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10380 Bennett Road
Fredonia, NY 14063

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What People Are Saying:

  • I was passing through Fredonia, concerned with a clunking noise. I found out it was a right front stabilizer link. I explained to Mike my situation and I did not once get forced or pushed into purchasing this part, he explained to me that it wasn't separated, it was just worn out. I will make it a point to go back there if I am back in that area, even to stop by and say hi.
    Mary - February 2018
  • We have used this location many times. Tyler has been awesome. Not only is he professional with customer service, he is an A1 mechanic. That's why we take ALL of our vehicles there.
    John - February 2018
  • Fixed all our issues.
    Tim - February 2018
  • I made an appointment online in the morning for the same day, as they showed afternoon appointments available. When we arrived for the appointment, we were told we weren't on the schedule. Manager Mike said he'd take a look at the car and work us in. He informed us that we should call directly for an appointment, as they print the schedule out and if it was made that morning online it wouldn't show up. We were pleased to have our muffler replaced within a 3 hour period, as they were very busy that day. The online scheduling is not a good idea for Monro. We will definitely return to this store for service, but only if we make a personal phone call first. Again, thanks to Mike and crew for taking care of us.
    Cindy - January 2018
  • An appointment was made to service my vehicle (tire rotation) everything was went well. Excellent service
    R - December 2017
  • I went in for an oil change and a tire rotation. I received prompt and fast service.
    Miles - December 2017
  • The store manager was very friendly. My store was doing a promotion if you bring in food for their food drive, you got a discount on your service. The manager was very into the drive and it was nice to see!
    Jessica - December 2017
  • Very helpful & informative.
    Bonne - December 2017
  • Was in yesterday for an oil change and inspection, and they were very accommodating and helpful! Especially with details and information provided to me after the inspection that gave me a clear understanding of my vehicles status. Have been coming here for awhile and I have always had good experiences!
    Heather - December 2017
  • Friendly service and a great price.
    Amanda - November 2017
  • They were fast and it was the cheapest oil change I have ever had and they did free checks with my tires and brakes, I loved it.
    Fasha - November 2017
  • Quick and efficient
    Lisa - October 2017
  • Great deal on my tires. They got me right in and didi a great job.
    Kate - October 2017
  • The Fredonia, New York shop bends over backwards to make sure all customers are satisfied. I have been going there for the last few years and I've never had a bad experience. I highly recommend them. Derek and the rest of the crew there are phenomenal.
    Jeff - October 2017
  • Fast and got me right in.
    Kate - October 2017
  • I had to reschedule the first appointment because the car broke down and had to be towed. Then I made another appointment and went to the wrong location which made me 20 minutes late. They were friendly and Showed no irritation that I was late. I'll definitely be going back!
    Shawn - October 2017
  • I made an appointment online the day before to have my inspection completed. When I arrived the gentlemen was very nice. The service was also very quick. It only took about 25 minutes.
    Nicole - October 2017
  • great experience. Took me earlier than appointment and done quickly.
    Robert - September 2017
  • While visiting from Long Island, I had multiple issues with my car. Tyler was not only super helpful, he is definitely the most knowledgeable mechanic I've ever run into. You guys have earned a new customer, 100% due to Tyler's professionalism and great attitude. Steve
    Steve - August 2017
  • Now that there seems to be a different staff I love coming to this minor! They always provide excellent accurate but fast and friendly service! Tyler always does such great work on my car every time I stop in and Derek is great with customers. He always explains things to me when I don't understand and is patient when I'm trying to figure out how I can afford the fix or when I can get it in! Thanks for the great service guys! Keep up the good work!
    Jenn - August 2017
  • Great service and very accommodating. Competitive pricing as well!
    Jeff - July 2017
  • Customer service was great. I couldn't believe how quickly the oil change and tire rotation was completed.
    Donna - June 2017
  • Guys were prompt and courteous!
    Lisa - June 2017
