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(603) 934-3314

936 Central Street
Franklin, NH 03235

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7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • John Santos is by far The Best Manager that Monro in Franklin, NH hands down is the Best Manager You have ever had at this Monro location! Fast & Courteous Service! I will be back Again.
    Alan - March 2018
  • Fast friendly service when i had my vehicles inspected today. Manager John Santos definitely excels when it comes to customer service.
    Joe - March 2018
  • When I initially called to set up an appointment for new set of tires, the gentleman on the line stated they did not have the tires he would have to order them oh. The following day I dropped off my car at nine in the morning. At 11:30 and the manager called and stated that they had to go get the tires from another place. At 12:30 I came back to the shop and found my car still sitting on the left with the manager telling me that they were on their way back from Laconia with the tires. At 1:45 they finally had my car done. The thing that discouraged me from coming back here again is the overall time that it took to have the job done. The shop knew ahead of time that they would have to order the tires yeah after sitting with the car for a few hours they started the project. I would not have had an issue if they had just been upfront and honest that it would take them the whole day to change the tires.
    Aiden - March 2018
  • Went in for an oil change and had them do a coolant flush too. They were very accommodating and had me in and out quickly. Thanks guys I will keep coming back.
    Alan - March 2018
  • John and his team went out of their way to assist me when my truck needed work for inspection.
    Matt - February 2018
  • Freidnly quick service for my inspection. Showed me my tires before purchase
    The - February 2018
  • needed muffler service and set up an appointment. John called back an hour later and explained the parts had come in and got me in immediately. This was a great visit as he explained everything as he went along. Honda now purrs like a Kitten instead of rumbling like a tank. Thank you John and tech B.Lebel.
    John - February 2018
  • The team John has at the Monroe in Franklin New Hampshire is amazing I go to them with all my AUTO needs.
    Henry - February 2018
  • I went in for an alignment. There were some problems with my suspension. The manager, John Santos, clearly explained what the issues were and offered to complete the alignment once they were resolved. He in no way tried to pressure me to use Monroe for the repairs. My own mechanic made the necessary repairs and John then completed the alignment. I will come back for this kind of service.
    David - January 2018
  • Very satisfied
    Catherine - January 2018
  • good service. excellent work and prompt
    peter - January 2018
  • Needed to get new snows on and Monro did it before the 10 inches of snow came on Xmas day....
    G. - December 2017
  • I come here very often and the staff is extremely friendly. They're always willing to go the extra mile to make me happy. The last time I went there for an oil change, the manager had noticed that one of my tires was on backwards. He instructed the new guy to fix it while he was doing my oil change. Well, 2 hours goes by and they're finally done. Was not happy AT ALL, and was late for work because of it. But the manager was very apologetic and handled it appropriately. Will still be coming here
    Gabriella - December 2017
  • great job done
    Edward - December 2017
  • Repair 1 - Minor Tune Up and State Inspection = Average Wait time - Mechanic changed my cabin filter and now my right wiper fluid nozzle does not work properly - Fill in manager said we will take care of it next time. Repair 2 (Store Under New Management) Oil Change and tire repair = 3 Hour wait - asked for some repair quotes - Manager did not want to be bothered - I mentioned the damaged wiper nozzle - he said it was fine (Actually it still was not working properly). Repair 3 = Evap Repair/Check Engine Light - 2.5 Hours, Expensive repair bill. Repair 4 = Check engine light came back on 4 days later (Dealer Confirmed EVAP Code) Brought the car back into Monro for Evap Repair - Tires and Wiper Nozzle Repair - 2 Hour wait - The manager put on the tires, said he forgot to order the wiper nozzle and told me to come back for the Evap Repair. Repair 5 = Evap and Nozzle Repair - 4 Hour wait time. Evap was fixed - I ended up paying double shop fees and Double labor - The manager told me the car was all set - He told me both wiper Nozzles were replaced and Monro took care of it . I drove down the street and realized the wiper issue had not changed - I had to drive back to Monro and quickly discovered the work was never done. The mechanic quickly installed both Nozzles and found out the problem was worse than before - He told me they had to order more parts and I would have to come back - I also discovered I was charged almost 50 dollars for something that a previous mechanic damaged over 6 months ago. The whole experience was very costly and time consuming. I ended up paying double shop fees and Expensive labor costs for problems the mechanic could not detect the first time. At this point I don't know what to think - This location used to be very good until this new manager took over. My new tires were also inflated to 47PSI - Checy recommends 31PSI - The manager told me he would speak to his mechanic - The manager was the one that did the work - This issue is not resolved
    David - December 2017
  • Good looking tire tread and a reasonable price.
    Roger - December 2017
  • the tech forgot to due the tire rotation. I had to ask for it
    Mark - December 2017
  • very knowledgeable personnel.
    Edward - December 2017
  • Everytime I come here the guys are always so friendly and they get you and and out. So great.
    Faith - November 2017
