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250 Lowell Road
Hudson, NH 03051

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What People Are Saying:

  • I've gone to another Monro and didn't have the best experience for an oil change but this oil change experience was much better.
    K.W. - March 2018
  • We were told when we went in for oil change that right front ball bearing was bad. We said we just had it fixed a couple months ago at local shop. Went back to local shop the next day and mentioned this. 3 different mechanics looked at it, none saw any issue with ball bearing at all
    Matt - March 2018
  • I made appointments online for an oil change and a sticker. The service was very good and everything went smoothly. I even found a coupon online for the oil change!
    Lynne - February 2018
  • better price on tires in the area and great service
    Laureen - January 2018
  • Since they checked my brakes, the front tires seem to wobble going back to have them fixed
    Denise - January 2018
  • I went in for an oil change. I had made an appointment online. When they took in my car, the oil change was quick and efficient. The car I brought in, needed new tires and they showed me exactly why. I do wish they could have taken my car at exactly the time that my appointment was but I know that things run late.
    Annie - January 2018
  • They Were very busy came with an appointment , left the hoad open!!!
    Khaled - January 2018
  • My car had been sitting in the driveway for a while and the guys got it up and running again
    Ronald - January 2018
  • Oil change went well. BUT tires were not rotated and I asked them to rotate them and the air pressure was not checked. The low tire pressure light came on one hour after the oil change and the tires all needed air.
    Alfred - December 2017
  • The staff at the Hudson store were very friendly and professional. I went for an oil change after scheduling it online. When I got there, my car was promptly pulled into one of the bays. While I waited, the gentleman working on my car came out at some point to let me know the progress. In addition to the oil change, I got a free tire rotation and car check up. To top it all off, I was able to apply one of the coupons I printed from the Monro website. This was my first visit to this location, and I can honestly say that I will not be going anywhere else!
    Joseph - December 2017
  • Made an appointment on line for an oil change, and they got me in and out in 45 minutes.
    Philip - December 2017
  • Andy is always great
    Penelope - December 2017
  • They only get 1 star because I couldn't leave zero. I took my SUV into the local Hudson NH store for an oil change and tire rotation. And like I do, as I have for the past 35 years, If possible, and it was in this case, I watch them work on my vehicle. I drove in at 4:30 and there was only one car on the 5 or 6 bay work area. I got right in! I was happy with that. They pulled my car into a bay where there was a ramp style lift. They drove my car right up on it. They didn't use the bay where the lift had legs so the wheels under your car would just float for the tire rotation. I thought well maybe they will move it or this ramp was special and you could somehow do both. Within 15 minutes the place filled up. All bays were now filled. One mechanic was on so the desk guy Thad or Chad had to go back and help work on vehicles. So now my attention is really on my SUV. They drained the oil, I never saw them go to the back for my filter and they never touched the tires. Yet I still sat there for an hour or more. Finally around 6 Thad or Chad comes out and says I'm all set and I question him and he flat out says he rotated my tires. My car was on the second lift in from the waiting area, unblocked by anything. I said no you didn't and he insisted he did. I said I watched you bounce from car to car and you never touched my wheels. I mentioned the filter, got the same reply. Well unless I was dead for a while and missed him rotating 4 heavy big tires and rims, he's a liar and i have no room for liars or people who rip off the customer. He didn't even have dirt on him. These tires and rims are large and heavy, he would have had to pick them up with just his hands, no body or arm help in order to have stayed as clean as he did. I then checked my rims and not one had a fingerprint mark, a rub in the dust that was on them or anything on them. Pay attention to your car if they get busy and it's close to closing time because obviously all the rules go out the window if it happens.
    Jim - November 2017
  • Easy to book appointment online & always a quick response with verification of appointment. I have never had a bad experience ever! I highly recommend Munro Hudson N.H.
