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What People Are Saying:

  • I brought my 2016 Rav 4 in for an oil change. For the next couple days I was smelling gas when ever I was in my car. I mentioned this to my Dad who looked under the hood and my engine had oil spilled all over. They forgot to replace the oil cap. We checked the oil level and I had no oil left. I am lucky the motor didn’t blow. When I called Monroe to let them know what I found they acted as if it was not their fault and the oil cap magically flew off. They said they needed to touch base with a manager and he would call me Back. The same guy called back and the manager was telling him what to say in the background. They said they would get me in for an oil change and I was just told to bring it in on Monday. When I called to make my apt they said no need we will prioritize you whenever you drop it off. I let them know it would be first thing in the am 8-830. I dropped my car off at 830am and did not get my car back until 230pm. I called twice to check on it and they just said how busy it was and nothing they could do. I then asked them to clean my engine because it’s a new car and they said oh we can not do that. However once I called back to check on My car again the guy said “ to go above and beyond we are going to take your car to the car wash and clean your motor and dirt off the car” not ONE person apologized. I was told I would get free oil changes yet when i picked my car up 6 hours later there was never any mention of this. They just tell you what they need to, to please you at the moment with no intention of following through. I didn’t fight for the free oil changes because I would never bring my car back there. Terrible, slow, unreliable service.
    Kaley - March 2018
  • Best shop I have ever encountered (I’ve been too a few for repairs) went in for a simple oil change but ended up losing all brakes down the street. They got me right in and immediately started working on my SUV. As they were looking through what was wrong he made sure to keep me updated on what was wrong and how much each part would cost before moving forward. Two employees there and they fixed five things and did a complete oil change for me within two hours while being completely packed with other customers and getting about six cars in and out in the same timeframe. They made sure they looked through everything before I left too make sure it was safe too drive. They also made sure the price was what it should be unlike other shops in our area who double what should be paid . This is honestly the first review I have ever completed for anyone, but I wanted to make sure people knew how amazing they are! If your stuck like I was, I would highley recommend you giving them a call! Or even if you need just an oil change, I seen one employee do three full changes in a half hour if that! Thank you again guys!
    Nicole - March 2018
  • Yesterday, I was helped by Ed and Steve. I had a bad band in one of my tires, and had to replace my tires as a result, as my other tires were also worn down/old. They were incredibly helpful and showed me the difference between my tires and a new tire, and explained how they measure it so I could fully understand. They also gave me an excellent deal on my tires, matching a lower price I found elsewhere. Since I bought the tires through Monro, they gave me my oil change and wiper blades for free. In addition, they stayed after hours to put my new tires on, as they didn't think my old tires were safe to drive on. I was very thankful for their honest, help, advice, knowledge, and the excellent customer service I received. I will continue to give them my business, as I know I will be properly taken care of there.
    Emily - January 2018
  • Always quick service and good prices.
    Janea - January 2018
  • Needed snow tires fast and Ed & Nick helped me out.
    Justine - January 2018
  • I've always had great service from the Monro Muffler on State Road in North Adams. They try to accommodate every situation that comes to them. And if they can't respond immediately, they make sure you are taken care of as soon as humanly possible!
    Rita - January 2018
  • I went to Monro to get a basic oil change and my experience was the worst of any. I had an appointment for 4:30 PM and they didn’t take my vehicle in until quarter after five. There were three gentleman there in the shop but only one seemed to be actually working. I did not get out of there until after 6:30 PM. Over two hours for an basic oil change is completely unacceptable and unprofessional. Then when I went to check the oil level myself when I got home the dipstick was never put back and it was just laying on top of the engine and I then noticed all the greasy hand prints and smudges all over my vehicle inside and out. I was very unsatisfied with the service and I will most likely never use Monro again.
    Tony - January 2018
  • I recently got a oil change, very helpful and friendly! Wipers changed as well! Great people
    Savannah - January 2018
  • When it turned out that my Subaru Forester needed additional parts that took longer than expected to come in, Doug and the service technician vowed they would stay to finish the job so that I wouldn't be without my car. Great customer service, guys!!!
