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Southbridge, MA 01550

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What People Are Saying:

  • The Team in Southbridge, Ma. are the best
    Robert - March 2018
  • Staff was friendly and explained everything
    Patrick - February 2018
  • I went to the Southbridge location for an oil change and waited for them to open at 7:30am. I was told because I didn’t have an appointment even though I was the only one there and their first appointment wasn’t until 8:00 it would take 15 minutes for the compressors to build up air pressure and it couldn’t be done. When confronted with the fact that air isn’t needed for an oil change or the lift. The person behind the counter got upset and said the best he could do was 10:30. The service is always horrible, they never rotate the tires. I know they need air for that. I was a flat rate tech for many years and there would of been plenty of air for the rotation by the time the oil change was done. Pure laziness because oil changes only pay .2 or .3. But if it was a brake job I guarantee they would of gotten me in.
    Sean - January 2018
  • Found problem wrote out estimate but not pushy
    Deborah - January 2018
  • It was very courteous and timely
    Tim - December 2017
  • They do a great job
    Jenifer - November 2017
  • My was loud when I brought it in and loud when I took it back. They replaced the flex pipe but there is more to fix. I was upset because now I have to pay more else where.
    Tomas - November 2017
  • Needed a quick appt with no real notice. The staff was great with getting me right in and gave a great price.
    James - October 2017
  • Pleasant conpany
    Lindsey - October 2017
  • I hav been going to this monro for at least 17 years. This was the worst service. The manager was gabbing with mechanic while I waited to check in, I have never waited more than 10 minutes before they started my oil change after my appointment time, this time half hour before they even brought my car in. No one there but me. Really has gone significantly downhill and today, two days after oil and tire rotation, my low tire light is on- 76 degrees outside! Not sure I will return.
    Anonymous - September 2017
  • Everything that could possibly go wrong with this visit did x 4. After they eventually figured it out manager Jared was accommodating.
    Jenifer - September 2017
  • good staff...very professional... felt I was give good honest advice...without pressure
    Marty - September 2017
  • Great service. Knowledgeable staff.
    David - September 2017
  • I got my brakes done and they fixed a problem that the jeep dealership kept claiming I didn't have!
    Allison - September 2017
  • This is a great place they have great customer service and they are very knowledgeable.
    Jenifer - August 2017
  • no comment
    Ben - August 2017
  • Very pleasant to deal with, called and got right in. When I picked up the car I was told about a minor issue I have and they were honest about cost and urgency.
    Ann - August 2017
  • Quick, able to accommodate my schedule and reliable workers.
    Karina - August 2017
  • Awesome service
    Jeff - August 2017
  • Appointment was pretty quick. More expensive than I thought it would be.
    Cindy - August 2017
  • Under new management great job
    Bob - July 2017
  • Yes
    Bill - June 2017
  • Service performed quickly and efficiently. Repeat customer. Multiple vehicles.
    David - June 2017
  • I had a coupon for an oil change that included tire rotation, check brakes, and check tire presser for $49.99 with card. I don't have a card but coupon said you can apply a store. The guy behind the desk said he was new and didn't know how to fill out the application for the card . So now its going to cost me $10 more . Then they did the oil change but nothing else. I watched as my tires were not rotated or checked for presser . You cant check the brakes unless the tires are off so no brake check either .
    Bruce - June 2017
  • After dealing with Monro for several years now I must admit that I was a bit cautious because of a new manager. However, Joe listened to my concerns about my vehicle feeling like it was floating. Joe and his team worked on my vehicle with oil change, replaced the struts (4) and ball joints and the front end controller arms and showed my husband the proof. Thank heavens, Joe and his team found the cracked controller arms and if he did not I could have been in a serious accident! Joe and his team have once again gained my utmost trust in them and I wouldn't and will recommended the Southbridge, MA Monro Service station!!!
    Linda - May 2017
  • The mechanic got oil on the exhaust pipes and didn't clean it off causing oil heavy smell in the vehicle. The cost was a little high for the service due to it is less expensive at a Honda dealer.
    Clarence - April 2017
  • I have to wait one week to get appointment even if the bays are empty no good service tech the size says $20 for oil change but padded cost turned to $ 27 poor service
    Harry - April 2017
  • Thanks for checking for things that are wearing out even if its just an oil appointment!
    Bart - April 2017
  • The staff were pleasant patient and efficient.
    Tom - April 2017
  • Good service. Easy in and out.
