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What People Are Saying:

  • My repairs are consistently done quickly
    Neely - March 2018
  • It does my car great
    Kamal - February 2018
  • Excellent customer service
    Lawrence - February 2018
  • Set an appointment. Went in for my repair. The location was clean. Staff was very friendly and professional. Repair was a success!! And there is a lifetime warranty!!
    Aisha - February 2018
  • This store gave us friendly service and got the work done as we wanted it quickly and correctly. Thank you!
    Daniel - January 2018
  • This review is a testimonial that the techs employed by Monro are qualified to make major repairs.
    Jim - January 2018
  • I gave this Monroe 2 stars. One for the great customer service from the General Manager and the 2nd for the quality of work. But even those two factors are not enough to make me ever go back. I ended up buying my own wheel bearing from AutoZone because Monroe charges 250% the retail price, and they charged me $169 for exactly one hour of work, because replacing a wheelbearing is "a flatrate" repair..."even if it took a half hour". As well, everytime my brakepads are close to needing to be changed, they insist on replacing my rotors when they don't need to be replaced. I will give my business to an independent mechanic for now on who will charge and appreciate a fair price rather than making these chain stores any richer.
    Unsatisfied - January 2018
  • They were able to help me out even without an appointment. The guys were great and courteous
    Farhan - December 2017
  • Always have great service here. They never push me to do anything. Always giving me pointers and answers my questions.
    Vanessa - December 2017
  • Tried going to the dealer to get our liscence plate bulb had an appointment they didn’t see our car until half hour later told us to go home and completely clean out the car???? Go immediately to monro they take 5 minutes and it’s done for way less. 15 bucks vs a required 1 hour of labor at 120 an hour TLDR Nissan dealership on central sucks Monro rules!
    Plate - December 2017
  • Always friendly and helpful
    Melissa - December 2017
  • To make car drive better
    Vanessa - December 2017
  • Great customer service. Fast and friendly
    Melissa - December 2017
  • The staff at this location is extremely outstanding. They always take the time to explain to me what kind of service my car requires. From the Management all the way to the mechanics they always make me feel welcomed.
    Glenn - November 2017
  • Fast quick work
    Neely - November 2017
  • I brought the car in to put snow tires on my wife's car, but ended up needing a brake job as well. Pretty steep cost and so close to the Holidays. I'll have to cut down on holiday gifts in order to get by on my budget. I've been bringing my cars here for a long time now, I trust this place.
    Ed - November 2017
  • Any questions are answered quickly and thoroughly. Tim is a great addition to this location.
    Neely - November 2017
  • They're always willing to answer questions and when they're working on your car they're very attentive and will bring up anything they notice. Always knowledgeable and they'll give honest advice about what you can do without any pressure.
    Chris - November 2017
  • Staff is very attune to customers needs and very experienced at work.
    Art - November 2017
  • I had to get my oil changed, was in and out quickly.
    Aj - November 2017
  • Manager Tim was extremely helpful in answering all my questions that I had.
    Glenn - November 2017
  • I would try an oil change again for my car.
    Yakup - November 2017
  • I've been coming to Monro for a few years, and they provide affordable and reliable service every time. From working with me on big jobs to small, they keep the prices reasonable and always complete the job quick.
    Will - November 2017
  • Fast service
    Frank - November 2017
  • I couldn't be happier with Monro. The mechanics were kind, quick, and understanding. Probably the best auto experience I've ever had.
    Carter - November 2017
  • I do oil change often and always chose Monro! Recently ive changed rotors and pads. It’s amazing and highly recommend to everyone
    Orkhan - October 2017
  • They got me right in the next day and even took some extra time to look for the source of a squeak. This is a great garage and they always try to give me a good deal. I love the reminder post cards too!
    Jessica - October 2017
  • Excellent service. I was quite impressed with professionalism and how they walked me through from start to finish.
    Donna - October 2017
  • The brake job is fine. My brakes are working. It's really the staff at this location that makes it. The manager explained the work that I needed done thoroughly and in a way that I understood it. He was very focused on each customer that he spoke to when he spoke to them and didn't rush anyone with their questions. And they were busy that day.
    Alexandra - October 2017
  • Had Brake work done.
    Sara - October 2017
  • I was late to appointment but they took my car in. They explained what needed to be done. The time estimated for all the things to be done was close.
    Mindy - October 2017
  • Friendly good customer service
    Dannelle - October 2017
  • However promised finish time is inaccurate, occasionally damage is caused to non-related adjacent parts. Most recently had exhaust work done. Now I have to fix a broken brake line which was damaged during the exhaust fix.
