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(617) 213-1021

706 Adams Street
Quincy, MA 02169

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What People Are Saying:

  • manager is nice,justin,right. and price is good after coupon. will come every time.thx
    LEO,Li - March 2018
  • Everyone was friendly and helpful. Very professional and most important fast and well done!
    Michael - February 2018
  • Today was second visit to this Monro on Adams Street in Quincy. First time they were so very accommodating because they were closed when I had my car towed there because the AAA rescuer could not get the lug nuts off of a flat tire to change it. Next morning he called before he did anything & gave me options. It was a very happy experience for me. Today again I go there expecting to get an oil change & find out it’s much more serious & my oil pan is cracked probably from going over one of the million potholes & no pressure to fix it they did what they could to keep it from leaking w/a little silicon but were honest about it probably not working for long & to check my oil every day to make sure there is some. Just so professional but with such a kind & caring manner that you rarely get anywhere nowadays. Gave me a warm & fuzzy feeling that will last. I have already recommended them to anyone I hear that needs their kind of services & will continue to do just that from now on. Thank you Zane & your wonderful staff! Like Arnold “I’ll be back!”
    Carolyn - January 2018
  • Zane, he was very professional, courteous, and made it very welcoming for women to bring there car in to be serviced.
    Julie - January 2018
  • Great people! Super friendly! Took care of my car and finished the work ina timely fashion. Never dissapointed.
    Josh - November 2017
  • My brother has his Ford and Toyota serviced there. I was a bit nervous to bring my Toyota , always bring it to the dealer. After speaking with my brother he convinced me to at least try it once. What a relief it was to know all was done as such a competitive price, and more importantly the manager explained what they actually did. That ever happens at the dealer, just pay and see you net time. I will be returning for the next service as I am 10 minutes away.
    Elaine - November 2017
  • I had two oil change and tire rotations at the Adams St. location. The new manager was very accommodating seeing I did not schedule in advance. Both vehicle were completed within a few hours . That"s service !!!!
    Jim - November 2017
  • I would have given this 706 Adam Street Monro service a zero star if I could. Three days ago I requested an oil change, and I was confirmed for the schedule the next morning. Today, October 22nd was the day of the oil change. I went to the store to find out that the shop is closed Sunday, October 22nd. I called the number the email gave me to make sure because the oil change was confirmed with the email and the website. The first time, I did not get a response. The second time, a guy picked up the phone and had the guts to yell at me right away, "THE STORE IS CLOSED!" I was so frustrated and mad, but I tried to tell him my situation calmly. He hunged up on me. This is the worst customer service, as well as website confirmation I ever had to deal with. This is just plain ridiculous. The man that picked up the phone should be fired.
    Takashige - October 2017
  • I have been going to this shop for a little bit over a year where I spent almost $3,000 in repair cost. The old crew were great naming Charlie the previous shop manager and Matt one of his associate. I went last week for an oil change when I found out that everyone that I used to meet there had left. I was sitting there where one of the mechanics came and told the store shop manager quoting "I won't do this f** car". I was shocked when I heard that.
    Youness - October 2017
  • Mechanic recommend upgraded oil, we are pleased with the services and performance of my wife's vehicle.
    Joe - October 2017
  • I called Matt on Sept 26 for a 9AM oil change on Sept 29. I have a fleet vehicle which has been serviced at this store for 2 years. When I reported, "Pat" informed me that, " Don't know how to bill that, you'll have to come back at noon when Matt is here." Instead I went to my local Ford dealer who was happy to have my business.
    Tom - September 2017
  • Excellent service! Was able to get exactly what I needed at an affordable price in record time! Highly recommend, my car is driving great. Will be back!
    Johanna - September 2017
  • Service was fast and friendly.
    Christina - September 2017
  • Matt was very quick fixing my car and it works great.
    Ara - September 2017
  • Received great customer service
    Stephanie - August 2017
  • Great people
    Chris - August 2017
  • They did everything and a mile ahead! Right on time! They are pros!
    Fedor - August 2017
  • Quick and complete. That's what an oil change should be.