    RIta - December 2017
  • They were understanding, truthful, and respectful!
    Mel - December 2017
  • This was the fourth time I went here and every single time something goes wrong. I went to have my snow tires mounted. Had to go back two days later because one tire was leaking due to bad installation. Mechanic forgot to put valve stem covers on all 4 tires and forgot to put back center wheel cap. Mounting tires is pretty basic, they can't even get that right. Cost me a total of 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 hrs. Interesting to see while your waiting everybody seems to need some kind of flush?
    Richard - December 2017
  • Usually these guys are fast, clear, and polite. For some reason this time there was understaffing and lots of tension when we came in. The employees were very rough, with each other (one employee complaining to manager at desk "If you book us another appt today I am going to throw a tire at you") and with us ("come in here and look at what you did" is how we were invited to see the brake damage on the car). Then when the car was picked up it had oil in the driver's carpet. Just not a good experience. For a $900 repair you'd expect top-notch treatment.
    Berkshires - December 2017
  • I have been going to Monro for over 15 years. This is the second time Monro has had my car for five days in the last six months. And for my inconvenience I was offered nothing. This will be the last time I go to Monro since this location has zero interest in retaining me as a customer. All I was offered was "Hey, sorry for the wait." Five days. Twice in a row.
    Anthony - November 2017
  • I had an oil change scheduled for a Friday morning. The service took an hour, a little longer than usual but everyone was nice, provided good service, and thus far my car is running well.
    G - November 2017
  • Oil change took over an hour amount found out lug nut was stripped they had to order a new one and they never told me I found out from a friend of mine and then when I was cashing out did not add coupon I booked appointment on line and put max life oil change the manager signing and did not even know I wanted max like he thought I wanted regular did not ask I had to tell him max life very bad experience because I put under where it said any other comments when I put my appointment in i had written Max Life oil change and tire rotation
    RON - October 2017
  • I got an oil change and tire rotation. They said it also needed an alignment but called to check first like they always do.
    Simone - October 2017
  • I will never go here again
    Nicole - October 2017
  • New muffler I guess it's fine so far.
    Eric - October 2017
  • Got my breaks changed in a timely manor.
    Melanie - October 2017
  • My husband and I have taken our vehicle to the Monroe in North Adams for years, always receiving exceptional service. In the last year or so, it seems as though the franchise has changed management several times. There are new people working there nearly every time we go in. A mouse nest in the air filter was missed when brought in and this thing was huge! It was finally found by the Monroe in Syracuse where I broke down because of it. Recently, I brought my new Smart car. No one there had ever worked on one. The technician left my oil cap sitting inside, not replaced, which caused oil to spew all over the inside of my engine compartment. He also left his flashlight and pen inside the engine compartment. When returning, the staff cleaned the vehicle. This last time, I apprehensively brought the smart in again. I had to reschedule the appointment because they did not have the right tool to open the oil plug. I have been consistently disappointed with the service over the last year. I recently sold my Toyota Matrix which was serviced by this Monroe for years. I highly recommended it to the young lady who bought the car since they had all the service records there. I do not if she has had the car serviced there and do not know what her experience has been. I do plan to tell her about mine. However, I would not bring my Smart car in again.
    MIchelle - September 2017
  • fast service good experience
    Colleen - September 2017
  • I got a oil change done and it was the cheapest oil change I ever paid for.
    Steven - September 2017
  • I got new tires and a Front end alignment. I made an appointment for 8am. My car was not ready till 1pm. I was not very happy should have not taken that long. I am happy I wasn't sitting there waiting for it, or I would have been more upset then I was.
    Nancy - September 2017
  • I had an oil change
    Nancy - September 2017
  • I went for an oil change, was told I needed CV shaft, sat for 2 hours technician cut a wire, I went in with my car running fine now my car is a mess. I'm afraid to drive it I don't have my all wheel drive, it's hard to steer engine light on AWD light on cruise light blinking vehicle dynamics control off. I left Friday at 1 was told he had to order the part I called Sat he can't get the part until Tue & my car won't be fixed until Wed. that is almost a week away. It's the only car in the family, I've been going to Monro for almost 30 years I have a drive card, I'm very unhappy I don't feel I ever go back & won't send any of my friends there. My car has only 58,000 miles.