    James - October 2017
  • The manager and technicians go above and beyond. I went in for rear brake pads. The technician saw rust on the brake caliper and cleaned it, Three week earlier, I had a piece of metal that had came loose under the Nissan and was dragging the road. The Nissan dealer down the street told me I had to wait 4 days. That same day, this Monro station bolted the metal for free.
    Debbie - October 2017
  • The service at this store is superb.
    Lorrie - October 2017
  • I love Monro at 980 Central Avenue in Albany, NY! I go there for ALL my automotive needs! Have been to other Monros, but they were not as competent or as honest, as the Monro on Central Avenue! I very rarely have any issues with the employees or the work that was done. The gentleman at the service desk (Mike), was nice, professional, friendly, courteous and although I had to leave my vehicle, he got me in and out a lot sooner than expected! He is most definitely an asset to your business! I am usually very pleased and happy when I leave and will continue to frequent this Monro for my vehicle's service and maintenance!
    Robin - October 2017
  • This shop always has the best customer service. My car is an older model (2009 5 speed Chevy Cobalt) and I feel like I can trust the staff at Monroe to provide me with comprehensive explanations and the best service. Even with new employee's this visit, they still made sure to call me and keep me up to date as they worked on my vehicle.
    Micheline - October 2017
  • I will use monroe again
    Tabatha - September 2017
  • Professional
    Martin - September 2017
  • very prompt and good service, answered all questions.
    Daniel - September 2017
  • Took my car in early the next morning, very convenient.
    Teresa - September 2017
  • I went in for an oil change which was fast, at the end they recommend some repairs that would improve my vehicle performance.
    Nelson - September 2017
  • My oil change was the fastest it's ever been since going and they even took the time to point out areas of concern to make me aware.
    Teresa - September 2017
  • I needed a oil change and lube as well as a NYS inspection. They were able to get me in on a Sunday which was great!
    Elliot - September 2017
  • Great service
    Jeff - September 2017
  • I have the option to take my car to the dealer but I always come to Monro. The guys are super friendly, helpful, inexpensive, and get my car back to me when I need it back.
    Jackie - September 2017
  • Very fast
    Jessica - September 2017
  • Called to schedule a flat tire repair and oil change. Was scheduled promptly and service was completed efficiently.
    Jennifer - August 2017
  • Mike and Pete should talk more. I had several issues with my car that were sorted out but after telling me that the last thing they needed to do was put my inspection sticker on, it still wasn't inspected. I'm gad I caught it before the end of the month.
    P - August 2017
  • They worked on my car and fixed it as soon as they could. I call that morning at 8 am with problems and they were able to find the problem with my vehicle by 10 am. They also put screws for my license plate when they didn't have to.
    Brittany - August 2017
  • Everyone is very professional and knowledgeable.
    Tina - August 2017
  • Once your car is in the bay, it goes fast. However, when you make an appointment a day ahead of time and arrive before the designated time and it takes a half hour before your car goes into the bay, that not good customer service. Why bother making an appointment.
    Sylvia - August 2017
  • After an initial misdiagnosis of my car's problem, I was left to believe that it was not salvageable. Just before I followed through with the tough decision to junk my vehicle, one of the mechanics who was interested in buying the car looked at it on his free time. Within a few minutes he discovered that it had a different problem than what was initially diagnosed. I am very grateful for the professionalism and expertise of the mechanic Sam that saved my vehicle from being junked.  I honestly thought that I would never drive it again. The customer service was great as well! They owned up to their error and went above and beyond to compensate me with a significant discount towards the repair of the vehicle. In the end, I was very satisfied with the service.
    Raphael - August 2017
  • Good job
    Dawn - August 2017
  • I will definitely be coming back to this location the people are fantastic and always work with you to make sure you get the help you need.
    Marvin - August 2017
  • Needed tires done asap. Ray hooked me up and offered good honest advice and followed thru with excellent customer service
    Dennis - August 2017
  • I only come to Monro for my oil changes and services. Always super friendly, accommodating and always squeeze me in whenever I call! Thanks for the awesome service !
    Amara - July 2017
  • Everyone at this location is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
    Tina - July 2017
  • The oil change was done quickly! I brought in my bent car keys and one of the guys unbent it for me without even asking! I was very happy.
    Andy - July 2017
  • Have been taking my cars to this Monro for more than 15 years - service is always great and the techs really know their stuff.
    Edward - July 2017
  • I was very happy with the service provided. I needed an inspection and was able to bring in the car on the same day I called. I waited for maybe 40 minutes and the car was ready for me!