    Bob - August 2017
  • I got a regular oil change it didn't take very long at all.
    Samantha - August 2017
  • Was told front brakes were fine after adjustments only to find out they were failing. I had to take the car to another repair shop to have the brakes fixed properly.
    John - July 2017
  • It was fast efficient and professional
    Mary - July 2017
  • The oil changing process was really quick. While in other places my oil change lasted 3000 miles. Here it lasted me for 5000. 2000 extra miles.
    Sam - July 2017
  • i went to ur Mattapan, ma shop for oil change and left my car at 930, I said I would be back at 12, and my car was still not seen, and on top of that, I had an appt at 10, but ur shop in quincy, ma did a great job, I had an appt, they took me in quick and out quick and did everything the way they should, I sent you guys a email on this issue before, but I never got a reply back yet, seems like ur company only wants good reviews, but don't worry, I have a yelp acct also
    Sing - July 2017
  • I have been bringing my vehicle to Monro for many years.... Never to disappoint. They are friendly and explain everything they do. I would recommend Monro to everyone.
    Joanne - July 2017
  • Front brakes replaced and A/C fixed all in less than a few hours!!
    Lause - June 2017
  • The entire staff are very professional and helpful. I have 3 cars and had my second serviced today and tomorrow I will bring my 3rd car. The machsnics are top notch and great to work with. Very pleased with work, price and speed of the transaction. They called my cell phone when ready, very pleased. Thank you.
    Ara - June 2017
  • I feel so much better, after getting my oil change, with driving. You made me aware of other things to look out for and now know how much I need to make to get it done. Thank you!
    Zak - June 2017
  • Fast kind service
    Michael - June 2017
  • Quick and Efficient and in a great location
    Ben - June 2017
  • I regularly go to monro for my oil change and other car needs. so far got no concerns.
    Rohan - June 2017
  • Our family uses Monro for all our car's oil changes, as well as tire rotations and wiper blades, etc. Their open hours are very accomodating.
    Mike - May 2017
  • Being from Florida and having an emergency they were prompt and polite. If ever I'm here again most assuredly I would use their services again.
    Stacy - May 2017
  • Everyone there is always helpful
    Veronica - May 2017
  • People were very friendly and honest with what the issues were
    Donna - May 2017
  • I needed for new tires for my 2012 Kia Sorento and Charlie did a great job helping me out. I was more than pleased with the service and the price I got on my new tires. I would definitely go back!
    Robert - May 2017
  • I stopped at the 706 Adams street location for a oil change the 19.99 oil change was now 39.95 o/k so I had them change the oil. one month later I went to check the oil in my car and the dip stick that measures the oil was missing. I called and the manager said i should have noticed it missing earlier. they don't know what their doing at this location. I now bring my car to other service stations in the area..
    johm - April 2017
  • I needed tire and brake work i waited 1 hour at the Adams street location for a written estimate. the total was 2,230 they also wanted to install a new muffler. I brought my car to Sullivan tire 1,500 for the complete job. very happy with the .the work Sullivan tire does the spent pricing a job at Monroe was a waste, I will never return to the Monroe on Adams street or any other Monroe.
    tex - April 2017
  • I really loved the service there. I just feel like they are a Little pricey.
    TYFFANIE - April 2017
  • Oil change price was $20 I had a $25 corporate check from a past issue and the new place I used charged me $14 on top of my $25 check??? Shop fees aren't that much $$$
    James - April 2017
  • Short wait.
    Dre - April 2017
  • I stopped at the Adams street location to have two tires installed and a oil change, the tires are cheap and my car now rides like a truck. I told the Manager and he said I should have spent more money for a better tire, the oil change was also more than advertised. stay away from this Adams street location
    johm - April 2017
  • Recently had oil change/ tire rotation at Adams St., Quincy MA location. Service was perfection, in and out very quickly, and courtesy was the word of the day at this location. Had a chance to observe several technicians called upon to answer phones and greet customers...just top notch!
