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2351 S. Sprinkle Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

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What People Are Saying:

  • Had an oil change and new wipers and air filter installed. Very satisfied.
    Derek - February 2018
  • Front desk helped me with questions about my Jeep that had nothing to do with my oil change, awesome customer service!
    Cody - February 2018
  • Great service
    Jacob - February 2018
  • My appointment for the oil & air filter change was done quickly. The mechanic's did the vehicle inspection and topped off all fluids. I was under the impression that the customer also got a 4 wheel tire rotation as part of the oil change. This did not happen at my last appointment. I put a black mark on the raised white letters on each side of my trucks front wheels. When I checked this after work was completed and had paid, I noticed my marks where still on the the front tires of my truck so the tires where not rotated.
    Dean - January 2018
  • Got me in right away when I pulled in with a popped tire. Their cheapest tire was pretty expensive unfortunately. Cheap car needs cheap tires.
    Sarah - January 2018
  • Quality and efficient
    Gerry - January 2018
  • Received a Full Synthetic Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Air Pressure Check, etc. for $39.99 I used a Coupon from the Monroe Website which I was not required to have printed to honor it. I am very satisfied the whole experience. They were open and took care of me without an appointment at 4pm on New Year's Day. I will use them again without hesitation for service on my 2015 Lincoln MKZ
    John - January 2018
  • Making an appointment can usually be a hassle if you do not have one or more locations around you.. if you do have a set appointment they usually never get to you right at your appointment time. But when they do their fast and efficient and I’m in and out in an hour!
    Jenna - December 2017
  • Except for needing an oil change, my car ran fine prior to my visit. As I was on my way home I noticed that the front brakes sounded terrible upon breaking. I turned the radio off and was stunned as how bad it was. The crazy part is that the mechanic couldn't figure out how to get the cover off my wheels to get to the lugs to rotate my tires. Anyway, I came home very frustrated and even mentioning the bad experience on Facebook to over 900 people did not put me in a jollier mood.
    Fran - December 2017
  • I usually go to the Westnedge location, because it is closer to me and I feel like I get rude staff every time. But the few times I have been to the Sprinkle road location I have been extremely happy. They’re less busy, and more personable. After getting off the phone with one location and calling the other right afterwards - it’s easy to spot the difference. Worth driving a bit further for a better experience.
    Kendra - December 2017
  • Like the title says prices are reasonable they got my car in when they said they would and the wait wasn't too long
    Bradley - November 2017
  • Worst service I have ever experienced. The store manager treated me so bad and cursed at my wife. If the DM can resolve this issue I'll never set foot in an Monro Muffler.
    Shawn - November 2017
  • I went in for an alternator repair while I was traveling. The mechanic managed to fit in the time to fix it, but the price of the alternator was a ridiculous amount for the type of car I had (2003 Alero).
    Benjamin - November 2017