    Helen - July 2017
  • Great service as always
    Donna - July 2017
  • Bought my son's car in because of a leak - Monro diagnosed it and fixed it quickly, at a minimal cost to me.
    Edward - July 2017
  • Great customer service, would highly recommend going here for a timely oil change with friendly people.
    Daniel - July 2017
  • The guys at Monroe are great at their jobs. They explain all the car details and help me make the best decision to keep my car running smoothly.
    Christine - July 2017
  • Thanks for staying late to fix my car Josh. Great management by Ray
    Dontae - July 2017
  • They do the work so quick and efficiently
    Ashleigh - July 2017
  • I brought the truck in for an inspection, shortly after a repair to the Evap system. The monitors had not cleared. They had to wait days for parts, they had me come back to the shop multiple times in the hopes that the monitors would clear. The monitors are still not clear and I have a temporary inspection on my truck. I've visited the shop four different times for the same issue and they have held my truck for a total of about 5 days to repair. It still isn't repaired.
    Joseph - June 2017
  • The manager and his staff are extremely professional.
    Frank - June 2017
  • took longer then expected but everyone was more then accomodating.. even gave me a free o change
    Erin - June 2017
  • The staff is always courteous and professional. I have been coming here for years and will continue to do so.
    Gina - June 2017
  • The customer service at this location is always excellent. The technicians ate knowledgable
    Micheline - June 2017
  • I have entrusted my safety to my mechanic Josh.
    BettyAnn - June 2017
  • I routinely go to Monroes for oil changes, inspections, and more. There is a store close by and the service is great. The male staff do not patronize female customers, but rather treat them with respect and explain everything without being condescending.
    Elizibeth - June 2017
  • Long time service relationship
    Paul - June 2017
  • Had a nasty grinding sound from my sons car. Also needed oil change. Turns out that a shield was making noise and THERE WAS NO CHARGE - oil change was on sale that day too. Left with no noise and a tiny charge !
    Anthony - June 2017
  • I love Monro and their costumer service. I always go there and they treat me so well. They have coupons for certain services and that saves money in your pocket. I'd highly recommend Monro to my peers.
    Angelica - June 2017

  • Robin - June 2017
  • The staff was very accommodating on short notice, they were quick, did exactly what they said they were going to do no surprises! Waiting room could use some love but it's a garage so it serves its purpose.
    Cameron - June 2017
  • The gentleman at Monroe muffler put the gentle in gentlemen. From the door everything was explained every discount that could be applied was applied and I was out of there in such a timely manner. Keep up the great work!
    Melissa - May 2017
  • oil changed is more expensive than last time
    Junsheng - May 2017
  • Stooped in for an inspection and it was done quickly and was $5 off !
    Molly - May 2017
  • The go to place for all your automobile service needs.
    James - May 2017
  • When you sense something not right on your car and it is not immediately visible, it is important that the garage listen and continue to search for the issue, believing you who do know your own vehicle.
    Bettyann - May 2017
  • I hade an oil change,it was done in a very timely manner,and very happy with service.
    Michael - May 2017
  • Stopped by for an inspection and oil change, left feeling ready to take on the world. Ray and his staff are excellent.
    Mary - May 2017
  • Ordered tires online and had them shipped direct to Monro for installation. They called me to make an appointment. I arrived 45 minutes early for my appointment, verified with the guy at the desk that I just needed tires installed, and was told it would be about an hour and 15 minutes. I waited. After almost an hour, I saw someone pull my car out and then pull it in to another bay. It was 10 minutes before someone came to the desk so I could ask what was going on, when I was informed that the mechanic was adjusting the alignment. I didn't ask for one and nobody offered, but I was told it was on my paperwork. They stopped the job in progress and pulled it out about 10 minutes later. Thankfully, I also checked to see if the snow tires were in the trunk, and they were not. The guys were quick about getting them, but after 2 "miscommunications" like that, you wonder what's going on. I don't want to think they were dishonest, but they were sloppy in their work at the very least.
    Eric - May 2017
  • The folks here are very courteous and helpfull. I went in to get a flat changed and opted for a oil change while the car was in the shop. Everything went really smoothly and they answered all my questions.
