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(518) 786-1058

691 New Loudon Road
Latham, NY 12110

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What People Are Saying:

  • I have come in often lately for car problems and I'm very put at ease by the manager John G. He totally explains the problem at hand and seems to fix the problem in a timely manner. He is very friendly and so nicely put my window washer fluid in for me that was sitting in my trunk. I have a hard time popping open the truck.
    Bonnie - March 2018
  • A.J. Deon has been taking care of my 2 vehicles for several years now. He is exceptionally knowledgeable, courteous and HONEST! He is always happy to answer questions in a way that those of us who aren't mechanics can understand. I recommend A.J. to everyone I know!
    Gay - March 2018
  • I had all new tires put on my Subaru and an alignment. Drives like brand new, what a difference. Also had a much needed oil change. The customer service was great and i want to thank John for the awesome job he did.
    Jason - February 2018
  • I like to have my vehicles done at monro. The store manager A J always lets me know everything that is going on so that i understand.
    Angela - February 2018
  • I am so glad that when i get my oil changed they do a tire rotation for me. A J Deon is always so helpful when I go in I have 4 vehicles so always something to be done.
    Angela - February 2018
  • I am so glad that when i get my oil changed they do a tire rotation for me. A J Deon is always so helpful when I go in I have 4 vehicles so always something to be done.
    Angela - February 2018
  • Another good experience at Monro. Brought my wife's car there with Crankshaft Sensor issues. PCM problem was discovered because of Sensor failure. They replaced Sensor but PCM would have to be done by dealership. A.J. & John kept me informed on the progress and took the time to explain and visually show me the work being done. Later in the week they took care of a gas line leak on my vehicle. The staff there is friendly, honest, knowledgeable and stand by their work. I have been coming there for years and have complete confidence that when I bring my vehicle there, I will be treated fairly. Monro will be my first choice for any car repair work I need.
    Al - January 2018
  • Everything went great no problems
    John - January 2018
  • Went in for an oil change that I scheduled for online but with the other checks (from the oil change coupon), I was able to get a new air filter and battery all in one appointment despite being really busy. Thanks!
    Katie - January 2018
  • Did what I wanted to be done. Price was great. And they even went the extra mile to stay open past closing and let me pick-up my vehicle. Outstanding.
    Michael - January 2018
  • Day after Christmas they took me and was able to fix the car within 2 hours. I was on my way to NYC later that day.
    Sponable - January 2018
  • Very friendly and helpful staff would highly recommend.
    Michelle - January 2018
  • Service is consistent and during the same day
    Scott - December 2017
  • They started right on schedule, and completed it in a timely manner.
    Robert - December 2017
  • I couldn't find anyone to service my flat tire on such late notice. I was an hour away from home and I needed to let my dogs out. If I didn't get help from Monro I don't know what I would have done
    Steven - December 2017
  • A.J. Deon has been my mechanic for about 3 years now. He is exceptionally knowledgeable, honest, courteous and professional. I trust him completely. He takes care of my two vehicles and makes sure they are all up to date with all required service.
    Gay - December 2017
  • They guys were awesome. Very informative and helpful. They got the job done quick and right. I will only go there from now on.
    Judy - December 2017
  • If recommend this shop to everyone
    Samantha - December 2017
  • Great customer service they answers all questions honestly and great at appts
    Samantha - December 2017
  • I had a nys inspection. Which went ok. I was told I had 2 license plate bulbs out, which they would replace for me. I WASN'T told each bulb was $13.99 plus $5.00 to install! These bulbs are MUCH CHEAPER at local auto stores.
    Amanda - November 2017
  • I went to the Monro in Latham, New York and not only did they have my car ready before promised, the person behind the desk to help me was courteous and friendly. I will definitely be going back for future service on my car.
    Lisa - November 2017
  • Very cheap prices, the manager is very friendly and honest, and John, one of the mechanics was awesome, very smart, fast and he fixed all my car problems!!! I recommend this place 1,000,000 %
    Ivan - November 2017
  • Came in with a busted tire,came out with two fresh tires all in about an hour.
    Austin - November 2017
  • Any time we go to our monroe location, we are also greeted with a smile as well as great customer service
    Rick - October 2017
  • Thank you for fixing asap.
