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What People Are Saying:

  • seemed to do a good job on oil change I had no brakes when I left. has to replace rear brake lines when I got home.
    tom - March 2018
  • Every time I come here always get amazing service, things are explained to me and the guys always take the time to answer even the simplest questions.
    Mendie - March 2018
  • They are amazing to the people that come into their shop, they greet you with a warm welcome and have and outstanding care.
    Arkaryia - March 2018
  • This may be the worst experience I ever have had in an automobile service. I have been getting work done by them for the last many years. Recently I have been going for all the oil changes. This one was for the oil change appointment - 1 PM on Wednesday, booked a week earlier. I went their at 1PM exactly. They got my keys very promptly. I had been waiting for seventy minutes. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. My car was not all moved from where I parked. Then, I went and talked to Erick (one of the managers). He told me that he understood my frustration. He didn't feel bad at all, for making me wait for 70 minutes. He told me that he could reschedule my appointment. I had to explain that it should take a maximum time of thirty minutes for the oil change with an appointment. Then, my car was ready with an oil change, with 95 minutes of total time taken. When I was about to pay, I told Erick that it was not right to charge any money for the oil change, mostly due to the bad treatment. He agreed. Then, I came home and called their customer service telephone number to let them know. I never got a call back from them. I sincerely believe no one deserves this type of bad treatment. None of the employees approached me to explain about the delay. My sincere thoughts lead me to think that my bad treatment was intentional.
    Bill - March 2018
  • Had an oil change. The people were very professional and personable. The facility was clean. The oil change was quick and very reasonably priced. It was also very easy setting up the appointment online.
    Cheryl - February 2018
  • The staff was super helpful and I knew that my car was well taken care of
    Autumn - February 2018
  • I needed a new steering system (rack and pinion) as well as a new water pump. Bob at my local shop gave me every discount he possibly could but more importantly he and his mechanic looked at previous work and noticed a brake line that wasn’t ran correctly and wasn’t safe for me to drive and that was fixed too. The work might have taken two days but I know it was done right!! I will never take my two cars anywhere else for servicing.
    Sherri - February 2018
  • I took my minivan in on February 4th for an oil change. I was very pleased with the customer service and also the price. You can't beat it. I believe they were very honest when they pointed out extra things on my vehicle that required maintenance. Such a great staff and I'm very pleased
    Tammy - February 2018
  • Very pleased with my service. They checked my the under carriage of my car. Even took time to test drive with me. I will go back for the service and also my next oil change. Since my car has a lot of miles on it, it is important for me to be safe with driving.
    Kathy - February 2018
  • Counts for a great deal these days. So many service oriented businesses are degraded by staff that is not caring. Keep up the good work!
    James - January 2018
  • The guys at Monro continue to make me feel like a valued customer!
    Austin - January 2018
  • The service techs were quick with changing my tires. They were also honest and did not have me do more service than was needed.
    Matthew - January 2018
  • Good customer service. Very helpful with any questions I had about my Camry.
    - January 2018
  • I got an oil change at monro on stadium dr Monday mid morning. The manager working up front was extremely friendly and personable. They rotated my tires and changed my oil for $13! Can’t go wrong with that. I will be bringing my Jeep here from now on!
    Brianna - January 2018
  • I dealt with Mike while i was there. Staff was very friendly and helpful. They serviced my flat tire and had it mounted on my car really fast.
    Kaitlan - January 2018
  • The guys are great but they are usually shorthanded. Our oil change took over an hour (even though we had an appointment) but it's because there was a full garage and 1 mechanic (and he is newer I'm pretty sure). Very nice price and free tire rotation is great.
    John - January 2018
  • I got an oil change for $13 from Monro! This was a great deal. However, when the guy lifted up my car, he caused damage to the body. I have a rust spot on my back right fender and it wasn’t broken before he lifted it, and it was split after he tried lifting it, but failed due to him not having the correct placement of the lifts. My best guess is that the frame twisted slightly, and thus there was straight on the fender and it broke. However. They took good care of me as far as my oil change, it was cheap and it was done quickly.
    Lukas - January 2018
  • Manager Mike was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to ensure my car was fixed properly!
    Daniel - January 2018
  • Good work on vehicle and were up front and honest.
    Jacob - December 2017
  • Need an oil change regularly.
