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(410) 833-3844

11640 Reisterstown Road
Reisterstown, MD 21136

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What People Are Saying:

  • I’ve been coming to this location for a while now. And It’s currently under new management. The owner was very pleasant and very very hopeful. The staff Work was fast and excellent. I am over pleased with the service!! Great work!
    Tracy - March 2018
  • I had my truck services for a broken serpentine belt and the services manager called me the next day and said that he would not be able have it ready until the next day and that they had cleaned the head lights and battery for free for the inconvenience i was happy and pleased with the over all customer service. I recommended this shop to my mother-in-law and some of my neighbors for their next service appointment thanks guys for doing such a great job! :)
    Robinson - March 2018
  • Got an oil change and replaced evap. Fast and friendly
    Imandre - February 2018
  • Eyecatching and brands business well
    Rosemary - January 2018
  • Waited 4 hours for car to get looked at since 1 tech and all I needed was brake switch adjustment. They told me I needed a brake flush in oder to do so. It was sleeting and I just wanted to get out of there. Contacted my mechanic the next day and said brake flush was not needed to adjust the brake switch.
    Jill - January 2018
  • As a long time customer of this location I impressed by the way your new manager has improved this store. The store was Clean and very comfortable. Your new manager was very customer friendly. The improvements made it very easy to have 2 cars serviced on 1/6/18. 1 oil change only. 1 oil change, tune up, and coolant & power steering flush. Please keep Branden Seaman at this store.
    Daniel - January 2018
  • The service was awesome. I had to get new tires and some other work done. I budgeted for the tires, but nothing else. The manager and auto tech were both kind, informative and asked me questions, as well as answered all my questions and concerned. If you had 10 stars, that is what I would give. Though I exceeded my budget, I had to get breaks, rotors and few other things. I am very pleased with the work, professionalism and for putting my mind at ease. I would love to win the $500 gift card. I would go back and get my struts, which I also needed, but did not have the funds to get them. I had to use my rent money, but at least I will be safe on the roads.
    Doreene - January 2018
  • I did oil change
    Maureen - January 2018
  • Fast professional service
    Rachael - December 2017
  • Service was completed precisely on time, and they beat a competitor price with no hassle!
    Doris - December 2017
  • The employees were nice and kind, they told me all the deals that was going on , they made sure I was comfortable while I waiting on my car to be finished
    Justine - November 2017
  • I just got a oil change and have been coming for awhile now, I love Monro, great products, also got my tires from here, and I always receive excellent customer service.
    Ashley - October 2017
  • I always have the best service whenever I bring my car here. They are always reliable and HONEST!
    April - October 2017
  • Had a 9:30 AM Sunday appt for an oil change. Was took it would be an hour which is what I was expecting. Came back in an hour and it took another 30 minutes. There was only one mechanic working and he was doing his best and he is very thorough doing the inspection but not sure why there were no other mechanics that day.
    Mark - September 2017
  • I have had the great displeasure of speaking with Monro's pitiful, sad, weak excuse for a Customer Service team. On 7/24/17 my vehicle suffered $1103.00 worth of damage while in their shop and all I'm attempting to do is reach an amicable agreement. I just want some of my money back. They refuse to pay and have no logical or reasonable excuse as to why. What a bunch of theives!!!
    Amanda - September 2017
  • Paid for an oil change which comes with tire rotation. They never rotated my tires. When I inquired about that, they said they only do it if it is requested
    Karen - August 2017
  • It was good
    Andre - August 2017
  • The manager was great! However, the item did not get delivered on the day it was supposed to, causing a longer wait time. That's the reason I gave the 4 stars and not 5
    Karen - August 2017
  • Professional and efficient service team
    Kevin - August 2017
  • They were fast and efficent
    Yolanda - August 2017
  • Started coming to Monro in Reisterstown a number of years I go. Keep coming back because they always provide great service at a reasonable price. It would cost me two or three times the money to take my truck to the dealer. They do everything just as good, quicker and at a lower price.
    Joseph - July 2017
  • I went to several mechanics about my car's oil as it clearly isnt a common oil. I arrived at Monro, where I should have gone in the first place, and they answered all my questions about my oil. Always go to a mechanic you trust and will take care of you! Awesome place and excellent customer service!
    April - June 2017
  • Not good service since Dwayne hasn't been there
    Cassandra - June 2017
  • I'm GLAD to finally having my vehicle {Jeep} back, but things are still going wrong. Thanks to the new Manager, he was able to return my Jeep in a timely manner once he received information about my vehicle. The last Manager did not keep proper records about the return of my vehicle in Aug & Oct 2016. Having to pay more money still did not sit with me well. Now my Jeep won't start back up after 2 short drives, I have 2 wait 30 to 45mins to Drive again. Also looking under the Hood, someone put Masking Tape over the top of the Antifreeze overflow bottle. And lastly there's a problem with my Headlights going out and turn signals freezing up; in which, also happened in Aug 2016. I'm Hesitate in taking my vehicle back.
    Pb - May 2017
  • I as always was very pleased with my service that I received. I was a few minutes late for my appointment which I apologized for however Dwayne assured it me that it wasn't a problem and got my truck in right away. I will gladly recommend them to anyone and will definitely be going back.
    Jessica - May 2017
  • Had a nail puncture my sidewall. Had to buy 2 new front tires. They understood I had to get to work within reasonable time and worked to meet this request. Dwayne Wilson took the time to discuss the tires in stock and available for my purchase. They also contacted me by phone to explain that some sensor had gone bad, which was not known on original price quote and what happened to the unit and additional cost. It was an item that by law had to be replaced due to it being original equipment with my vehicle. As I have only had the tires on the car for just over 1 week I cannot give a product evaluation at this time.
    Carol - May 2017
  • What I liked they delivered my car on time.
    John - May 2017
  • I was very pleased with the services performed in my vehicle. Staff was polite and prompt.
    Veronika - April 2017
  • Scheduled an oil change online. Staff was very considerate regarding the unexpected wait time.
    Mary - April 2017
  • I have been going to this service provider for years and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. I get great service and the staff are awesome.
    Nic - April 2017
  • Kept me in the loop all along about a long term lingering problem I have had. They managed to fix it at a very reasonable cost and my jeep is now running great!
    Alex - March 2017
  • I got my oil change. I love that i don't have to wait long
    Tiffany - March 2017
  • These guys did an excellent job on my car!! Dwayne is a great manager and nice guy overall!! They left my old air filter in the car for me to see and even gave me a new window sticker for my next oil change and left my old one for me without me asking!! I'm incredibly satisfied.
    Matt - March 2017
  • I will brake and have my car exhaust muffed with the products I purchased and installed.
    Theodore - March 2017
  • Service & manager were awesome!
    Mike - March 2017
  • They took care of the brakes and even helped us out on reconnecting the side mirror. They were great. Brakes ended up being a bit more than I thought but all in all it was a good deal.
    Michael - February 2017
  • Great Customer service, love my brand new tires too, smooth ride
    Ashley - February 2017
  • I like how better my car feels with the synthetic oil.
    Tonya - January 2017
  • Tires - called to one place and found out Monro had already pulled the tires and had them ready at their store for when I decided to come back! They were thinking ahead so that they could be ready for me!
    Missy - June 2016
  • They did what I wanted right away about the situation I came in about.
    Jerry - August 2015

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