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454 Route 9W
Glenmont, NY 12077

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What People Are Saying:

  • Thanks for a job well done.
    Philip - February 2018
  • John and Anthony do a great job keeping my car on the road. My front headlight went out and John took care of me the next morning. Fabulous customer service. Where are the bathroom towels ? John and Anthony need towels.
    Cheri - February 2018
  • The employees at the Glenmont, NY Monroe are the best. They are very helpful and honest. They will do everything in their power to work with you and try to give you the best option for your car and/or budget
    Peter - February 2018
  • Always a great, timely and economical job done
    Donald - January 2018
  • These guys always get me in fast, take care of every detail I ask about and the price is always reasonable.
    Todd - January 2018
  • Love it
    Lori - January 2018
  • This is where I go for most of my service.
    Amanda - January 2018
  • The guys at the Glenmont Monro are the best most honest service guys I have been to. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have work done to their car
    Brian - January 2018
  • I requested an oil change, tire pressure check and tire rotation. I was having an issue with my car shaking which was mentioned when the vehicle was dropped off. As per usual, they insisted that the tires didn’t need to be rotated (despite having driven 8500 miles). They also pointed out that the shaking was due to ice and snow stuck in the tires. Rather than taking the time to remove this while it was up on the lift, it was left there and my husband had to get on the ground in our driveway and climb under the car to fix this issue. I’m so tired of going to this garage and always receiving sub-par service. We won’t be going back.
    Kim - January 2018
  • John and Anthony are always willing to help me n get me in and out as quick as possible. ..
    Mary - January 2018
  • I love bringing my car to Monroe. The guys are always friendly and helpful. I trust them to be honest with me, and they’ve been known to help me find coupons when I need them. In my family we have four cars and all of us use Monroe faithfully. Shout out to Anthony and John. Every time I go there I see one of them, and that they’ve both been there so long is a sign that they enjoy their jobs and that Monroe is probably a decent place to work, which makes me feel good about doing business with them.
    Kit - January 2018
  • I've been coming here for 2+ yrs for all my car needs. Great guys, trustworthy and honest, good work, reasonable prices. Got tired of beyond ripped off (taken advantage of likely due to being a woman) at other local big name service centers!
    K - January 2018
  • My tires were ordered and installed ahead of schedule. Great job.
    John - January 2018
  • I made an online appointment the evening before. I arrived at 11am the next morning, and was on my way out by 11:40
    Lisa - January 2018
  • Everyone is always super friendly, especially Anthony, John and Dave. If there is an issue with my vehicle they explain and give options. Fast service as well
    M - December 2017
  • I've always valued the service at Monroe, and particularly this location! The guys explain everything thoroughly and make recommendations without pushing for repairs that don't need to be done. They also stand by their work, and if a mistake is made (such as a faulty part) they are quick to correct it. Great prices, quick, and easy to schedule with their online tool!
    Jeffrey - December 2017
  • Convenient hours and honest service at the GLENMONT, NY Monro!
    Joe - December 2017
  • Always do a fast and fabulous job no matter what need done. We trust them with our vehicles.
    Malinda - December 2017
  • Oil Change and electrical work
    Sara - December 2017
  • My Wife and I have been bringing both of our vehicles to This Monroe station for years. Always a pleasure and great positive attitudes there. Anthony and John are great to work with.
    Shawn - December 2017
  • Glenmont location is recommended. Helpful staff, timely repairs, and honest advice. Go there all the Time
    Peter - December 2017
  • Because I usually get away from Monro at a reasonable cost, I trusted John and Anthony when they said our Prius with less than 50,000 miles needed new struts and shocks.
    Joel - November 2017
  • This visit was for a state inspection, however, we bring all of our vehicles to this facility for our car needs whether it is for new tires, alignment, oil changes, steering issues, etc. We are always pleased with the quality of service. Staff are always courteous.
    J. - November 2017
  • The techs and managerial staff are fantastic and helpful.