    Pat - December 2017
  • I had a tire puncture and could not get into any of my regular tire places for 3 days to a week. I stopped in to Monro on Stadium drive just to see if they could do anything. They were able to address my issue, found a tire within 2 days, and install it for me. I was on the road in 2 days when other places wouldn't even see me for 2 days. The level of service was excellent. I will definitely return to this store for other services.
    Cindy - December 2017
  • I will continue going back to Monro on Stadium Drive. The guys have been consistently amazing.
    Austin - December 2017
  • I got a $10 oil change (online coupon). There was no attempt to sell me any extras. I scheduled an appointment online. The service was efficient and the people were friendly.
    Steve - December 2017
  • I love the low prices, great friendly service & how quick they get things done!
    Alexis - December 2017
  • Service is great, the atmosphere is great, and my car runs much better after having been serviced by the Monro team.
    Nicholas - December 2017
  • My car's main belt completely disenegrated. The guys here got my car in fast and fixed it without it being too pricey!
    Delaney - December 2017
  • The stadium drive location has great customer service and I’ve had a great transaction both times I’ve been there.
    Alex - December 2017
  • Always a good experience at Monro. Online coupons really help save money!
    James - December 2017
  • I went for a car inspection and the guy who met us was very friendly and welcoming, they took us exactly at our appointment and we didn't have to wait at all. He said it will take about one hour and they were done in about 50 mins! He explained everything very well and even gave us free recommendations and advices. I totally recommend this place for everyone.
    Noha - November 2017
  • Got oil change on Accord early last week at Monro and didn't drive the car much until I took it in for new tires at Monro Friday morning. Car was running much worse than normal and actually stalled while I was waiting at stop sign. I took it to my mechanic on Monday and was told that after quick road test and inspection that they had to replace valve or sensor into intake snorkel. Apparently it wasn't reinstalled after the quick check during Monro oil change. $40 bill to fix something that wasn't done right at Monro. Not good.
    Pat - November 2017
  • I was completely satisfied with the cost of the work done on our car. We had an alignment and oil change, and it was done right! I will return when I need more Service done on our vehicles, that's for sure
    Boel - November 2017
  • Very friendly staff, I will be back!
    Ashley - November 2017
  • I made an appointment for Wednesday morning at 8:30... Dropped the car off Tuesday night tried to call while I was on lunch break no answer... Never got a call back... Went to pick my car up a 5pm... They never moved it inspected it or touched it... I'll never recommend this business to anyone...
    CJ - November 2017
  • Staff was friendly
    Josie - November 2017
  • They are fast, wonderful and very friendly
    Shannon - November 2017
  • The front desk and technicians made sure to be very clear with which operations they were going to perform and how they were going about them. They took time to explain alternatives and made sure I could get the most out of my money spent there. I will gladly come back for any of my muffler and exhaust needs.
    Logan - October 2017
  • I had appointment for an oil change and they hadn’t started it for an hour and a half after the time of the appointment. When I came to cancel the oil change they offered to reschedule the change and do it for free. That was pretty alright of them.
    E - October 2017
  • Could have been a little better.
    Maeonna - October 2017
  • Fast Excellent Service
    Jason - October 2017
  • There's several different Monros in my city but I only go to to the one on Stadium because they're so fat and friendly there. I always get good service!
    Aaliyah - October 2017
    Tania - October 2017
  • They got me in right away without an appointment and did the inspection, estimate within a half hour - Made an appointment for the next day and the repair was done when they said it would be and for the price quoted.
    Vicky - October 2017
  • The staff was very knowledgeable and efficient. My wait time and interaction with the manager was delightful. She was friendly and very helpful to all the customers who came for service.
    Darwin - October 2017
  • Made sure I knew that my car needed synthetic oil before making the oil change. Friendly and accommodating service.
    Ashley - October 2017
  • I went in to Monro for the cheap and good oil change, which with the Drive Card is only $14.99 - hard to beat! I also had an exhaust issue pop up a day before, so I asked them to check that out from me while they did the oil change. They called with an estimate that evening, which I then scheduled an appointment for a few days later (exhaust was not a danger, just loud). The manager was very friendly the whole time. When applying for the Drive Card, there was an issue with she was happy to help with and eventually got take care of for me. When I came to pick up the car, I had accidentally been billed for a normally priced oil change (about $30), which I ended up noticing after paying. Again, the manager was friendly enough to void that transaction and redo the billing with a 10% discount, which gave about $30 off the total instead of just $15 off the oil change. This all happened while she stayed later than the store was open as I had missed a call that the car was done and showed up with only about 5 minutes to closing. Car sounds great, and the cost was unbeatable. Thank you to Kelly the manager at this location - certainly knows how to take care of a customer!
