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500 Washington St.
Stoughton, MA 02072

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7:30AM - 6:00PM


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7:30AM - 6:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • We had to have a new tire installed a month ago - but over the past month, it lost air. We brought it in on Saturday morning. Knowledgeable and helpful Service Tech David checked it out. Manager Dana explained why a new tire might slowly deflate. He politely moved us to head of line to make up for this issue and David bead-sealed the tire/rim. My wife and I went for an impromptu 'date' at the (temporary) Stoughton Library directly across the street until Dana called us - with 45 minutes! Well done and much appreciated! Thank you.
    Stan - March 2018
  • They were very busy and my truck was ready when promised. Left my truck nice and clean. Service was friendly.
    Anthony - March 2018
  • Customer Service is front and center and I get my car fixed and returned as promised. No long delays.
    LB - March 2018
  • I called to schedule an inspection and was able to get in the same day. I was near the place but my appointment went for another hr. I went in and they were able to take my car right away. I was out of there super quick
    Lais - February 2018
  • Needed tires ASAP. Fit me right in. Took care of my problem,
    maryann - February 2018
  • Monro is lucking to have Dana Lee running the shop. He went out of his way to drive me back to my home (about a mile and half) the job may take most of the day. I'm bad arthritis better off waiting at home. Thank you Dana.
    Helene - February 2018
  • reliable
    etelka - February 2018
  • Looked at my car checked it nothing was wrong. I still needed a oil change. Lots of work done for me there.
    Raymond - February 2018
  • very happy with service!!
    r. - February 2018
  • Bought 4 tires in 2016, had to have repair to one tire and a new sensor put in.
    Mary - January 2018
  • Great fast service
    Raymond - January 2018
  • Employees were very detailed in explaining products and/or services. Came in for routine oil change and was in and out in less than 25-30 mins which was great.
    Asia - January 2018
  • i love doing my oil changes at this location with the fact that they tell me other things thats wrong with the car.
    Anthony - January 2018
  • Dana is such a nice guy, and I felt well taken care of. Thanks for great service you guys! :)
    Maria - January 2018
  • Not sure what’s going on but the service is currently questionable. I like the friendly service and the discounts, but when I had two diagnostic tests in 6 months and a regular inspection of my car they came up with different problems. Iny Meany Miny Mo.
    Vivian - January 2018
  • Monroe always works with their customers to keep them safe.
    Vivian - December 2017
  • I initially went to "another muffler service center" due to an issue with mine. Glad I went with my instincts and shopped around. Went to Monro and there was no comparison. Excellent service (even though I had an additional issue they diagnosed, they went out of their way to help me), professionalism and courtesy was more than I expected. I would recommend this particular service center in a hearbeat.
    Don - December 2017
  • the services on that day was not what I expected.
    norma - December 2017
  • Great place
    Jennifer - December 2017
  • Suggestions were great
    Jerry - December 2017
  • Dana was excellent with customer service and courtesy. They took my car in asap and was completed within an hour with a detailed list of an expectiom. Will be returning for future services.
    Ashley - December 2017
  • Great job
    Helene - December 2017
  • Dana was very polite and assigned the right engineer perform routine maintenance on my Mercedes.
    Abdiel - December 2017
  • Fast service, friendly staff
    Julie - December 2017
  • Tires are ok and price was excellent
    Sasa - November 2017
  • very pleased!
    helene - November 2017
  • First time I bought two tires here and the price is higher than other tire stores even gave me the price match, I still not completely satisfied
    Tho - November 2017
  • The shop is overall great, been catching things on the car for years. No BS, no overselling, fix what is needed and look into every issue. The front desk guy who checks you out though will not stop talking though. A simple "do you have any questions about the info I have in this review of your car before you go" would be so much more helpful then going over everything one by one. For a new person great, for the guy who is in their system (confirmed by front desk guy not more than a minute before & during check in) not so much.
    Paul - November 2017
  • Easy, convenient, and thorough.