    Marc - November 2017
  • Scheduled a State Inspection and had them rotate the tires I had bought from them last year. All done in a half hour. Plus, the rotation was free because I had purchased the tires from them.
    Bill - November 2017
  • John, Adam and the rest of their team are always so accomodating. My wife and I have been going there for both our cars for years now, and we've never had a bad experience. They're always honest, never pushy and do a great job. It's nice to do business with such good people.
    Kevin - November 2017
  • Car repair is never fun, but they get the job done, don't push extras I don't need and send lots of coupons to make it less of a burden.
    Sean - November 2017
  • Good customer service, quick tire installation, fair price
    Brian - October 2017
  • I took my car for an oil change and they did so much additional check (brakes, tire rotation, etc.) for no charge thanks to their numerous online coupons! I told them there was no rush and they had it done a few hours later anyways. Great atmosphere, great people, great service.
    Brenna - October 2017
  • The guys are nice to deal with and they get the job done on time well that is when the parts arrive on time and are the right ones
    Sheila - October 2017
  • Service was great, but a little pricey. I came in to get a tire patched, which wasn't possible since I had driven on it, so they gave me a new tire at a lower price. Even with the discount it was still a little pricey.
    Kayla - October 2017
  • Service was great. Plenty of room to sit and wait. Everyone was very friendly. With my coupon my oil change was $20. Can't beat that. Would definitely go again.
    Alison - October 2017
  • Fast and reliable
    christina - October 2017
  • They completed the job quickly and gave me an estimate for suggested work. Plenty of coupons by mail and online to make the inevitable pain of car repair/upkeep a little less. Love that they are open on the weekends, makes it extremely convenient to just drop off and wait for the call.
    Sean - October 2017
  • The customer service is excellent at the Glenmont NY location.
    Joe - October 2017
  • They always explain everything, and never recommend anything that doesn't need doing. Fair reasonable and trustworthy!
    Jeff - September 2017
  • Anthony,John,Brandon and Lewis make a fabulous team. The reason I have been a customer of Monroe Glenmont is because of Anthony and John. They are always accommodating my schedule and explain all my repairs. Excellent team work. The new TV is great. The bathrooms are always stocked and clean. Nice atmosphere. Clean and friendly.
    Cheryl - September 2017
  • The employees at Monro on 9W in Glenmont, NY are friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with.
    Jill - September 2017
  • full synthetic oil; all good
    Dave - September 2017
  • I've been to many car places and this Monro is by far the best! They have provided fast service and have accommodated me with getting my cars in on a timely manner.
    Danielle - September 2017
  • Any time I bring my car into this Monroe I know I will receive great service. The staff gets me in and out of the shop on time while still doing a good job. They let me know what services I need done without pushing me to get unnecessary services. I recommend them to friends and co-workers all the time.
    Pat - September 2017
  • Great service and price
    Kathy - September 2017
  • They got the job done quickly. It was ready by lunch time.
    Kathey - September 2017
  • Awesome
    Deborh - September 2017
  • My new tires were put on quickly and the service was great. I would definitely recommend the Monro muffler shop in Glenmont New York
    Kathy - September 2017
  • In and out I 20 minutes.
    Monica - September 2017
  • Great service
    Brian - August 2017
  • The managers in Glenmont are the best ! John and Anthony always are doing the best for the customers. Helpful and friendly. Always a pleasure to come in for service.
    Tadd - August 2017
  • Manager very helpful
    Brian - August 2017
  • Close to home, affordable and never a problem getting an appointment.
    Vicki - August 2017
  • There was a lot of work to be done, however the estimate was off by about $175
    Kim - August 2017
  • Quick and easy service, in and out in half an hour. My only complaint about the whole service was that my new oil sticker was just placed next to my old one, instead of the old one being removed. So minor that I'll handle removing it for the quick service!
    Alex - August 2017
  • Not bad service but they just wander around at there own convienence like u didnt have a set appointment and have all day to be there.
    Lance - August 2017
  • John and Anthony always are the best-friendly, professional and honest
    dori - August 2017
  • John and Anthony are great managers - they know how to run a good shop!
