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(603) 926-4019

308 Lafayette Road
Hampton, NH 03842

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What People Are Saying:

  • Before this visit always the best shop in town. This time surly customer service and an inspection sticker not only replaced in the wrong place but overlapping an expiring town parking sticker. I expected better, it usually is the best, so disappointed
    Steve - January 2018
  • The man at the front desk was very friendly and helpful and explained the services that he provided to me
    Jillian - December 2017
  • Hector went out of his way to accomodate our daughter’s needs on a Sunday on short notice. Much appreciated!
    Maria - November 2017
  • Very proffessional and efficient
    Art - October 2017
  • Extremely poor. Dealt with manger to order new tires. He never returned calls. Then once finally arranged an appointment, he ordered wrong tires. Called him a few more times, he never returned the calls. Went to the Stratham NH store, where thy were great. Had my tires installed there. Lost a customer for that manager in the Hampton location.
    Chuck - October 2017
  • My check engine light came on and I took it to the Monroe I had used in the past for various servicing on my car. It was the catalytic converter code for the check engine light. They replaced the converter and one of the O2 censors $1,700 roughly. Within a week the light was back... I returned and they said that they didn't replace the 2nd O2 censor in my car cause they didn't think it was needed so an addition $300 out of my pocket. Light returned I went back now for a 3rd time and they claimed it was a faulty part and replaced it. Drove off thinking I was all set but nope.... Light returned and now visiting the store for the 4th time. I am dealing with my 3rd store manager on the now over a span of multiple months and annoyed that my car is still not fixed. They told me that they should have replaced one of the parts with a Toyota specific part instead of an after market part so I would need to come back after they ordered the right part on back order. I arrive as agreed a week later when they said they would have the part for my 5th visit and I walk in to find out they had not received the part. I didn't receive a courtesy call or anything letting me know about this delay. I wouldn't be as frustrated if it wasn't already made clear to them I live an hour away and now for the 5th time had taken time away from my job to get this fixed and its still not resolved. I returned after we verified that the part was in store and they were ready to do the work needed. I arrive for my 6th visit had the part installed and left. 2 days later my light returned and the story continues. I've now spent $112 going to Toyota directly to confirm what specifically needs to be done to fix this problem and they confirm all that Monroe has supposedly already attempted to "fix" ... 6 visits later with over $2,000 spent and 12 transit hours lost to still have a check engine light on. To say the least I am not impressed!
    Samantha - September 2017
  • Went to local Monro last Thursday to check out a squeak I noticed from in-traffic driving the day before. Pads were fine, could not reproduce the sound. Was told my back ?rotor covers? were looking rough but that they were dealer parts and could be say $700. Mechanic (Hector?) starting poking around in these parts with a screwdriver to show and pulling them away from the rotor to show bad they were. As a result of his poking, now the car squeaks noticeably when doing any right hand turn. Brought in to today to have shop address. Explained the problem. After 90 minutes, car was finally driven and demonstrated the problem. At that point I was berated -- YOU NEVER BOUGHT BRAKES HERE! YOUR ATTITUDE IS HORRIBLE! GET OUT AND DONT COME BACK! I mean this actually happened. It was the tattoo'd woman who chased me a out and Hector who told go 'pull that cr_p' on some other shop.. _as though this was a scheme I cooked up to scam the Hampton Monro into providing me with some free service on my car. Anyway, your guys have banished me. Thought you should know.
    Mike - August 2017
  • Thank you to the Hampton Team for their thoroughness, kindness and staying beyond shop hours on a weekend to start and complete the necessary new tires, alignment, overall car needs assessment. This team goes above and beyond customer and auto care service.
    Mary - July 2017
  • use them on all 5 family cars and am very pleased with all the work. always friendly and accommodating..first place I choose for any work74
    buster - July 2017
  • Both of my vehicles were serviced in 2 days. I saved money, and they were looney in a timely manor.
    Thomas - June 2017
  • It was good to get the work done !
    Mark - June 2017
  • Honored the warranty on tire. But only after I pointed it out
    Mark - April 2017
  • Fast service. Pleasant desk manager. Highly recommended!
    Steven - April 2017
  • Sean fixed my explorer for my wife. I was away in Florida and she had a problem with the SUV. She took it to Monro, I spoke to Sean and they fixed the problem.
    Thomas - March 2017
  • They answered all my question friendly.
    Morae - March 2017
  • I like the complete car care coverage. I can come in for tires to fluid changes to mechanical work. The guys are helpful and friendly. Some times I feel that they are pushing to get more work beyond what I initially came in for but that's okey, they are just trying to make a living!
    John - February 2017

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