    Jenna - November 2017
  • service was great
    helene - November 2017
  • Excellent service
    Kera - November 2017
  • Sorry, I would not use Monro Muffler/Brake shop. I believe I was the unwitting victim of a classic "bait & switch. Our estimate offered Ceramic brake pads for front & rear brakes but when we received the inferior semi-metallic brakes were installed in the front. There was also a duplicate charge of $49 for cleaning the Calipers. Why two charges for the same service? The final straw was the mgr.removed the initial discount of $350 when we paid the bill. What goes? is this typical Monro service?
    Shirley - November 2017
  • Needed an oil change and sticker. Monroe found a slight exhaust leak and fixed that quickly.
    Kevin - November 2017
  • The manager was very friendly
    Ineida - November 2017
  • Complete service: oil change, battery, inspection
    Kevin - November 2017
  • I came into this store because I needed help with some new tires I purchased elsewhere and have had issues for over 3-weeks! I was told about Direct Tire to do some more tests and this was one of the stores that had the machine I needed to test my tires beyond the store I purchased them from. I got an early am appointment and was greeted right away. The manager behind the desk was a perfect greeter!! Made you feel welcome and confident that they can help you! It took a few hours but the whole time I felt confident. The mechanic/tech was a young kid named Justin(I hope I got it right), he was positive, willing to work on my Jeep and very responsive to the managers requests. The manager Dana was more than a manager, He sounded like a teacher or mentor to these kids. He made sure that the Tech was spoken to directly by me the customer and thru him for more of a direct one on one interaction. Great kid, great manager and excellent service! They could not find any issues and the results later that week was nothing that they could find, it was a tire defect. Would I go back, Yes! The only negative was the coffee pods were empty but DD was walking distance. Good luck to the Guys/Techs and excellent service from Dana!! Sincerely, Angelo
    Angelo - November 2017
  • Part of an oil change consists of lube, battery check, brake inspection and tire rotation. Great service.
    Kevin - November 2017
  • Dana was very nice and also very good about getting me an appointment the next day which was convenient. However the problem I had with my car was the dash lights went out. I read up it could be a fuse and was hoping Monroe could help me. They were unable to help me and not only that gave no explanation what the problem could be? Not even one guess. They told me it wasn’t the fuses and they couldn’t do anything. So I guess that means I have to go to the dealership which is fine but I am dissapointed there was no attempt to find the problem or maybe give me an idea of any other possible outcome. Again Dana was very kind and I did get an oil change at a great price but that’s over shadowed with the fact that there was no explanation or effort put into find what was wrong with my car? I don’t think I will be back for any further car problems being that I may not get an explanation again...
    Nicholas - October 2017
  • Great people, great service, great price
    Katrina - October 2017
  • Very good, curteous personnel
    Lev - October 2017
  • I've used this location multiple times for service and had nothing but a great experience. The staff is extremely kind and professional and I'll definitely be returning for future maintenance.
    Christopher - October 2017
  • I couldn't get the sticker, the cameras were not working
    Victoria - October 2017
  • The service was very good & done well. Was explained everything inspected on my car but could have been given the paperwork as well for my records which I did not receive. Overall, decent experience.
    Brittney - October 2017
  • Very pleased with my purchase of 4 Kelly tires.
    Mary - October 2017
  • Very good reception
    Wanessa - October 2017
  • A lot of details given on the status of my car.
    Renee - October 2017
  • Was satisfied with all my work done at monro
    Jayna - October 2017
  • Great service! Quick, pleasant, and efficient. Wouldn't change a thing!
    Stacey - September 2017
  • I didn't have an appointment, but they were able to do my inspection in a prompt and courteous manner. Thank you.
    Linda - September 2017
  • After I was not given the whole story on my car the first time around, Dana apologized to me and assured me I would be able to have my car worked on, and the work would be done at a discount as an apology. After going back and forth for a couple days, Dana completely blew me off. He was supposed to call me last Saturday morning to follow up. It's been 9 days. That call has never come. Monro should be ashamed of delivering this type of service.
