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(973) 674-5333

269 Central Avenue
E. Orange, NJ 07018

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7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM



What People Are Saying:

  • Very courstey and helpful was in a out in 20 minutes he also had recommendation of doing my brakes explain to me that they was bad with the rotors. He gave me a very quick qoute of time and labor. And the bonous was the free WiFi while waiting. I recommended this guys to anybody thanks for the speedy service and fair prices.
    Devon - January 2018
  • Monro has great service and great people. they changed my oil and now my car is drving smoothly again.
    Alnisha - December 2017
  • Friendly and efficient
    John - October 2017
  • Ignored my brakes until there was a grinding sound. Called up the store and was immediately accommodated. Interactions were quick and to the point. My brakes feel better than they have ever been.
    Paul - October 2017
  • My Car runs great. Good Job ...Good Service
    Cassandra - October 2017
  • The service at this location was very good. And the manger was helpful and polit.
    Darnell - August 2017
  • It was fast & efficient
    Orrianne - August 2017
  • Very Satisfied with the service I received
    Tiffany - June 2017
  • They were quick and good service
    Asher - May 2017
  • I would like to see if they can honor the extra discount on brake service that was offered last time I was in. This discount would have been on top of the coupon.
    Zakaria - May 2017
  • For the second time I asked them to repair or remove a loose of noisy metal under my truck and they charged me $45.00 twice but never did it. Don't waste your time and money at this place. Also James the owner should find a new occupation because I've never been spoken to so rudely and as a business owner should have a little respect for their customers especially when he technically stole my money!
    Joe - May 2017
  • Great staff
    Rosa - May 2017
  • Great place
    Lauren - May 2017
  • The Manager is a piece of Work the young people are straight out of auto school, very nice but inexperienced. Brought my car In and was told that I need new brakes and rotors, so I paid $461.63 to have it service. I took my car home, drove it for a couple of days and it started making a weird noise in the front wheels so I took it back and was told that the right rotor was warped. I expected them to replace it with another NEW ROTOR and to my Disbelief the manager told me that "STORE POLICY is to correct this problem by shaving down the rotor and if that didn't work then he will replace it with a New Rotor" I expressed to him that i found that to be unexceptable!!! After standing outside for about 20 minutes with my back facing the front door the manager opened his front door and stuck out his head and said "I'm going to give you a new one" then close the door!!! I walk to a Wendy's to sit there until my car was finished. After over an hour I walked back to Monro to see if my car was ready, It was still up on the lift, I went to the waiting area and asked the manager politely "do you know how much longer will it be?" He said " your rotor is in route". So I sat in the waiting area for another 20 minutes,later a gentleman came and told me that my rotor was here, another 10-15 minutes the manager looked at me pointed to the door, so I turned to see what he was pointing at and saw my car outside. I told the mechanic to take a test ride with me and NOW WE HEARD NOISE coming from my Right front wheel!! He told me my Caliper needs changing!!!! I then left with Disbelief of what just happened, ARE THEY RIPPING ME OFF BY DAMAGING MY CAR FOR MORE BUSINESS????
    Benard - April 2017
  • It was fine
    Carla - April 2017
  • Very friendly manager Ed Felix, always willing to find the best solution to the problem, work out financial options
    Olga - April 2017
  • I came in for an alignment today. They did a test drive and it wasnt perfect. So they checked it again. EVERY time o come here i recieve great quality service! I love coming to this monroe. There is closer service shops to my house but i always go the extra 5 minutes to come here.
    amanda - March 2017
  • asdf
    asdf - March 2017
  • liked the brakes at the garage it was good
    ferris - March 2017
  • Outstanding service Brian & Zach
    Robert - March 2017
  • Rob the manager was very friendly and professional. He told me everything that was needed to be done on my car and what I will need done next time I come in.They are very knowledgeable and honest will all services I would recommmend this location to anyone.
    Amelia - February 2017
  • This location has a new owner and the service is not as friendly as with the past owner,
    Gregory - February 2017
  • I went in for an oil change and was treated with the best customer service that I've in a very long time. The staff was very polite and willing to answer any and all questions.
    William - February 2017
  • They know me by name, so that makes me feel special as if they really care about me.
    Peaches - September 2015
  • I have always receive excellent service and I keep bring my car back for service.
    Velma - September 2015
  • Friendly and helpful counter clerk and explained all that they did.
    jeanna - September 2015

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