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(315) 699-8310

8252 US Route 11 S.
Cicero, NY 13039

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Mike the manager was absolutely and 100 percent knowlageable in every aspect. The mechanics are very well rounded and respectable. Felt as though I was at home. 5 stars to thease guys all day.
    Josh - March 2018
  • They took good care of me, and prompt service!
    Cathy - March 2018
  • Very professional and great job
    Scott - February 2018
  • Were very quick to set me up with all the parts that were needed to complete my exhaust system replacement. Also, great explanations of what I was having replaced.
    Ronald - February 2018
  • Great experiences at this store. Guys are helpful and not pushy
    Jamie - February 2018
  • Prompt professional customer service
    Lee - January 2018
  • excellent service
    Connie - January 2018
  • Needed exhaust work and they took care of it !
    Tom - January 2018
  • It was near closing thime and the mechanic was washing up and ready go home, but he said he would stay and help me out. The tire was replaced even though it went well beyond their closing time. I appreciated their extra effort.
    Edward - January 2018
  • Didn't need any big service, just an inspection and a couple small repairs. Prompt and a very fair price
    Eric - January 2018
  • I brought my car in for a a tire mount/balance/alignment. It took some time before my car could get into the shop. Once in the shop, the mechanic had to make extra effort to remove my tires from the rims since Toyota tires a bit difficult. But, the mechanic noticed some rust on my rims and he went the extra yard to take care of that. The staff continually came into the office to provide updates and gave advice on some of the issues they came across during the job. Initially, I wasn't told a time frame and the job took about 2.5 hours, which I wasn't really prepared for, but it was worth the quality job. Grateful to be driving safely.
    Domonique - January 2018
  • Great customer service. They cared about my wait time. Very friendly and caring
    Erin - December 2017
  • Brad and Jeff are extremely nice and very honest...I felt good in there and was happy with what they got done for me
    Rebecca - December 2017
  • I scheduled an appointment for 10am on a Saturday for an oil change. At 12pm I stopped in to check on it, and the oil change still wasn’t done. My car hadn’t even been brought into the garage, while there were two bays available. I was able to pick my car up after it was finished around 5pm that evening. I was under the impression that an oil change would be a fairly quick process at Monroe, but I was mistaken. I will not be bringing my car back to a Monroe for any service in the future.
    Ryan - December 2017
  • had a reservation for 4:00 and was driving home at 4:20
    Tall - December 2017
  • Tires
    Frank - December 2017
  • Will Recommend
    Frank - November 2017
  • Bought two weeks ago, so far great tire
    GS - November 2017
  • Very professional and efficient staff. My experience was fabulous and I had almost given up on the company after having a horrible experience at the Route 11 / Bailey Road store. Glad I gave them a second chance and will be returning for sure in the future. Thanks for renewing my faith in Monro Muffler!!.....Cicero Store!!!
    Sue - November 2017
  • I brought our company's van (Comfort Suites) in for an alignment - I noticed tire noise in the front along with edge wear. I requested a tire rotation also. I picked up the van and drove it back to the hotel and noticed the same tire noise. I checked the front tires - same edge wear, checked the rear tires - no edge wear, tires were never rotated! The van will need tires soon - we will NOT visit Monro again. In order for us to drop off the van for repairs, we need to verify and allow for time the van will be out of service, not easy.
    Peter - November 2017
  • Very pleased with the staff, especially the manager, Mike. My issues were resolved and the cost was very fair.
    Gwen - November 2017
  • Service was very good
    Zenetta - November 2017
  • I went for an oil change
    Kristen - November 2017
  • This was the best customer service ever that I had at Monro. Store 327's representative - Brad Murphy did everyting and beyond for me so I was extremely happy with both the works done on two of our family vehicles and with explanations on future maintenance options. Brad was also very firendly, customer oriented and easy to communicate with. Thank you, Monro , for such a great experience.
    Denis - October 2017
  • Manager was very professional. Staff was efficient. Walked me through all my options.
    Tina - October 2017
  • I'm giving this the highest rate, because of your new manager which I have already let you know is tops, he is making a VERY good name in the community. He is honest and very personal. So I'm confident that anyone he hires will have have to meet his fine standards. If he is there then I'm staying with Monroe. ....and the work done on my car since his management has been top notch.
