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(585) 243-1480

4097 Lakeville Road
Geneseo, NY 14454

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • friendly service very helpful
    Al - February 2018
  • We have had our cars serviced at the Geneseo NY store for well neigh to fifteen years. We have never been disappointed. The staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to give us outstanding service and always at the best possible price they can offer. We are very pleased and thankful for all they do for us. No problem is too small or too big. On those rare occasions when they are not able to resolve the problem, they always provide us excellent referrals. Thank you for everything.
    Garry - February 2018
  • I have been taking my vehicles to Monro Muffler in Geneseo, NY for over ten years and have always received excellent care and workmanship. Never a single problem!! Better than my dealership!! The Drive Card makes it easy to get work done whenever it's needed and with a discount too.
    Chris - January 2018
  • Monro Muffler Brake in Geneseo is great! I ordered a set of 4 Michelin Defender tires and Frank, Justin and the crew took great care of me. Highest marks for this place! Will definitely come back and refer my friends here.
    Joseph - January 2018
  • In early, out early, even with a little extra work involved
    Steve - January 2018
  • oil chamge
    Gary - January 2018
  • I come into Monroe all the time to get my oil changed and when I have problems with tires or anything stuff is fixed fast and well.
    Abigail - January 2018
  • Very clean and efficiently run business.
    Thomas - January 2018
  • New tires work well
    Robert - January 2018
  • This is by far the absolute worst Monro I've ever been too and will find a new service center from here on out. I dropped my vehicle off for an inspection at 11:00 and "Justin" told me he could get me right in. I told him I would leave it and come back in an hour. I came back almost 2 hours later and the truck had not been moved. His excuse was " he only had one tech" which is complete nonsense as there were 3 guys standing around doing nothing. Then he told me my vehicle needed new wipers. One wiper definitely needed to be replaced, however the other " had a little tear in the end of the wiper". Keep in mind the wiper worked and cleaned fine. Complete lack of customer service and only cared about additional product sales. Which of course they try to force you into when you're vehicle is being inspected because you pay the $21 NYS fee regardless and then another $10 fee if you need to bring it back. Goodbye Monro, hello Mavis or a local service station who cares about the customer and actually does the work in a timely manner.
    Josh - December 2017
  • Simple seasonal change over
    Dee - December 2017
  • Monroe muffler was extremely quick and were super helpful. They even changed my plates and registration sticker. Very kind and personable staff.
    Amanda - December 2017
  • Good price, good tires, performing well
    Stephen - November 2017
  • Very professional
    Sean - November 2017
  • There is nothing great about it my tires got here on the 3rd I was told they were not here took a week for them to find them I set a appointment up a week ago for to day at 2pm got here at 145pm n I sat here till 3pm before my van was brought in n it took them a half hour to see the tiers were not in my van because they for got they had them the service here sucks the guy at the desk Don was supper rude to my wife and me Iwe WI never come back to a monro muffler shop again.. Be honest I want my money back for time I spent waiting n way me and wife was treated.. I want a call my name is Brian Kelly my number is (585)519-3835
    Brian - November 2017
  • Frank was very good!!!
    Patty - November 2017
  • Person who inspected our car had oil all over their hands and put it on three areas of the inside of the car. This is a 2017 new car.
    Gary - October 2017
  • Honest and quick service
    Dee - October 2017
  • Needed two new tires and a front end alignment. Asked if I wanted exact tire and that's what I got. No upsell or pressure for 4 tires. Job done on time too Thanks for the hard work.
    Dee - October 2017
  • I go to this store all the time for my vehicle service. They are friendly and helpful. The service is excellent! The time frame for repairs and the cost is fair and reasonable.
    Lisa - October 2017
  • Quick, excellent service
    Martha - October 2017
  • The crew at Geneseo Monro do a high quality job at a fair price.
    Martha - October 2017
  • Explained the problem clearly and didn't fleece me
    Jeanine - October 2017
  • Had several services done. Got the best discount available without having to search for it. I know this because I searched and verified this. The Geneseo Munro is excellent.
    John - October 2017
  • Thank you for your service.
    Kris - October 2017
  • Unbeatable prices and fast service.