  • Bill - November 2017
  • Stopped by without an appointment but was able to get my brakes checked. Friendly but very dirty/unkempt man at the counter. Turns out I needed back brakes badly. Reasonable quote. Gave me a ride to work, but told me I would have to wait over an hour to get picked up (it's only 10 mins away). The waiting area was filthy, floors covered in dust and mud. I think the garage bays were cleaner.
    Jackie - November 2017
  • So I needed to get my AC compressor, water pump and serpentine belt fixed. It cost me a lot of money but now it's fixed and my car is doing okay. The person who helped me later out all my different options and let me choose. Very grateful for that.
    Aleysa - October 2017
  • Looks good so far!
    Jessica - October 2017
  • You did a good job working on my dodge. I was not expecting it would not be as expensive.
    Denise - October 2017
  • Great Service!
    Lin/Rodney - October 2017
  • I would like more info, like how many quarts of oil used.
    Meloney - October 2017
  • Roster and front breaks are used daily.
    Carrie - October 2017
  • Prices were competitive, but it took all day. Felt like I was being offer fake “sales”
    Ryan - October 2017
  • Staff was friendly and stayed past business hours to complete the work for me. Greatly appreciated!
    Josh - September 2017
  • Went in for an oil change. They got me in right away and were finished in good time. They were very knowledgeable.
    Scott - September 2017
  • Great company to get work done
    Jennifer - September 2017
  • got the parts for a 15 year old truck that where the exact fit.
    Lowell - September 2017
  • Brought my car in for brakes. Was told I had bad rotors and wheel bearing. $1100 and less than 48 hours later my line bursts. Was told an inspection was done before my car left. They came a got my car, told me it was $150 to fix the line, but they would waive that if I paid $450 to fix the faulty ABS sensor (which caused them trouble when bleeding the lines the 2nd time). If they did an inspection before my car left their shop the first time, why didn't they find the bad line and faulty sensor??? And why was no mention of the sensor made the first time??? If it gave them trouble in bleeding the lines the 2nd time, why didn't it give them trouble the 1st time??? Their technician looked like one of those World of Warcraft dorks who spends his time on his computer in his moms basement and has never worked on a car in his life. Do NOT take your car to this place. I'm going to my local news agency about this place, I'm writing a review on Yelp or equivalent, I'm posting on Facebook, etc., etc.
    Anonymous - September 2017
  • Went in for the routine oil change & got so much more. By more I mean- amazing & friendly customer service. The staff was great. Management is very professional in making future recommendations on what is up next for routine maintenance. I'll definitely be coming back & recommending friends & family do as well.
    Andrea - September 2017
  • They installed tires for me that were shipped from I would use them again. Friendly, prompt and reasonable price.
    Cindy - September 2017
  • Service was great but I was told I didn't need a wheel alignment and all I needed was a new tire! Only to find out I was right and I did need a wheel alignment. Called a was told to come in the next morning only to be told they had no knowledge of what I was talking about! Had to drive 10 minutes away to get my wheels aligned. They to be told it was a totally different price from the original location! And I wasn't able to use my coupon!
    Amber - July 2017
  • I brought my sons subaru legacy in to have a gasoline leak inspected and get an estimate for the repair. I was told that the part would be $1300 and the repair would require 3 hours of labor. total cost $1600. I found the Subaru original part at a dealership for $350 and the repair would require 2 hours of labor. I was shocked that Munro was going perfectly comfortable to take advantage of me by that amount with no guilt or remorse.
    John - July 2017
  • The team helped me with a wheel situation that might have cost me hundreds of dollars if I had went else where
    Richard - July 2017
  • Quick install
    Joshua - July 2017
  • Will continue my oil changes with monro
    Sharon - May 2017
  • Breaks
    Kelly - May 2017
  • All good.
    Allyson - May 2017
  • Was treated kindly and in a timely manner
    Sara - May 2017
  • The good thing is that my old van now has A.C.! Thanks so much it was a costly fix but a fix backed by warranty is great. Thanks so much for helping me prepare my family for the hot summer months ahead!
    The - April 2017
  • Great service in timely manner. Good overall experience
    Ejaz - April 2017
  • Very expensive
    John - April 2017
  • I came in to request new brakes, oil change, alignment, and spoke about a shaking in the steering wheel during highway speeds. They had my car for over 24 hours and when I got it back, the only thing so know for certain that got done is the brakes. I spent over $1000 and the vibration got worse, and they didn't touch my alignment. When I called to figure out what happened, the manager confused me with another customer, and got an attitude with me about a conversation we never had. I called back after I got my tires checked since the information the manager gave me was about my tires. I talked to a man named Matt and he was calm, explained the mix up, but never apologized, simply said they could look at it again. So, I go back in and an hour later the manager tells me my tow is off and that's why it feels like my alignment is still bad. When I got my car back, they actually corrected the alignment a bit. It's pulling slightly in the opposite direction, but it's at least better. I simply don't understand why this man couldn't just admit he messed up and apologize. I'm guessing he doesn't care much about getting returning customers. I will find another shop to trust. Monro bought out my favorite auto shop where I felt respected, heard, and never taken advantage of. They turned it into a money machine where the customer is always wrong. Just because I'm a female with pretty nails does not mean I'm ignorant.
    Andria - April 2017
  • Took a little more time to get an oil change than I thought it would
    Andrew - March 2017
  • Very friendly and service was great. I will certainly be returning for other services needed.
    Sally - March 2017
  • After getting an oil change, my tires rotated, and a light bulb dad went to clean out my car and check under my hood...your service men left a tool underneath my hood! I drove over 200 miles with that underneath there!
    Nicole - February 2017
  • Certified mechanic found that the tires needed balancing. 3 x's in 6 months
    Dave - February 2017
  • ok
    Jeremy - January 2017
  • ok
    Jeremy - January 2017
  • I started taking my vehicles to them when I bought my new truck. Every time they are absolutely friendly, professional, and go above and beyond for my needs.
    Walter - January 2017

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