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(585) 637-4258

4671 S. Lake Street
Brockport, NY 14420

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Didn't have to wait long.
    Sandy - March 2018
  • My girlfriend had a tire blow on the expressway in Rochester. Once she had a donut on, I called Joe at Monro and he was able to not only get her right in and mount a new tire, but also made sure she was involved and reassuring in her time of need. Too many people have lost their sense of being in touch with the customer and Joe deserves alot of credit for not only his mechanical skills, but his people skills as well. Well played, as they say
    Kevin - February 2018
  • Great customer service, my vehicle was done in a timely manner
    gail - February 2018
  • Ok
    Ronald - February 2018
  • Great customer service regardless of who is at the front desk. Technicians explain any issues, concerns, or recommendations.
    Doris - January 2018
  • They helped me out when I was in a jam.
    Michael - January 2018
  • Improved ability to stop and start in the snow without sliding. Where there is a few inches of fresh snow in driveways or the road, the tires power through.
    JB - January 2018
  • They got my car in and fixed in under an hour and for a very good price!! Will for sure be taking my car here in the future! The people that work here are so nice and get the job done quickly and correctly! So very happy with the work that was done!
    Danielle - December 2017
  • They went above and beyond what I expected
    Shawn - December 2017
  • Great cost. Easy to make appt. Gordon is always friendly and helpful.
    Miriam - December 2017
  • They take great care of my vehicles
    Terry - December 2017
  • fast great professional service.
    ElizabethYoung - December 2017
  • Very easy to work with and care about my request. Completed work in a timely manner
    Alison - December 2017
  • Get my inspection there every year..wonderful people
    Melanie - November 2017
  • I've only used Monro for oil change and inspection, but it's always quick and easy. Great staff and very friendly.
    Steve - November 2017
  • I have been a customer for a long time. I always get prompt, courteous and friendly service. I only pay for what work is needed and not what I don't need.
    Stephanie - October 2017
  • Very comprehensive service
    Laurie - October 2017
  • I appreciate that they do not try to upsell. Monro does the scheduled job and also recommends future jobs without applying pressure.
    Becky - October 2017
  • They may forget a sticker occasionally but good
    Alex - October 2017
  • Quick service and friendly employees
    Alexis - October 2017
  • they were excellent
    Tom - September 2017
  • Great customer service!
    Savannah - September 2017
  • I had an oil change, and was supposed to have a tire rotation. The technician chose not to rotate my tires, never removed my tires, but insisted I needed new rear brakes. My brakes were replaced a year ago, and were fine when another technician actually checked them three months prior. I feel that the technician was trying to take advantage of me because I was female, but what he failed to realize is I know that you must remove tires to check the brakes and there wear. My father was also a mechanic. I have been coming to Monro since I first began driving 10 years ago for all of my service needs because of their honesty, but after my latest visit I no longer trust them.
    Tanya - August 2017
  • I have been using Monroe Muffler for over 6 years now. I like their flexibility in scheduling and good work.
    Shirley - August 2017
  • I received an oil change and rear brakes. After leaving I noticed the sticker on the window said conventional oil and I paid for the Max Life synthetic blend. Which the receipt said the Max Life as well. When I went back to question it the Store Manager was kind of rude about it. My vehicle is now running funny and I will be taking it to another Monroe real soon.
    Andrew - August 2017
  • Always happy with my Monroe, Brockport NY, Thank-you.
    Paul - August 2017
  • I was treated professionally and turn around on the work was fast
    Nancy - August 2017
  • Oil change to keep my car running smooth
    Kyle - July 2017
  • Oil change on the car every 3000 miles.
    Mary - July 2017
  • I came in for an oil change. I was helped as soon as I walked in and my car was finished in 20 minutes
    Chelsey - July 2017
  • Always had very good service here but recently after my inspection they told me I needed new brakes soon which is completely reasonable but they gave me an estimate with premium parts probably hoping I wouldn't notice and agree to have it done within the price range they offered. I understand that's how they make their money but because they tried to slip that in there hoping I wouldn't know what I was doing I will be getting my brakes done elsewhere. Just know your stuff before agreeing to any repairs.
    Connor - July 2017
  • Monro Muffler in Brockport NY is the only place I trust to provide the best service for my Cadillac. The team is always professional, accurate and courteous. They provide honest assessments and repairs in a timely manner and a fair price. Thank you Gordon and Joe for top notch service and for making every appointment a pleasant experience.
    Angela - July 2017
  • Monroe muffler does a great job they always take care of their customer
    Krystal - July 2017
  • The guys just treat you well. They will talk to you like you have a brain, which I appreciate. They value your time and care about you and your vehicle.
    Cori - June 2017
  • The people at the Brockport N Y store are wonderful they are always friendly and always willing to help you
    Fred - June 2017
  • Good service
    Paul - June 2017
  • The mechanic remembered me by name. Everyone was very friendly and did what I requested.
    Krystie - June 2017
  • This oil change took longer than usual because attendant found a dirty oil filter in an obscure place that needed to be changed. This store didn't have the filter, so he had to leave the premises to go to a sister store and pick up the part.
    James - June 2017
  • The guys there, especially Joe, are great at what they do!
