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(508) 757-2334

605 Park Avenue
Worcester, MA 01603

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7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


9:00AM - 5:00PM

What People Are Saying:

  • I had the best customer service from the manager Jared Kleiza. He helped me so much. He is amazing. I'm definitely going to keep having my vehicle serviced there.
    Debra - March 2018
  • very good service,nice people to work with
    James - February 2018
  • Oil change and acceleration issue with my 2012 Nissan Altima
    Kimberly - January 2018
  • Have been to this site several times and am happy with the service etc.
    Richard - January 2018
  • The staff were very helpful. Outstanding I will say
    Chioma - December 2017
  • Fast. Efficient
    Dan - December 2017
  • Monro always has an appointment available in the week I need it. They get me in and out fast so I don't wait too long. Always great service.
    Kyle - December 2017
  • I was told my car would be ready in 45 minutes, it took over 2 hours. I told them I wanted the $14.99 deal (had coupon), was charged $25 for “extra oil?” & it was supposed to include tire rotation and balance and my low tire pressure light is on.
    Danielle - November 2017
  • Great service and honest mechanical evaluations. William S Coleman lll 508-826-1307 Worcester Massachusetts
    Bill - October 2017
  • Great service and honest mechanical evaluations. William S Coleman lll 508-826-1307 Worcester Massachusetts
    Bill - October 2017
  • Tires seem good. First day having them
    Misty - October 2017
  • Monro always gets me in for an oil change when I need it and at a great price.
    Kyle - October 2017
  • Speedy service friendly staff
    Justin - October 2017
  • fast service
    Julyssa - October 2017
  • frendly and fast service
    Julyssa - October 2017
  • They were professional with me and explained problems with my car in details
    Collins - September 2017
  • originally booked appointment for oil change and to check my brakes. Munroe was able to determine that my brakes rotors were below spec and that although they were turned a few months back that they needed to be replaced. the manager contacted upper management to explain and they decided to replace my rotors and pads at a minimum cost. i appreciate the honesty and service that was provided to me and my family.
    timothy - September 2017
  • Fast and efficient service. Care taken with safety of vehicle braking system
    Francesca - September 2017
  • Tires
    Carlos - September 2017
  • Always try to help out if your car has a issue and also they always inspect your car for any low fuels
    Esmerlin - August 2017
  • Always really nice, honest, know what they are knowledgeable and able to explain. Will get everything done there.
    Bryan - July 2017
  • Staff was very helpful and great communication. They went above and beyond.
    Paul - July 2017
  • Oil change and tire rotation. Great service fast. Had me on my way in 40 mins. Very friendly.
    Timothy - July 2017
  • I had a oil change done and the price was right. I also said I was in a time crunch and my car was prioritized.
    Benji - July 2017
  • Horrible experience! You would think an oil change and tire rotation would be [pretty simple. I have been going to this location for years, the people have changed but the service was always ok....I noticed oil puddles under my car in the Drive way the next day. I tightened the plug, seeing that was loose I checked the lug-nuts, two of those were loose on the same tire. I could see oil was still leaking, I called Monday to look at the car. The person I spoke with pretty much blamed me, i asked maybe they put the plug back incorrectly he said no, I asked how would he know he didn't even work on the car. After looking at the car he said it was missing a gasket that was never there. I had this car 5 years, 5 oil changes a year without issue. Clowns I won't be back! I asked for a credit which he denied. I'm giving this one star because I have to, to complete the survey.
    Mark - June 2017
  • Very professional team oriented store. Manager worked closely with repair technician and even consulted his owner for another opinion.
    Sandy - June 2017
  • They installed the whole thing including c.c. and muffler with hoses.
    Richard - May 2017
  • Went in for a normal oil change. The filter ended up being put in wrong and as soon as my truck was turned on all the oil came out. The tech got a wire wrapped around the filter as he was putting it in.
    danielle - April 2017
  • It allowed me to travel a long distance
    Andrew - April 2017
  • Was taken in and out fairly quickly w/o an appointment. Tires rotated too. 19.99 plus fees. Thank-you!
    Karen - April 2017
  • I called the Auburn location on 4/11/17 at 10:15 am and asked if they had availability for an oil change. They stated that it would be about 45 minutes. I asked if I could put my name in. He scheduled me for 11:15am and took all of the details about me and my car. I killed some time and arrived at 11:10am for the oil change. Apparently the information that he had taken over the phone was not input to the computer so I went through all of the information again. I asked about how long it would take, explaining that I have my dog with me and that I would walk over to Petco with him while the oil was being changed. They told me it would take at least an hour. I explained that I would have to go to another place as I had already killed an hour and that I did not have another hour to wait and kill with a dog, noting that it wasn't a big deal but that I just couldn't wait that long. I explained that I would not have made the appointment if I knew that it would be another hour. They were incredibly rude about me deciding that I could not wait an hour for them to do an oil change and saying that they had no available appointments that day and that I didn't make an appointment I just called ahead. I explained that regardless of whatever wording they would like to use I was told to come at a specific time and that I would have just gone to a different location had they made me aware that it would also be another hour on top of the time they told me to come in. While all of this was going on one of the people working there was incredibly rude to another customer on the phone as well. I left and called the location on Park Ave. in Worcester, MA and asked if they had availability. They explained that if I could come in right now they could do the oil change right away. They were very nice and personable when I arrived and even ran the code reader on my car because the check engine light had come on, it was just a fuel cap loose and they adjusted it.
    Meghan - April 2017
  • This location rectified a problem that occurred during my previous oil change. They did not charge for this service.
    Katherine - March 2017
  • car no longer drifts to one side while driving.
    Alicia - March 2017
  • They good back to me to confirm appointment really fast and did my oil hangs in great time
    Carlos - March 2017
  • In 3 words...Honest, hardworking, knowledgeable! The guys at Monro in Newington, CT are great. LEO at the front desk is polite, professional, clearly knows what he is talking about, and I saw Mark work his butt off from the minute I walked through the door until the minute I left. From oil changes, to brakes, and tires...these guys do it all. Its not often these days that you can walk into a garage for car repair/service and not feel like you are being taken advantage of. I would recommend this Monro location to everyone!
    Tony - February 2017
  • My appointment time was kept and the oil change was done quickly and well.
    Karen - February 2017
  • The technicians were thorough. ...both with their inpection of my car and also with their explanation of the problem. The technicians were fair with helpong to keep my costs at a minimum. I especially like the fact that the work that was done is warrantee
    Craig - June 2016

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