    Rebecca - September 2017
  • Good, professional service.
    Larry - September 2017
  • I'm extremely pleased with your new manager Ed at the Cicero store, very honest reliable. He could really put a great team there in place and be a service to the community.
    Rebecca - August 2017
  • A new muffler was installed on our conversion van prior to our vacation trip. Unfortunately the noise from the muffler was worse than the previous one. When we brought it back to the Monroe Muffler/Brake & Service, it had the attention of District Manager Bill Burnett. (Unbeknown to us, wheelchair vans pose challenges due to the conversion.) Not only did Bill directly work on the van himself to figure out what needed to be done, but he diagnosed the reason for the drop-down ramp not working as well. Introducing us to Ed, a new store manager, he had placed us in good hands. The muffler was replaced twice and the ramp in working order when we came to pick up the van. We so grateful and appreciate their hard work, efforts and energies in making things right again...they certainly went above and beyond simply replacing a muffler. I would most definitely recommend this business!
    Pat - August 2017
  • Broke 6 lug nuts and never said a word saw it myself few hours later really upset
    Micheal - August 2017
  • Ed and the guys did great work on my car...had it done in a day and the outcome was great! Would highly recommend
    Zach - August 2017
  • I asked them to look at breaks because I had coupon and also to rotate tires. They didn't even take my tires off to begin with and they say my breaks are fine when the squeak all the time. I told them that and they weren't very concerned. On top of that I showed the guy the coupon thinking it was for 14.99 and he said that's what the price would be then charged me 30 something. Later finding out I didn't have driver card but he told me it would be 14.99 when swiping card
    Vince - August 2017
  • They take the car in on time and finish when they expected.
    Jeff - August 2017
  • i was in and out very quickly
    Tim - August 2017
  • I needed brake work done and everything was done to make sure they had the right parts and everything fit perfect.
    Crystal - July 2017
  • I got my oil changed, had to pay $85 because the coupon didn't apply to me (apparently if you have more than 5 quarts you have to pay full price) and when I asked to have my tired rotated ( which is a free service with the price of the oil change) they refused and gave me an excuse of the fact that I didn't need it. I told them it had been 8,000 miles and they said I could go 10,000 and refused to rotate my tires. I will not be going back.
    Jessica - July 2017
  • State inspection performed in a very short time. Was also informed by manager of the cost of synthetic oil change.
    Tim - July 2017
  • New tires make for a nice ride
    Ken - July 2017
  • Store is very courteous and the employees are great
    Kim - June 2017
  • A few times now I have been here and all new people. At first logically I was nervous, however I'm getting to know them and Finding their work ethics very satisfying. Joe the manager is sincere and truly trying to get to know the community.
    Rebecca - June 2017
  • Wouldn't even give it any stars if I didn't have to. Did minimal job because I had a coupon. Then tried to tell me my "tires are bald" and sell me $800 worth of junk tires. Several mechanics I showed my tires to have all said the same thing, " they are good until winter, not even close to bald" Stupid males think all women are dumb? You picked the wrong woman. I will NEVER have work done here again. Absolutely horrible place now and you have to use your credit card to get deals? Please. Monro should just give up and shut down. This coming from a 10 year customer. Never again.
    Kim - June 2017
  • I liked the ease of booking an appointment online. My vehicle was taken from in promptly upon my arrival. I was there for an inspection and always fear I will be told something is wrong (even if it isn't). I was happy when I saw them backing my car out and no problems were found. I will likely go back again.
    Sharon - May 2017
  • Went well, Cody did nice work,
    Rebecca - May 2017
  • I took my 2006 trailblazer in for an inspection and oil change. The staff was courteous and great to deal with. They took care of my inspection and oil change and notified me that my shocks were going bad on the rear axl and this would cause uneven wear on my rear tires. I had the shocks replaced and my trailblazers is running great! I would definitely recommend stopping in if you like great service and a friendly staff!
    Mike - May 2017
  • Great product
    Not - May 2017
  • I came in for an inspection, very pleased with personal attention and care given my car. Patrick is very friendly and ready to help. Chris, did my inspection and I always love his work I feel comfortable when he is on the job, he is one of the most on the ball mechanics ever. I'm getting to know Scot as well who last time was extremely helpful.
