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6945 Erie Road
Derby, NY 14047

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What People Are Saying:

  • I was charged too much for two extra quarts of motor oil .
    Andrew - December 2017
  • I was charged too much for two extra quarts of motor oil .
    Andrew - December 2017
  • Mike Bukowski and his crew of guys were very fun to be around. Even though they had almost every bay full they still got my oil change done quickly and efficiently. They hands down deserve more money for the stressful days they go through!
    Daniel - October 2017
  • Came in to get an oil change and end up leaving with 4 new all-season tires, and an alignment. Amazing service, friendly, fast and by far the best auto shop I've been to
    Dana - October 2017
  • Everything went according to plan
    Jason - October 2017
  • Mike and crew are always so accommodating
    Ray - October 2017
  • Honest shop. The store manager is great
    Deborah - October 2017
  • Keeps my 11 year old car running well.
    Donna - October 2017
  • this location doesnt even deserver 1 star. called to make an appointment for a front wheel alignment at 4pm, when i got there, i then was told it will take to long and they close at 5. if they didnt have enough time to do it, then they should have had me come in sooner. very disrepectful the man was and you could totally tell he just didnt want to do his job. we will never go then again.
    worse - September 2017
  • Fast and efficient oil changes! Great service!
    Amanda - September 2017
  • the oil change should have been quicker.
    Mary - August 2017
  • Fixed my brakes even before there was a problem. Drozdz rear caliper.
    Ray - August 2017
  • Took my truck in for an alignment they tried to replace some parts but the tires are not balanced they appear to be shifts in the layer under the rubber of the tire causing it not to go down the road without shaking the vehicle dramatically I continue to try to get the manager to replace the tires but he refuses to saying that it's something else like my drive trainers my axles the one we took a tire and it was an even balance I need to go look at two of them can I have to take it back so I parked in front of garage for the sign do not bring your vehicle here
    Darryl - August 2017
  • On time and very quick. Service was very good.
    Charlie - August 2017
  • I got my wheel alignment and oil changed today. When I picked up my car my car was still being pulled one way. I called back and the employee that I talked to said that the wheel alignement was straight and that they cant do anything else even though my car was not driving straight and was pulling one way.
    Robert - August 2017
  • Mike and Jim explained everything about the inspection They were fast courteous and answered all my questions even the dumb ones Up next will be winter tires and oil change Thanks again. Shawn
    Shawn - July 2017
  • The new tire is working great.
    Dan - July 2017
  • Guys were very honest, friendly and got my car in and out quickly. The staff were amazing.
    Jennifer - July 2017
  • The service was Great! They were very helpful.
    Joanna - June 2017
  • Car inspections
    Mike - June 2017
  • Great JOB
    Rachael - June 2017
  • Got my front brakes done,they got my car in quick and managed to finish everything in less than 2 hours
    Kaitlyn - June 2017
  • Dropped my car of for a inspection. It was done when promised an no surprises
    John/Pat - May 2017
  • The guys are very helpful and actually ahow me what needs to be done and explains it to me.
    Rebeca - May 2017
  • Brought truck in for NYS inspection, started right away and were done in ~20 minutes.
    Sean - May 2017
  • Went for oil change. The service was fast and friendly. I have previously been there and was very happy with the service. Lori Bevilacqua
    Lori - May 2017
  • Prompt, efficient service. I made an appointment to have my New York State inspection. Prompt, courteous service. Feel I received good, honest service. No push for extras. Car passed!
    Patricia - May 2017
  • I dropped my vehicle off at 200PM for a 230PM appointment for oil change came back at 430PM vehicle was still not in shop. I left and went to Walmart and had it done
    Mike - May 2017
  • NY state inspection
    Mike - May 2017
  • Brought my vehicle in for a state inspection after seeing an expiration date of 4/17 on my windshield. My mistake was though, I was looking at the registration expiration, NOT the inspection date. This staff could have simply done the inspection (6 months early), but instead they called me to make sure that's what I wanted done. I then realized my mistake. Kudos to the staff for taking the time to make sure of the required service and saving me money on unnecessary work.
    Dan - May 2017
  • I think they do a great job with my car
    Patricia - April 2017
  • Mike and crew are always ready to go the extra mile to make sure I get the best service. They are terrific!!!
    Ray - April 2017
  • I love that the guys at the Monro in Derby are upfront and honest about what needs to be fixed to keep my car running great.
    Andrea - April 2017
  • ok
    betty - April 2017
  • It was OK took a little longer than I thought it would
    Betty - April 2017
  • The individuals working there are rude and ignornant. I believe that they tried there best to take advantage of me because I am a women. I am not stupid and i will never go back to this location. The owner and managers really need to work on their employees and the way they treat customers.
    Craig - April 2017
  • Two times now, after swapping tires already on their own rims, they have failed to check and inflate tires. This last time I specifically asked when picking up the car and was assured it was taken care of. I get home, less than 3 mile drive, tires that should be 32psi are at 28psi.
    Paul - March 2017
  • Friendly service with my oil change. In and out in 20 minutes at a great price.
    Jim - March 2017
  • Unfortunately, the pressure for my tires were unchecked as subsequently had another mechanic inflate two tires the following morning
    Dan - March 2017
  • We bought 4 tires.
    Steve - February 2017
  • Ok
    Kevin - February 2017
  • Mike who took care of me was helpful but not pushy. I needed tires but did not feel pressured. He told me about 6 months no interest so I went for it.
    Gregory - February 2017
  • The time the manager took to help me understand the best tires for my vehicle.
    Steph/Brian - October 2016
  • All the associates are very polite & friendly. They also don't push things you don't need.
    Donna - April 2016

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