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(518) 456-8117

1745 Western Avenue
Guilderland, NY 12203

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What People Are Saying:

  • Very fast and efficient seervice
    F. - February 2018
  • I started going to the Monro on Western Ave in Albany in March of 2017 for squealing. Right after I left my alternator belt fell off on the highway. I continued to have issues with power steering (strange noises) so I brought my car back. They got me in contact with the area manager who started to send me to the Monro on Central Ave and I would bring my car and leave thinking everything was fixed just to have the noises and issues begin to come back. I brought my car there at least 8 times between March and July and the last time I left there I showed up with power steering and left without it. I moved to Boston and was given the contact info of the area manager here. They sent me to the Quincy store and after 2 visits I still had no power steering and that manager would not return my calls. I tried calling the Albany manager to see if he could help but he hung up on me. It's been over 6 months without power steering and I will be taking my car to another repair shop.
    Elizabeth - February 2018
  • I needed a new battery.... mine was nearly dead. Monro had one in stock and was able to install it quickly. Great job!
    Linda - February 2018
  • They took me 30 minutes early Fast and friendly service
    Steve - February 2018
  • Jim and the guys got the car back on the road quickly and figured out an issue the dealer could not
    Jim - February 2018
  • Good service on the Oil change.
    Bob - January 2018
  • Every time I go there the service is fantastic. They keep me informed and show me when there’s a problem so I can understand unlike the other service places. The employees are very friendly and always greet me when I walk in. Sometimes I don’t make an appointment and they still squeeze me in to do my oil changes. I’ll never go anywhere else!
    Christine - January 2018
  • Quick Service
    Michael - January 2018
  • I was very pleased with the inspection process done on my vehicle. The staff was very friendly and timely in setting up my appointment, being ready for said appointment, and completing it in a timely fashion. I was quite impressed with the efficiency of the shop and would be happy to take my vehicle there in the future, if need be. Overall, a great experience!
    Jordan - January 2018
  • They were kind, professional, and helpful.
    Chloe - January 2018
  • great service manager
    mark - January 2018
  • Monro is the best. I go in there and never have had bad service. I work in the service industry so I know how it's suppose to be and they go above and beyond. I was super upset my car needed work but they made it better by letting me know why I needed it. I like that! Thank you Monro!
    Courtney - January 2018
  • Dedicated to customer service, fast and efficient.
    Pat - January 2018
  • I like the product of Monro
    Jassu - January 2018
  • I recently made a repeat visit to have my oil changed and tires rotated. For a great price, the staff had me in and out quickly. They were also very helpful in answering many questions I have about other maintenance.
    Marlene - January 2018
  • I was lead to believe my car was way out of alinement when after the alinement was told it was pretty much okay prior to being told I needed the car aligned. They also had me discard tires that I am not sure didn’t have more life in them. I wish they had visually showed me prior to telling me they were not usable
    David - January 2018
  • I made an appointment for an oil change, and that day was a crazy snow storm. I was late - i admit that, but they were very accommodating. Also because of the snow that fell that day it seemed like everyone and their brother was calling about snow tires (wait for the storm to call) - The gentlemen answering the phone as i was waiting in the waiting room was very polite and knew all the deals for tires right off the top of his head!
    Kristine - December 2017
  • Needed a battery installed. In at 7:30 on a Saturday morning, out by 8:15 (battery came from the warehouse). Super convenient. Tech was also professional enough to test my existing battery and charging system - both of which he said were fine - but I decided it was time anyway to get a new battery anyway.
    Jeffrey - December 2017
  • I got 4 new tires mounted and balanced and a 4 wheel alignment. Work was done quickly and the final price was less than the quote which already included buy 3, get 1 free.
    Jim - December 2017
  • Took my car into service without an appointment and had all work completed same day. I really appreciated them helping on such short notice. Professional and friendly.
    Jeff - December 2017
  • I got my oil changed
    Liam - December 2017
  • Dropped off car to get an inspection and estimate on struts. Completed in timely manner. Coupon saved me half the cost as well. Pleasant experience all around.
    Matthew - December 2017
  • Service was great and they worked to fit me into their already busy schedule. I was expecting to be there forever to have my service done but it was quick!
    Krista - December 2017
  • I called because I missed an earlier appointment to be sure that they could take my car. They said they could squeeze me in, if I left the car, so I had someone drop me off. They call me 5 minutes before close to let me know that they could not get to my car and too bad so sad. I will not be going to this location again. I would of taking my car elsewhere if I knew that they were not able to get to my car and had been honest with me. They have lost a customer, and we take all three of our car there.
