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7525 S. Main Street
Jenison, MI 49428

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What People Are Saying:

  • Everyone at this Monro were fantastic -- very courteous and professional. Chris has assembled a great group of employees.
    Donna - March 2018
  • I came in for a LOF on my husbands car and they found an issue with the wheel bearings. I then had that fixed the next day. I really appreciated them finding this problem and letting me know about it. I got in the very next day,which I also appreciated
    Janice - March 2018
  • Needed an exhaust pipe repaired on my daughters car. They put in a 1' section at a fair price while I waited. Did not want to replace the whole system on an old car.
    Ken - February 2018
  • My daughter is away at college and I needed a place I could trust to take care of her vehicle for her. Monroe has been that place! They treat her with respect and are honest with upfront costs! Highly recommend.
    Todd - January 2018
  • Their products was affordable and customer service was very good. They were able to get the tires I needed the same day.
    Jacob - January 2018
  • Radiator replacement Dropped off on for Saturday didn’t get it back until Tuesday. Told it was a lifetime warrantied item Paperwork shows it as 90 days Called and was told in order to get the warranty I’d have to come back, reverse payment and redo invoice. Or I could get an email from location to attach to original invoice stating it has lifetime warranty. I’ve had to call twice (once for each of the last two days) to get email. As of this writing no email. Car was done on Monday, however a tool or adapter at the shop broke and that shop wouldn’t have the part to put Freon back in system until Tuesday. I’m not pleased with overall service.
    Mark - January 2018
  • Replaced a turn signal bulb and made some other suggestions on other maintenance items coming in the future with approximate costs. Appreciate the proactive service and advice with an idea of costs!
    Tim - January 2018
  • I had some concerns about the oil pressure and a high pitch squeal coming from the front that were not answered. I informed them about these problems when I made the appointment for my oil change. I was told I had to come back at a later date to have these things "checked out". I don't have time to make several appointments for auto repairs in a week. But the oil change was fast!
    Elizabeth - January 2018
  • Attended to all requests. Took care of follow up work immediatedly.
    Tom - January 2018
  • The staff are all very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I would definitely use this garage if I needed it again!
    Judy - January 2018
  • Bought a New set of tires,. and they were changed out quicker than I expected. Always had good service from Monro.
    Mike - January 2018
  • Going into the shoppe for a oil change and tire rotation and they found VERY bad tires. They gave me a great deal, even offered to talk to my father on the phone, and I was able to leave with new tires (at a great price!) in about 2 hours. I was very satisfied and thankful for the service I received!
    Courtney - January 2018
  • All the employees were kind and friendly. They did a good effecient job! I would recommend them to any one.
    Ford - December 2017
  • Very helpful staff. Told me of upcoming issues that I did not know about. They did great job on my oil change and wipper replacement
    Michael - December 2017
  • I appreciate the knowledge of the staff
    Alisha - December 2017
  • Easy to schedule online, entire process quick & correct.
    Cindy - December 2017
  • They fixed the alignment a little bit. But now pulls to left instead of the right.
    Mitchell - December 2017
  • While the service took a long time, they made sure to get me the correct part that I needed and took the time to get me a phone charger when I needed one.
    Morgan - December 2017
  • They got in me I. Right away for an oil change and I didn’t have to wait too long which was nice!
    Pam - December 2017
  • I brought my van in for new brakes and an oil change, they were finished within a day and that was with a late drop off. The only issue was that by the time we got home the van was indicating low brake fluid. We brought it back and they quickly corrected the problem.
    Robert - December 2017
  • I had originally went to Walmart and wasn’t given the level of customer service that I received T Monro. After completing my tire installation, the mechanic took the time to explain how tight my lug nuts should be to prevent future issues.
    Robert - December 2017
  • Installed some tires for me at a very reasonable price. Appointment was easy to make and I did not have to wait once I got there for it. They began the work the minute I got there.
    Bob - December 2017
  • Great communication and great work!
    Sue - December 2017
  • The tires are fine, I use them on road most of the time and off road some of the time. The problem is that I scheduled an appointment to have my original tires inspected for warranty replacement which went smoothly. The service manager said he would warranty them, so I scheduled an appointment for a couple weeks later to get them replaced. I called the day before my appointment and asked that they verify my appointment, and that they have my tires in stock. They said they had them and I was on for 4:30 the next day. The day of my appointment, I called and asked; if they were running on schedule, and if they could verify my tires were in stock. They assured me they were on time and they had the tires. I drive 43 miles, arrive 10 minutes early, and ask one last time, you have my tires and you are running on time? The reply was yes, the alignment and tires will take about an hour and a half. I left on foot and killed an hour and 25 minutes (keep in mind I killed this time in 24 degree weather on foot). I return to find that my truck has the same tires on it and has not moved. In the store, I ask if there was something wrong with my truck. They said I am all set and wanted to ring me up. The front office had no idea that my truck had not been worked on. another hour goes by with no explanation, I am then informed they do not have my tires in stock though the computer shows they are. By this time I was told that his tire supplier was closed for the evening (15 minutes ago). Imagine if the guys in the garage would have told them the tires were not there 2 hours ago....I would be leaving right now with new tires. I was offered 2 other sets of tires, I rejected both as one was a passenger tire and I only use all terrain on my truck, and the other was over an inch smaller in overall height. It took 3 visits, 7 phone calls, and me driving 253miles, I waited a total of 7 hours, and I now have my new tires. But, they forgot to do an alignment. Jenison, MI
    Andrew - November 2017
  • I was able to get my car in quickly during a holiday week. They diagnosed the issue quickly & were able to get the parts right away. They did a great job & I'll definitely use Monro Muffler & Brake again!