    Dawn - November 2017
  • Just had my car inspected. Will be back again next year for my other 2 vehicles
    Carol - October 2017
  • Very good
    Karonlay - October 2017
  • Bring my car here for oil change and service friendly staff fast service good pric
    Alex - October 2017
  • I had some thing repaired that they mentioned on my last visit and was even cheaper then the estimate. The new crew is spectacular
    Colleen - September 2017
  • Best service ever. I brought my husbands jeep in for service and I was treated like a normal person not a dumb girl like some shops have on the past
    Chad - September 2017
  • What a relief it was to stumble upon this store and staff. We were on our way to an event in Litchfield NH and the tranmission coolant line went on our truck. Unfortunately the store did not have the part but they found it what seemed like immediately from the Chevy dealership. He was able to locate an employee who could achieve fixing the truck. Also needed another part from the Chevy dealership. The manager actually took it upon himself to locate a less expensive part for us elsewhere. We were there all afternoon but the manager made sure we were as comfortable as we could be. And I must mention if we went elsewhere I highly doubt the truck would of been fixed that day. Overall, it was just amazing how they handled our problem. I could not say enough good things about the manager and his staff!
    Amanda - September 2017
  • The staff was great and got us in and out right away couldn't be happier
    Justin - September 2017
  • Friendly nature of service team
    Sreekanth - September 2017
  • I had my truck inspection done here. I was able to get an appointment for the next day, and the inspection was done in a timely manner.
    Jennifer - September 2017
  • Great Job!
    Robert - September 2017
  • I asked for an oil change and tire rotation which was preformed but it looks like they laid my rims face down and this has scratched two of my rims not a happy customer. I will not be going back here.
    Jason - September 2017
    Goerge - August 2017
  • The prices are a bit high.
    Stephanie - August 2017
  • The work is good, but it always takes too long, my car is put in, and the tech walks away.
    Robert - August 2017
  • Scheduled oil change on line for next day. Service was great, employees friendly and helpful
    Laura - July 2017
  • Great prices and service
    David - July 2017
  • Very professional - I had an appointment for an oil change and was taken promptly (this is not always the case), and informed of how much time I should expect to wait. I asked to have my brakes looked at as well and this was done, and a clear explanation of the problem (and an estimate to correct) was provided. Clean waiting area.
    Lisa - July 2017
  • Always quick and very friendly
    Frances - June 2017
  • This was a follow-up of an alignment that wasn't done properly at the first time. This time everything went fine.
    Chhandomay - June 2017
  • Brought my car in for an oil change and some repair work. Everything was done in the time they quoted. Great service. Will return.
    Kathleen - June 2017
  • Attention to detail
    Stanley - June 2017
  • I was there for a wheel alignment. At the end of the service, I didn't receive the alignment results. I asked for it, then I was given the results. It showed that after the alignment was done, the real right camber was out of alignment. It changed by a huge amount (2.3 degrees) from Green to Red AFTER alignment. The store manager tried to give answers explaining why misalignment was fine without any logic that made sense. When I pressed about the logic he was giving not adding up, he admitted that he was not "the alignment person" and the technician who did alignment has left for the day, so he really don't know what to do about this misalignment. He asked me to come back later and get it fixed if I have problems! And oh, btw, I asked for oil change as well, and the oil life was showing 40% when I was given the car back after servicing. The other technician said he forgot to reset the oil life. Extremely disappointing experience, to say the least.
    Chhandomay - June 2017
  • Changed oil & rotate tires
    Alfred - June 2017
  • As usual, everything done, promptly and on time.
    Joseph - June 2017
  • excellent store and service
    Dennis - May 2017
  • I was quoted a price before bringing my vehicle in for repair. Due to unexpected issues(which almost always happen when fixing a car). The job took 2 hours longer to complete than I was going to be charged for. I was made aware of the problems they were facing and the possible courses of action. The mechanic managed to complete the job and get me back on the road with only a minor delay. back to the quoted price, They kept their word on the price even though the job was much more difficult than anticipated. Thank you I highly recommend this shop.
    Russ - May 2017
  • Fast, efficient, knowledgeable, friendly.
    Shawna - May 2017
  • I Love this Monro branch. ALWAYS pleasant, they always greet me right away, service is on time. I highly recommend them :)
    Heidi - May 2017
  • O
    Khaled - May 2017
  • The guys at Monro in Hudson are always very accommodating and easy to deal with. I keep coming back because I know they'll do a good job and won't take advantage like many other shops tend to do.