    Emilio - November 2017
  • We got 4 Tires on Black Friday. They tried to upsell us to a 900$ package and we had to get them down to what we wanted at a 500$ price point on not Cadillac tires for a 2003 Dodge minivan. We chose to keep the old tires and they still charged us the disposal fee. They did a good job with the mounting and balancing, but I would probably go elsewhere next time.
    Charlene - November 2017
  • New brakes make a huge difference. Thanks for the great service. Would rate 5 stars if the prices were better.
    Tim - November 2017
  • This place opened couple of years back & I go regularly for oil change over there. I didn't faced any issue in going there. Once they forgot to reset my oil change indicator after oil change & I told them. They offered me one more time free oil change as inconvenience. Hope these guys treat customer with respect & build trust.
    Sachin - November 2017
  • They failed me for inspection. Said I needed 2 outer tie rods and an inner, a wheel alignment and a bulb for my 3rd break light. Said it would be $700 to fix it all and pass me. I went to auto zone to buy a $5 bulb instead of paying $14 at monro and to look at prices for other parts. I gave them the print out of what monro wanted and said they were over charging me, and how they shouldn't have failed me. They sent me down to jiffy lube and undoubtedly I passed. The mechanic there was very irritated at the fact that they were going to over charge me for labor, and they all have the same labor laws. I went back to monro and told them I was passed for inspection down the road. Guy at the desk told me they didn't do a real inspection they were just trying to pass me. I also asked them if they could print out my last inspection from a year ago. Last year they had a whole list and wanted over $1000 last inspection. Funny how I didn't get anything fixed on my car in the past year except breaks and tires, but not one thing came up that was wrong with my car like last year. I will never be bringing my car back to Monro. They are not to be trusted and only want you to spend big bucks so they can go home with a bigger pay check.
    K. - November 2017
  • Good service, got the job done.
    Karly - November 2017
  • Had my snow tires put on, discarded old tires at a very reasonable price, was in no hurry to get the car back, tire change was done in reasonable time frame. Would've been done in no time if I needed it to be.
    James - November 2017
  • Nice service
    Praveenkumarbandi - November 2017
  • I showed up on a busy Saturday afternoon to see if they could fit me in for the oil change/tire rotation/etc special for that day. It was made clear to me that if I left it then they would try to fit me in but no promises... Within a few hours, the work was completed and the total was even less than I expected. Another great experience at this location!
    Mark - November 2017
  • I made an appt. to have my rear brakes replaced for 1:00pm. I arrived at 12:45 and left the building at 4:15. Apparently the parts that were delivered were not the correct parts, so they had to have the correct ones delivered again. I can appreciate that there was a mistake, and am understanding that this happens. What I don't understand is why I was never told this was why I was there for 4 hours, until about 1/2 hour prior to my departure when another gentleman came in and I quote, "Did he tell you why it was taking so long?" and I told him I was never told anything. This seems to be a very standard and typical behaviour of the car repair industry... there is little to no communication with the customer. Store was clean and comfortable and I honestly don't have any issues with the service of my vehicle. The gentleman that told me about delay was very informative and showed me the gauge for the brakes and how mine had worn and was very kind and helpful.
    Angela - November 2017
  • Had to have my tires replaced and Monro had not only the best price, but the service was great! Not pushy at all, explained what I needed and I was in and out within 40 minutes of my appointment time. Will definitely be returning to them for additional car services.
    Caitlin - November 2017
  • Prompt and courteous service
    Jeff - October 2017
  • they do not know what they are doing and overcharge immensely for it.
    Debi - October 2017
  • Their price matching promotion is for real. The employees were extremely cooperative. I had the tires ordered and on my vehicle in several hours.
    Robert - October 2017
  • They have come through for me each time I needed them.
    Peter - October 2017
  • Everything from making the appointment to getting service was easy. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
    Chris - October 2017
  • Excellent service plus the person was very cooperative and made sure I understood all the differences between the products offered.
    Abdulkerim - October 2017
  • Fair, responsive, efficient, professional, work done well, every time I go there
    Bruce - October 2017
  • George was very nice. All work was done in a reasonable time and they took good care of my car.