    Robert - August 2017
  • Alway polite and quick and done right
    Barry - August 2017
  • Thinking my car was needing brakes, I brought it in for all she needed. Oil change,tire rotation, wipers and an inspection. Brought it in at 9 and by around noon time I got a phone call stating i did not need brakes at all and that I could pick her up. Wow!! I liked the honesty and the fast labor!! I will be going back for future service. Anthony was very professional and super nice! Thanks Monroe team in Glenmont Ny!!
    Tracy - August 2017
  • The guys at Monro (Glenmont, NY) are first class.
    Jamie - July 2017
  • Got to be the end of the month when state inspection was due. Called MONRO and scheduled the inspection the same day. Waited for it. Ready in about half an hour. No problems.
    Charles - July 2017
  • By Far the Most Affordable Oil Change & Comprehensive Diagnostic Service In Capital District. Always Friendly Customer Service from John, Andy & All the Service Technicians...Always Eager to Help & Teach Car Owners About Nature of Repairs & Maintenance. Please Schedule An Appointment, As You Will Enjoy The Customer Friendly, Car Service Experience.
    Christopher - July 2017
  • John the manager was very helpful with slight issue. I was satisfied.
    Dave - July 2017
  • John the manager was very helpful with slight issue. I was satisfied.
    Dave - July 2017
  • Very good experience
    Danny - July 2017
  • The guy at the front desk is a smart aleck. He's been rude on several occasions. This time, when I returned after a tire rotation with a sensor on, he made his usual smart remarks and I walked out. I took my car to my Honda dealer and they told me that the sensor light was in fact a mistake related to the rotation which Mr Smart A denied initially. The inconvenience is one thing but the disrespect is unacceptable. Will never return to a Monro store.
    Jan - July 2017
  • Very fast. No wait. Will be sure to go back next year.
    Kyle - July 2017
  • bought brakes, they stop the car..
    Jim - July 2017
  • I recently got an oil change and inspection, it only took all of 40 minutes when I was told upwards of 2 hours, which was great! The front desk help ( I can't remember his name unfortunately) but he was very helpful and welcoming!
    Jade - July 2017
  • I love this location! The guys are all friendly and helpful.
    Renee - July 2017
  • The men that work at my local shop are honest, accommodating, pleasant and just a joy to deal with.
    Debra - July 2017
  • Timely and easy.
    Joe - July 2017
  • The service staff failed to replace the window sticker and to reset the oil change monitor. As a result, we could not determine whether the oil had actually been changed until we examined the color of the oil on the dipstick.
    Samuel - July 2017
  • Always friendly staff and helpful with my questions.
    Elizabeth - June 2017
  • purchased rear brakes and 4 tires
    Stephen - June 2017
  • Our new muffler purrs like a kitten
    Scott - June 2017
  • From tires to shocks to oil changes and more, Anthony and John at Glenmont, NY Monro have always gone above and beyond for me!
    Joe - June 2017
  • Had a tire going flat. Shop gave me the right advice on that tire and even helped me with my existing tires.
    Michael - June 2017
  • Did a great job servicing my vehicle.
    Gloria - June 2017
  • I had a great experience! All of the service people and techs took the time to explain what needed to be done and made sure I was comfortable with all of the charges. They even worked with me to prioritize the work to fit my budget. I would definitely recommend Monroe in Glenmont! My car is running like a dream.
    KL - June 2017
  • So I moved up to Albany after graduating, car needed an oil change and I have no knowledge in anything mechanical. Got an oil change for super cheap plus I was able to ge recommendations on when I'll need brakes and tires. The people they're know what they're talking about and they are honest which is something rare to find in mechanics. Needless to say I'll be returning should anything else happen.
    Carissa - June 2017
  • I experienced superb customer service from the Monro Muffler in Glenmont; such a professional, friendly, and hardworking team of individuals. I'll gladly come back!
