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2084 North Black Horse Pike
Williamstown, NJ 08094

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What People Are Saying:

  • I only went in for an oil change but the mechanic checked my tires and showed me that one of my front tires had a weird bald spot in it and the other one had less than 20 lbs of air pressure!! I was not aware of either of these things. If he had not done a thorough check, I could have been stranded somewhere with a flat or had a blowout. I did buy two new front tires. I was very appreciative of this service.
    debbie - March 2018
  • The service manager and mechanic were both very professional and showed true care and concern for my vehicle.
    Steven - February 2018
  • I made appointment for my oil change & told guy I had a heat shield removed at alittle while back. They told me ok; will take a look. So when they told me it would be about $200 to remove the rest; I told them thats what about I paid before. So I just said tighten brackets & I was on my way. The thing I'm upset about is it should.of been done right the 1st time. They told me they would have take exhaust off to remove the rest to stop the rattle.
    Scott - February 2018
  • always helpful and give good advice on my vehicles without being pushy
    Traci - February 2018
  • Long wait time for oil change/tire rotation even though I scheduled an appointment. Also, typically an oil change includes 5 quarts of oil but I was only given 3 and had to go buy 2 more quarts to put in myself.
    Maryellen - January 2018
  • Came in for an alignment. Was told i would have to wait til the next day so i scheduled a 10:30am appointment and left my car. Called at 12pm the following day and was told they had just pulled my car into the garage. Didnt get the call that it was done til around 3pm. But now it rides like a dream
    Joseph - January 2018
  • Service was good and fair.....about what I expected.
    Ron - January 2018
  • All good
    Ronald - January 2018
  • I am always seen right at my appointment time. Service is always friendly. I'm always kept informed. They make you feel like they care for your safety. It is because if that, that I have been a long time customer.
    judith - December 2017
  • I went in for an oil change, he noticed my tires wearing poorly. Recommended 4 new tires, an alignment, and new wipers. He found discounts for me for about everything. Made me very happy and I will be back for more work
    Justin - December 2017
  • Brakes work great and the service was good
    Chuck - December 2017
  • Customer service is dependent on who is there. The quality of work is fine. If you want to be seen at your appointment time it depends on the day.
    Sabrina - December 2017
  • Love the guys at the Williamstown location - I take both our cars there for routine oil changes and they do not harass you for more than you need but will let you know if anything else needs fixed. When I've needed other maintenance done they are honest and even have let me know when something should be under warranty before fixing it so I have the opportunity to call my dealer first.
    Traci - November 2017
  • Would return to Monroe for all maintenance to my Volkswagen EOS.
    Linda - November 2017
  • ??
    Michelle - November 2017
  • I checked in for my appointment and told the guy that the wheel lock was in the change tray of my car. I then waited for around 45 minutes while the car was being services. The first thing I noticed was how slow the guy was working on my car. I saw the car go up and down several times. When my car pulled out the mechanic came in and called me to settle up. He told me he couldn't find the wheel lock key. I told him I told the guy that checked me in where it was and went out to show him. I was there for around an hour and I had other things to attend to. In summary. I didn't get what I paid for and most important, the mechanic did not come to me and ask for the wheel lock key. I was a customer of the Vineland Monroe Muffler store and always received great, strike that, super great, service; and at least once the manager, Mr. James Brown, had to find me and ask where the lock was. Also at the Vineland store the price was the price. This store added disposal and other fees that were hidden at the outset. No way to do business.
    Richard - October 2017
  • The staff were very friendly the minute I arrived. After getting my oil changed, the tech told me that one of my tag lights was not working and needed replaced.
    Diane - October 2017
  • Shop seems to be run in professional manor
    Ron - October 2017
  • good parts they last for a long time
    Louis - October 2017
  • I called at 4:30 for an oil change, they took me in right away and finished before closing. Couldn't ask for more
    Jack - October 2017
  • The mechanic did a great job giving me all the info I needed.
    Bill - October 2017
  • quick service, low pressure sales
    richard - October 2017
  • Very prompt service and excellent pricing
    Jorge - October 2017
  • Good service
    Lauren - October 2017
  • Love this place. Prices and service are wonderful. Great group of men working there.
    Cindy - September 2017
  • Great customer service
    Barbara - September 2017
  • oil change and tire rotation were good
    JOHN - September 2017
  • Got new rotors and brakes for the front axles and pads for the rear and got a great price no complaints.
    Terry - September 2017
  • Tire replacement took 5 hours. Luckily I had the use of my sister's car. The price I was charged for the tires wasn't the same as the quote I was given on Aug.24th when I spoke to Brandon.
    Debra - September 2017
  • I got an oil change. Quick. I will be returning.
    Shawn - August 2017
  • Friendly and knowledgeable on phone and front desk personnel. And very good service mechanics. Work done in prompt time.
    Salvator - August 2017
  • makes my car run better
    Joseph - August 2017
  • i had a front end alignment and everything went great the gentleman at the front desk was very helpful, polite, and professional.
    Shannon - August 2017
  • Good service but took a while to complete job...
    Jason - August 2017
  • I take my car for oil change, tire rotations and brake changes. I've been very pleased with the service I receive all the time.
    Judith - August 2017