    Ryan - September 2017
  • Everthing went well.
    Jean - September 2017
  • I purchased a set of wheels and tires from an online website and had them delivered to Monro. I was able to schedule an appointment for that Saturday morning to have the tires/wheels swapped on my vehicle. Dana was very friendly and Ben the tech kept me informed of any issues and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend Monro in Stoughon!
    Joe - September 2017
  • This visit was just for an inspection and sticker. I stopped by unannounced. The manager, Dana, asked if I could come back in an hour since there were a few others ahead of me. I returned an hour later, left the car while I went nearby for lunch. It was ready when lunch was done. Well done!
    Stanley - September 2017
  • I had to get rotors and the brake pads which was a big deal for me but now that I've done it, I feel safer on the road.
    Lucinda - September 2017
  • Fast and very polite
    Norma - September 2017
  • Great service and great deals!!
    Brittany - September 2017
  • Excellent/Professional/Very fast service. Highly recommend Monro.
    Lynda - September 2017
  • Service was fast and the manager polite
    Norma - September 2017
  • Oil change in about an hour would have been a perfect 5 stars but they could not do the rotation do to swelling and corrosion on the lug nuts
    michael - September 2017
  • Dana is the man Great guy and great customer servic
    Valeska - September 2017
  • Went in for an oil change and a tire rotation. The staff was very friendly and helpful, and they got the work done in much less time than I expected. I was there for about 45 minutes and then I was on my way! No one tried to push me into spending more money or getting anything else done, but they did make recommendations as to things I might consider having done in the future to keep the car in good shape. Overall, very professional and helpful!
    Elizabeth - September 2017
  • I had asked to have the first morning appt. and was told it would take less than an hour for an oil change. They were true to their word. I was greeted with a smile and checked out with a smile. Costs were accurate and it was a pleasant experience. Thank you.
    Loree - September 2017
  • Friendly service. Average prices .Convenient location.
    glenn - September 2017
  • Stopped in for a state inspection when I saw the bay empty. At ANY other shop this is a quick process. Although it was clear to Dana, the manager, that I was there for a state inspection, he didn't get the car right into the empty bay. Instead I had to wait while he finished with one customer, and then assisted another. Ok, I get it - wait my turn. When he finally got to me, instead of just taking my $35 and getting the car into the bay, we had to go through a long process while he keyed both my details and the vehicle details, including VIN, into their system. I am sure Dana didn't make up this system, and its Monroe's way of doing things, but it all took 3 times longer than necessary since Dana wanted to smile, and be enthusiastic about everything, including asking for my e-mail and talking about the survey that would come, etc. Do I sound like Mr. Grumpy? Not really - it was literally 20 minutes from when I pulled in until he was ready to get the car into the bay. Wait - that's not it - it still took some time to pull it into the bay, and then they began the inspection. Except the mechanic couldn't figure out how to hook up to the OBD connection in my Porsche. So he got another mechanic. The two of them still couldn't do it. I told Dana I would just go to the dealer, as I should have done to begin with. But wait - I had already paid. And Dana had never processed a refund. So that required three additional phone calls to Dana, and one to corporate before my $35 was refunded two weeks later. Oh, and I pulled into the dealer, and was in and out in under 15 minutes, with no issues. My suggestion for all of this - it's great that there is an emphasis on friendly customer service, but what I really want - and what I think most people want - is for the visit to be efficient and hassle free, and for the vehicle to be fixed right. My experience was anything but - an hour of wasted time, plus more time wasted to get my refund, and the service wasn't done
    Scott - September 2017
  • One pricing for tires makes buying easy. Good selection.
    Kevin - September 2017
  • Needed 4 new tires and brakes and work was completed same day as promised, and under budget!
    Davina - September 2017
  • I'll certainly be back
    Matt - September 2017
  • I just went for a sticker & they were able to accommodate me as the Canton branch could not.
    Marc - August 2017
  • It was great service
    Jennifer - August 2017
  • Wait was too long, even when my car was done I had to wait. And the price was too much I thought it would be 14.99 but it ended coming to be almost $30. They need to remove the sign in the front.