    Jim - October 2017
  • I went in from a state inspection appointment and everyone was efficient and polite. I will definitely be returning to Monro Muffler for all my future automotive maintenance needs!
    Katherine - September 2017
  • Went for oil change and tire rotation. Work was perfectly done on time. Great customer service. Online appointment was easy to make.
    Toyota - September 2017
  • Went in for an oil change and they accepted me as a walk in. Great customer service, they were very helpful
    Diana - September 2017
  • I brought my car in for an oil change. I was quoted $1,000 for a exhaust system from catalytic converter back. I was told I needed front struts because they were leaking, which would cost $700 or $800 dollars. The said "figure $2,000 with tax. This seemed high, so I did not get the service done. I instead bought the complete exhaust system for $165 from Autozone, including clamp and gasket. An independent mechanic installed for $90. Cost me $260 rather than $1,000. I checked the front struts and they looked fine to me. My independent mechanic confirmed that they were fine. My vigilance saved me about $1,740 dollars. Beware!
    Cliff/Susan - September 2017
  • Was happy with the service
    Phil - September 2017
  • It was satisfactory experience.
    Anug - September 2017
  • Good service..timely! Would suggest to others
    Nancy - September 2017
  • Great service here & they get the job done for a good price.
    Karly - September 2017
  • Monro is my go to spot. They are always friendly, always efficient and do the best they can to get your vehicle needs taken care of in a timely manner. They make me feel comfortable and I can trust them.
    Jennifer - September 2017
  • Had to pay for extra parts on a yearly state inspection. The parts and discounts were good, but I had to wait a longer period of time for my car to get the sticker.
    Kristin - September 2017
  • No product
    Debbie - August 2017
  • I've been a long time customer of Monro. The personnel are great - friendly and helpful! I do wish that the labor fee wasn't so high. I'm a single parent so costly repair bills sure can make life difficult. I am appreciative though of the expert mechanics because nothing is as important to me as having a safe vehicle to drive.
    Holly - August 2017
  • I always speak with nice people who are willing to help me as fast as they can.
    Trevor - August 2017
  • The staff was extremely friendly, even when I had to come back again because I didn't have the wheel locks on me at the time. They were quick to get me in and out (both times), and were extremely friendly.
    Jessica - August 2017
  • great service.........friendly....seemed to care for the safety of the car.
    Austin - August 2017
  • I discovered that several of my tires were cracked due to them drying out causing tire rot. Had I not discovered this who knows what might have happened. I had a flat tire in my driveway so the next morning I took my to the Monro on Western Ave in Guilderland where I always take my cars for service. Jim, store manager,explained to me why the tires were in such condition and took care of the needed repairs and tire replacement, He always takes the time to explain things so that I understand why and what needs to be done.
    Howard/Jane - August 2017
  • I needed a battery and couldn't shut my car off, so they took me in immediately and fixed my car
    Lynn - August 2017
  • Monro is always so nice and give great service. Every time I get an oil change I don't have to wait too long and they do a good job!
    Erica - August 2017
  • Service manager is very helpful and nice
    Tim - August 2017
  • Efficient service shop, well run.
    Paul - August 2017
  • Whenever I have trouble with my car's tires, I go to Monro as its convenient location and never had a complain but the last time I went there on 08/14, it wasn't very pleasant experience. He charged me $29.99 for tire puncture repair which other Monro charge only $20 that too as a tip amount, and I started noticing the very next day that the tire is still loosing air. Haven't had a chance to go back so I am filling air everyday until I get time to visit them. :-(
    Amol - August 2017
  • Went for State Inspection check. Call and scheduled appointment a day before and was very quick! They recommended to change the rear brake pads and rotors as my vehicle crossed 30k miles and offered me 20% off total. Explained me the saftey concern and gave me time to think about it. I would certainly want to change after taking second opinion from other auto services.
    Karthik - August 2017
  • Very Fast, nice guys!
    Sarah - August 2017
  • I waited approximately 1 month to complete this survey, to avoid submitting premature satisfactory comments. And sure enough, the delay proved correct. The scrunching sound from the rear drum brakes returned within 3 weeks of the replaced drum hardware and brake shoes on my 2004 Corolla. The sound is intermittent and less frequent than the previous noise with the visit and adjustment in June. However, after 5 visits to Monroe over 1 year since the original drum brakes were installed in July 2016, this is a disappointment.
    Thomas - August 2017
  • Great customer experience. Always timely and friendly.