    Keith - October 2017
  • I was searching for a new service station, mainly because my current location was a bit demeaning and treated my questions as if they were annoyed that I would even ask. I have had my car services two times now at Monro. Both times, the front line staff at Monro has been very professional, courteous, and accommodating. I am highly satisfied and would recommend them any chance I can get. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT SERVICE!
    Chris - September 2017
  • Love that these guys are conveniently located and offer good prices and service.
    Andrew - September 2017
  • Personable staff and efficient service
    Pat - September 2017
  • It makes my car go. Yea. Thank you.
    Kris - September 2017
  • Best staff around very fast service
    Brandon - September 2017
  • Set up an online appointment for oil change. The service was great and on-time.They inspect a number of other stuff which sometimes are ignored by other.
    Bandhan - September 2017
  • I went for a pre purchase inspection. Employs were reluctant on discussing the car freely. Seemed like they wanted to charge me even for talking about the car.
    Muaaz - September 2017
  • I went in for a simple oil change and was out within 20 minutes. The pricing was a little confusing on their advertisement, but any oil change for less than $30 is well worth it if you aren't in a massive rush.
    Charles - September 2017
  • Store was very helpful
    Kiara - September 2017
  • Was able to use an online coupon to increase the value. Manager Kelli S is great! Very knowledgeable about my car questions.
    James - September 2017
  • had an appointment, due to equipment problems they couldn't service my car. They sent me to another location, it took hours for an oil change.
    Judy - September 2017
  • Everyone at Monroe was amazing! Kurt Strasser was super and the tech Robert did a great job. I am not one to take my Jeep in to have it worked on but the guys were amazing and did perfect work!
    Ricki - September 2017
  • While not as quick as some of those ten minute places, the very low price makes it the place for my oil changes. The people are friendly and there is enough stuff nearby to seemingly shorten the time involved (usually not more than a half hour). Good breakfast place right across the street.
    Pat - August 2017
  • I have been coming to this Monroe location for over a year & have never been charged more than thirty three dollars for a high millage oil change. This time it cost me almost fifty five dollars. Explained to the new workers that they overcharged me & usually when I get this type of oil it is only thirty two dollars & some change. Would not give me the normal price that I paid even after being shown receipts from the last two oil changes there. On the oil change sticker in the car the Syn Power box was checked. When asked about this, I was told that they did put in the high mileage oil & not the full synthetic. Really did not leave feeling like I got what I asked for.
    Darryl - August 2017
  • Excellent service in a timely manner.
    Brenda - August 2017
  • They guys at Monro on stadium in kalamazoo really get the customer service aspect of the oil change business. Always kind and helpful.. even called to ask where the special lug nut was to rotate the tires.. my only beef is you have to have a drive card now to get the savings..
    Ryan - August 2017
  • Staff was very friendly professional!
    Sarah - August 2017
  • The price seem higher the second time I went.
    Marissa - August 2017
  • The customer service was very good.
    Kelly - August 2017
  • Great auto shop
    Jason - August 2017
  • They were able to fix my brakes that day, without an appointment.
    Trent - August 2017
  • freindly
    david - August 2017
  • My oil change was preformed quickly
    Tyesha - August 2017
  • The service and ease of deciding what was needed was very easy. The staff answered my questions both over the phone and in person. The new tires and alignment were done quickly and I received a follow-up call that all was done and ready for pick up. The only thing that wasn't done was resetting a tire pressure sensor in the VW that took me a couple minutes to read up on how to reset.
    Jason - August 2017
  • They did my oil change fast and checked all fluids. They had good service.
    Lisa/Jerome - July 2017
  • I go to Monro for almost all mechanical needs. They are very fair, friendly, and do a great service. Thank you!
    Lucais - July 2017
  • I never feel like I am being forced to have unnecessary work done like I would be at some other places. Everyone is always very friendly and usually will try and get me the lowest possible price so I can drive away safe.
    Jordan - July 2017
  • Very reasonably priced! This was my first time doing business with Monro. They were very friendly, reasonably priced. The work was done in the timeframe as promised. I will definitely be back!
