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Somersworth, NH 03878

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What People Are Saying:

  • Good inspection, took an hour with the oil change because the inspection was thoroughly done. Appreciate free WiFi.
    Allison - February 2018
  • Great management great customer service manager is such a great guy honest honest helpful and just a pleasure to work with thank you very much for the great work
    Troy - January 2018

  • Jason - January 2018
  • The guys at the shop were excellent! Definitely going back!
    Shannon - January 2018
  • Very professional ,did a great job!
    Ann - January 2018
  • Very friendly staff
    Davis - January 2018
  • Exhaust issues again. Seems like it's the story of my life. But Monro is always quick and efficient taking care of me.
    Michelle - December 2017
  • Use the oil in my engine to maintain running performance.
    Diane - December 2017
  • They recommended synthetic blend to my car and it works great for me
    Dineshkumar - December 2017
  • Speedy service and able to order a part quickly and replace it with the old one.
    Shannon - December 2017
  • Went to Monroe in Somersworth NH and had evap test done. They were very professional and friendly.
    Josh - November 2017
  • cheap and fast stellar service from the manager shawn, as usual.
    Tim - October 2017
  • Total brake replacement was quick and complete. Technicians followed up on existing problems and ensured that I was happy with results
    Matt - October 2017
  • Looked over a few things and told me what was needed. Straight forward and direct.
    Sean - October 2017
  • Walked in for an oil change for my Jeep Liberty. Price was $14.99 prior to disposal fees. Came with tire rotation. Never checked to see if it was done, but I trust them.
    Gareth - October 2017
  • Got me in and out in about 50 minutes, included tire rotation, anti-freeze check, tire tread check, and brake inspection
    Mark - September 2017
  • I had a appointment early AM for A oil change and transmission flush took over 2.5 hours to complete. It should have been done in less than a hour. And while we were in the waiting room another customer had been waiting over 40 minutes and her car hadn't even been taking in the shop yet and she had a appointment time too. She wasn't happy. I was frustrated as well having to wait and the waiting room is extremely uncomfortable and small. I had to pay over $200 to do my oil change and transmission fluid change and got charged way to much for labor when that job should have been done in less than a hour. They need more help with scheduling and more mechanics on they were turning people away that walked in telling them to come back in over 2 hours. It was definitely way to busy and unorganized store. Very short staffed. I've been going there for a long time for service and this one was definitely one of the worst. Not sure if I'll be going back if I do it definitely won't be on a weekend.
    Christina - September 2017
  • Oil was great price and service
    Sam - September 2017
  • I went in for brake service and an oil change. Got charged for oil change/air filter replacement but service was not performed.
    Rich - September 2017
  • Day One - one hour: One hour to get an estimate and make an appointment. "this will take one hour to do the job". Day Two - two hours: The car enters the bay a half hour after the appointment time; there is difficulty getting the exhaust off; after two hours the muffler is off and a comparison to the new piece reveals that the replacement is not the right part. I am told that the car must stay overnight - I am on my own for transportation (Thank you Uber); Day Three - four hours: I call at 9am and am told the car will be ready at noon; I show up at 12:30 and the pipe is still not the correct one; they muscle the pipe until it's obvious it won't fit then decide to cut and weld it; I am provided a 10% discount although I was told it would be 10% or 15%; I am forced to cancel an appointment; the car is pronounced done however I am told "there is a leak in the manifold now" and they "would patch it if they could find it"; the car still makes noise Day Four - one hour: conversation with the manager; the car goes on the lift; I am shown a rough looking area of pipe with a white substance on it and told the the weld needs a repair; the support hanger is missing Day Five - two and a half hours: nine o'clock appointment and the car goes on the lift a half hour later; the manager says the plan is to remove the pipe and re-weld off the car; after two and a half hours the car is test driven and returned to me Conclusion Five trips on five different days, my car still does not have the right pipe, 10.5 hours, no apology for my loss of time (the discount was less than minimum wage), over $20 in Uber fares. Several other notes: profanity heard coming from service bay, loud music blasting into waiting area, one day there was a technician who disappeared for over three hours - why do i know this?, one technician burned themselves while working on my vehicle - again, why do I know this? At least the "Did we WOW you today?" poster was removed
    Brian - September 2017
  • Staff was very helpful, accommodating, and honest.
    Kristen - August 2017
  • Great people and did a great job on my truck
    Troy - August 2017
  • Everything taken care of quickly.
    lisa - August 2017
  • Quick service and always has good promotional deals.
    Kumar - August 2017
  • Came for the $14.99 oil change with tire rotation. Was told my car needs $700 worth of repairs.
    Sue - August 2017
  • Had a brake job recently which was very costly. Told it would take 1.5 to 2 hours so I waited on a very hot day. My 86 year old Dad was with me and we sat under a tree for 5 hours. When we left there was a noise coming from the wheels and when I got home I realized there was grease from the mechanics hands all over the hood, doors and everywhere inside the car and all over the instrumentation. I brought car back about the noise and clean the grease. It took another 3 hours approximately. I left and the noise was still there. I went back again and was told I needed a master cylinder because the brake pedal was going almost to the floor so I scheduled another appointment. I had to leave my vehicle overnight so they could fix it the next morning. I was told 1.5 hours and when I called at noon they had started the job in the morning but were busy and have had 17 customers in a row. I asked since they started my car first thing in the morning and knew I was waiting and this was my third attempt to get my car repaird correctly, why did they take 17 new customers ahead of me and still not complete my job on time? No explanation except we will finish as soon as possible. I told them to hurry it up because I was coming to pick up my car. Lucky for me my car was ready when I got there. As I drove away, I could still hear the noise I previously heard although it was a little less loud. It still make the noise intermittently. Now the Needs Service light appears on my dashboard when I start the car. I am most likely not going to go back there for service on my car but still may need to go back to diagnose why the Needs Service light is on. I have been going there for years with multiple cars but lately the service has been horrible and the wait time off the charts, a few excuses and lack of help and taking on too much work for the number of mechanics has contributed to the whole mess. Manager and mechanics are nice people but they need to only take on what they can complete.
