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7419 Seneca Road
Hornell, NY 14843

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What People Are Saying:

  • I commute here from Rochester daily for work. Dave the manager always make time for my maintenance and repairs. The service is quick and efficient, just what I need on lunch break.
    Peter - February 2018
  • I have brought multiple vehicles to Dave and his team and have always had my problems fixed, whether it's new brake rotors and pads or tires, they have it all, treat you like family, and get it right the first time. Thank you for being here. Dr. Cohen, Hornell
    Dr. - February 2018
  • Great store manager and team
    John - February 2018
  • Quickest inspection ever. And cheaper than most. Only $16 with a coupon.
    Eric - January 2018
  • I'm giving a one star rating for PAST service in both Wellsville, NY and Hornell, NY. but I'm so disappointed in our service yesterday that a 1 is all I can muster. We've been loyal Monro customers for 14 years, even staying with them when our Wellsville shop closed. We've gone to Hornell since, and always felt like we were being treated with respect and getting fair and honest service. Yesterday was a totally different story. The manager was rude and I left feeling like I had been robbed. My husband was stuck there for 7 hours and after paying well over $500, he had to drive home with NO HEAT in below zero weather because they were in a hurry to get home, I suppose. When he got home his arthritic hands and back were in agony. He called the shop this morning and was made to feel like they didn't want to be bothered. I told my husband we were not giving them any more of our money or driving all the way over there again in this weather. We know we were over charged for parts, but the worse thing was the disrespect. I had asked for a detailed, itemized bill, which we were not given. I had also asked for an oil change, which was not done and Dave basically called my husband a liar when he asked about it. I could go on and on with more detail, but I'll end by saying, if you can avoid this place, DO!
    Jeanie - December 2017
  • Got in fairly easily for state inspection. Failed the first time around due to brakes being worn down. The quote I received was extremely high. Replaced brakes and rotors myself. Passed second time around.
    Kelly - November 2017
  • I have always used this Monro whenever I was in the area, and always had really positive experiences. However, I brought my car in for an oil change and brake service last week, and it was awful. I was there waiting for over two hours and only left with an oil change. They didn't reset the service indicator and didn't put a new sticker on my windshield for the oil change. They were complaining about having to work on my car, as it is a Volkswagen, and had issues determining the correct parts they needed for the brakes, even though I had brought it there previously for new brakes. They were asking me questions about the car that I had no clue about, which did not make me feel very comfortable with having them perform the work on my car. The worst was hearing the mechanic working on my car swearing profusely and saying that he was tired and wanted to go home. It was so unprofessional and made me feel like they didn't want my business. I will not be bringing my car back again. I'm not sure if it is under new management or what, but that is the worst experience I have ever had there.
    Ashley - October 2017
  • I usually have a good outcome with Monroe. I had my oil changed before a 500 mile trip I had to take. I don't know how long the door to my oil was hanging down but it was not secured properly and is now broke off. I was told when I called that the doors often wear and it probably was just worn and came undone on its own. I could understand if this was an older car but its a 2015.
    Melissa - October 2017
  • Got me in quickly and finished quickly!
    Marie - August 2017
  • As for thethe three tires i boughtI will let you know in time.The wheel aligment seems satisfactory aswasthe oil chage. The protectionfor the tires hopefully I wlll never have to use it.
    Lou - August 2017
  • Tires on my car
    Molly - August 2017
  • I went in for a state inspection and knew I was going to need tires. Sure enough, my tires were bald. The mechanics were fantastic!! They explained everything to me and had tires I needed in stock and at a reasonable price!
    Kelli - August 2017
  • I went in for an inspection, they told me what needed to be fixed. The mechanic told me after they fixed this one thing, I would pass inspection. 3 days later I get a phone call saying, we fixed your emergency brake, but you still failed inspection, so you need to fix these other things for $200. I was upset because that's not what I was told originally, and wasn't prepared to have to pay almost $400 for an inspection.
    Savanah - August 2017
  • I always get my oil changed at Monro Muffler. In and out in no time.
    Kim - July 2017
  • Never a problem getting an appt. and service techs are always on time getting my car in and I don't have to wait a long time before I'm back on the road again.
    Kimberly - July 2017
  • Never ask to perform any unneeded repair. Always professional.
    Greg - June 2017
  • Wish I could give a no star rating. I used them for the past 4 years with great service. But now under new management and trying to fraud people into repairs that are not needed. I took 2 cars down for a NY state inspection and both failed for the same reason. I took both cars to a different inspection station and both passed inspection with no problems. I did no repairs to the cars between inspections. I thought it was weird that both would fail for same reason.
    Donald - June 2017
  • I've used Monro's service for years and rely on them to take good care of my vehicles
    John - April 2017
  • I had to have my muffler worked on and when they got the car up on the lift they saw that my frame was rusted out. They called me out to see the damage and told me that the vehicle is not safe to be driving. I would need to get a new vehicle because the catalytic converter would cost over $600. and the frame could not be fixed. I appreciated this honest information instead of fixing the muffler and then I find out the car was not safe. Thank you for your honesty, it means a lot to me and I will let my friends know this.
    Linda - April 2017
  • Took care of me immediately. Pleasant, courteous service.
    Pat - April 2017
  • The Monroe Muffler store in Hornell has always taken great care of my vehicles - however last week the manager Steve went above and beyond. My jeep was due for the annual inspection along with a tire rotation and oil change. Along with my computer bag and brief case I also was bringing in a large potted plant for a coworkers birthday. Steve happily carried the pot all the way to my office and made not only my coworkers day but mine .
    Tamera - April 2017
  • I have been going to Monro Muffler for a few years now. I have had oil changes, inspections, bought new tires etc. They make it easy to get an appointment and always get the job done in a timely manner.
    Mary - March 2017
    Bob - March 2017
  • Nice
    Awad - March 2017
  • Had to get my car serviced quickly and I spoke to Steve and he got me right in after work
    David - February 2017
  • Oil change and rotate All good Dave handled very well
    JOHN - February 2017
  • Easy location + fast & courteous service!
    David - August 2015

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