    Jean - August 2017
  • just inspection done
    robert - August 2017
  • Brought in for oil change
    Kevin - August 2017
  • Quality.... Performance.... Trust... .
    James - August 2017
  • I received a oil change. The service was pretty fast and the guy at the front desk was very informative and pleasant. I would have given 5 stars, however, they forgot to change my sticker that tells me when my next oil change is due.
    Shakia - August 2017
  • Great job
    Tom - August 2017
  • I had a wonderful first experience at Monro ON Washington St in Stoughton. Dana was friendly, he helped me with any questions I had and explained exactly what needed my attention with repairs and what I could wait to fix. I felt at ease and I will definitely come back for all my car needs. Thank you Dana!
    Tamia - August 2017
  • I have had a few inspections here as I only work down the street. I work long days and start early so it can be hard to find a place to do an inspection during the week. Every time I call these guys to get an inspection they understand and find time to get me in. I know to a lot of people it may not seem like much because an inspection doesn't take long. But going the extra mile to squeeze me in is something I really appreciate.
    Adam - August 2017
  • oil change and stae inspecion done in 2 hours
    jim - August 2017
  • I was originally told it would be 350 for a tire alignment, oil pan and oil change with labor. Their alignment machine ended up being down, so I couldn't get that but the price was consistently $340 even though I didn't get a 70 dollar job done, meaning it should have costed around $280 rather than $340
    Zachary - August 2017
  • I brought my car in for an inspection sticker and an a "low tire pressure" light. After explaining that I had checked my tire pressure three times (the last two times the tire pressure was fine) and the light still had not turned off, I was told the mechanic put air in my tires and the light would turn off after I drove it for a few miles. I explained (again) that I had already tried this and it didn't work and told them I think the issue might be a faulty sensor. He checked the four sensors and three of them were faulty. I told them to replace the sensors and again when the light was still on I was told I have to drive it a few miles before it will turn off. I have now driven my car over 100 miles, the light has not turned off and a new "tire pressure sensor fault" message is now displayed. I know very little about cars and am extremely discouraged that an auto shop could have such difficulty diagnosing and solving such a minor issue. However, they had no problem charging me $340 for the "repairs." I would not recommend using this shop.
    Kelly - August 2017
  • I went to Monroe for an oil change that day and they were able to do it for me that same day. The person at the counter was so very helpful, friendly, greeted you warmly and made me feel very welcome.
    Lavette - August 2017
  • would like to see 1 night a week with extended hours loaner cars available would help
    Helayne - August 2017
  • Great service. The technician explained everything they did. I would recommend Monro to my family and friends.
    Kerry - August 2017
  • 1. Bought one new tire. Told them to fill it to 34 psi. Instead, all 4 tires were lowered to 32. Didn't notice until newxt day and had to fill them myself since I had to leave. 2. Got a 4 wheel alignment. Every alignment I've had in years included a print out of the before and after specs. Got nothing.
    Suzanne - August 2017
  • Great job guys! Very efficient. Top notch customer service too.
    Mark - August 2017
  • routine maintenance regularly
    Tom - August 2017
  • Worked great with my girlfriend and I, was satisfied with what was helped with.
    Zachary - August 2017
  • The service at Monro is excellent. Staff is friendly, and I've gotten really good quotes on service in the past.
    Jennifer - August 2017
  • We didn't have to wait, we were treated courteously and the man helping us even got water for our dogs!
    Caroline - August 2017
  • they always go out of there way to accomodate my service needs.
    William - August 2017
  • the office people are wonderful. they solved all of my concerns in a timley manner.