    Shayna - June 2017
  • Friendly
    Loretta - June 2017
  • I love Monro in Glenmont. Whether I need tires, an oil change, or anything car related, I always go to Monro. Great customer service and wonderful prices - Monro is the place to go!
    Holly - June 2017
  • Very prompt, courteous and thorough.
    Don - June 2017
  • Very prompt, courteous and thorough.
    Don - June 2017
  • The car no longer has any whistling sounds or sticking motions coming from the front passenger tire area.
    Loren - June 2017
  • Called ahead for an inspection and John said come on in anytime. Anthony took care of me as soon as I arrived. Done in less than 20 minutes. Awesome!
    Robert - June 2017
  • I have brought my vehicles here for service for years, NEVER pressured to have other work done. As a female, I can appreciate that.
    Rebecca - May 2017
  • I walked in asked if there was any availability at the time, the attendendent told me how long the wait or he could set me a time to come back in a few hours. My daughter and I did some grocery shopping and came back earlie for our appt. We then went for a walk and came back to our car already done sooner than expected. I was pleased with the good customer service.
    Nichole - May 2017
  • John and Anthony are great ... They never try to sell you something you don't need and very pleasant to deal with. The service is fast (compared to other shops and done right the first time.
    Bill - May 2017
  • Service was good and farly fast.
    MarkJean - May 2017
  • Went in to have tires balanced. Staff were polite and helpful.
    Laura - May 2017
  • Staff did a great job as usual. Anthony and John get mechanics....
    Angel - May 2017
  • I went in for a vehicle inspection and came out 5 hours later with a bill for nearly $1500.00.
    Jo - May 2017
  • John & Anthony are a great team at the Glenmont, NY shop. They always make your car better and are genuinely good people! Very fair & friendly guys to do business with.
    Robert - May 2017
  • Excellent service affordable price.
    Vicki - May 2017
  • The Monroe Team in Glenmont did it again! Made me a very happy customer! They are honest, courteous, thorough, fast and efficient! And did I mention, reasonably priced? I love you guys! Thanks!
    Kim - May 2017
  • Thank you for the excellent and speedy service!
    Mary - May 2017
  • Excellent eork. Accommodating.
    Jeff - May 2017
  • Please see my google review. Not happy with the evaluation of what was wrong with my car. Nothing wrong with the struts as claimed, or the supposed "warped discs". Tires not as bad as claimed and what really ticked me off was the 3 mile joyride they took my car on (Yes, I have a picture mileage in and out). Sorry, but you have to give a reason to bring one of my four cars back!
    Philip - May 2017
  • They were very accurate to my appointment time. They were vet competive with pricing. The men were curious and had great attitudes. I was impressed
    Meridith - April 2017
  • So happy to have this Monro so close to us! They are so trustworthy and professional. I recommend them to all my friends....hummmm is that why they are always busy? We have purchased brakes, tires and all maintenance for our 3 cars.
    ME - April 2017
  • John and Anthony are top notch and always treat me with a great deal of respect, regardless of how busy they are. I wouldn't go anywhere else! I usually wait for my vehicle and it gives me the opportunity to hear them interact with other customers, both on the phone and in person, that they are always informative, clear and professional with each and every customer. Thought they put in long hours, they never let their exhaustion show and educate each person in a clear and articulate manner.
    Deborah - April 2017
  • The problem was fixed in a timely manner and Anthony, as usual, went above and beyond to make this a great experience. He managed to find my old warranty information for my calipers and saved me a very good amount of money. It was very much appreciated.
    Douglas - April 2017
  • This isn't my first time using this Monroe garage for having repairs done. I've always appreciated the quality of service and attention to resolving customer issues at this Monroe. I highly recommend this location for your service needs.
    Jim - April 2017
  • Nice tires. Good price and quick service
    Rob - April 2017
  • My husband and I have been taking our cars to Monroe in Glenmont for years. They always do an excellent job working on our cars and always friendly to deal with, even if they are extremely busy. They keep my 2008 Hyundai Elantra going!
    Erika - April 2017
  • I have been a customer of this branch for the past 20 years. The people are friendly and the work is the highest quality.
