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(609) 771-8131

1832 North Olden Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08638

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What People Are Saying:

  • Its usually easy to get oil change
    Edwin - February 2018
  • The service was fast and employees were skilled and very polite!
    T - January 2018
  • Product is good
    SWAPNIL - December 2017
  • On my drive home from work I noticed that my rear brakes were overheating. By the time I arrived at the local Monro shop. it was almost 7pm and they were ready to close. I was greeted by Pete Garcia the new manager. Once I explained my predicament, Pete diagnosed the problem and said he would be happy to repair the brakes while I waited. It was well past closing time when he finished and took the car for a test drive to be sure there were no other problems.
    Mark - October 2017
  • Greetings I made a appointment for a oil change . the manager told me i could come in early greatly appreciated They were not busy I had a coupon for a oil change that required a credit card ? or something ?? I but i always get oil ch there with my Honda. they always honor my coupon The oil change was quick .the oil change was too much $35.26 as much as any dealership that does everything i requested.? I had another coupons on line from monroe. I ask to check my battery. I had some corrosion on it . It was not done ! My oil change was quick 30 min - I did not get a tire rotation or any brake check. I mentioned it was noted on another visit my brake pad were a level 3 . I have life time pads with Monroe . you installed brakes /roders in the past on this vehicles . I was think of changed them? I a bit disappointed in the service on this visit . I may get my brake pad done some where else . In see mavis has a brake special for $ 79 .00 fek fek
    Frank - October 2017
  • I'm going to start off by saying I love to bring my 2000 honda civic to monro for service. The guys are very polite, knows what their talking about, they won't return your car unless it's fully serviced. I've been dealing with these guys since 2014. Thanks guys.
    Gemerre - September 2017
  • Very professional, great staff. I always get greeted with a smile even though I know they are having a bad day. Have been a loyal customer for years and plan on keeping it that way. I'm always in great hands at Monroe. Keep up the Great work guys.
    Donna - August 2017
  • Need more staff manager was at the front desk while only one tech working by his self. That place has really gone down, I was suppose to get my tires rotated and they didn't do it,also did not top any of my fluids I had to ask......
    Cassie - August 2017
  • I had made an appointment, but had a meeting moved up and was going to be a little later than I'd expected, so I called to ask if I should expect a long wait for an oil change. I was told that it shouldn't be a long wait, so I drove over. When I arrived, the guy behind the counter told me again that it shouldn't be too long, so I gave him my keys and sat down. However, it took quite a while for my car to be brought inside to be worked on, at least half an hour or so. Once they brought it inside, it didn't take long to get it all done, but it was a bit unsettling to have waited so long for my car to be started on.
    Will - August 2017
  • Went to the Ewing NJ location and got my brakes worked on. My wife drove the truck for about a 1/2 hour and called me to tell me my truck wasn't driving normal. I meet her on the the side of a highway and discovered none of the lug nuts on all 4 tires were not tightened on the wheels. I will NEVER use this service EVER AGAIN!
    Rick - August 2017
  • New brakes on my car. Service was prompt. Employees were helpful
    Bree - July 2017
  • Expected a $100 charge, but got a $340 charge instead!
    Joel - June 2017
  • Came in with 9.95 oil change / tire rotation coupon. Manager took coupon and pulled car in. After oil change started to pull car out , and I asked about tire rotation. They said ball joints were loose so the would'nt do rotation and that front tires had belts showing. After a ten minute argument when I insisted on rotation they did it. When I looked at the front tires to see the worn belts I was told not to step in the shop. There are no belts and no excessive wear on these tires. When the manager printed the bill the 9.95 turned into 24.88. If ther was a disclaimer he should have told me at check in. We have 5 cars that we take here,and this was my first bad experience. Very unhappy.
    jim - June 2017
  • Very fast service
    Nick - May 2017
  • They are fast and accommodating. Fair prices and they explain everything to where you can understand what's exactly going on with your car and they also show you the problem on your car so you can see it as well.
    Tanaisa - May 2017
  • Service was fast and good
    Joseph - April 2017
  • I've been coming to this shop in Ewing NJ for a long time now and I can definitely tell the difference from the old staff crew to the staff now. This past year the manager here is extremely nice, his motto is "if you got time, I got time." You rarely find that in ppl today. Now it's all about the customers.
    Johnnie - April 2017
  • The workers were very knowledgeable and informed me of all issues with my car
    Talaya - April 2017
  • I was served promptly and satisfactory
    Luis - March 2017
  • Always a pleasure getting my Cadillac Escalade serviced there!!!
    Cassandra - March 2017
  • Service is great here. Even though I didn't need the actually service I paid for the manager (Eric) was extremely helpful and nice.
    Krystal - February 2017
  • Was very pleased , and will recommend this place over ANY of there competition! Erik was very professional and accommodating!
    Andrew - January 2017
  • I've been going there for 3 years. I'm always happy with the service I received.
    Fadeline - August 2016
  • Always have a good experience when getting my car serviced.
    Sherry - September 2015
  • The manager Rich has gone the extra mile when it comes to customer service.
    Travis - September 2015

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