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4633 28th Street SE
Kentwood, MI 49512

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What People Are Saying:

  • Work was done on time and at quote.
    Steve - March 2018
  • Took two vehicles in for service work. Staff were professional. Repairs appear to be done well and at a fair cost.
    Steve - March 2018
  • Everyone was friendly and the service was extremely fast.
    Nick - February 2018
  • Got in first thing Monday morning as they opened for an oil change on my company car. Thanks guys on the quick, timely and... oh under $20 oil change. I'll be baaaack!
    Scott - February 2018
  • Really good place for emergency work on a Sunday. This place has helped me out on a Sunday morning a few times. However, took an excessive amount of time this week. Lots of conversation between employees rather than working on the cars in the shop. Tried to pay my $10.95 bill for a tire plug with a $20.00 bill and they couldn't make change. I would still recommend this location because they are open when no one else is!
    Bob - February 2018
  • Friendly staff
    Dyanna - February 2018
  • Fast services
    Nathan - January 2018
  • Great service only negative is old oil change sticker was not replaced with new one as I am accustomed to relying on this for next oil change need (window sticker).
    David - January 2018
  • I've come here before for work and had previously always had a good experience. While there for an oil change I got a quote for some tires. I had them order them and scheduled a time to get them done. I showed up for my appointment after driving a hour in adverse weather with my infant to this appointment since I really needed the tires. Turns out they quoted me on the wrong tire and had ordered tires that was twice the price. Mike was nice about trying to fix the screw up but I found them cheaper elsewhere. Not sure if I'll go back.
    Nicole - December 2017
  • I needed my Ypipe replaced for my 2005 Kia Sorento. They got it done fast for a fair price
    Eric - December 2017
  • Everyone was customer focused, service centered and they even laughed at my lame attempts at humor!!
    Rick - December 2017
  • I scheduled an appointment online in early morning for a Noon time thinking my chances for a reply would be slim to none. I received a reply confirming my requested time within 30 minutes of the shop opening. The service and crew were great.
    Rod - December 2017
  • I just bought an AWD vehicle in May, and this was my first time servicing it. I had a nail in one of my tires, and had no idea I would have to replace all four tires. The guys helped me understand why and gave me different options for pricing. Everyone was kind, patient, and knowledgeable,
    Ali - December 2017
  • friendly and knowledgeable
    Jodi - December 2017
  • Mostly everything was great with my oil change and courtesy check, but was not informed of low coolant
    Taylor - November 2017
  • Tad expensive but I like the fact they got me in fast
    Emma - November 2017
  • Rates are good. Work is good.
    Mark - November 2017
  • They did a great job and made sure everything was running smoothly in my vehicle! Very friendly and took good care of me!
    Amber - November 2017
  • I had an outstanding experience. The staff was well informed and very respectful as well as very welcoming. The job was done in a very timely manner. Definitely will be back if/when I need other repairs.
    Simran - November 2017
  • After I had my seasonal tire change at Monro my TPMS sensor went out
    George - November 2017
  • I went to get an oil change and waited for around 15-20 minutes and the manager told me that he didn’t have the part to perform the oil change. He then told me to come back the next day and I’d get a free oil change. So, I made an appointment for the next day. I came in around 15 minutes early and was told to wait and I was fine with that. I told the manager that was working about the situation yesterday and thankfully there was another mechanic there that was working the day before and knew what happened since the manager that was there had no idea. I waited till my appointment time and that was fine. My car got driven back to get worked on and about 20 minutes after my appoinment was supposed to start the mechanic and manager came and told me that they again didn’t have the tool to work on my car. I had been sitting in there shop for over a half hour and I was very disappointed that yet again they didn’t have the tool. You think that they could have received a note from the manager saying to get the tool before I came in but nope, I didn’t end up even getting an oil change. The mechanic could have also checked before I even sat down if the tool was there but nope, he didn’t so I had to wait yet again. I was very confused why they didn’t have the tool since they work on all different types of cars. I will more than likely not be going back and canceling the credit card that I have through monro!
    Brenna - November 2017
  • My Elantra TPMS sensor burnt out after tire change
    George - November 2017
  • My Malibu had check engine light on. They changed one sensor but light was still in. They said had to change the second sensor. Changed the second one and still check engine light is on after more than $200.