    John - August 2017
  • Went due to unknown leak under car. Thought it was water based. After looked at, and a rather weird meeting between mechanic and both service managers in small hallway off waiting room, advised that it was either a head gasket leak or another engine leak. They said they couldn't see which it was. I asked for an estimate for both possible scenarios. Waited 3 days no estimate. Called and advised he had it right there, hadn't had a chance to send, but would. A week later still no estimate. Makes me wonder what's going on, why the 4 minute conference in the hallway before they spoke to me, and why apparently unwilling to send me estimate. At first advised by Office Manager that they'd had to top off the oil. Then, when the mechanic was right in front of me, manager spoke to mechanic confirming that he had added oil. Mechanic stated he had not added any oil to the car and it wasn't necessary to top off. This Monro used to be Windsor Tire, a garage I truly trusted to be honest and reliable. This is not keeping up with the Windsor rep and I don't believe I will ever go back and now have to find a garage I feel confidence in and and trust.
    Jeanne - August 2017
  • Inspection sticker, fast, courteous and efficient.
    Deborah - July 2017
  • The new brakes and rotors so far are great, just what I expected.
    Alvin - July 2017
  • Had to stop in for a State inspection after registering my car. Got me in and out quickly, with friendly service.
    Sarah - July 2017
  • Very friendly and efficient.
    Rochelle - July 2017
  • Dana Lee helped me with my issue. Very understanding and Caring about my problem.
    Phyllis - July 2017
  • I was told that my vehicle would be done by 11:30 after dropping off at 10:30. Came back at 11:30 and was told that it would be done by 12. After waiting til 12:30 was told it was all set and I was good to go! Went into my vehicle and realized that only the oil change had been completed and not inspection. Manager put car right in garage and got inspection done in about 20 min. The customer service saved this review from getting 1 star!
    Ethan - July 2017
  • Helped me with my blown tire, did a fast and great job.
    Nikita - July 2017
  • Here is my story: 1) I scheduled an appointment for 7:30 AM to check a transmission leak. I brought my vehicle in promptly. I called at noon to check on had not been touched, i called at 1pm, same status, at 2pm same status, at 3pm, they had pulled it into the bay and finally were looking at it 2) there was a leak of transmission fluid (this is the reason that i brought it in). They asked me to take it to the car wash, find the leak, and then bring it back. My hope was that they would perform the diagnostic to find the source of the leak. i explained this, and they finally agreed. at this time they mentioned i had a brake caliper clip missing and that i had a break light out. I told the service person to go ahead and fix these 2 minor items. 3) 2nd day in the shop, was not looked at until late afternoon. the service person said they would get a quote to me 4) 3rd day, after multiple calls, i get a quote, and informed that the components will be 3 days to source. I provide permission to continue 5) day of scheduled completion (day 6) i'm told that the wrong parts came in. job not complete. 6) informed that parts still not in, and an additional part is needed, job not complete 7) job will be completed by end of day. i arrive. the transmission leak is fixed. the caliper clip and brake light bulb are not. a tech has just started to look at the bulb. i take my vehicle after 8 days and leave without the bulb or clip. 8 full work days. very little communication. i called daily 3-4 times, and made a couple of stops into the shop. Cannot be trusted to call me, or to actually service my vehicle. continuously put other vehicles in front of mine. my vehicle received a day's worth of work in the 8 days that it sat.
    Peter - July 2017
  • Had an emergency and needed my car taken care of fast and inexpensive. Dana made it happen ASAP and had the best communication along with offering multiple options.
    Nick - July 2017
  • Good Service, price are amazing and fast service.
    Norma - July 2017
  • Drove in without an appointment to have car inspected. Was advised to make an appointment, due to a really busy schedule. They were very prompt, courteous and professional. Would definitely be going back!
    Osahon - July 2017
  • very friendly!!!
    Richard - July 2017
  • Great tires
    Brenda - July 2017
  • I have been purchasing my tires here for many a year and have yet to be disappointed. On my recent visit I was informed I needed a new tire and sensor. With the road hazard policy in place the entire trip cost me under $20.
    Russel - July 2017
  • I went in on Saturday June 24th for a 930 appointment. The guy working the counter (I can't remember his name---I am terrible with names) was really good. It was very busy and he was cool as a cucumber. There was one customer who was being a pest and he handled her great. I even remarked to him as such.