    Craig - October 2017
  • always a pleasant experience. Frank is always professional and courteous and provides service in a timely manner. The shop is always clean and the technicians are polite and well versed in their profession. Frank is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his customers have a pleasant experience.
    Raymond - October 2017
  • Love these guys. They always take the time to explain the "what" and the "why." I've gone to Monro in Geneseo for several years now for all of my car repair and maintenance needs and Frank and his team are truly top notch. Highly recommended for fast, personalized customer service.
    Jaime - October 2017
  • They are pretty prompt with appointments. They're usually always done within an hour. Prices of service seem fair.
    Stephanie - October 2017
  • works great
    Gary - September 2017
  • Greeted on the phone politely and happy. Drop off and pick up easy. Frank was very nice.
    Denise - September 2017
  • Was charged the quoted price and did a great job.
    Leah - September 2017
  • I was told every step of the way what was wrong with my car and what had to be done.
    Karen - September 2017
  • Justin was very professional and honest. He told me the parts would not be in the same day to fix it. I brought it back the next day and it was fixed within the time frame he told me. She runs like she is brand new.
    Michele - September 2017
  • The service at the Geneseo Monro is always extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly
    Antoinette - September 2017
  • Frank and his staff completed repairs on my 2000 gmc pickup and an oil change in record time. As usual the price was right and done well. I have been using monro muffler for fifteen years.
    Steve - September 2017
  • always my location of choice for vehicle maintenance.
    William - September 2017
  • Great service and people.
    Kenneth - September 2017
  • They were very rude in a sense that they talk down to you. Obviously I brought my car in to get looked at but the disrespect has turned me away. On top of that they overcharge by a lot 300 dollars of work for two parts was the estimate. I got it done for about 150 at another shop.
    Ryan - September 2017
  • great job
    SOHAIL - September 2017
  • I have had cat converter, muffler, all pipes, oxygen sensor, and an inspection on a recently purchased 2003 vehicle ... they have done a great job at a very very fair price.
    John - September 2017
  • The guys at Monroe always tell you what your car needs to be safe. They give estemates, and guide you through the process and try to make it as affordable as possible
    Robert - September 2017
  • In for a regular oil change and Frank and his team were outstanding as always. They recommended that I think about tires for the front of my Jeep Compass as they are showing wear.
    John - September 2017
  • Justin has always been accommodating and professional. He has gone above and beyond more than once to help me, a friend and family members out. I trust and count on him and his team.
    Myra - September 2017
  • The service manager was excellent. I was greeted and welcomed at the time of my appointment. Everything was clearly explained and shown to me in detail. They welcomed a second opinion as well. I felt comfortable and trusted the recommendations they made. Thank you for a great experience.
    Robert - August 2017
  • I had regular maintenance done and everything went smoothly.
    Kelsa - August 2017
  • I had my old car in for inspection and as always your manager Frank Malone went above and beyond my expectations. Frank and a member of his team during the inspection they looked at the front end of the car and determined that it may need a pitman arm for the steering. Frank recommended replacing the pitman arm to avoid damage to the car and myself if an accident should occur. The team at your Geneseo Location is by far outstanding and have that personal touch that is missing in today's business world.
    John - August 2017
  • Frank was very informative and let me know up front what the cost would be and how long it would take to complete the job. He kept me updated on the progress.
    Sue - August 2017
  • They have great customer service skills and have always taken great care of our needs.
    Micheal - August 2017
  • On truck
    Brenda - August 2017
  • Fast and nice
    Alicia - August 2017
  • Frank is always so polite and helpful when we come to Monro.
    Barbara - August 2017
  • Great service as usual
    Conan - August 2017
  • Fast and friendly! I was able to schedule an oil change online that day. The employees were friendly and knowledgeable, and I was in and out in no time.
    Kelsey - July 2017
  • All inspections routine stuff. Drive newer vehs so jot much use for repair. Always heed their advice and suggestions.
    Ann - July 2017
  • Great and fast service! Efficient, knowledgeable, and reasonable prices. Always recommend this location.