    Tim - August 2017
  • I have had to come back and get new pads, rotors and a new caliper only after coming in and getting the pads and rotors changed about a month ago. Everything was still under warranty, thank goodness, but I don't feel it is fair that I keep having to pay labor charges when it is down to the shoddy parts that are used. I hope it has nothing to do with a plan to get labor charges knowing that the parts don't last...
    Christian - August 2017
  • I needed an oil change and inspection, so after talking to the man behind the counter about a "drive card" I received an almost half price discount and was able to drop my car off while I was at work and puck it up at the end of the day. Great service, Highly recommend!!!
    Cameron - August 2017
  • brakes work great.
    William - August 2017
  • My car was taken in on time. I was in and out quickly!
    Haley - August 2017
  • Jim and staff conducted a pre purchase inspection on a vehicle I was looking at purchasing for my son.
    Thurman - August 2017
  • Awesome work
    Jamal - August 2017
  • Great service
    Jamal - August 2017
  • I really appreciated the call back regarding the 14.99 oil change. I see that you put customer service first. thank you.
    Yolanda - August 2017
  • Great service,had a NYS INSPECTION done
    Michael - July 2017
  • The staff are very professional . Carefully explaining the work and the costs . Service is completed in a timely manner
    John/Judy - July 2017
  • I went to Monro for an oil change which, as far as I know, was done correctly. As always the shop also recommended other work. They said that I needed a new battery and showed me a readout to prove that the battery was not functioning correctly. They said that if I didn't replace the battery it might also damage the altinator. At that point I took my car to my regular mechanic and asked him to test the battery. The battery, which was tested with the same machine, was perfectly fine.....what does that say about monro's sales policy? I will continue to have monro do my oil changes but NEVER will they do any other work for me!
    Kathleen - July 2017
  • Great service and value
    Carrie - July 2017
  • The staff was friendly and efficient. Good value.
    Judy - July 2017
  • There are still good people in the world. My car wouldn't start the other morning. I brought my car in unannounced to have the battery tested. One hour later and there were no issues to be fixed, so I wasn't charged.
    Jessica - July 2017
  • Oil change was fine but they also told me I needed a new battery and showed me a printout that supported that claim and said if I didn't get one immediately I would probably need a new alternator too. I declined and I went immediately to my repair guy. He put the same machine on the battery and he said that the battery was totally fine and well within acceptable readout numbers! What I learned was to get the cheap oil change and go somewhere else and have them check for ANYTHING Monroe says is needed.
    Two - July 2017
  • Good service. However, had to remind technician to check tires
    Charles - July 2017
  • Needed yearly inspection and it was completed in a timely manner with no appointment. Staff is always nice and never try to sell you anything that is not needed.
    Gayle/Mark - July 2017
  • I've been going to Monro for a while because you couldn't beat their oil change/tire rotation specials. I made an appointment and took my coupon and my 2015 in, and what a hassle it was this time! You can no longer get the special price UNLESS you sign up for DRIVE and use their credit card. I definitely don't want or need another credit card but I signed anyway. Then I was told I needed a more expensive oil, so the coupon would be useless and the price double. I refused to fall for that. I know my car doesn't NEED that oil, nor do I want to spend the extra on it. THEN I was told my mileage indicated I needed a system flush of fluids (whatever that is). I declined that, too. ( After I left, I look it up in my auto's manual and didn't see that listed on the maintenance list for my mileage or even close to my mileage.) THEN they showed me a somewhat dirty air filter and said I needed a new one. That I opted for, but guess what! They didn't have one in stock and expected me to sit there for a couple of hours while someone delivered it. I declined at that point. So what's with all the pressure???? Going to Monro used to be such a breeze. I'm contemplating cutting up the credit card when it arrives and going back to Valvoline. At least they don't try to sell me stuff I don't need. OH.....I'm a 64 year old woman so I guess I fit the stereotype of a easy target in an automotive shop??? That's what it felt like.
    Aging - July 2017
  • The staff always help me understand what needs to be done and gives me options.
    Jim - July 2017
  • Made an appointment in the morning and got my car taken care of in pm. Drop in may be harder to get the service. I can see this is people's favorite.
    Yan - July 2017
  • I went to get a oil change and when I walked in they were not able to take me because they were busy. I appreciated them letting me know and know making me wait forever so they could do it in between appointments. The only thing I didn't like was they had a $14.99 sign out and you have to have their credit card for that and I wasn't told until after when I was paying... I didn't ask either when I booked the appointment so it was my fault.