    George - November 2017
  • Leaking fuel lines. They were able to special order all the parts and get it fixed and back to normal in no time.
    Jennifer - October 2017
  • I was in the Grand Rapids, MI area for work. I spent two days in town, then started my 2.5 hour drive home late on a Friday afternoon. I was getting ready to enter the highway when I noticed that my tire was going flat. By the time I pulled off the road, my tire was completely flat. I did a search on my phone for the nearest tire store, and I was lucky enough to have Monro in Kentwood be the first search option. I called the shop at 4:30 and Mike P answered the phone. He told me to bring the car over and they would get me back on the road. So, I slapped on my donut and took it over. I’m not kidding, they had me back on the road by 5:20! I was pleasantly shocked. Mike P is the manager. He was so professional, kind and friendly. As was his crew. 5 stars from me for sure.
    Josh - October 2017
  • we had an emergency repair situation and Mike was able to help us on a Sunday near closing time. actually past closing time.
    Chris - October 2017
  • Staff is always knowledgeable and pleasant. I get appointments that fit my schedule and work is done in a timely manner. I also like the discounts with the drive card.
    John - October 2017
  • Mike was good at explaining what needs to be done right away and what can wait
    George - October 2017
  • Very quick and easy service!
    Brittnie - October 2017
  • I trust Munro to recommend what I need, not what I don't, and to charge me fairly for the work done.
    Jennifer - October 2017
  • They are great at what the do
    TeAira - October 2017
  • Good service and friendly manager
    Nathan - October 2017
  • So happy that the Gentleman Mike, at Monroe Muffler stayed late fixing my car when I came in 10 minutes before closing. My battery light came on, Mike checked with this machine. Learned that I needed a new alternator. Mike stayed late, even drove to get the part so we didn't have to stay any later. After he finished his work, I was so very pleased with his kindness. My daughter and I could wait in air condition room with water, clean bathroom. Later that evening I was able to pick up my sister at the airport in time of her arrival.
    Dawn - September 2017
  • Great customer service at an affordable price, without giving up any of the quality.
    William - September 2017
  • I like the convenience and price. The manager is a great guy. He even drove me to work. The first mechanic missed the cracked belt, but after calling back, my car was rechecked. I received a discount for the inconvenience.
    Doris - September 2017
  • Brakes on my CRV
    Doug - September 2017
  • My appointment was for an exhaust leak. During their inspection, they discovered that the front brakes were worn down to be very thin. Mike (the store manager) took the time to bring me under the car to point out the hole in the exhaust and the worn brakes. Mike offered a few options, I decided what I wanted done and away they went. One of the parts wasn't available for a couple hours, so they gave me a lift to the nearby Starbucks, then picked me up when the job was completed. I am very satisfied. The work was done well and the price was very fair.
    Doug - September 2017
  • A huge thank you to store manager Mike and technician David for setting my vehicle straight again!!! I came in with some problems caused by another facility and an appointment for a wheel alignment. David and Mike were able to fix the problem created by another shop and give me a fantastic deal on my wheel alignment. I made two more appointments today for different vehicles that we have. Needless to say, we will be coming back with our vehicles when ever we need service. Can't say enough good things about this place! These guys are fantastic - The auto Dream Team! Thank you Mike and David!
    Marlene - September 2017
  • Talked be into a flex pipe months ago and wielded it half way and they didnt fully wield it and now after 3 times they said we cant fully wield it because the frames in the way but didnt tell me that before so 80 dollars and multiple visits later. Also, my most recent visit he told me multiple times that he could fix and I kept asking, are you sure and he kept saying yes so he scheduled me for 11 a.m. and I come in that day and the other guys were telling me that the guy that scheduled me told them that its not possible. So, he talked me to come back so they could try to convince me to buy an entire exhause and muffler package, which I don't appreciate the dishonesty because I have 5 classes on top of 20 hours a week of work. I have been going here for my oil changes and other thinga for 2 years and it sucks that this happened
    Caleb - September 2017
  • Awesome staff, ready to serve and accomadate customers.