    Rob - May 2017
  • My car was not test driven by Monroe's after front pads and rotors were done. They were worse than when I brought it in. Car was taken back in and brakes were bled. There was an improvement, but still *mushy*. Before they bled the brakes, they took off rear tires to recheck rear brakes. Monroes even said that my rear brakes were in good shape along with a prior brake report from NTB (pads and rotors were done last year). When I drove it the next morning, the rear brakes were making a scraping sound, also my tires rotate make a thud sound and feeling with each rotation while driving. They were friendly and willing to look at it again, however I have no confidence in them. Taking it to my dealers. Very concerned.
    Linda - April 2017
  • Guys know there business and are always professional
    David - April 2017

  • Katarina - April 2017
  • I was told on 2 occasions that my charge would be 200 or less. Work was done and i was charged 250. When i told the guy on register that, he said oh well im sorry i cant help you. I have been a customer for many years and I think i deserved an explanation and better treatment. I will still bring my cars there for service. Just not when that man is working.
    Richard - April 2017
  • Great job
    Satya - April 2017
  • Very great service
    Kerry - April 2017
  • Great place great people
    Thomas - April 2017
  • Great place great people
    Thomas - April 2017
  • I didn't have an appointment but they squeezed me in
    Heather - April 2017
  • Front brakes and rotors
    Cyndy - March 2017
  • Car is running great after work on it. Customer service was excellent.
    Mary - March 2017
  • Always get my oil changed here! I get a quick response when I request a weekend time slot to come in and they are able to get my car in and out in a timely manner. Workers are also friendly and easy to work with!
    Lauren - March 2017
  • 1996 F150 restoration required a front end alignment after a front end rebuild. Some parts fought back due to the age and rust. They persevered and did a great job. I also inadvertently ordered rear Monroe shocks during the restoration and had them in had. Charged a very reasonable price to install them for me and again bolts needed to be torched etc.. not easy but they got it done and done well !!
    Darrell - March 2017
  • Price is awesome. Service is great.
    Mike - March 2017
  • I have been to many different places for a car inspection and i have had some ridiculous reasons for my car to fail but at Monroe they only called me with a legitimate reason for my car to fail and it only cost me $300.00 to fix my wheel bearing and for the inspection. The staff was very friendly. I would recommend going to Monroe in Hudson.
    Tess - March 2017
  • The 2 guys that worked Sunday morning 2/26/17 were awesome and provided me with a lot of good info, just called today to set up another appoiment to get my tire repaired.
    Roy - March 2017
  • As usual, the work was completed timely, and the store was able to take me earlier than my appointment
    Joseph - February 2017
  • Ernie and his team were honest, fast-working, and pleasant. They were very flexible when I had multiple schedule changes
    Katie - February 2017
  • I come here for all of my oil changes. Always quick and efficient!
    Mariselli - February 2017
  • They did a great job on my service and it was done on time at a great price.
    James - February 2017
  • I would bring my vehicle here for service anytime
    John - February 2017
  • I booked an appt online for inspection sticker. I was given an appt for Monday Jan 30th. My wife showed up for appt and was told they had no stickers available. Rescheduled again for following night Tue Jan 31st. My wife did not see the phone message and showed up for appt to be told there was no technician available to perform inspection. She was told to come back the next day Wednesday Feb 1st. She went to work when the Annie expired sticker. After work she went for a 3rd straight day for appt. I think there is a lesson to be learned from this feedback. This was our first time at your establishment since we were lost king for a new service place. This will more than likely be our last time. I sincerely hope this feedback is used as a customer service lesson.
    Jo'Anne - February 2017
  • Headlights look great. Andy did a great job.
    Kevin - January 2017
  • The gentleman ar the front was great. My car was ready on time. The price was a big factor. My husband and both had our cars serviced. We will go back again when needed!! Very satisfied.
    Michael - August 2016
  • Took me in for an oil change without an appointment. Got me in and out in a reasonable time with a fair price. Gave me a "report card" giving me the ability to keep an eye on anything I may need in the future
    Danielle - July 2016
  • Every time I go to Monro I get great service.
    Celeste - September 2015

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