    Chuck - June 2017
  • I made an appointment. I told them when I needed the car. It was ready when I came to pick it up. They charged me the proper amount on my coupon.
    Hollie - June 2017
  • Appointment was easily scheduled. Car was available when promised.
    Maureen - May 2017
  • I love that Monro Muffler in Brockport, NY makes it extremely easy to catch an oil change after work! When life gets busy, they make sure to make it work! And the price is right!
    Courtney - May 2017
  • Last week after having my oil changed I had to return to the store that same evening when I realized that the mechanic got grease on my passenger seat. When I went back the same mechanic attempted to clean it up, but he was not thorough and in fact stained my driver's side seat in the process. On a good note when I went back again the next day the manager was in the store at the time and was very helpful while working to clean up the two front seats.
    Jamie-Lynn - May 2017
  • Wonderful service, repairs done in a timely manner.
    Nathan - May 2017
  • Very friendly.
    Eric - May 2017
  • Fast and dependable service
    Jeff - May 2017
  • I called to see if they could do a quick oil change that same day. They scheduled me a few hours later. A while later they called and offered me an earlier time which was great. They never do any additional work before calling to ask, and if I say no thanks they don't push. Happy to talk to me after service at the counter about my vehicle or theirs. Great people!
    Cori - May 2017
  • You should ask customers if they want conventional oil or synthetic blend.
    John - May 2017
  • Everything was done quickly and efficiently. Very trustworthy!
    Lauren - May 2017
  • Friendly and helpful whether it's for an oil change or an actual repair to my car. They'll explain what's wrong and the best way to fix it while trying to help you save money. Great service and great people.
    Alex - May 2017
  • Very timely, and recommended new brake pads which were low.
    Kevin - May 2017
  • Fast, on time and very nice people
    Nicole - May 2017
  • Service is Excellent Joe is the best mechanic ever !
    Dan - April 2017
  • In and out in a timely fashion. Customer service was very pleasant! Will indeed be back in 3,000 miles
    Nicole - April 2017
  • exceptional service! They are always fast and very friendly. I will keep going there over and over
    Christina - April 2017
  • My car sounded much better and the guy that worked there was very nice!
    Abbey - April 2017
  • Oil change and inspection done faster than expected. Great service!
    Elaine - April 2017
  • The guys were very friendly and helpful, not condescending at all, which I really appreciated. The mechanic took me into the repair area, showed me what he found, talked to me, not at me. Gordon, the man behind the counter was super-he called around to find the parts, estimated how long it would take, said they'd do their best to make me comfortable while I waited. The waiting area was very clean, even the floor, and had a tv tuned to a comedy network. They worked fast once the parts came in, and I was very pleased with everyone. Good job, guys at the Brockport store!
    Donna - April 2017
  • always appreciate mechanical
    Tim - March 2017
  • The service was great, Joe is always helpful and knowledgeable of products!
    Hilary - March 2017
  • Quick and efficient handling of my vehicle. Fixed within a few hours at a great price
    Kayla - March 2017
  • On time, and very helpful.
    Jordan - March 2017
  • Job well done by great guys
    Paul - March 2017
  • Honest, friendly mechanics
    Barb - March 2017
  • The car inspection was scheduled online which was very convenient
    Kimberly - March 2017
  • Service is great, work done correctly, cost is cheaper.
    Scott - February 2017
  • I had a coupon for an oil change and inspection and got in and out in good time on a Tuesday evening.
    Tara - February 2017
  • I have gone to this location for multiple oil changes and was told this time that I could not come back again. because they put synthetic oil in the first time, regular oil as I asked the second time per the dealership, then synthetic oil a third time. When they did the third oil change they didn't ask me and I had a coupon. They did discount it for me which was very nice but when I was told to not come back again that was extreme. I'm sorry they felt this way and it's too bad. I will not go back to this company again.
    Shannon - February 2017
  • Comfortable waiting area. Oil change took a bit longer than usual, but at least they apologized!
    Becky - February 2017
  • I needed a new muffler and this shop went above and beyond the call of duty
    Dave - February 2017
  • I don't know anything about the product
    Cassidy - February 2017
  • Very nice and explained everything that needed to be fixed on my car very well!
    Marlise - February 2017
  • I had a lot of work done on my truck to pass inspection. All work was completed very quickly and very professionally.
    Michael - February 2017
  • They get my car in pretty much when I need it to great service from employees always informing you of what to keep an eye on
    Angela - February 2017
  • great service
    Anthony - January 2017
  • Great%20Service
    Anthony - January 2017
  • They explained what they checked and why my car passed inspection and what may need to be changed in the near future.
    Colleen - June 2016
  • The work provided was completed in 45 minutes at a very reasonable price.
    Mike - June 2016
  • The service man was very polite and called to make sure I knew my car was ready and told me he appreciated my service.
    Ashley - September 2015
  • The guys that worked on my vehicles keep in informed on what is being done as they work on the vehicles.
    Paul - September 2015
  • The integrity and good nature of the manager. You feel you've made a new friend after doing business there. I would go back for any other services they provide.
    Floyd - September 2015
  • Quick scheduling and prompt service.
    Terry - September 2015
  • The customer service is great.
    Josh - August 2015

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