    Michelle - June 2017
  • I get all state inspections, routine maintenance, special repairs and will go out of my way to deal with Monro - I TRUST THEM!!!
    Rosemary - June 2017
  • Good service
    Rosalina - June 2017
  • Everything was fine
    Daniel - June 2017
  • The problem solved in time
    Davi - June 2017
  • Easy to get an appointment. Car done on time. Informative review of other items that should be monitored.
    Kevin - June 2017
  • Very friendly and go out there way to go over the overall process of the tires
    Kim - June 2017
  • Great customer service, the gentleman at the front desk was very polite. I also appreciated that they provided a full detailed report about things that might need to be fixed soon, along with a brake and tire report. Overall a great experience.
    Ariana - June 2017
  • Very polite!
    Andy - June 2017
  • i always get my oil changed here. they do a quick and great job. always has online coupons
    Amanda - June 2017
  • i always get my oil changed here. they do a quick and great job. always has online coupons
    Amanda - June 2017
  • Before Monro opened in Stoughton, I have gone to Windsor Tire for many, many years. Once I gave Monro Tire a try, I have been so very, very happy. The customer service is excellent, and the work done is superb! Also, the price for work done is very competitive. For example: I need a cabin air filter. Your cost: $30.99 (6/7/17) . Valvoline: $39.99 (10/3/14). Thank you for continuing the Windsor Tire tradition. Vivian Hammond of Stoughton
    Vivian - June 2017
  • The team is always so helpful
    Bill - June 2017
  • I usually go to the Dedham location however I did not feel like driving there today on my day off since I work in the area. I went in to get my tire plugged due to running over a screw. I did notice on my bill that my email address was mistyped, a simple mistake but it's probably le best to double check with customer before entering entering the information. I thought it strange the asked me for the milage of the car instaead of automaticly recoreding that info when they take the car.
    Robert - June 2017
  • I bring all three of my cars to the Monroe near my office in Stoughton, MA.. The staff there is friendly, knowledgeable, and your prices are always the best. All my cars will be serviced at Monroe.
    Barry - June 2017
  • they did a great job very happy
    kevin - June 2017
  • The front office team is so good at explaining the service the service that is suggested for my vehicle.
    William - May 2017
  • Very good customer service
    Johanna - May 2017
  • Monroe Service is quick and easy to get your vehicle in order. Service people are polite and do listen for a remedy to the existing problem. They respond with the solution needed and leave the decision up to the patron with no pressure. I really enjoy the fact that this company is in town and maintenance is available using their knowledge to remedy what is needed for a safe ride.
    Louise - May 2017
  • The staff clearly explained to me what they dis this time and what we should consider doing in the future
    Thomas - May 2017
  • I went in for an oil change and was greeted by the two nicest guys in the front office. Friendly and knowledgeable and funny too!
    Jacqueline - May 2017
  • purchased 4 new tires - great service.
    Cindy - May 2017
  • Very efficient
    Ray - May 2017
  • As always the team helped beyond expected
    Elliot - May 2017
  • The tires are very smooth riding
    William - May 2017
  • the service was great. they were very informative.
    William - May 2017
  • everyone is wonderful to deal with. they are great.
    Donna - May 2017
  • I come to Monro for my auto needs. The machanics are knowlegable and keep me informed about maintenance. The associates are courteous and also note everything in my file. Together helping keep my vehicle running smooth. Thankyou.
    Karen - May 2017
  • Thank you again to Tom for making sure my car was taken in a timely manner to get an inspection sticker.
    Mara - May 2017
  • We brought in our car with a confusing problem. The people at Monroe worked on it - ruling out a number of issues. When they did finally have an idea of what was happening they did not charge us for the failed attempts to diagnose the issue. They were upfront and honest with us throughout the process.
    Lynne - April 2017
  • My wife and I brought our cars in for routine servicing. Bill at the front desk does a great job. Very personable and professional and knowledgeable. We will be going back there for future maintenance and repairs.