    Cathy - November 2017
  • Estimates always honest and competitive.
    Customer - November 2017
  • Oil Change and tire rotation for $14.99... Nice.
    Dan - November 2017
  • Car runs great after repairs
    Jaclyn - October 2017
  • The service is great and the employees are friendly. They are reasonably priced too.
    Becky - October 2017
  • They got my van right in and assessed what was wrong and fixed it no problem!
    Melodie - October 2017
  • I went in just to get a simple oil change and rotation but I was really happy about the suggested maintenance that they suggested I have done on my engine. I wasn't aware that it was an issue. One more reason why I keep going back. The staff was great and my service was fast.
    Mike - October 2017
  • I depend on this then it won't cut into my budget an I need it to make my car run
    Cindy - October 2017
  • I love taking my car to Monro's. The staff are always so helpful and friendly, and are patient to explain to me everything that is going on with my car. They have even taken the time over the phone on a busy day to give me advice about a car issue. Sometimes I's had to wait quite a while, but they are friendly and communicated with me what was going on and gave me updates on the progress of the car.
    Rachel - October 2017
  • Present all the options without the arm twisting
    Tom - October 2017
  • I was happy with the Friendly service and the short time frame to get my vehicle in for service
    Larry - September 2017
  • Monro is not only open 7 days a week, but gives great service at a great price.
    Robert - September 2017
  • I had front brakes and rotors replaced as well as an oil change. Work was finished quickly, and price wasn't bad.
    Amanda - September 2017
  • I was talked into having parts replaced costing $1117 that did nothing to fix the problem even after I mentioned the problem was likely a faulty fuel pump.
    Garry - August 2017
  • Very good at explaining what is wrong. Helpful and good pricea.
    Jennifer - August 2017
  • Thanks guys for always taking good care of me and my family! Always an amazing experience for me. I won't ever go anywhere else.
    Tori - August 2017
  • I didnt have an appointment, and they fit me in on the spot. It was done in great time and the price for the service I had done was affordable.
    Marcus - August 2017
  • Bottom my envoy in for an oil change. They called when it was done and told me I what other issues were found. I had them do a four wheel alignment and now my vehicle runs and drives great.
    Kevin - August 2017
  • Very good service, Shane is great !
    Stuart - July 2017
  • Got a great price on an oil change and tire rotation and the service was excellent (no high pressure sales).
    Mike - July 2017
  • Monro always treats us well and keeps our vehicles in shape. They have always gone to great lengths to serve us well.
    Gary - July 2017
  • I would have given more stars because I liked your employee, Shane, however, I never received a call back regarding how much the service would cost.
    Stuart - June 2017
  • Air conditioner had issues. Was a tricky problem that made me have to return. They stuck with it until it was right.
    Mike - June 2017
  • Good price and nice staff
    Nathan - June 2017
  • they were extremely nice and helpful. i brought my car in to get my brakes checked and they not only fixes that but also fixed all the wheel bearings for a great price. they always make sure i leave a happy customer and i am so glad i chose monro!
    Bailey - May 2017
  • It keeps the motor running good
    Mary - May 2017
  • It keeps the motor running good
    Mary - May 2017
  • I got the service I wanted and more... appreciate that they told me what the warning code was for
    John - May 2017
  • I got my Ford looked at before I hit the road for Colorado (1,000 mile trip) and Monro Muffler/Brake inspected my car and tuned it up before I left and my car is running great! They found very minimal issues and really took a close look. I am confident that my car is ready for Colorado! Thanks Monro!
    Courtney - May 2017
  • Had my 2007 Chevy Avalanche towed there for a Repair. Never Got looked at the Next Day. Told me they had put it on a Battwry Charger, so that they could start it and get it into the Shop. Ok, all you have to Do is put it in Neutral to get it in the Shop. He stated they only had 2 People and that it was too difficult for 2 People to push a Vehicle in the Shop. No Phone Calls. No Communication. They had absolutely No clue on what to Do. I've taken my Vehicles here Numerous times when Josh was Manager, and had Fantastic Service, in which the Reasoning behind me Having it Towed to Them. Needless to say, I told him to Put the Keys on the Seat, do not touch it, and that I will have a Tow truck pick it up and take it to someone who knew what they were Doing. Communication is Key to Success, and this Location had Gone completely Down Hill. Never going Back.