    Derek - July 2017
  • From the manager to the service persons, this store cares about their customers, and the safety of the customers. While I was waiting for my service, I heard the Manager calling a Pennsylvania store to find out problems a former customer, who had moved to Pennsylvania, was having getting an inspection. He found out some of the different things Pennsylvania requires and will be able to recall the customer, and let him know that the Monroe PA store is not trying to rip him off. This is above and beyond the normal, and is what I see at the Geneseo Store. all the time.
    Dan - July 2017
  • Quick abd easy oil change
    Shawna - June 2017
  • I had a great experience at Monroe Muffler.
    Terry - June 2017
  • I always have great service when I go to the Monroe Muffler in Geneseo.
    Tess - June 2017
  • Frank and the staff at the Geneseo store continue to surpass all expectations!
    Mary - June 2017
  • Services are fair and timely
    Thomas - June 2017
  • So the manager was off at a manager's meeting or training. We heard this repeatedly from the technician who was struggling with the register. He struggled to ring my oil change up correctly and when I asked about how my brakes were looking was told that the technician who did the change was not so good at looking.
    Jeremy - June 2017
  • Good people
    Todd - June 2017
  • Went for an oil change. With coupon, got oil change, tire rotation, brake check, all for under $20. Had an appointment, and was taken care of right away.
    Shirly - May 2017
  • Regular customer, consistently receive great customer service and quality work on my vehicle. Only place I go now.
    Conan/Denna - May 2017
  • I take all of my vehicles there for oil changes and inspections. The staff is very professional and willing to work with you on fitting you in.
    Laura - May 2017
  • Able to make my appointment quickly. Workers were friendly and informative when providing different service options.
    Maria - May 2017
  • They always fit me in and take good care of my car.
    Tess - April 2017
  • The staff was very friendly and the service was fast! I will definitely go back!
    Kate - April 2017
  • I didn't have a appointment but they fit me right in and was pretty quick
    James - April 2017
  • My car was serviced while I waited. My appointment time was honored to the minute.
    Peter - April 2017
  • Justin was very informational and both helpful. They know how to treat customers and make them want to come back
    Heather - April 2017
  • Had problem with lugs not matching, making it necessary to get all new lugs, wound up needing to replace a few studs. Good to have this service ,cause if I ever had a flat tire it would not have been able to fix on site
    Deborah - April 2017
  • We have been taking our vehicles to Monroe Muffler for years and have always have had great service. Very accommodating with appointments and timely service.
    Darlene - April 2017
  • Always go to Monro for maintenance.
    Rick - April 2017
  • Frank knows how to take care of his customers. He is an asset to Monro.
    Kathy - April 2017
  • Frank knows how to take care of his customers. He is an asset to Monro.
    Kathy - April 2017
  • I like price and also the reminder card for oil changes
    Deborah - April 2017
  • Service counter was busy the entire time I was there. Everyone (including the phone customers) were handled with professionalism and very quickly.
    Dee - March 2017
  • Took longer than expected and required 2 visits
    Amy - March 2017
  • Take our vehicles with short notice, repairs are thorough.
    Chuck - March 2017
  • My experience has been good
    Michele - March 2017
  • I was able to drop of my vehicle and get it inspected. It was ready when I called that afternoon.
    Cristy - March 2017
  • Friendly service, good price
    Barbara - March 2017
  • I was very happy with service and explaination of what needed to be performed on my wife's vehicle
    Ken - March 2017
  • Awesome service by Frank and his team...did not have an appointment and he accommodated my need for a NY state inspection as my tag had expired.
    Dan - February 2017
  • Excellent service and time to get job done.
    Paul - February 2017
  • I thought the service was efficient and the price was reasonable
    Scott - February 2017
  • The Geneseo, NY Monroe, has always treated me fair, and has fitted me in for repairs or oil changes when I stop by. Great employees who are friendly, and let me know what my van needs. Great store.
    Dan - February 2017
  • Staff is great about getting my car in and finished on time.
    Todd - February 2017
  • Great timely service with every step and optionexplained in laymen terms so i totally understood.
    Dick - January 2017
  • I made the appointment on line with questions in the comment section. They accepted the appointment without responding to the questions - they hadn't even read them.
    Margarette - May 2016

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