    Michelle - April 2017
  • Quick and courteous
    Matt - April 2017
  • I made an appointment to have Monro look over my sister in laws 2007 Honda CRV as I was considering purchasing it. My sister in law drove her vehicle to Monro and I followed her in mine. I was to then drop her off for her senior bowling league. I went in to Monro and I was told by the manager that it would cost 110.00 to look at the vehicle. I was shocked and confused as I had brought another vehicle to Monro 2 years ago to look at a vehicle that I did purchase and there was no charge. I felt uneasy, but having had my sister in law drive to Monro, I made the decision to go ahead with the 110.00, My sister in law and I both knew that the exhaust needed repair and we would now be able to see what the cost to repair it would be. When we came back to pick up her vehicle, the manager said the vehicle needed the exhaust repair as well as some brackets, all Fluids need to be changed, a serpentine belt, front struts and rear brakes totaling 2,500 to 3,000 dollars The manager said that all the fuids have never been changed and they should be changed soon. I later asked my sister in law about the maintenance on her vehicle, She told me that she bought the vehicle in 2008 with 18,000 miles on it. The vehicle now has 112,000 miles. She has had her vehicle serviced by the Honda dealership religiously at all service intervals. I saw the receipts that indicate the fluids were changed when recommended. From this experience I feel that the repair estimate I received was inflated. I have been a customer of Monro for more than 10 years with 2 and sometimes 3 vehicles in my household. I probably will be taking my business someplace else. Respectfully, Richard Lisi
    Richard - March 2017
  • These guys scheduled me in a few days before I arrived and when I did, they were ready to change my oil and rotate my tires. Good job , done quickly. Very friendly staff
    Peter - March 2017
  • Great service and communication! I was kept in the loop and updated every step of the way, and the crew made sure my car was well taken care of.
    Hope - March 2017
  • Couldn't get the filter housing off Toyota Camry for an oil change. Said he used a 3 foot pipe to get better leverage, still didn't budge. Took it to Toyota dealership and the filter came right off. I'm not sure what the problem was at Monro.
    Tim - March 2017
  • The manager Chuck was great at explaining the work that needed to be done on my car that was leaking power steering fluid. He worked with me on payment options even offering me a credit card so I could get the work done. The service was done in the time frame I was given,they were up front and honest about the exact service they performed,the price quoted was fair,the work was impeccable. My car runs great and I will be recommending Monro to all my friends and family.
    Pamela - March 2017
  • Great service at the Southbride, Ma, location.
    Bob - February 2017
  • fast,easy,quality workmanship
    Russel - February 2017
  • I was not contacted before they added a set of breaks to my order!
    Diane - February 2017
  • Very late for scheduled appointment - What is the point of the appointment when it is not honored? tried to sell me upcharge items - oh - you could use a new . . . and some new . . . SO much for a reasonably priced oil change.
    Jane - February 2017
  • I'm a long time customer with two cars. The previous manager was always fair and honest, his name was Lance. Since he left I feel like each new manager while trying to upsell was sticking it to me. I have situations that will be too detailed for this comment area. The last straw is I scheduled an appointment for an oil change. My car is a 6 cyl 04 escape. The coupon is for $19.99. I know there is shop fee and tax but my car takes five quarts yet he wants to charge extra for additional oil bringing the total to $31.00. I went down the road to schedule an oil change with another trusted shop. They said $22.00 out the door. I have spent thousands at this monro store. But the nickel and dime has just cost you future sales. I am writing to you but others will just stop coming. If you would like to hear other issues call me 860-928-7677
    William - February 2017
  • Angel was very thorough about what was happening with the car for its 90,000 mile service. He gave me options and prices and was able to complete the work in a timely fashion.
    Donald - July 2016
  • I was able to have my car fixed the same day and within hours of calling the shop. The staff were helpful and gave a realistic estimate of time.
    Tracie - July 2016
  • They are always prompt, courteous and I feel comfortable in bringing my cars to them for good quality service at a fair price.
    Richard - April 2016
  • I've been using Monro services for many years and their honesty is what keeps me coming back for additional services.
    Brian - September 2015
  • Len, Mark, and Mark are awesome. I know they are currently short staffed, but that still has not stopped Lance and his staff for superior customer service. He and his crew deserve medals for picking up the slack during this difficult time! I will and always will be a dedicated customer to Monro in Southbridge!
    Brett - September 2015

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