    Marcel - August 2017
  • I've been coming here for a while and usually the service is excellent. I called to make an appointment and they said no need because you're dropping your car off. I go to hand them the keys while I drop it off and there guy asked when my appointment was? Then I pick it up the next day and there is no sticker on my car for the oil change. The mileage on my receipt was wrong (by over 100 miles) and there was no evidence anything had been done besides their word. Seems sketchy, not sure I will be back. Eric was awesome I'm not sure where he went.
    Caitlin - July 2017
  • I've been going here for years, and the service has always been excellent.
    Margaret - July 2017
  • Great customer service and price.
    Lance - June 2017
  • I used.your service to inspect my car
    Joseph - June 2017
  • I was a walk in for an oil change. They took me earlier than their promised wait time, and finished in no time at all. I will definitely be back.
    Robin - June 2017
  • This is not the first poor experience I have had with your company. I had hinges replaces on my back window. The hinges to don't line up. They weren't attached properly. The liner didn't get put back on properly. The window doesn't line up properly for closure now. It's a MESS! I'm not happy! The bolts that were cut off were left in the drives seat! Should I go on. NOT quality service and WAY too expensive!
    Wendy - May 2017
  • I've trusted Monroe for many years now to keep my cars running. Service was a little slow at my appointment and the e-brake didn't get put back right the first time after my brake work, but I appreciate the safety checks and the efforts that went into the situation to make it right. Thank you.
    Sarah - May 2017
  • Always do great job with my vehicles
    David - May 2017
  • This is not the first time I have used Monroe in Somersworth NH. I will use them again in the future
    Kevin - April 2017
  • I've just started going to Monroe to get my car serviced and the manager Eric is always very friendly and courteous. The tech Rick who did my most recent oil change was salso very nice.
    Heather - March 2017
  • They always get my vehicles in when they say and do the job right
    Dave - March 2017
  • Got the tire rotation with my oil change. Good price and good service
    David - March 2017
  • The oil change and tire rotation coupon card is a great deal. The addition quart for my truck was a little pricey
    David - March 2017
  • The staff was phenomenal. I needed an oil change and they were able to get me in and out quickly!
    Hannah - March 2017
  • I called a day ahead to make appointment, get a quote with time estimate and ask about coupon use. I was told that I could come at 8AM, that oil change and inspection would take about an hour and that I could use the specified coupon. When I arrived, I was told that I was not down for an appointment and the person questioned whether I was sure that I called that location; there was only one person there so that it would be longer than an hour. I provided coupon before the work was started. When the work was done, I was told that the coupon could not be used because there was already discounts applied—the amount was more than I was quoted with the coupon, and at the end of the service I was told the job was done with no review. I will not be returning for any other services.
    Margaret - March 2017
  • Slow service. Quoted a certain time and it was twice as long. Customer service was OK.
    Aaron - March 2017
  • Good fast service
    Christina - March 2017
  • Quick and professional
    Helen - March 2017
  • I live in Maine, my car is registered in maine and stickered in Maine. My car, an '02 PT-cruiser and was past due for State inspection. I went in for an oil change because I had a coupon. They told me I could also get a Maine sticker on my car there for $39. He said Maine recognizes NH state inspection because they (NH) is more fussy when it comes to inspections. I said, ok, why not, knowing my car had already had a whole bunch of extensive and expensive work done by these guys in the past few months, like brakes, alignment, and some front end ball joint something or other repaired. Ok, one stop shopping, go ahead and inspect too. They did the oil change, and tire rotation and then about an hour later the manager comes out and says, there's just a couple of little things. And he brings me back and shows me the "little things"... He bounced the front end of my car and said it needs new struts. Then he said my headlamps were too foggy and they wouldn't pass and they could fix those, with a kit, but it would take 3 hours. Then he told me the rear sway bar was broken or needed replacing. When I asked him how much for all these "couple of little things", by the time I finished counting on fingers, toes and kneecaps, the price was getting up over $800 dollars. Seriously. I can't make this stuff up. I told him to put my car back together and I'll go home over the border to Maine and take my chances there. So instead of paying for a $19.95 Oil change and other things the coupon said they'd check, which they did, rotate tires, and other stuff. I ended up paying also the $39.00 for the "Fail" on my car, plus a hidden fee. I paid over $67.96! Do you know, Maine only charges around $12 to $24 dollars for an inspection? On my way home I was starting to get really angry. I felt taken advantage of. I will never take my car back to Munro for anything! Today, I took my car for an inspection in Maine and it passed!
    Gail - March 2017
  • Good Servie
    Nancy - February 2017
  • My brake line broke and the guys at Monro worked hard a fixing the problem and getting me my car back quickly.
    Heidi - February 2017
  • Stopped in around 9 am looking to have a oil & filter change as well as tires rotated. Told I would need to come back and 11 am was next available slot. Came back at 10:50 (10 minutes early) and car was not taken in until 11:35 ! Tire pressure was also not set correctly. Both tires and manufactures sticker in door say 35 lbs. Tires were lowered to 33 and marked on oil sticker as 33 lbs. Not happy about wasted time and poor attention to details.
    Michael - January 2017
  • Service was provided in the time advised, I appreciate the thorough explanation of any observations about my breaks in easy to understand terms, and I watched the district manager handle a very difficult situation with extreme patience and care. He truly had the customer's best interest at heart, and that's a great quality.
    Robert - September 2015

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