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3939 Rochester Road
Troy, MI 48083

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What People Are Saying:

  • Waited 4 hours for wheel bearings and tires. High price on bearings, good price on tires. Tires never delivered. Bad business. Ian offered no solution.
    Russ - January 2018
  • I went in for a tire rotation with a free coupon only to be told that I needed new tires. Yes, I was severely overdue for a rotation and I had forgotten to do it, but the reasoning didn’t sound quite right. They said I needed new tires, and for my safety, they needed to stay in the same spots because that would be the safest. We are talking about a new car with 19,500 miles on it. I subsequently took the car in at two other locations and they did say I was very lucky because U was close to the danger zone in their tire tread gauge, but with a rotation now and at my next oil change, I could get back in track. Also, they put new wipers as a courtesy for me, which I was thankful for until one popped off when I used it. In the past I had been satisfied and found them trustworthy, but after this instance, I won’t be going back.
    Miyuki - December 2017
  • Tires feel great already, and the team at Monro was top notch
    Noelle - November 2017
  • I am the one who gave the one star review for not honoring the Speedy ClubCard after Speedy was purchased by Monro. I was not able to edit my previous review therefore I am writing this new one. Shortly after my complaint, I got a phone call that and an apology from Monro customer service. Today I got in the mail a full refund for my Speedy ClubCard in a form of a Monro gift certificate. I am planning to use this certificate in my next visit to Monro. I am not very clear if I must use this certificate all at once or it could be changed with a Monro gift card that will give me more flexibility to use it for example in 2 or 3 conventional oil change. The point is, they cared and they called me twice to ensure that I get this certificate.
    Maged - September 2017
  • I am a regular customer for the Troy's Speedy location. Speedy was my go-to place when I need to fix anything in my cars. I have spent near $2000 in repairs last year alone in addition to regular oil change and other simple maintenance in this location. My complaint is regarding how irresponsible was Monro for not honoring the Speedy commitment toward existing customers in regards to Speedy ClubCard. I purchased a Speedy ClubCard for around $60 that should have give me 4 conventional oil changes, I only used it once. Last Saturday I went to Speedy of Troy (on Rochester Rd) to find that the Speedy sign was changed to Monro, I asked the person who greeted me there to honor this card and he bluntly told me that he will not. He just was indifferent for a customer to leave, and most assuredly will never come back again. So basically, Monro is sending a very clear message to the most loyal Speedy customers that they are not welcomed in their service locations anymore. I am very disappointed, I would expect to either issue us Monro Drive Card with same balance of our current Speedy cards or just honor Speedy ClubCards for the remaining oil changes on each of these cards. I think that will be fair, and anything other than that is basically ripping off good customers from this hard earned money and punishing them for trusting Speedy / Monro.
    Maged - August 2017

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Monro Muffler Brake can save you 50% over the dealer service department. Our scheduled maintenance and repair services also help protect your factory warranty. With more than 50 years of industry experience and 1,107 locations, Monro Muffler Brake is a choice you can trust in Troy, Michigan.

Our Automotive Services Include:

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