    Neal - April 2017
  • Great price for the service
    Debbie - April 2017
  • Always professional staff and quality workmanship at Monro in Glenmont, New York.
    Allan\Brad\ - April 2017
  • The guys at my Monro are friendly, professional and caring... I can always count on them for honest service
    Dori - April 2017
  • I had tires delivered to the store, made an appointment and dropped off the car. I was suggested to get an alignment because of the new tires. I agreed and left. I got a phone call later in the day telling me of a bad front wheel bearing. I told the rep that I was going to change it that the new part would be in the next day. The rep said I should get it done real soon that the wheel was wobbling. I said I would and he told me the car would be ready shortly. I then got a call from the rep telling me the car was done I could come in to pick it up. When I arrived to pick up the car I had a discussion with the manager about aligning the car with a "wobbling wheel". He assured me that it was ok that the toe in/toe out would not be affected. I know by my experience that there is more to an alignment, caster/camber. I debated with him a few minutes and he agreed to allow me to bring the car back in when I got the wheel bearing replaced. That was it. When I got car home I parked it in the garage and parked it until I changed the bearing the following day. When I started the wheel bearing job I noticed the lug nuts were hard to remove. I would say they were torqued well over the 80 ft/lbs. recommended specs. I looked at the tie rod ends and the control arms and did not see any nuts or bolts that looked as if they were ever touched. Thinking back I did not get a computer readout of the alignment. So after I was finished I retorqued all of the wheels, they were all over torqued! One lug was so tight it broke my 1/2" ! I torque the wheels by hand when I rotate my tires every 5000 miles. I notice things. These guys are the only people who mounted my tires since I've owned this car. I also see where there is paint chipped off of the wheels from the mounting, i.e. the center caps. I have the snows put on in the winter and the summers on in the spring for the past 3 years. I'm done. The guys seem to be ok, the manager has always worked with me and I have worked with the also.
    Steven - April 2017
  • Had oil change Thurs to '07 Sierra 1500 WT 4x4. Leaking oil in driveway over weekend. Took back on Sun. Told by tech that the engine needed seals (~ $1200-$1500 job). Took to private mechanic on Tues who found that oil was due to dropped filter in cross member when Monro tech was changing oil; not bad seals. Also that lube was not done. Returned to Monro today. with this info. John (mgr) took truck right in, cleaned up the spilled oil, did the lube job, and gave me coupon for 2 free oil changes. Can't ask for more than that. Will remain a loyal Monro customer.
    Jim - April 2017
  • Made appt. to do a swap of tires from winter to all seasons. The shop here in Glenmont was friendly and ready for me when I arrived. Quick service and exactly the price I was quoted. No sales push on services I didn't need or ask for. Much appreciated and will return when necessary.
    Mike - April 2017
  • Great job! Quick, accurate and out in a flash!
    Don - April 2017
  • Fast , courteous and friendly service. I was notified earlier than expected that my car was ready.
    David - April 2017
  • Returned to this location after a quick no appointment oil change. Provided an honest assessment of my exhaust system - solid from front to back - repaired hangers broken from being stuck in the snow.
    Irene - April 2017
  • Standard oil change with tire rotation, when I picked up my vehicle I noticed the tires had not been rotated. When I asked for them to be rotated the technician left a cloud of blue smoke behind when moving my vehicle. He was driving erratically. When I got into my vehicle after tire rotation, there was a strong burning smell.
    Nancy - March 2017
  • Service was performed promptly, courteously, and most important no annoying upsetting of silly extras that I don't want.
    Robert - March 2017
  • Quick and easy , the customer service was awesome
    Joan - March 2017
  • Excellent customer service! Would not go anywhere else. Anthony always takes the time to explain what's needed.
    Jennifer\Da - March 2017
  • purchased tires, the guys at the glenmont location were great. got them in quickly and had them installed on my car in no time.