    Ken - April 2017
  • Bill at Munro in Stoughton, MA is the very best
    Paul - April 2017
  • Just oil changed
    John - April 2017
  • I appreciate Bill @the Stoughton store. I like the coupons
    Craig - April 2017
  • My car always runs smooth after I get my oil changes
    Kevin - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Vehicle check up, the mature gentleman was extremely nice and pleasant. I am going to go for future vehicle check ups.
    Apolloniabl - April 2017
  • Great service very quick with service. Greats everyone that comes in and takes care of the requested services. Best prices on auto work even on oil changes.
    Kevin - April 2017
  • Made apt -- got in same day- vehicles was taken in right away- Love the coupons and the service attendant was great
    Rob - March 2017
  • Easy to make an appointment and get the answers needed to help make an educated decision on vehicle maintenance.
    Jim - March 2017
  • Needed a tire, service was terrific!!!! Explained and serviced!!
    howard - March 2017
  • Convenient friendly
    Erin - February 2017
  • Convenient friendly
    Erin - February 2017
  • The technician analyzed the 'sound', discovered the cause and the necessary repair and then recommended other areas to consider, not immediately, but items that were wearing and should be monitored.
    Kevin - February 2017
  • Had an alignment done to my car, Rich could not have been nicer and accommodating. My car was done in a timely manner, car was clean and work done well.
    John - February 2017
  • I thought my car was headed for the scrap yard, but in a day two minor problems were fixed and I was on the road again!
    Arlene - February 2017
  • Great%20services%20says%20it%20all
    Evan - January 2017
  • Excellent%20service%2C%20highly%20skilled%20staff%20and%20nice%20people%20work%20in%20this%20store
    Evan - January 2017
  • I%20have%20been%20going%20to%20this%20locations%20pre%20Monroe%20and%20I%20will%20continue%20to%20go%20because%20the%20service%20is%20consistently%20good.%20The%20staff%20listens%20to%20me%20and%20or%20my%20wife's%20concerns%20and%20they%20keep%20their%20promises%20whether%20schedule%20or%20price.%20The%20most%20important%20thing%20for%20me%20is%20I%20would%20recommend%20this%20location%20without%20hesitation
    Evan - January 2017
  • Staff very friendly and clearly answered my questions. Took the time to completely answer the questions being assured I understood what was being said.
    Jeanne - August 2016
  • I trust them with the care of my car. They fixed it as promised and so far, I am very satisfied. So, I keep coming back for my car maintenance.
    Margie - July 2016
  • The staff always calls to update you of the findings and also prices it out for you. They never do any additional work without consulting us first. They always work in a timely manner too.
    Patricia - July 2016
  • The person I spoke with made me very comfortable and he went out of his way to find me just the right tires. I left so happy. My tires look and feel great and I am so glad he recommended them when the original ones I wanted weren't available.
    Logan - July 2016
  • The staff explained exactly what work was needed, provided an accurate time and money estimate and were very pleasant
    Scott - June 2016
  • My sister recommended this shop to me she was very happy with the customer service , especially Chris. I find the staff is very friendlly and informative. They go above and beyond to make sure we understand what they find wrong with the vehicle in an easy
    Fran - June 2016
  • My wife always had her company car serviced there and was very happy with the staff and service. I needed to find a new shop to take my truck for service and they completed all work on time and at the price quoted.
    Wayne - June 2016
  • Your team is extremely friendly and helpful and knowledgeable. It is a pleasure doing business with a company you are not afraid will charge you for one thing but provide a lesser service. That confidence is what makes this location so successful and trus
    Amy - May 2016
  • All the employees were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I love the atmosphere at this shop, they make you feel like family.
    David - May 2016
  • Amazing deals and offers that complimented my initial service ! Will definitely be back for future services !
    Amanda - May 2016
  • High mileage car - Staff informed me of status of slow leaks, including rear differential I had not known about.
    Mitch - May 2016
  • They explained the plan, and seemed very efficient, and finished earlier than projected. They are always very courteous.
    Susan - April 2016

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