    Katlin - July 2017
  • it was advertised as 14.99 for a oil change however never said on the sign I need to apply for a credit card not good.
    Yolanda - July 2017
  • Great place and friendly staff.
    Jalissa - July 2017
  • I clearly feel how my car runs better each time when i change oil at Monro
    Orkhan - June 2017
  • They were efficient, funny, and very thorough. Told me things that they could fix and what should go back to my dealer.
    Elizabeth - June 2017
  • Excellent service with very caring and professional staff.
    Kavita - June 2017
  • When anything goes wrong I have had fantastic luck with the great service that you provide. Thank you for being one of the few places that do great work!
    Thomas - June 2017
  • It was my first experience to be here for my car's wheel alignment. Found this place worthy to come again customer service and work quality wise.
    Ernest - June 2017
  • I always get good and quick service at Monro Muffler Break
    Ankit - June 2017
  • Guys were great...did what needed to be scsms or upsales...Great shop.
    Dominick - June 2017
    D. - June 2017
  • As always great job!
    Jessica - May 2017
  • I needed to have an oil change, brake work, and an inspection. Monro did a very thorough job and didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need. They completed the work in an hour's time and charged a very fair price.
    Karen - May 2017
  • Great service at my local store
    Jose - May 2017
  • I get my car inspected every year and oil changes had work do on the car like brakes,tires etc...
    Harold - May 2017
  • I love the coupons
    Michele - May 2017
  • They are professional and do good work. The only issue is they never have enough techs working.
    Mike - May 2017
  • excellent service even late in the day
    John - May 2017
  • Jim and Mike provided great customer service. I had constant shaking with my car and they went above and beyond to fix the issue
    Kate - May 2017
  • I needed a full exhaust system replacement. Good quality work. Work was done very quickly. The manager communicated quickly and clearly about everything.
    Matt - May 2017
  • Although 2 technicians were out sick on the day I brought my car in, Monro was able to get the job done! They were very busy, and I thought I would have to return another day, but they somehow squeezed me in. Great job guys!
    Kathy - May 2017
  • Had to take my car back leaking oil When I took it in today they said it was in the pan, this is never happened before. Moderate spots on our driveway. We also were told at one of last visits we needed brakes, my husband measured. Took the picture of the measurement back , they apologized. Would you take your car there.
    Allan - April 2017
  • My car is running smooth
    Jessica - April 2017
  • They did my oil change and tire rotation quickly when scheduled and didn't try to upsell me anything else (tires, wipers, etc.)
    Karl - April 2017
  • When I brought my 2002 Saturn SL1 in to the Saturn (Otto Cadillac) service center, they completed all the work, except for the exhaust problems. They told me that if they did the repair they would have to replace the entire exhaust system. They suggested I go to one of the muffler shops that has a welder. That shop could make the repair for a lot less money. I went into Monro and described the problem. He gave me an appointment when the welder would be there, he completed the job and I was on my way in about a half hour, having saved a pile of money in the process. THANKS, MONRO!!!
    Steve - April 2017
  • tires and brakes plus inspection. ya'll did a great job. friendly, courteous and professional.
    stephen - April 2017
  • Mike Karl went out of his way to provide me with service in a hurry as I was on my way out of town. This guy is awesome and so is Monro
    Charlie - April 2017
  • Had tires changed and they did a great job
    David - April 2017
  • Service was fast and efficient and the price was right. I liked the convenience of taking my car to a local business and will continue to use Monro in the future.
    Vicki - April 2017
  • I frequently go to your Monroe location,on Western Avenue, in Guilderland, NY as it is convenient and they are always willing to help. I was just there within the past two weeks to have work done on my breaks and then my muffler. They diagnosed the problem, and it was fixed. I will continue to do business there.
    Robin - April 2017
  • I live 50 miles from where I work, and I have a go-to Monro shop in my hometown and one near my job. They have always treated me fairly, and I trust them completely!
    Linda - April 2017
  • Great service
    Ken - April 2017
    Patrice - April 2017
  • Changed oil and rotated tires in 45 minutes
    Mary/Steve - April 2017
  • Had an oil change and inspection. Very easy to schedule, and the work was done quickly. They pointed out some additional work for the future, but no pressure.