    Regina - August 2017
  • although the customer service is generally great at this location i was upset to find that the oil change i thought i was paying $14.99 for as advertised on the side of the building, infact cost me almost $30.00.
    Lita - August 2017
  • Very knowledgeable folks at Monro Muffler and Brakes and they were able to walk me through step-by-step on the repairs that were needed.
    Ed - August 2017
  • I went to get my car look at to see what needs to be done. Previously, I was told there was nothing wrong with my brakes. I knew there is something wrong and mentioned it this time. I was given valuable information to understand what work needs to be done on my car but prices were extremely high. As someone who is trying to move several states away, I am on a budget and cannot pay those prices.
    Jamie - August 2017
  • The gang at the shop were so helpful and determined to help me get my van back on the road and doing so in budget.
    Wendy - July 2017
  • Thanks for always taking us in day of; our schedules are never the same and it is hard to set a time for an oil change more than a few hours in advance.
    Hannah - July 2017
  • I have an old American made car and this team has helped me to keep it on the road with all of the usual repairs and replacements that were needed. I love my car and feel completely safe with the needed repairs completed. I trust this team to do the work correctly the first time. Thank you for keeping my vehicle and my family safe.
    Patrick - July 2017
  • they charged 74.00 for an oil change
    Shaun - July 2017
  • I haven't been back in a long time after a bad experience but decided to give them another shot. Well it wasn't great again. The guy manning the front was super slow (although very friendly). And they drained my oil without my permission to fix a part (broken drain plug). So something that should have taken 30 minutes took 4 hours. Oh and not to mention, they didn't put enough oil in.
    Kayla - July 2017
  • Good service
    Marlene - July 2017
  • the products are great
    Wayne - July 2017
  • Went to get an over due oil change the manager was extremely friendly and we shared a lot of stories. (Made the wait seem short) I had also asked to have a vibration checked out. It was no problem and ended up being nothing. Very pleased with my service.
    Stefani - June 2017
  • bait and switch tactics, overpriced, faulty diagnostics
    Frank - June 2017
  • Got my directionals and brake lights fixed along with my engine coolant flushed while at work. They sent it!
    Andrew - June 2017
  • They did more than I expected. Wasn't to impressed with the cost of synthetic oil from there. $14 per quarter seems awfully high.
    Joe - June 2017
  • Very efficient, complete, and professional
    Susanne - June 2017
  • I brought my car here for a simple oil change. They told me my battery was testing poorly, so I had them replace the battery as well. The technician never thoroughly checked the battery to make sure the clamp was in place. Fast forward time and my car almost blew up (not an exaggeration, the battery was melting inside the hood!) because of the negligence of the technician!
    Chelsey - June 2017
  • Was pleased with the service and was glad they told me I needed expose what it is.
    Autumn - May 2017
  • I went to Monro the other day for an oil change. They fit me into their schedule last minute and the service was very quick. They were polite and the price was affordable.
    Casey - May 2017
  • I usually go in on the weekend, so it's a bit sleepier. Nevertheless, I receive good service and they take care of my car.
    Michelle - May 2017
  • Monroe always comes through for me no matter if I have a scheduled appointment or an emergency repair.
    Reggie - May 2017
  • Everyone was nice and service was prompt.
    Heather - April 2017
  • Manager was wonderful. Very courteous and explained everything clearly and I didn't feel pressured. The work was done in a timely fashion. Will definitely use this location for my auto work and tires in the future.