    Mike - October 2017
  • The inspection was really quick and straightforward. The only shortcoming was the lack of staff in front office when I get in. I had to give a phone call to reach the staff.
    Huseyin - October 2017
  • Suspension parts installed quickly
    N - October 2017
  • They were very nice, thorough and helpfyl
    Lynda - October 2017
  • Oil change, state inspection, and engine overheating diagnosis done promptly and without being taken to the cleaners
    Neal - October 2017
  • I had a muffler put on, the guys were fast and did a great job. In under an hour!!
    Don - October 2017
  • My first time at Monro, came in for an exhaust problem. John got it on a lift, found the problem (a rusted bolt)and fixed it right there on the spot. I am very pleased with the service, professionalism and excellent price! This is the first auto service station I've been to in this area where I didn't think I was going for a ride. Monro Latham is now my go-to shop!
    John - October 2017
  • Went in for 4 new shocks, oil change, and sales manager said rotate tires. I paid the bill went home and realized no oil change or tire rotation. Called and had to go back next day, no apologies or nothing. I wish I could get paid for not doing service. First and last visit.
    Dan - September 2017
  • Great service. I would never go anywhere else for an oil change.
    Bre - September 2017
  • Yes I would come back to this Monro Muffler in Latham again for any service done on my car.
    Leigh - September 2017
  • The service I received was very good
    Debra - September 2017
  • I have never been disappointed when AJ worked on my car
    Chuck - September 2017
  • I was on a long car (12hr) ride, loaded with my two son's belongs, and my sons -- headed to their colleges. The car started making a terrible noise after feeling a bit shaky for awhile, I got off the highway with no idea what was going on. Called the nearest open facility I could find on the internet. I was upset and it was nearing 5pm and we needed to be back on the road in the morning. The man who answered was tolerant of me and said come over and we will try to get the car in and at least see what is going on. So we did. They were very kind and we waited a little while. They found the log nuts loose to point wheel might have come off. Fixed it. Checked all the others. Test drove it. And never made me feel bad. They just took car of us and I was tremendously relieved that it was a simple fix. They could have told me to just call a tow truck but let me come in. And it ended up being a simple fix. I am very grateful.
    Julie - September 2017
  • The entire team was helpful and got me a brake change very quickly and got me back on the road.
    Bryce - September 2017
    James - September 2017
  • Guys that work at this location are always helpful, and never try to screw you with unnecessary services. I appreciate the honesty and value their professional opinions.
    Barbra - September 2017
  • Service was great and done in a timely manner
    Tom - September 2017
  • Quick repair in out great service all around
    Mr - August 2017
  • one of the best people persons you have in AJ. knows what to look for and fixes it. need more like him. goes over and above his job. will make sure your car is in tiptop shape. said if he did not feel safe in it for his family he would let you know.
    Chuck - August 2017
  • called ahead for exhaust work estimate. , "come right in", then waited 2 hours for the car to get on the lift. another hour to get me the estimate. was 40% higher than Midas. Store was dirty, ants everywhere, garbage cans full at noon, bathroom wasnt clean. No thank you to your coupon. wont use it.
    kevin - July 2017
  • I am glad they let me know what needs to be done to my vehicle.
    Amy - July 2017
  • They are very professional ans always give me good service.
    Gerry - July 2017
  • Oil change and noise with brakes
    Kathleen - June 2017
  • Customer service people are really nice, but they broke my parking brake while doing a rear brake job. I had to take it back for them to figure out that is what they did and they don't have the part to fix it, so I have to bring it back again next week. It's really quite a pain to have to take time to go back and forth so many times for something that was broken by the shop.
    Jennifer - June 2017
  • I had such a great experience with the employees at Monroe. I only went in for oil change they let me know of other things when they rotated my tires which came with the oil change yay for me on that one. But let me know I will need to change breaks so at next oil change in two months I will have that done at this location. The manager I believe his name was A J was very helpful and honest. Thank you again Monroe for such a great experience will definitely recommend and you have earned my business.
    Earl - June 2017
  • I've never had a problem getting my vehicle serviced. The drive credit also lowers my oil change price which is a bonus. I will definitely be back.
    Kailah - June 2017
  • The service technicians were very knowledgeable friendly and courteous. Very satisfied with the work performed and the cost of the services.
    Tracy - June 2017
  • Great service, would highly recommend!