  • I was camping in the area and had a flat tire on my vehicle. I managed to get there and even though they were extremely busy they fit me in. The manager Tyler was a great help. I told him I was 4 hours from home and he knew if they couldn't help me because it was a dually I was out of luck until Monday. They got it fixed and had me back on the road in no time! Great employees and when I am back in the area needing anything, this is where I will go. Thanks again guys, your the best!
    Stephanie - June 2017
  • I stopped in for an oil change and though they were busy they fit me in
    Sally - May 2017
  • 1 hour to change the oil & oil filter! Nothing else was done. Tires were not rotated. Brakes & fluids were not checked. My car began overheating the next morning driving 1.3ml to work. The coolant reservoir was bone dry!! And no, there were no tattle tail signs of leakage or puddle on the ground. I bought coolant at Wal-Mart and the reservoir took 3/4 of the container. I always brought my Suzuki Reno in for oil changes but am appalled by this lack of professionalism! I'm having my vehicle inspected by my dealer to confirm it's not damaged.
    Mya - May 2017
  • I was having my struts replaced, as well as the oil changed. When they found my oil pan rusted and leaking badly, I was able to get a replacement and they installed it for me right away. My car was not the only one that day with unexpected issues. While I was there there were at least two others, plus another they already had in the shop. Everyone worked hard and was friendly, to get everyone fixed up and on their way. Will definitely recommend this location ! Derrick the manager really made sure that his customers are satisfied and that the job is completed as it should be
    Angelika - May 2017
  • Great place for my vehicle, they are knowledgeable and they never keep you waiting long no matter what it is
    David - May 2017
  • I have been taking my vehicles to Monro in Fredonia for many years. Recently, someone told me to mark my tires to know if they would be rotated or not. They were NOT rotated, but the invoice stated that tires were rotated and brakes were inspected. I immediately went back in , and the (manager?) rotated them himself. While he was rotating my tires, I witnessed a parts delivery girl dropping some items off. The guys, (except the manager) STOPPED working on vehicles, and started goofing around with her! I noticed the assistant picking her up and swinging her around! No wonder that can't concentrate on what they're supposed to be doing! Most of the time I wait there, and try to watch them do my vehicle, but this time I dropped it off for an hour. Once home, it was suggested that I check the oil dipstick to make sure it was clean oil. It was NOT clean!! I drove straight home, 5 miles, after my "oil change". The oil was BLACK! I called the store, and the manager set up another appointment for the following day. A big chunk of my time was wasted! It turns out, that the manager's assistant, Rob, is the one that "worked" on my vehicle! It makes me wonder how many oil changes and tire rotations I've paid for in the past, that really didn't get done!! I'm NOT going to Monro anymore. They just lost a long time customer because of this!! Drew, seems to be the only mechanic in that shop that actually does his job well.
    Lee - May 2017
  • Great price fast service
    Ken - April 2017
  • Fast service
    Ken - April 2017
  • Fast service great price
    Ken - April 2017
  • Hello !!!! I was scheduled for a simple state inspection and when I arrived I was told that there were no inspection stickers, they were ruined or something. He goes on to say maybe Monday or no later than Tuesday he will have state stickers. He didn’t look at me or address me when speaking, so I thought he was on the phone with another customer. I even asked him if he was speaking to me. He had an “oh well” attitude, as if he didn’t care one way or another if he had my business. The employee told me he called. I am sure he called someone but he never called me on my cell or my work number (and I can prove it). I don’t recall him apologizing for the inconvenience and he did not even attempt to set up another appointment for Monday or Tuesday. I guess, this happens all the time and I was no big deal. I find this unacceptable!!! I would say, “Thank you” but there is nothing to thank you for! However, you can bet that my sister and I will tell our friends, my staff, and everyone that will listen at the work (U.S. Government), restaurants and grocery stores and every place I happen to visit! and when I attempted to make contact with the store they refused my email! Not a nice place.
    Bonnie - February 2017
  • Very friendly and quick
    Kaylene - February 2017
  • they did a good job and was quick service iwas very happy
    John - February 2017

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