    Shawn - April 2017
    Francis - April 2017
  • I had requested an appointment at 4:30 and they confirmed. I had told them that I just wanted to get my snow tires off and my regular ones put back on. I get there and the manager was more than friendly and just took my keys and info. Finally after noticing my car was not taken in after and hour of waiting, my friend and I went to Mingo's to kill some time. After another hour had gone by, we decided to go back figuring that my car should have been done. When we get back to Munro, my car wasn't in the parking lot so obviously they were working on it. 30 minutes have gone by and my car was finally done thankfully. He had apologized because he had over booked. As I was leaving I noticed something wasn't right with my car. The wheel would not stop shaking uncontrollably every time I drove over 30mph. I drove another 10 minutes on it before deciding I should go back. I called Munro back and told him about my car and he said to come back. He had apologized for what happened. I told him he could take it for a test drive if he wanted. All he said was he was going to balance my tires and we would take it from there. Another half hour/ forty-five minutes go by and I notice the worker took my car for a test drive and then my car was back in my possession. Once I drove it, my car was fine and I was happy that I could finally leave since it was almost 7:30.
    Jordan - April 2017
  • I regularly get oil changes at my local Monro. This last one I got went along as normal until two days later when my car filled with smoke while driving. They had forgotten to put the cap back on after the change and I had lost a lot of oil in the two days considering I drive 80+ miles a day. It cost me $106 to get it towed to the nearest dealership to be fixed and cleaned. I'm thrilled that my engine isn't completely destroyed by this mistake and I will be seeking to be paid back for their carelessness.
    Devin - April 2017
  • Love it, Greg is great!
    Nick - April 2017
  • I use monro every time.... great pricing with top notch service
    Nicholas - April 2017
  • I have never had a problem with Monro and have been servicing my car with them for a few years. Most of the employees are very nice and helpful. I will continue to go to them for any car needs.
    Ciara - April 2017
  • The tires are great and I got a good deal--Buy 3 get 1 free with free mounting and balancing. One concern though--When I went to leave my low tire pressure light was on and rather than check it, the manager told me to drive and let it reset. I ended up putting air in one of the rear tires.
    Chris - April 2017
  • Dirt roads, Vermont mud season, unplowed roads, off roads. Replaced my OEM M/S stock tires on my truck at 10k because of poor performance in snow (winter conditions)
    Don - March 2017
  • No problems or delays with the oil change
    Tim - March 2017
  • Had an oil change, expected to be pressured into more needed service. Was plesdantly surprised to receive a list of needs, prioritized, with no needed action today.
    Sarah - March 2017
  • I made the appointment on line. I even went early and my car car was pulled right in the garage.
    Rick - March 2017
  • All of the staff at the North Adams location was very helpful. The prices were reasonable and the time spent waiting was not too long at all.
    Kevin - March 2017
  • They did great work on my car for an affordable price. My only complaint is that it took 2 hours after my scheduled appointment to get in. Their machine broke and needed repair but they didn't call me to inform me of the delay.
    Jennifer - March 2017
  • guys were very good in there duty
    Earl - February 2017
  • Quick, cheap service
    Dan - February 2017
  • Had my oil changed
    Sharon - February 2017
  • I went in for an oil change and was never asked the type of oil I use in my vehicle and multiple other services that were supposed to be preformed as part of the oil change service were not preformed.
    Chad - February 2017
  • Cheap and quick oil change. Easy in and out.
    Dan - February 2017
  • I will continue to be a happy customer!
    Janea - February 2017
  • Keep it simple. Windshield wipers
    Mark - January 2017
  • The manager was very nice and got our car fixed (screw in the tire) very quickly. He did not try to "up-sell" us and the people working on our car were very professional. I would use and recommend this location to anyone.
    Dean - July 2016
  • I came for an oil change & tire rotation, they always check my car over & they found 2 of my belts had cracks in them, I was glad that they could replace them while I was there & did it in a timely manner.
    Regina - May 2016
  • Good communication with professional attitudes. Nice work!
    Gerry - September 2015
  • Everyone was clear about what work needed to be done and I felt like they were being conscientious, efficient and honest.
    Kristen - August 2015
  • Very pleased with the way I was treated and the time it took to do the job.
    Gloria - August 2015
  • Fast, courteous and informative. Everything I was looking for.
    Michael - August 2015

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