    Rajmonda - September 2017
  • I highly recommend Monro! It was very easy and convenient to make an appointment online and my appointment time was confirmed via email in less than one hour. The guys that work there are friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and honest. They were up front with me and did not try to pressure me into purchasing more services than what I wanted, and that was very refreshing. They gave me clear answers and suggestions. My car was done exactly within the time they estimated, which was about 40 minutes on a Saturday morning. The prices are extremely reasonable. I left feeling confident that I had received excellent high quality service. Monro is the only place I will go from now on.
    Kendall - September 2017
  • Great service, trustworthy diagnostics and advice. I feel like they are trying to do right by me, not trying to sell me something.
    Jennifer - September 2017
  • Great Service Again.
    Tonya - September 2017
  • Job done in timely manner. Price average. Customer service average. Waiting area terrible.
    Richard - September 2017
  • I have never had any issues with making an appointment and getting the appointment that I scheduled. The manager and employees are very friendly and respect my car when servicing it. I just opened up a Drive credit card and will definitely continue to go back to my local Monro!
    Brenna - September 2017
  • Great service
    Tonya - September 2017
  • The men that assisted me really saved me! I appreciate their work and kindness!
    Breegale - September 2017
  • The blower on my car stopped working as I dropped my daughter off at school and started to do errands with my newborn. I went to Monroe with a super tight timetable and they were able to get me in, diagnose the problem and fix it with enough time to get my daughter at school. They were awesome.
    Emily - September 2017
  • Mike was a wonderful mechanic, helped me make the best choice in tire AND stayed late due to my emergency situation. Great place, great service!
    Emily - September 2017
  • With the drive card it is only $15 any time which is a steal!
    John - August 2017
  • I am always happy when I take my car to get serviced at Monro. They do good work, are fairly priced, and most importantly are honest.
    Mike - August 2017
  • My car seems to like going to auto shops to be fixed, this must be the case because I am always there. The Monro shop on 28th Street is top notch. The prices are fair, the service is always done right and quickly. This is an awesome place to get work done, I will certainly return.
    Randy - August 2017
  • great
    Dillon - August 2017
  • I went for a simple oil change and everyone there treated me fantastic! They seemed pretty busy, so I wasn't expecting to be fit in that day, but they found one of the last available times and fit me in. They went above and beyond the oil change and took care of my tail pipe that was falling off and did a tire rotation and break system check. I will definitely come back!
    Jenna - August 2017
  • They were honest in the pricing and the time it would take for the repair!
    Patrick - August 2017
  • Great customer service at a very fair price.
    Dewayne - August 2017
  • Had a blown tire on a Saturday afternoon. Not many places open but these guys helped me out. Tire was damaged beyond repair so they sold me a replacement that was a close match for a fair price. I was able to be back home Saturday afternoon thanks to these guys and their great customer service. Thanks!
    Robert - August 2017
  • Munro ever oversells me. I really trust them to give me sound advice on the maintenance of my vehicle.
    Jennifer - August 2017
  • I take all three vehicles to Monro and they always give excellent and above great service
    Nikky - August 2017
  • Full Service oil change for a great price. Good recommendations for current and future service needs. I bring all my vehicles here, and will continue too! -Chris
    Chris - July 2017
  • Repaired wheel bearing.
    Steve - July 2017
  • I recommend Monro to everyone I know!
    Laura - July 2017
  • Repair done on time below my expected cost. Very happy.
    Mike - July 2017
  • The technician working on my vehicle was having some troubles, so the manager stepped in and completed the job! First time ive seen this happen! Fantastic guys, will go back forsure
    Emir - July 2017
  • I have found the owner (Mike) to be very honest with you about what you need and fair in the pricing.
    Randy - July 2017
  • Great service, good prices, and honesty!
    Thomas - July 2017
  • Oil change is quick and they top off all fluids in the engine.
    Ruby - July 2017
  • Mike was amazing. I was visiting Grand Rapids, Michigan. We needed four new tires and a general diagnostic check-up. All the repairs were completed on time. And the car was great.
    Rogelio - July 2017
  • The guys at the location I take my car are Great! They are always making sure that I know exactly what is going on and never try to overcharge me. Friendly efficient and we'll worth the money!