    Linda - April 2017
  • I had a flat tire and was going out of town so needed it fixed right away. I ended up with 4 new tires and brakes. Haven't driven more than 5 miles since but hoping I needed the above. If so, I am extremely satisfied with the service.
    Sue - April 2017
  • The next time I have my oriole changed I Think that I will use the synthetic oil instead that was recommended to me because of the high mileage on my car.
    Carmelo - April 2017
  • Always ready on time, great woek
    John - April 2017
  • My car is running fine now.
    David - April 2017
  • I stopped in because of a leak in my spare tire. The man at the desk took care of me promptly, had a service man take off my tire, and I drove off. I got a call back pretty quickly that the repair was completed and was taken care of quickly upon my return. All the men were friendly and helpful.
    Sandra - April 2017
  • Repair prices can be high. Pays to compare.
    Cliff/Susan - April 2017
  • Service was great! I was able to walk in and have car inspected without a long wait.
    Diane - March 2017
  • Had a positive experience.
    Chris - March 2017
  • Great group of guys. Always polite and willing to problem solve. Customer service is on point.
    Joshua - March 2017
  • Jim and the techs did everything they could to get my truck right, the made sure they took their time and went through everything which could have been the problem. They even gave me rides home when I had to bring my truck back in for a follow up issue! They never made me feel as though I was bothering them, and made sure they explained everything to me as it was happening to ensure I full understood what was wrong and how it was being fixed. This location shows what Customer Service should look like everywhere! Thanks a ton guys.
    Sue - March 2017
  • This is my go-to place for in and out services. Oil changes rotations inspections. For the most part they're really fast too- if there's a wait they let you know upfront.
    A.N. - March 2017
  • Got my 100,000 tune up quickly and efficiently at a good price without any attempt to upsell me services and products I didn't need.
    Karl/Carol - March 2017
  • Installed promptly"
    Richard - March 2017
  • Went for an oil change. I received excellent service!
    Katrina - March 2017
  • Recommended that does not need to do. Completely failed the inspection which does not need to replace and totally ignore which needed work.
    Pawan - March 2017
  • very friendly, great service
    Jean - March 2017
  • The staff is always courteous and efficient. I feel that they are honest in what my car really needs.
    Liz - March 2017
  • Have used this Monroe many times over the years and have always had a good experience.
    Mike - February 2017
  • It wasn't a product they helped me change my headlight and gave me a much better understanding of my car as far as the oil it takes
    Jasmine - February 2017
  • Fast and efficient
    Chris - February 2017
  • They got me in right away and were able to replace 2 worn snow tires. I was in and out in less than an hour. Price was right, the good year tires were priced right and included mounting balancing and tire fee.
    Tim - February 2017
  • I needed snow tires mounted and found out my alignment need to be adjusted.
    Joan - February 2017
  • I brought my car to Monro late on a Friday night after it had stopped running. My car was up and running by saturday afternoon, I was very happy with the quick and friendly service
    Emily - February 2017
  • State annual inspection.
    Bob - February 2017
  • I was provided with a good summary of possible fix issues. I was also provided a ride home and back to Monroe while the car was fixed. Great service!
    AndrewM - February 2017
  • good prices and good service
    jayne - February 2017
  • I was treated professionally and all services needed were thoroughly explained. I felt the manager went out of his way to give me the best price possible.
    Karen - December 2016
  • They did everything they said they were going to do and they explained everything that I asked about.
    Jim - October 2016
  • We were going away on vacation the next day. They fit us in for an oil change and discovered we had a tie rod that needed replacement. They were able to fix our car the same day and we were able to leave and enjoy our vacation on time......
    Vic - July 2016
  • The sales reps were friendly and knowledgeable. They gave me options and explained areas where they saw I was unclear.
    Alan - June 2016
  • They were very friendly and efficient! I was able to get my car done quickly and they didn't try to push me into purchasing anything else, only wanted to make sure I was happy with what I needed to get done. Will always be taking my business there!
    Kelly - May 2016
  • Honest analysis of work. Accomplished earlier than expected. Previous experiences showed that this store is interested in helping me, not just selling me something. That's why I've brought my business to them.
    Chris - April 2016
  • Friendly staff that provides explanation of service required.
    Karen - September 2015
  • Staff is very friendly and I don't have to wait too long for my car.
    Cheryl - September 2015
  • Staff explained what need to be done and what was a priority and what could wait.
    Nancy - August 2015
  • The gentleman was thorough and not pushy in any way.
    Joe - August 2015

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