    Josh - June 2017
  • They do good work on all my cars
    Ryan - June 2017
  • I always come to Monro for my vehicle needs. Many times it is cheaper and faster than working on my car myself. Usually go to the location in East Syracuse, NY but now go to the Latham, NY location and they are just as good, fast, and friendly!
    Ayla - June 2017
  • Good service great staff, took very good care of me and my truck.
    Mark - May 2017
  • My Monro is staffed by dependable mechanics who genuinely care about servicing my car. Ray understands that I am a "Road Warrior" and I trust him to service my car and take care of only my present needs. He doesn't try to pressure me into service that I do not need and that is important to me! I will always bring my vehicle back to him for maintenance and products.
    Sue - May 2017
  • I come for regular oil changes, all the staff has been friendly and knowledgeable and are always willing to answer questions without being overly pushy.
    Alyssa - May 2017
  • Very thorough and fully explains all possible options for service and repairs. He does this in such a courteous and professional manner at all times. He is a true asset to Monro
    Edgar - May 2017
  • Went to Monro because I suspected I might have a bad thermostat (engine temperature fluctuations). After checking out the system, the problem was an air pocket and low coolant level. Technicians took care of the problem and sent me on my way at no charge. Really? How many places would do that? This is not the first time something like that has happened where there was no charge and when work is performed, I think the price is fair and well done. Employees are friendly and helpful. This is my choice for work on my vehicles.
    Alexander - May 2017
  • Basic oil change and tire rotation that should have cost $20 was charged at $110 when my wife brought her car in. I had to go talk to the manager to get it 'fixed'. This should never have happened and we have lost ALL trust in your company.
    Lloyd - April 2017
  • I required tire repair and state inspection services ... both were performed in a highly professional manner making it a comforting visit to the shop.
    Bob - April 2017
  • Guys were great, friendly, and extremely helpful!!
    Andriah - April 2017
  • Although an incident happened last year when I brought my car here for an oil change (the mechanic forgot to recap, therefore oil ended up all over my engine when I got home), the staff was very professional when I brought the car back for cleaning. The following visit, they were very professional and did not keep me waiting for too long even though they were very busy.
    Jeanie - April 2017
  • Good
    Taras - April 2017
  • Great service
    Mike - April 2017
  • It would be much more mutually beneficial for a job to be done correctly and completely the first time. The aggravation, the inconvenience, and the amount of wasted time aren't necessarily forgotten and you ended up losing money on what should have been a simple job. Not that I don't appreciate the monetary savings, but its not really the way business should be done.
    Jackie - April 2017
  • It's a necessity. My muffler was falling. It was eventually going to fall off. It's NOT nice to litter. I asked my previous place how my muffler was. They told me their was no problem. I was annoyed. I had been to previous place before. If they had put a BRACE to hold my muffler up- maybe my muffler would not have had a hole. JUST MAYBE! I thought I'd try a new place.
    Karen - April 2017
  • Mike, the man who seemed to be manager, was sweet and flattering and "fun", but totally out of focus on what should have been important. Glad he is gone!
    Jackie - March 2017
  • I came here two days in a row, once to get my car battery replaced and another to get my inspection done. Both times the staff was friendly and efficient.
    Danielle - March 2017
  • I purchased the second set of tires and tire pressure monitor sensor and I am happy with the product and service. It was done quickly and effectively.
    Tara - March 2017
  • I received new tires and so far they are working well. We got a great deal and warranty.
    Tara - March 2017
  • I left my truck to get an oil change and told the manager I would be back after closing to pick it up. I paid prior to the services being performed and asked for my paperwork to be left on my seat and the keys placed under the drivers side floor mat and LOCK the doors seeing I could get in with my second set. I returned after going to see my mother-in-law in ICU to pick up my truck and much to my dismay my truck was UNLOCKED for hours, NO paperwork left on seat at all and the key was so far under the seat I had to reach my arm all the way to my elbow to get it. That will be the last time I use your facility and I'll make sure I tell anyone I know not to patronize that location.
    Patrick - February 2017
  • The team was very supportive and actively problem solved a complex problem.
    Kerri - February 2017
  • The people were so nice and knew what they were doing. They got me in and out in good time and answered all my questions.
    Debra - May 2016
  • The gentleman behind the counter, Aaron, was polite, informed and honest about problem, cost and wait time.
    Jacky - April 2016

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