    Chelsea - July 2017
  • Surprisingly courteous, friendly, professional and meticulous service.
    Jerry - July 2017
  • They worked fast and weren't too expensive
    Olivia - June 2017
  • Oil changes, tire rotations, affordable, convenient!
    Brogan - June 2017
  • I appreciate that they give me an honest appraisal of my car issues.
    Kevin - June 2017
  • The brakes now stop the car!
    Bruce - June 2017
  • The staff at this location was polite, honest, and made me feel like my business was important. They COULD have charged me for an entire muffler. For all I know about mufflers, the problem sounded like that's what was needed. But it was instead something called a flex pipe, a much smaller and cheaper repair. I'm 50-ish now and I felt for a while like time had turned back and I was with my dad having his car fixed. (Not the "take their money and kick their butt out" treatment you get too often these days.) I will be going back to this location for tires and anything else they service. They just got my business for a long time to come.
    Charles - June 2017
  • Got what I needed and quickly. Thanks!
    Grace - May 2017
  • Great work!
    William - May 2017
  • Everything works well so far.
    Dillon - May 2017
  • A good place to have repairs done at reasonable prices. Reason I did not give a 5-star, an oil change took at least 45 minutes where other places in town can have it done in 30 minutes or your money back.
    Bill - May 2017
  • My father brought my car here for me because I'm a woman and intimidated by car repair services. My car is running MUCH better and the price was reasonable. Will return.
    Ronald - May 2017
  • Great service
    Mike - May 2017
  • Awesome service. We had an emergency situation where are brakes making a loud noise and we were three hours from home and had to attend our daughters college graduation and other activities and only had about 3 hours to get our vehicle back on the road. This shop in Kentwood definitely bailed us out. They even tried to find a rental car for us and when they couldn't and they knew we had to be on the road by 5 p.m. they found a way to fix our breaks to get us back on the road. They definitely went the extra mile for us and we truly appreciate it!
    Lew - May 2017
  • Very good set of brake pads and rotors installed in my Vitara. Very quiet operation--no squeaks. Like very much.
    Craig - May 2017
  • A place where you could strike a conversation just about anything. When my vehicle was under repair, they took the extra mile to ensure there are no additional problems - instead of coming back again so soon.
    Bill - May 2017
  • Mike is always great. I'm glad he's back at this location. Fixed everything for me that other people had missed.
    Kirstin - April 2017
  • Staff was able to quickly and accurately identify issues and resolve them
    The - April 2017
  • I've been to this shop several times they do a great job. I won't go anywhere else.
    Scott - April 2017
  • Tom was very friendly and helpful when he looked at my car. He made sure to give me all of the information and advice for moving forward. I am so sad he was moved to a different store!
    Kirstin - April 2017
  • I appreciate the staff being friendly and seems like I can trust their judgement on what is going on with my car and what it will take to fix it.
    Whitney - April 2017
  • They are great at telling you and showing you what is wrong with your car and will fix it if needed but understand if you have someone else who can fix it :)
    Willow - April 2017
  • Friendly and knowledgeable
    Richard - April 2017
  • very helpful. on time.
    Troy - April 2017
  • I came in this week for a routine oil change. Staff was friendly, quick, and very helpful.
    Sara - April 2017
  • They were suppose to align my vehicle but when I got in a drove it there was still pulling to the left more than it was when I took it to them
    Jocalyn - April 2017
  • I brought my car in for brakes and they began working on it immediately. The showed me what was wrong with my old brakes and explained the situation. I was very satisfied with my experience.
    Albert - April 2017
  • Open Saturday is Good, Also Open Sunday too. It is Excellent. I talk with your Manager last visit, You have Oil change Pre-pay card ($60 : 3 times and 4th time free). I had oil change Two cars last Saturday and Sunday with $19.99/each (Total $24.50?). If you offer in your home page, I'd like to buy before oil change, please add this card information for your homepage.
    Katsuhiko - March 2017
  • It took over an hour to get my oil change completed. Either this store is understaffed or they are just very slow
    RENE - March 2017
  • Friendly staff. Honest and up front with issues that they saw but were not pushy. Quick oil change and pumped the air up in my tires (needed it!). I like that I got a reminder card in the mail too. Sent my husband there too. I think I found my new oil change/service location.