    Chris - July 2017
  • I had a problem with my while I was driving out of town. They took me in right away to get me back on the road.
    Steve - July 2017
  • They did a beaitiful job
    Hope - July 2017
  • Got an oil change, they did a great job.
    Dan - July 2017
  • Right down the road from my work. Friendly staff, good price for oil change.
    Allysa - June 2017
  • Recd. free old changes from where I bought my car. Frequented at least 8x in past with current and prior autos. The oil plug got over tighten and they replaced it but it took time out of my day. They are under new mgmnt which seems competent hope they keep it up!
    Tara - June 2017
  • I get an oil change every 5,000 miles because I get premium oil.
    Alexis - June 2017
  • Quick and easy! cost efficient
    Kailynn - June 2017
  • Workers are quick to help and fix problem for good.
    Nakia - June 2017
  • I recently received a transmission and coolant flush along with replacing my serpentine belt. They got it done in a timely manner and I was on my way before I knew it.
    Trent - June 2017
  • The oil change is a great deal. Cheap, but worth it. They will check fluids, brakes, belts, you name it they check to for you. Would recommend to a friend.
    Trent - May 2017
  • I simply came here for an oil change. I dropped my car off so I can't speak for how quick they are, however they also did a small overview of my car and informed me of things that could become potential problems in the future.
    Dana - May 2017
  • Made an appointment, dropped off the car and came back later when it was done. General inspection along with a OBD read and SRS code read. All was completed free of charge, along with a helpful sheet on what some of the codes mean and how to go about fixing them. I was not pressured at all, which is why I return to Monro often. The SRS read is about $100 at any dealership, and Monro was able to complete it for free.
    Keith - May 2017
  • They were ready for me when I arrived. I was in and out in 1 hour!
    Annete - May 2017
  • I made an appointment for an oil change with tire rotation and to have a brake light replaced. My car was taken back shortly after I arrived and was serviced thoroughly. The mechanic's at this location are professional, courteous, and expedient.
    Ryan - May 2017
  • I came in for a front end alignment. I did not know I was going to receive an all wheel alignment. I was very pleased.
    Annete - May 2017
  • I had some long overdue service work like a transmission flush that none of my previous service companies had ever recommended. I trust the mechanics here!
    Don - April 2017
  • The store honored my warranty from across the state and patched my tire in a timely fashion. Super satisfied!
    Morgan - April 2017
  • Service always seems fast and reliable. Prices are competitive as well.
    Tom - April 2017
  • It was an oil change. Nothing exceptional/bad occurred during visit
    Darryl - April 2017
  • had a few problems with what I came in for and was discounted service for my inconveniences. put in for a oil change and not what I had scheduled.
    Karen - April 2017
  • MIke was very honest with me and displayed excellent customer service.
    Mo - April 2017
  • Mike was super helpful and made it an easy transaction. Even though expensive (probably not for the work involved) I feel that they are very professional and did not do any unnecessary work like other places I have been to.
    Laura - April 2017
  • Great service, quick and convenient
    Suzy - April 2017
  • they were able to fit me in to change my oil
    David - April 2017
  • The repair really were knowledgeable and reliable. The problem was diagnosed and the repairs were done in a timely fashion at a reasonable price.
    Carole - April 2017
  • So far not leaking
    John - April 2017
  • The service my car received was replacing the brake assist feature on my car.
    James - March 2017
  • I have had Monro work on brakes, general inspections, provide quotes and mostly for the cheap and easy oil change and tire rotations. Cheapest oil change I have found, and I can drop off my car and they get to it that day. The mechanics are friendly and helpful in answering any questions I have.
    Keith - March 2017
  • Found the problem quick and fixed free of charge
    Kailynn - March 2017
  • Quality products
    Monique - March 2017
  • Called to schedule a routine tuneup and oil change. Nothing major. The gentleman we spoke to was nice and polite, but we made an appointment, brought the car in two hours early actually, and the car still wasn't in the garage by the time they were getting ready to close at 7. If we hadn't called them to check, I wouldn't have had access to my own vehicle to get to work the next morning, which I thought was ridiculous. We'd never arranged to leave it overnight and had made that very clear. We didn't get an explanation. Just had them leave the keys inside unlocked, which was also not ideal. This is the second time I've attempted to give this place a chance but I won't go back.