    James - May 2017
  • Got my brakes done here, every other place quoted me at about $500. They were able to get it down to $400 which was all I really had. Outside of my warranty repairs at the dealership I'll be doing business here from now on
    Chris - May 2017
  • When many other shops had told, that only way to solve the problem of the drain plug in the oil drain pan was to replace it with a new one, at a cost of over $900.00, the mechanics at this shop carefully analyzed the situation and worked out a solution which was both effective and costed less than $175.00 Also this was done in a very timely manner
    Suresh - May 2017
  • I came in because I needed my brakes fixed and the staff there was very accommodating to my needs. They were able to take my car and promptly fix it for a great rate. Thank you!!
    Derek - May 2017
  • Ray was great
    Mary - May 2017
  • The two times that I have taken my car here, everyone I interacted with was extremely respectful of me and the other customers. They seem to be honest, fair & really want to help people.
    Leigh - April 2017
  • to whoever reads this, just understand you have the most friendly, knowledgeable, and honest staff that i have ever seen in a repair shop. i have been going to shops all my life, and no matter what car i bring in to them they are all very helpful and help me diagnose and fix it. Thank you Ray, Ben, Justin, Sam, Jesse, and Josh for taking care of my cars and all my friends too!
    Brian - April 2017
  • They were very efficient and explained things so that I could understand.
    DeWayne - April 2017
  • I fix my cars at this location and have done so for over 12 years reflecting my loyalty to Monro Car Service. Over the peroid, I have gotten to know many store managers and formed a close relationship with the store. The diagnotic and repair work performance in this store location has improved greatly over the years and is directly related to the store manager in place. The current store manager is doing an excellent job both in diagnosing car repair problems, having his technicians repair the problem properly and providing good customer service advise and a fair price. It was not always the case in this store location over the years, problems had to fixed more than once for the same complaint and poor supervision and performace of auto repair technicians was experienced. At one time several years ago, my car keys was lost by a technician and I was stranded without a car for a week with the headoffice in Rochesher NY had to lease me a temporary vehicle to use.
    Tom - April 2017
  • I've been going to Monro for the past 25 years. I trust them. The guy I trusted the most (I've forgotten his name) retired a few years ago. He was the best. I still prefer Monro and still trust them, but I miss the absolute confidence I had in this mechanic.
    Ed - April 2017
  • Excellent service.
    James - April 2017
  • I apologize for misleading anyone. I raced the wrong Monroe in the wrong survey. This site located in Albany is a trustworthy place. I appreciate that they rectified a bad job done somewhere else for me with kindness and the knowledge needed to get the job done. I was skeptical at first being this is a franchise, but they are an honest company and take these matters seriously. I appreciate Monroe contacting me over this matter and will use them for services again.
    Shana - April 2017

  • S. - April 2017
  • ge tire checks and rotation oil changes Car inspections Very happy with services and prices
    Mary - April 2017
  • Great prices. Service is slow. It took 5 hours to install a battery.
    Monica - April 2017
  • My 17 year old son was traveling back from Vermont to Pennsylvania when he had a flat that wasn't repairable. He was forced to put on this donut. As a mother, I surely couldn't have him travel all the way home (over 100 miles) on a donut. It was late in the day and needed 4 new tires (AWD car) to ensure he made it home with no more issues. I called at least 7-9 different tire shops looking for someone to put the 4 new tires on, only to be told that they were closing and couldn't help. I pleaded with all of them saying it was for a 17 year old that needed to get back to PA, but no one cared. Finally I called Monro on Central Ave in Albany. I spoke to Josh and explained my predicament. Fully expecting to get the same song and dance that I did from my previous phone calls to other garages, but Josh was fantastic! He assured me that he would stay a little late and get my son the tires he needed and would get him back on the road to Pennsylvania. He was very kind and treated myself and my son like we were part of his family. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, JOSH! And thank you to Monro Muffler/Brake! You were LIFESAVERS!
    Relieved - April 2017
  • Thanks for the service
    Robert - April 2017
  • I brought my car to Monroe at 980 Central Ave. in Albany via tow truck as I had a flat tire. Mind you, my car is 34 years old and I had just relocated here after many years out of state. This was my first time at Monroe. I was treated with courtesy and respect and despite the advanced years of my car all I heard from the professionals here was, "Don't worry, no problem, we'll take care of it." I had them take a look at my shocks and springs as well as I knew before I left TN they would need to be replaced. My car was serviced beautifully, runs like a dream, and the people were exceptional. I'd recommend this shop to anyone.
    Colleen - April 2017
  • Quick and cheap.
    Farhan - April 2017
  • Great bunch of guys working there - they know their stuff and are pleasant to deal with. I have continue to bring my Volvo and Mini there - no issues and WAY less then the dealer charges. Recommend them highly!