    Amanda - March 2017
  • A gentleman I didn't know paid for a new part and for the installation which he paid more than $200 for. I was so thankful. I wasn't going to have enough to pay for it and the gentleman left before I found out he had already paid for it. The mechanics made my engine sound so much better and cleaner and worked on it for a long time. It sounds great and the mechanics were professional. I will be returning next time I need something done
    Tara - March 2017
  • Grand Rapids has many choices when it comes to car care, we choose Monro because they do a great job, the prices are resonable, and the service to top notch. The staff is honest and tells you detail information on problems, solutions, and does their best to give you a great price. When it is all said and done the work is good, and you drive away confident that your vehicle is repaired the right way!
    Thomas - March 2017
  • Had just gotten a new set of tires and somehow got a nail in one of them already. I came in and they fixed the hole very quickly and very professionally.
    Nick - March 2017
  • Every things good, they have a good service & I did alignment for all tires they did good I'm happy with that and they have a good Costomer service.
    Omar - March 2017
  • I have a busy schedule and the muffler on my Mini Cooper started to hang down, skipping on the pavement. I called the shop and the gentleman said he didn't have the replacement part on-hand but kindly offered to order it. I told him I was in a bit of a jam because of my schedule constraints. I found the part at a NAPA across town and called Monro back. The shop sounded busy, the gentleman said he had only one mechanic on hand, but told me to head on down and he'd see what he could do. I waited all of 20 minutes before my car was on the lift. About 45 minutes later I was back on the road, and my mini sounded better than it did when I bought it used a few years ago. I can't express how grateful I am with these guys' flexibility, even when I put them on the spot because of my own schedule constraints. Highly recommend to anybody who wants honest, dependable guys working on your car. I will definitely be seeing them for future repairs!
    John - March 2017
  • Always friendly service here. They do a GREAT job at a reasonable price.
    Renee - March 2017
  • Tom and Brian worked diligently to diagnose and repair an on going issue with my infinity that even the dealership could not get right. They found the issue and repaired the problem for a very reasonable cost. Very pleased and will recommend them.
    Mark - March 2017
  • When the mechanic at the 28th/Madison store in Grand Rapids MI didn't show up for work, and my appointment was delayed, the manager sent me to the 28th/Patterson store in Cascade MI. That manager got me right in, and helped get the right parts for car and back on the road. Extremely helpful, and where I will go with my business for now on.
    James - February 2017
  • Customer service was open, friendly, and welcoming. They made sure to offer what might be best for my car, and let me know what was wrong with it without charging extra for a quote on future repairs.
    Laura - February 2017
  • Good techs at good price
    Steven - February 2017
  • All the guys working were great
    David - January 2017
  • The gentleman behind the counter did a great job entertaining customers while their vehicles were being repaired.
    BIll - January 2017
  • got me in and out
    blake - January 2017
  • The explanation of charges before the service was completed was extremely helpful and I appreciated it a lot. Nothing is more frustrating than returning to get my car with a larger bill than expected!
    Lacey - November 2016
  • We've been taking our cars to Kan Rock for the past couple of years. When we recently had trouble with our Impala, and another repair shop, out of town, was unable to diagnose the issue, we knew the guys in Lapeer would figure it out. They even pointed
    Maryann - August 2016
  • All the staff I interacted with was very friendly and knowledge, they put me at ease and made me feel like my car was in the best hands! I appreciated their hard work and how quickly they were able to fix my car!
    Aurey - July 2016
  • The work that was done on my car was better than asked for. I was quoted for a part replacement but they saw that I really only needed a part to be cleaned. Saved me a ton of money and I am grateful for that.
    Taylor - June 2016
  • Exceptionally helpful and friendly all at once. I'm not very good when it comes to cars and each of the employees dedicated their time and energy in making sure I was up to speed with my car.
    Kayleigh - May 2016
  • Up front about service needed, sensitive to high mileage on the vehicle and my desire to put minimum cost into repairs, willing to work with me on cost.
    Todd - April 2016

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