    L - March 2017
  • Always have a good experience at Munro. Thanks!
    James - March 2017
  • I went in for a quick oil change. They were able to get me in and out really quick. The owner/manager also gave me the best coupon possible without me even asking for it! He also did a great job checking everything else in my car to make sure I left with a solid job.
    Thuy - March 2017
  • They were great, took care of me with no problems, pointed out some trouble issues with my car, but did not pressure me for needless fixes and flushes. He actually told me not to flush the transmission since I was pushing 200k miles, refreshing they were not trying to sell me. I was impressed with their knowledge, and would definitely go back when I have more serious work to do done.
    Mike - March 2017
  • The service technician took the extra time to find a leak in my trunk area besides doing a very thorough job of giving me an oil change and checking over my vehicle
    Don - March 2017
  • Great service
    Jim - March 2017
  • They replace my alternate. Toke them a week to fix my car.charge me 300 and that with a discount for a alternate i could of got for 240.drop my car off on monday and they didnt liok at it tell Thursday
    Charles - March 2017
  • Everything about the service I received was great. They were efficient and very helpful in helping me understand what was going on. The pricing was a bit high, however they helped me the best way they could when it came to that and I was satisfied.
    Damien - February 2017
  • Phillip does an excellent job explaining needed repairs and maintenance. His work ethic is superb!!! I never have to question suggested repairs or his work.
    Dana - February 2017
  • Always get our oil change and anything else we can. Great service great prices.
    Megan - February 2017
  • Kelly tires good buy
    don - February 2017
  • Had my exhaust manifolds done on my 2006 F150 and these guys rocked it out. Price is great. Service is even better. Everyone was honest and helpful. Very hard thing to find in a mechanic these days. I will be going back again and again.
    Travis - February 2017
  • The people was very nice and fix my car rite on the spot. And also call the next day to make sure things was OK.
    Katrice - February 2017
  • The staff are always nice, and I like how there are usually coupons online, etc. for an oil change. I've taken my car there twice for an oil change, and the second time, my appointment was scheduled for noon- but they didn't get my oil change done until after 4pm. Then, as I watched the mechanic finish up, he got into my car and proceeded to back it into a parked car in the parking lot, because he wasn't paying attention. They gave me my oil change for free, however it still made me a little uneasy.
    Allysa - February 2017
  • Great price for a quality set of tires with everything including from mounting to alignment
    Trent - February 2017
  • Great customer service.
    Molly - February 2017
  • I absolutely love this place! They always have great specials and I feel very welcome when I come here to get my oil changed or any maintenance work done. All of the guys are super honest, but not pushy when it comes to upselling.
    Jessica - February 2017
  • I went for an alignment and was honestly advised that the alignment would be useless without fixing the balljoint first. They gave me the good news that they could help me with the balljoint first and even showed me what was wrong. Since my husband fixed it two months ago we were surprised by this news. Sure enough my husband checked out the ball joint and was able to fix the problem himself. But we were truly grateful for Monroe's honesty and advice otherwise we would have been wasting our money, not on the true issue. Thanks for your help and honesty!
    Kendra - February 2017
  • I%20would%20recommend%20Monro%20to%20my%20friends.
    Pamela - January 2017
  • Everyone is always really nice and helpful and happy to explain the repairs in a way that I can understand (I'm not a car person!!).
    Katie - December 2016
  • The store manager was great - made sure my car was ready the same day as I was on a tight schedule.
    Jill - September 2016
  • Phil was very professional and helpful. I was given a clear and simple explanation of the repairs that needed to be done and why.
    James - August 2016
  • I appreciated a walk through under my car. I came in with a muffler/exhaust issue, and once checked they showed me the actual problems. They also proceeded to find the best possible fit for fixing the issue - though they did not over pressure me.
    Keith - July 2016
  • The guys at the shop were very nice, very thorough explaining what needed to be repaired, and they finished an hour earlier than the estimated time (awesome considering I was waiting at the shop!)
    Katie - June 2016
  • The gentleman that helped me was very knowledgeable and very helpful, overall just a great experience and I will be back for sure!!
    Justin - June 2016
  • The service man working at the desk was very nice and professional.
    Jonathan - August 2015
  • Chris & Anthony did an unbelievable job. Helped me out of a bad situation quickly and got me back on the road safely.
    John - August 2015

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