive oil change service.
    Garfield - July 2017
  • MY pads were screeching, so I brought my car into the shop and received not only great customer service.. but my car is running like new! I highly recommend, and will be back for any of my car needs!
    Lorenzo - July 2017
  • No comment
    Seth - July 2017
  • Very fast and courteous service! Guys are great.
    David - July 2017
  • Excellent and prompt service, VERY informative and caring. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Best in Orange County!
    Naomi - July 2017
  • Excellent service in Middletown
    David - July 2017
  • Excellent service and the staff was great
    Niasia - June 2017
  • it's easy, affordable, timely and i have never been dis-satisfied
    Flo - June 2017
  • Hard to find a decent shop that knows how to get it done right. Glad I found it among so many options. The crew & Manager at this location know what they're doing and use the best parts possible to make your vehicle stay on the road rain or shine.
    H - June 2017
  • good job
    Sally - June 2017
  • Made an appointment online for an oil change which reduced the wait time considerably. The employees were courteous and had no issues with my vehicle service.
    Garfield - June 2017
  • My new local place to go for car service. I have been going for a few months for all my vehicles. Each and every time the staff were always welcoming of my business and were able to service my vehicle and offer suggestions for further services to car. I will be back.
    Raymond - June 2017
  • Have gotten my oil changed there for the last year
    Kathleen - June 2017
  • Always professional and quick. Their work is always faster than estimated.
    Chris - May 2017
  • Fine
    Bob - May 2017
  • Fast oil change, in and out in 15 minutes.
    DOUGLAS - May 2017
  • Easy to work with, professional environment, will not try to, "get over on you".
    LarryBedosky - May 2017
  • Great service
    Clara - May 2017

  • Allan - May 2017
  • Came there for oil change and received great prices and friendly staff
    Amar - May 2017
  • Excellent service
    Barbara - May 2017
  • There is no waiting time when you schedule an appointment. Guys are always nice and know what they are doing.
    Amir - May 2017
  • put them on car
    Mike - May 2017
  • Monro muffler provides efficient and fast service. The staff members are very friendly and makes waiting worth while. Each time I attend they advise what improvements my car needs and gives me quotes same day. I have used your company for the past 7 years and will continue. I am very satisfied.
    Maria - May 2017
  • bought tires for my car
    mike - April 2017
  • Stopped in, no appointment, no problem. Oil change and inspection in no time.
    Lori - April 2017
  • Always available to help, and the staff and crew are friendly, fast, professional and reliable.
    Ray - April 2017
  • Anytime that I make an appointment, my vehicle is taken in at that time, and the wait time is exactly what the manager tells me it will be.
    James - April 2017
  • I have been going here for my oil changes for about a year now and the service is always excellent. The staff is always very friendly. I would def recommend to my friends or family to go here to get their cars serviced.
    Brittany - April 2017
  • The BEST store around for maintanence
    Joe - April 2017
  • Very fast service. A great team there.
    Ken - April 2017
  • The mechaniics suck
    Anthony - April 2017
  • The guys are great here on dolson.... But as an outsider it appears they are understaffed. Again, I am no car expert just my opinion
    Warren - April 2017
  • Quick service
    Celeste - April 2017
  • The Store in Middletown N.Y store 305 is the best store to go to for all your cars needs!!!!
    Olin - April 2017
  • brian and gorge are very tharow in final inspection of car friendly and go out of there way to help
    joseph - March 2017
  • The staff at Monroe Muffler here in Middletown, NY are absolutely the best I have ever dealt with. They are friendly and knowledgeable, and they truly care about making sure that you are completely satisfied with the service you received. They are professional and caring and I would highly recommend them to all of my friends and family. Their prices are unbeatable and I would have to say, the best in Orange County. I won't go anywhere else. *****
    Naomi - March 2017
  • Close to our home, great service.
    Maria - March 2017
  • I like the service when I get my oil change and tire rotation I always come here and so does my son Alan Weiner.
    Phil - March 2017
  • Great people there always helpful and give a lot of information
    Helen - March 2017
  • Cooper tires set of 4
    Sherron - March 2017
  • Excellent service and great time
    Adam - March 2017
  • Just waiting a lil bit longer that I would've but it's understandable considering the amount of clients they get a day.
    Caridad - March 2017
  • 0 stars if I could. I gave my business because my Uncle Worked for you for 17 years. He doesnt now and doesnt do inspections so why not get it at a place I trust....... Your team tried to tell me they couldnt pass me unless I had $1600 worth of work done to my car. I took the car to be looked over by my uncle and another mechanic to be sure. Turns out that only 2 of the things on the NEVER ENDING LIST! needed to be fixed at all and none of it by law could have failed me for an inspection. Only the obvious like whipers and a headlight that i intended on letting them fix until they tried to screw me. I should sue you for trying to rob me. I am owed something for this without a doubt and suggest someone make that happen.
    Todd - March 2017
  • Always great customer service.
    Anthony - March 2017
  • I could use this product for my car. Great things are that the car will run great. Bad thing is that it takes time to get it done.
    Amar - March 2017
  • I wood recome this shop for car mecanitli it's the best
    Bonifacao - February 2017
  • Always polite, always reasonably priced, always a good job.
    Lesley - February 2017
  • I am always more than pleased with the great service and attention I receive at my favorite Munro Muffler shop.....the staff is always pleasant, courteous, friendly and never 'pushy' when it comes to servicing my car.
    Flo - February 2017
  • The guys in the middletown store are so friendly and nice. Ive been going there for 6 years now and they know me by sight. The prices are always great too
    Monique - February 2017
  • This is the only place I can trust to get good honest service, thanks to Edd and his team .Keep up the good .
    william - February 2017
  • The gentlemen who work at the Dolson Ave., Middletown, NY are the best. I trust them with my car and I trust everything they tell me. Very honest men. I can not say enough good things about the service I receive. I recommend them all the time.
    Pam - February 2017
  • George and Brian are excellent friendly managers who are completely trustworthy with your vehicle as are all their techs.
    Shawn - February 2017
  • They cared about fixing the vehicle and getting me back on the road!!!
    Laura - January 2017
  • Willing to go above and beyond standard customer service levels to ensure I was given the best assistance possible regardless of time.
    Jarred - December 2016
  • Friendly service and complete explanation on the work being performed on my car.
    Adam - March 2016
  • Rob the guy who works on my car, is a great tech..He knows his stuff...
    John - September 2015
  • Carlo and staff are #1.
    John - August 2015

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