    Rebecca - April 2017
  • I just needed an oil change and ended up having my brakes dusted/adjusted as well. Many things were pointed out that needed repairs. I have concerns since the previous manager Sean left with regards to the priority of things being pointed out to me and what actually needs priority attention. I take pride in taking care of my car and don't want that to be taken advantage of.
    Tammy - April 2017
  • No complaints. I was in for an inspection that didn't take long.
    Sandra - April 2017
  • GREAT SERVICE Personal care. Will return.
    Connie - April 2017
  • It was quick and professional.
    Sean - April 2017
  • Was glad I came to Monro again. Was able to make two appointments in same day. Customer service was great . Was not sure if I would use Monro again after Sean left the company. I was glad I gave them another try.
    Dulcy - April 2017
  • Wasn't sure if I would go back to Monro after Sean left. You lost a great employee. I decided to give Monro a try again and was very happy with the customer I received from David and Scott. I will continue to use this location.
    Dulcy - April 2017
  • I put on high mileage & need oil changes frequently and always come here
    Gary - April 2017
  • I called and they got me an appointment within 20 minutes, I liked it.
    Yvonne - April 2017
  • Really looked out for me. Took very good care of my needs.
    Joe - April 2017
  • Brought a potential new vehicle for me in for the courtesy inspection. Pat and S. Mason were very nice when giving me the laundry list of items that were needed to pass inspection. They were kind with the explanations, answered all my questions and said to call back if i had more. I will be following up Monday for an estimate as it was late on Sunday and parts places were closed. I bring my current vehicle there for all its needs, even the tire pressure when that pesky light comes on. they are always nice and accommodating.
    Nancy - April 2017
    Dan - March 2017
  • I was recently in for an oil change I. The cicero location and it was refreshing to see how neat and clean it was, very accommodating and the guys were friendly and professional! I will be back for sure and will spread the word to friends and family! Thanks guys!
    Pam - March 2017
  • The manager David was very knowledgeable on what was needed for my repair. He went above and beyond and that's rare in mechanic shops.
    David - March 2017
  • I will be honest, I was skeptical coming back after my regular team was gone. And I still miss them , however I got very good service Tuesday. It was thoroughly done.
    Rebecca - March 2017
  • Unorganized, rushed and didn't really care to listen to me, talked over me when I asked a question.
    Kim - March 2017
  • I would return. I went in without an appointment, was seen right away and was out in 30 minutes. Great customer service.
    Megan - February 2017
  • Very friendly, prompt & knowledgable.
    Linda - February 2017
  • This is the second time I've been to this Monro, on a recommendation from a friend. So, far so good...friendly/courteous guys, and very quick service. :)
    Cathi - February 2017
  • great tires for the price Installation included
    Judy - February 2017
  • I brought my car into Monroe because the engine was making a noise and I needed to get my oil changed. They got me right in and out ! The staff were friendly and very helpful. I will definitely recommend Monroe in Cicero to everyone.
    Laura - February 2017
  • They knew I needed to be somewhere by a certain time and they made it happen. Great service!
    Jessica - February 2017
  • I recently brought my car to Monro for an oil change and inspection. I ended up needing a new mirror assembly and belt, and the parking brake needed an adjustment. The folks at Monro were very accommodating. They got the parts in a timely manner and were very flexible with my schedule. Plus, they didn't overcharge me for service.
    Sarah - February 2017
  • These guys never slack off in their ethics of doing a super job!
    Rebecca - October 2016
  • I needed an oil change and they got me in and out in no time. It didn't take long at all which was great.
    Ashleigh - August 2016
  • I was not over sold!! I walked in for an oil change and that is what I got. Too many companies would have tried to get me to do 1000 other services. The manager Shawn was great and super nice and honest.
    Christina - July 2016
  • The technician was very knowledgeable and explained everything they had to do to fix my exhaust they took the time to show me before they perform the work and after I am very pleased with the work they did on my exhaust system. I will definitely be return
    Tom - May 2016
  • I had my exhaust manifold gasket replaced on this visit. The technicians did a wonderful job in a timely manner. I couldn't have asked for better service. I will definitely be back in the future!
    Tom - May 2016
  • The folks at Monro always go the extra mile.
    Tammy - September 2015

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