  • I took my sons car for an oil change. We walked in as strangers and left feeling like family. Very friendly, reasonably priced and quick service.
    Barb - August 2017
  • Oil change. Going to Monroe for almost 4 years now, price keeps going up, this time by almost 20%
    Brian - August 2017
  • the service was fine, i just thought that it would be a quick job. I had an appointment and it took two hours to get an oil change which i thought was insane.
    grace - August 2017
  • They were fast and efficient.. the guy who worked on my car went out of his way to let me know other problems. What to take care of in order of importance since I'm not working and salesmen behind counter was friendly and offered great advice
    Kevin - August 2017
  • Friendly customer service. Didn't have to wait too long.
    Annamarie - August 2017
  • I am very disappointed with the overall experience. The individuals were nice, however when your appt is at 9:30am and they take your car back at 10:45am is crazy. To top it off, needed tire rotation and they didn't do it because the waiting room was crowded.
    Mike - July 2017
  • have spent thousands of $ at Monro in Mantua NJ, over the past 4 years... Tie-rods, Oil Changes, Tires, etc. have complained to the Manager Herb who is now retired about the delivery of a filthy car after service.... AJ, the new Manager (he says) assured me it will not happen under his watch... guess what, after my oil change today, June 23, 2007 I get in my car, steering wheel filthy, greasy, carpet, had grease from the mechanics boots... went back showed AJ the wet wipe I used to clean the dirt off the steering wheel, left by the technician and all he said was I'm sorry... not acceptable, these people you employ have no clue about customer service/delight, I have at least 4 other shops I can go to for the same price and no grease left on steering wheel... I was going to buy 2 new tires to replace on my vehicle, I will now go somewhere else... You lost a customer...
    Armando - June 2017
  • I liked the discount of using the drive card, but wise all of the fees would of been disclosed ahead of time.
    Hope - May 2017
  • Great job on brakes, rotors and calipers
    Tim - May 2017
  • Easy to make appts
    Josephine - May 2017
  • I use my truck as my daily driver, I scheduled a oil change and a brake service. I showed up for my appointment and the mechanic came up and took my information and asked what I wanted, he filled me on the difference between full synthetic and partial synthetic oil and the difference in pricing. After the service I asked about my brakes and he went into detail about why they are making the sound and that I have nothing to worry about unless I feel uncomfortable with the little squeak they make sometimes.
    Alton - May 2017
  • Very nice guys; completed service in a timely manner.
    Amy - April 2017
  • Take both my cars here always remarkable service
    Tracy - March 2017
  • I mark the tires every time now because they always forget to rotate the tires even though I request it. When I get there, they say they rotated them and then I show them the marked tires. Had to wait for them to now rotate tires even though they had car all day. Can't believe they did not offer to comp the oil change.
    Tim - March 2017
  • good service and quick
    Robert - March 2017
  • Repeat customer
    Diane - March 2017
  • If I could rate a zero I would! I was a long time member at the previous Vineland, NJ location until they close. I then began my service in Williamstown, NJ in Aug 2015. I watched as my vehicle was placed up and down on the lift 3 or 4 times due to the oil being placed in the power steering fluid and the power steering fluid was put in the oil chamber. When you see the technician lighting and smoking a cigarette under your vehicle you know something went wrong. I was due for an oil change this August but I haven't had the chance. While at Sam's Club this morning I decided to give an oil change a try today. I should have know when I saw todays technician texting and under my vehicle with a flashlight. He cracked the oil pan. I was given a 6 hour wait for the part to be delivered and given a ride home around 2pm. I called for an update around 315pm and now given Wednesday for the part to be delivered. I will not be giving your company a third strike. Two is too many!
    LaKeisha - March 2017
  • Very good experience = store replaced rotors free of charge per Monro warranty
    Frank - March 2017
  • I made an appointment for 11:30 on Sunday through the Internet, my car was taken back in a timely matter but when I asked how long I was told 1/2 hour tops, an hour and 15 minutes later my car was done... it was a basic oil change!! Definitely should not have taken that long... I left and went about my business for the day, I went home and then forgot I had to run to the post office, when I came back my husband was freaking out because there was oil all over the driveway!!!! He placed a call to Monroe and spoke to Tim, told him the issue and told tim he was bringing the car back at that time!! It was about 4:45pm at that point which means I was driving around all that time leaking oil!!!!!! My husband got there and tim told him the " gasket was bad"... it wasn't bad 4 hours ago.... so needless to say Tim didn't tight the oil filter when he was finished my oil change!!!! He did a NEW oil change, then he never cleaned the oil that was all under my car off!!!!! So after he was done he had to put the car back on the left to wipe it off!!! At the end off all this Tim gave my husband 2 free oil changes for our inconvenience... It really didn't make this experience any better. Hopefully he hadn't done this to other customers???!!!! I really think part of the problem is that every time the phone rang he had to STOP what he was doing and answer it! Maybe you should have someone at the desk answering phones on a busy Sunday so mistakes like this are not made! Needless to say I will not be coming back to have work done on my vehicle, and I hope this kind of mistake doesn't happen to anyone else.
    Nicole - March 2017
  • Customer service was good
    Janet - February 2017
  • Great guys, great service
    Thomas - February 2017
  • Very friendly and courteous staff.
    Shelly - February 2017

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