  • Manager wasn’t aware of the latest discount but was fine once it was explained
    Margaret - November 2017
  • All is ok
    William - October 2017
  • Came in for my first full synthetic oil change and tire rotation. John, the Manager was friendly and had me in and out within 30 minutes. I had a coupon that I found online which was accepted.
    Brendan - October 2017
  • I had a 3:30 appointment for an oil change. It took 2, yes 2 hours!!!! That is hugely unacceptable! I left the store a little after 5:30 after sitting there and waiting!
    Robin - October 2017
  • I brought my car in to get it inspected and the manager John noticed issues that needed repair that no other garage I had been to had noticed. He even took the time to show me what the issues were and that he wasn’t just trying to get me to fix things that didn’t need repair. This was my first time going here and have been treated with nothing but respect and honest upfront service.
    Nick - October 2017
  • John the Store Manager is an Excellent Manager. Very Helpful & Knowledgeable! Jagger the Mechanic that worked on My Van is probably the Best Mechanic I have dealt with in New Hampshire! John & Jagger were both Very Professional and took care of the Brake & Exhaust Problems I was having on My 2004 Toyota Sienna Van XLE. They will be My New Go to Place for all My Vehicle Needs now & in the future. I usually do not write these Reviews but after The Great Service & Professionalism I Received from John & Jagger I felt I had to let You know You have the Best People I have dealt with at Monroe Muffler & Brakes in Franklin, New Hampshire. The Service there was Second to None! I would and will recommend anyone needing service on there vehicles to c heck out Monroe Muffler & Exhaust in Franklin, New Hampshire.
    Alan - September 2017
  • technician was exceptional
    Steven - August 2017
  • They were extremely helpful
    Kim - August 2017
  • We travel to the lake in the summer and this location is my "go to" for what my vehicle needs. Oil changes, tires, repairs and inspections are all accomplished here. Steve and the gang are always pleasant, informative and professional. Ask a question, get a detailed answer. I know these guys have my back and will make things work for me. They represent the company with grace and grease! Well done!
    Adrith - August 2017
  • Very nice atmosphere. Staff very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions and make suggestions! I was thinking of finding another place because of something's I've seen in the past. With this positive change I'm definitely going to continue my business with Monroe!!!!
    Cindy - July 2017
  • Treated with respect, good group of guys,. I'm going to be going here from now on.
    Jordan - July 2017
  • Great atmosphere! New management is very personable and knowledgeable! It's nice to see a fresh start for the Franklin NH location.
    Cindy - July 2017
  • I have a two year old and they always make sure to get me in and out quick. Always friendly and great customer service answering any questions. They keep me coming back
    Henry - July 2017
  • My car wouldn't start until the tow truck guy hit the starter. Drove it to Monro where they replaced the starter the next day. Day after that it again wouldn't start. Just before the tow truck guy got there I tried again and it started. Took it back to Monro where they replaced the battery. Why they didn't check the battery the day before, especially since installation date was written on the battery, I do not know. Day after that, it again wouldn't start until they recommended I try it in neutral. Took it back to Monro again. They checked all the connections (declared them fine) and said they couldn't fix it unless it was doing it at the time. Why 3 stars? The gentlemen were pretty nice about it and have offered to come wherever I am when it does it again. So far, so good.
    Margaret - June 2017
  • The folks at Monro are always friendly and seem to care about me and my vehicle.
    Dan - June 2017
  • Short wait time
    William - May 2017
  • The mechanic and owner are both knowledgeable on the products they sell and services they provide.
    Bridget - May 2017
  • In the last month I have had tires put on both my wife's Sorento and my GMC pick up, plus oil change and State emissions inspection. They did what they had to do, never brought out old parts and tried to sell me something that was not needed.
    FRED - May 2017
  • I rolled in just in the "nick" of time. When I got there I was in tears, 2 hrs of sleep, no food, and just found out my brother is going into the military. Here was Nick, he looked at me gently and asked if I needed a hug. There was a kindness about the way he dealt with the situation that is rare and amazing. He was so sweet and wanted to get me to my destination right away. As luck would have it, my tire the last of it's kind was in stock with only one left. He promptly changed it and helped me throughout such a scary process. Thank you Nick. Thank you so much. I have never been here before, but you can guarantee that I will be coming back and recommending all to this location.
    Fallon - May 2017
  • Air compressors were "both" down, so I couldn't get my included tire rotation....quick oil change however
    Tim - May 2017
  • none
    Bill - April 2017
  • Service done was very fast!
    Katie - April 2017
  • Got a oil change
    BEVERLY - April 2017
  • Got a oil change
    BEVERLY - April 2017
  • I usually go here for oil changes........the last one was $19.99 and that included tire rotation. The mechanics are courteous, careful with my vehicles and prompt.
    Fred - March 2017
  • I have never been disappointed in my treatment or services rendered. Everyone goes out of there way to be helpful and pleasant. Appointment times are always kept. I am their best advertisement.
    Margaret - February 2017
  • Nick is very nice to the people who come in. Makes sure they understand what he says.
    Lisa - February 2017

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