    Peter - April 2017
  • The customer service was really wonderful. I didn't have an appointment but they got me in for an oil change in a very reasonable amount of time. This is the second time I have been to this location and both times I was very happy with the service.
    Darleen - April 2017
  • I always get excellent customer service for oil changes. I never once had a problem.
    Ashley - March 2017
  • I rely on this location as if it were my neighborhood garage; I believe they are looking out for any issues which may be developing and proactive in looking out for my safety.
    Bettyann - March 2017
  • Do good work and would recommend to other people
    Tamare - March 2017
  • Always professional and friendly. I have been going here for years with three cars.
    Gina - March 2017
  • Very satisfied with the service and the HONESTY I receive. I feel a kinship with the folks there.
    Ed - March 2017
  • I've tried many garages in my neighborhood but after stumbling into Monroe there service were matchless so it's now my favorite hospital to spot for my car. Costumers are treated like family and given the highest respect. Both their quality of work and service provided is impeccable. I'll recommend them to anyone.
    Rema - March 2017
  • I needed a new muffler for my car, and I wasn't sure of how far the damage had extended through the exhaust system. I made an appointment and was able to bring my car in the next day for them to look at. They told me within 20 minutes what the issue was and had it fixed no more than an hour after that!
    Rachel - March 2017
  • Always take care of me
    Brian - March 2017
  • Replaced my oil with a good synthetic blend and checked everything I needed for the car's upcoming inspection
    Brian - February 2017
  • It took longer than expected but so worth it
    Anastazia - February 2017
  • I had great customer service. The wait was long, but I was accommodated and this was greatly appreciated.
    Stephanie - February 2017
  • My car has had no Issues ever since it underwent maintenance there
    Ben - February 2017
  • I have been a customer of Shop 35 for over 25 years. Recently a new Manager took over this shop. I have to say that Jim (the new person) gets it. He understands customer service and treats me in a manner that demonstrates that he appreciates my business. Monro's pricing is comparable to other repair shops. However, pricing does not precipitate loyalty. Service does. Jim, clearly, understands that he owes his paycheck to Monro's customers. You want to treat customers well so that A) they become repeat customers B) they tell everyone they know who may be in need of auto service that Monro is the place to go. I have encountered a couple of true service superstars at this shop over the years. Jim has become another one.
    Martin - February 2017
  • Work and trips
    Thomas - February 2017
  • I've never gone anywhere else. The team is respectful and keeps their word!
    Jaclyn - February 2017
  • Always great service at Monroe on central Ave!!
    Dorothy - February 2017
    Mike - February 2017
  • Polite, speedy service.
    Mike - February 2017
  • I went to fix something in my car and another problem came up so one was fix and the other one no cuz we couldn't order the part from the auto parts
    Greg - February 2017
  • I was in and out in about 45 minutes with excellent service.
    Giovanni - February 2017
  • My go to place for all of my automobile concerns.
    James - February 2017
  • The guys were super nice and addressed whatever problems I needed done. They have tried their best to get me a good quote with discounts for future services due to my college status. Great location and people!
    Vanessa - January 2017
  • I was having problems with the car door and they noticed that and they were nice enough to take a little extra time and effort to fix my car door. I have had no further problems with my car door locking on me. One less thing for me to worry about.
    Santiago - November 2016
  • They treat you with respect. No gimmicks, and they're always nice. Great people to take your car to.
    Dan - October 2016
  • Ray who works on the Central Ave store is outstanding. He speaks the truth and backs up his words. Just a great guy. His honesty is why I come back.
    Brian - September 2016
  • They were short-handed on the weekend and still got me through quickly and provided the proper free wiper blades in your fourth of July ad.
    David - July 2016
  • Always greeted when we walk in. I walked in on a Saturday morning, with no appointment, they got us right in. Minimal wait times, explained upcoming needed services and gave suggested timeframe in which those could be done.
    Jennifer - May 2016
  • A great group of guys - professional and personable. They explain things in a way that is not demeaning to a woman. They perform excellent workmanship.
    Ann - May 2016
  • They let me know what they were doing the entire time before and during the repairs.
    Mark - May 2016
  • Very kind and friendly staff. Wonderful place to have your vehicle worked on.
    Michele - March 2016
  • The store manager and your service engineers were excellent in helping me with automobile problems. The manager at this store is a great addition.
    Theresa - September 2015
  • I don't know much about cars, and I told the associates this. They explained things very well and did not treat me like I was stupid for not knowing. They are very kind and the treatment I received is a large factor of why I continue to use Monro.
    Alyssa - August 2015

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