    Scott - May 2017
  • Tried selling me a battery after draining it all night leaving interior lights on. District agreed to charge the battery, leaving my car another night. The next day, they still recommended a battery. Problem is, I had the battery checked by Advanced Auto Parts on 4/22 and have the print out that battery tests fine but needs to be charged. I have also not had a problem with the battery driving it there or them pulling it into the shop bay. On 5/6 Monro's print out shows higher voltage and CCA but recommends replacement rather than recharging longer. I asked Angela to explain why there is a difference here in replacement recommendation, in case there was something I was missing. She persisted to argue with me that "Batteries sometimes just die" and there was nothing she could do; meanwhile, refusing to explain this discrepancy with me. I told her that "I am not arguing with you" and held my card up to pay. They also refused asked for services like alignment check for tire warranty until battery is replaced. When I picked my car up on 5/6, the car continued to start up and run fine. As I was looking over my statement before signing, I noticed the battery recommendation and wrote that it wasn't needed, in order to flag this mishap. While leaving the store and two other customers enter, Angela snottily remarks, "You know I have white out right?". This does not even mention that she tried selling me rear brakes at full price and not turning the rotors or recommending the brake flush. I feel that this is a half way attempt at a sale instead of having my car's interest at heart. My car is almost 10 years old with only 76k miles on her, so I expect to keep her in top condition. I initially was excited to see a female behind the desk braking the sexism stigma, but her attitude and lack of ability for customer service is off putting. The entire experience has made me question if Monro Muffler is the right place for my 3 vehicles to be serviced.
    Jennifer - May 2017
  • In and out. And a great price.
    Carol - April 2017
  • Very thorough
    Charles - April 2017
  • Good
    scott - April 2017
  • Car drives like brand new again. Customer service was excellent
    Denny - April 2017
  • Very informative what my car needs in the future.
    Gary - April 2017
  • Was told that brakes should take about an hour but took almost 3 hours. Question the competency of the mechanic since I was told the employees were all new and he couldn't? get lug nuts off that were changed by Monro less than 3 months ago. Observed the manager treat a WWII veteran disrespectfully when he came in to get a price on service.
    Phil - March 2017
  • We dropped off our 2006 Toyota Avalon for an oil change (and promotional brake inspection, tire pressure check, battery check and 4-tire rotation all for $18.99 plus additional charges*). We dropped it off prior to our scheduled 3 PM appointment and were told it would take about an hour. At 4:30 PM, my wife arrived to pickup the car. The vehicle was up on the hoist at that time. A service technician came into the office area and asked another team member what tool to use to remove the existing oil filter. That was odd since this service center was the last place we had the oil changed. Apparently, they had an issue removing the filter. Since it was already well beyond when the service was to be completed, I suspect the brake inspection and tire rotation did not take place. There is no indication of those services being completed on the invoice. When all was said and done, the $18.99 promotional price was actually $30.18. I guess the additional cost was for fees and charges for shop supplies, recycling, and the additional oil for a 2006 Toyota Avalon, which takes 6.5 quarts of oil. Odd, since the last oil change, that additional cost was not applied. I have been going to this location for some time (when it was Lentz) and have always received good service. This visit may very well be an anomaly, but my wife is sure to not go back there. She eventually checked out just after 5 PM, more than 2 hours after the scheduled appointment.
    David - March 2017
  • I am very impressed with how quickly I was able to get an appointment. I was even more impressed when I shoes up for the appointment and they were ready for my car. The service was quick and thorough. All the work done was personally explained unlike other places who have just handed me a bill with no explanation.
    Kelli - March 2017
  • Quick service
    Gary - March 2017
  • great being able to use brakes without them making noise
    Jennie - February 2017
  • Took care of it right after they seen the problem.
    Cal - February 2017
  • I did a free evaluation of my car, with the oil change, and a rusted bolt was found and replaced for me upon the evaluation. I was insanely impressed on how precise the employees here were to notice and change such a small detail. The pricing isn't bad either and I was even told about a student discount. I always leave satisfied from Monros!
    Courtney - February 2017
  • I needed new tires. Munro has great prices and efficient service.
    Jennie - February 2017
  • Very nice staff, they helped me pick the best value. Took time to properly complete the task even when something came up that made it take longer than anticipated to finish.
    Chrystal - September 2016
  • Friendly service. Also discovered I did not need an alignment so they didn't do it. I brought it in expecting it.
    John - August 2016
  • They took the time to investigate the issue, not just give a quick assumption or prescribe unnecessary work.
    Brian - June 2016
  • Josh has always been great with resolving my vehicle issues. I always bring mine and my families vehicles to the Jenison shop because of the friendly and reasonably priced services. I feel they do not take advantage of people. Very pleased with the servic
    John - June 2016
  • On time and friendly and the bill was what I expected.
    Richard - August 2015
  • The manager that worked with me was great. Very friendly and worked with me when it came to the fact I had very little money to spend. He made sure it worked for me.
    Angela - August 2015

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