    Sharon - April 2017
  • On my last visit to Monroe Muffler in Quincy I purchased 4 tires and unfortunately my hub cab was cracked in the process; I said nothing because I didn't think the hub cap would fall off because there attached to lug nuts but it completely came off so I had to replace the hub cap. I asked it they would put the hub cap on for and I was told I would be charged which I thought was unfair. One of the tires also had to be replaced in 1 day of driving home because it was defective.
    Tiffany - April 2017
  • I was greeted quickly and in a friendly fashion. My oil change was scheduled immediately and carried out swiftly. The service people were pleasant and efficient.
    Wayne - March 2017
  • Always happy with our oil changes here.
    Maggie - March 2017
  • I called in for an appointment for an oil change on Sunday, 03/05/17 to the Quincy store on 706, Adams Street, Quincy, MA. They were short staffed with just 1 technician. However, they were able to pencil me in for an appointment within 3 hours. Matt on the front desk was extremely professional and threw in a coupon even without my asking. Very satisfied!
    Shreekant - March 2017
  • Good Customer Service
    Mageshwaran - February 2017
  • I've taken my car here for maintenance for years, and they've always been quick, friendly and reasonable. Can't ask for more
    Mike - February 2017
  • Manager was very rude telling me to keep quiet when I tried to explain, but tried to provide me with my requests. Also, why do they always have inexperienced people change oil and tell me that there isn’t any lube fittings? First of all I’ve been a mechanic my whole life and I have replaced all of the various front-end steering components, and know that my vehicle has grease fittings. In addition, a good lube man can make a lot of money for the repair shop from repairs and provide safety for the motorist.
    Nicolo - February 2017
  • I stopped at the 706 Adams street location for a 19.95 oil change I was told the oil change would be 49.95 and the Manager than said you cars need tires, I told him the tires had 15 thousand miles on them. he thank said o/k they can wait. I walked out and will never return. he tried to sell me tires that were not needed.
    neil - February 2017
  • I needed new tires and brake work stopped at the 706 Adams street location the checked the car and estimated the repairs, I waited 1 hour in the wait room that was cold didn't seem like the room had heat. the wait room was also dirty, I receives the estimate of 1,600. I was happy to leave this place. I brought my car to Sullivan tire on Hancock street received I estimate of 980.00 I approved and they completed the work very happy with a family owned operation. I will never return to Monroe on Adams street. it was not the first time they tried to over charge me. STAY AWAY
    matt - February 2017
  • I have been coming to Monro ever since management switched over. Charlie runs the place now and he is SO knowledgeable and so considerate. I am usually in a crunch for finances, so he makes sure I get the best service (and only what I NEED ) while staying in my budget. He has been in the business for a long time and is the best thing that I believe has happened to Monro!
    Michelle - February 2017
  • Brought car in for appointment without calling ahead. Service manager was very friendly and accommodating. Gave me time when car would be available after service which was pretty much right on. Walked through the inspection of car and what to expect over the next few months in regards to tires and brakes. Also topped off coolant at no charge. Super friendly and knowledgeable.
    Stephen - February 2017
  • I was greeted by a friendly staff member. They took my car in right away.
    Cindy - February 2017
  • They do an excellent job when I bring my car in.
    Joanne - February 2017
  • The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I stopped going here for a while because I always felt uncomfortable. This time was great.
    Cindy - February 2017
  • I will never return to the Adams Street Location they cheated me on a break job, poor work and very expensive. don't trust them
    john - February 2017
  • First of all being told "we can't do the oil change unless you buy the most expensive synthetic oil we offer" should have sent me running but my fiancé was trying to do me a favor. My car doesn't require synthetic oil. I can put whatever oil in it that I choose. It does burn oil quickly so it is recommended that I put synthetic oil in it but it does not require. Second of all, being told it'll be more than $100 for a simple oil change is literally outrageous. Third, they were unable to find my wheel lock to unlock the wheels to do a tire rotation. The man that did the oil change told me he was unable to find the wheel lock. If you had opened the glove box you would have seen it in there. Overall this was a horrible experience and I'll never return. Completely took advantage of a girl who was simply trying to do her fiancé a favor.
    Ashley - January 2017

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