    Beth/James - March 2017
  • Got wheel alignment and asked for the front end to be greased was told no problem when done asked if the front end got greased was told of course get my brakes changed and find out that they were severed greased tired rods was New no greased just got out in 30 min before top of ball joints was never touch if they can't do want you asked and what they said they did then I can not allowed my friends or family to go there.some one could have gotten very hurt or even died....
    Tim - March 2017
  • Always nice and friendly. Never pushy or trying to sell me unneeded items.
    Rebecca - March 2017
  • Wonderful staff and great prices!
    Holly - March 2017
  • Efficient NY State inspection service
    Pierre - March 2017
  • John, Anthony and staff are always there for you at a minutes notice. Truly nice to have a professional service in the area that can take care of you quickly. A wonderful and great asset to the community. I will continue to refer the Glenmont Monro to my clients and be a loyal customer.
    Sean - March 2017
  • Service was quick and precise.
    Bonnie - March 2017
  • Went in for inspection and oil change. Tried to sell me $775.00 worth of repairs. When asked if it could be covered under my manufacturer's warranty was told probably not. Went to the dealership today and all repairs are covered under my warranty and was also informed that my car was a quart overfilled with oil. I will not go back ever again for any kind of service.
    Kelly - February 2017
  • Always helpful guys at this shop.
    Elizabeth - February 2017
  • I recently had an oil change and Inspection done at the Glenmont, NY shop. I dropped my Jeep off at 8AM and at 10AM I received a phone call that it was ready. WOW !!! that was fast. I'm very satisfied with the Technicians and the Managers John and Anthony. They always take care of me when I need work done on my vehicles. I've been going to this shop ever since you opened, has to be at least 15 or 16 years. The customer service is outstanding and so is the quality of work, I'm very pleased with the service. Please let your Managers know they are doing a great job !!! I will be back. Respectfully, Scott C. Anthony Sr.
    Scott - February 2017
  • I couldn't be happier with the service that Monro in Glenmont provides me.
    Peggy - February 2017
  • Service was thoughtful and quick!
    Fabienne - February 2017
  • Great service, as usual
    Joanne - February 2017
  • The guys are professional & quick!
    Kara - February 2017
  • They were great. Good people.
    Heather - February 2017
  • Inspection and oil change complete, and suggested break pads and rotors estimate provided.
    Joanne - February 2017
  • Very understanding and good work.
    Dexter - February 2017
  • John and Anthony are always friendly, professional and explain things in ways that at easy for me to understand.
    dori - February 2017
  • I've been going to the one in Glenmont New York for many years and I always have great service !
    Dilia - February 2017
  • John and Anthony always take the time to thoroughly explain everything so I understand what is going on with my vehicle. they are friendly, professional and compassionate.
    Dori - February 2017
  • I use this shop for oil changes and NY State Inspections.
    Ted - February 2017
  • Short notice, Sunday morning, car had to be jumped to get it there, got worked right in. Very happy with the prompt, courteous service.
    Steve - January 2017
  • They were very explanatory about everything and they were very kind and patient. This is now our go to place.
    Richette - January 2017
  • Always treated good, very long standing customer of this location because of the excellent manager and exceptional mechanic.
    Peggy - November 2016
  • It's been 4 years since I was there with another car..and the guys remembered me..Now that's customer service. They checked everything on my list, told me what it was and why. They took their time and I was so grateful for it!!! Glenmont Monro
    Colleen - September 2016
  • I made appointment for Saturday at 8:30 and brought it in meet by John / Steve who promptly took the car to have work done.
    Frank - August 2016
  • I always get excellent service and great customer service from Glenmont Monro Muffler/Brake, that is why I am a repeat customer.
    Maria - June 2016
  • The front desk associates always go above and beyond to provide exceptional Customer Service.
    Kristy\Kevi - June 2016
  • I was fit in on a busy day and had prompt and efficient service. Excellent job!
    Serenity - June 2016
  • I come back to Glenmont because I like the friendly professional environment. Knowing my vehicle is in good hands and I am not paying outrages prices helps me to return.
    Karen - May 2016

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