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(518) 483-8781

225 West Main Street
Malone, NY 12953

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • It’s been a couple of days but seem like good quality tires.
    Charlie - March 2018
  • Good traction
    Maryann - January 2018
  • I had an 11am appointment for my inspection. I had arrived about 10 minutes early and they took my car in about 5 minutes early. Which was really nice because I had a very busy day planned out. I was in and out in a timely manner with awesome service!
    Michelle - January 2018
  • I had back tires put on my car last spring and some other work done as well. When I went in to get an estimate I was told to bring in my paper work from before and they would price match for me. It saved me close to 100$! Which at this time of year is greatly appreciated... Or any time of year really, who doesn't like to save money!
    Michelle - December 2017
  • Donal and his team are the only ones I trust with my auto service
    Craig - December 2017
  • The employees were extremely courteous, helpful, and informative
    James - December 2017
  • It makes my brakes work better
    Carrie - December 2017
  • I travel 58 miles to use this monroe site. I always get called by name..... I get fast and great service. I have a monroe muffler here in plattsburgh, but Christopher is rude, arrogant and always adds items or services to your bill that you did not want or he did not ask you about.
    cynthia - November 2017
  • Such nice people and great service got me right in the next morning.
    Hannah - November 2017
  • Great overall!
    Karl - November 2017
  • I always go to monro for my oil changes and inspections. Never and problem. Fast service.
    Matt - November 2017
  • I wouldn't trust anyone else buy Don with my vehicle. Don is the best employee at the Malone Monroe and muffler. He always answers my questions to the fullest extent. Other than Don the rest of the employees aren't that great.
    tyler - October 2017
  • My inspection was quick and the staff was easy going.
    Celsie - October 2017
  • Very pleased every time go to Monroe. Always helpful, courteous treatment/service when go.
    Felix - October 2017
  • oil change, brake service to any kind of repair, reasonable price and no unnecessary service recommendation
    Vishal - September 2017
  • Donal takes great pride and care is his service to customers
    Craig - September 2017
  • Been there for a oil change. They are fast, accurate and reasonably priced
    Joeseph - August 2017
  • They take good care of me all the time
    Roy - August 2017
  • job was done well, service manager kept me informed and was very friendly, especially for a hot Saturday afternoon
    Harold - August 2017
  • Happy
    Tom - August 2017
  • Fast & courtesy
    Trent - July 2017
  • Never had a problem at Monro. Easy to book an appointment and the work is done on time and within budget.
    Matthew - July 2017
  • Had 2 tires repaired/checked for air leaks. TPM light was on when I brought it in. It was still on when I left (I don't know if it turned off when they moved the car from the shop). I figured it would shut off after a few minutes, but it didn't and I couldn't shut it off. I checked tires. One at 20PSI, the other at 28. Returned to Monro and they promptly checked the tires. The explanation? Either they forgot to refill the tires or their "gauge was broken again." There's been no TPM light since then. Would give them a 1 star rating, but they were courteous and prompt on both the original appointment and the recheck. And they've done real well by me in the past. Everyone makes mistakes, but this is so fundamental (and I'd like to know how they got the TPM to turn off to start with-if it did turn off), that I'm going to have to think about whether to take the car back for service in the future.
    Gary - June 2017
  • Very knowledgeable and proficient in auto repair.
    Rudolph - June 2017
  • Great customer service and quick turn around.
    Rudolph - June 2017
  • I received service quickly, on time, efficiently, and with good humor.
    Phyllis - June 2017
  • quality and price
    Brahm - May 2017
  • Things are great about Monro.
    Carrie - May 2017
  • Had a oil change/ tire rotation and state inspection. Done in less than 30 minutes!!! Can't ask for better. Thanks Don and Josh!!
    Jeff - May 2017
  • I showed up late but was served immediately. Friendly staff, reasonable prices. Would have been nice to have wi-fi and coffee, though.
    Phyllis - April 2017
  • Had muffler and tailpipe replaced. No issues.
    Claire - April 2017
  • They guys do a great job here
    Nancy - April 2017
  • I love how quick and professional the team is and how they always protect your car.
    Rudolph - April 2017
  • It was just an oil change but the guys check everything. I always feel confident at Monro.
    Ronald - April 2017
  • It was just an oil change but the guys check everything. I always feel confident at Monro.
    Ronald - April 2017
  • I have enjoyed the convenience and attention I receive every time I drop a vehicle off.
    James - April 2017
  • Excellent seevice
    Michele - April 2017
  • no problem
    Linus - March 2017
  • The service was great
    Marlene - March 2017
  • You can't beat the price and quality of a Monro Muffler oil change, Thanks!
    Shannon - March 2017
  • customer service is always good and its easy to make appointments in a timely manner
    mary - March 2017
  • Quick oil change
    Jared - March 2017
  • Quick and professional service!!!
    Vilas - March 2017
  • Services quick and hassle free
    Daves - March 2017
  • Had my breaks and oil change done. Was very informative and ensured that I was getting the best deal for my money $
    Darren - February 2017

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