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(978) 458-8499

77 Chelmsford Street
Lowell, MA 01851

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What People Are Saying:

  • I was expecting a tire rotation with my oil change. My husband brought my car in 2 days ago, as he had done his the day before. I noticed on the bill that a tire rotation was not included. Then my husband checked his and it was the same for him. We stopped to inquire today. They said they didn't do his because he needed new tires. That should matter? And they didn't do mine because it didn't need it. Yet my car had had gone almost 10,000 miles without a tire rotation.
    Deborah - February 2018
  • Service prompt. Price as advertised. Feedback given on immediate needs for maintenance of tires and battery.
    Mark - February 2018
  • Had 4 plugs and could replaced. Entire staff was professional and polite. Will definitely be a repeat customer
    Tracy - January 2018
  • Great tires , it gets the job done .. I just don't like how it looses air sooo fast
    Joseph - December 2017
  • At the beginning i trusted them, but at the end they did exactly what other bad mechanic garage do. Very bad experience, very disappointed !!!!
    Marckenson - December 2017
  • The service was good and the employee got me in and out of there fast.
    Chariselle - November 2017
  • educating feed back with the repairs
    akeem - October 2017
  • Service was efficient. Employees should probably smile more and great customers when they walk in.
    Alyssa - October 2017
  • I went in for a repair to my tire & had received an aggressive voicemail message about getting charged fees for keeping my car there for an extended period of time. The manager, Luis had left the message. My car was left overnight due to the time it took to get repaired & I needed to get a ride back to go pick it up. My car was there overnight, not 2 days, not 3 days, 1 night. I called up to speak to someone there to let them know I was picking up my car & there wasn't any need for such a rude message. I actually spoke to the person that left the message, Luis. He was very condescending and loud on the phone. The District Manager called me & apologized for the rudeness. He was very responsive. The only issue now is, my car won't start. After I brought it home that day, it was driving a bit oddly & the next morning it wouldn't start. So, now I have a new issue with my car very coincidentally after my phone call with Luis who was quite aggressive over the phone. I had nothing but great experiences with the manager prior to Luis. This manager was the reason why I had all my services done there & opened a credit card with you. I will not be returning. I feel like I have been bullied & that there was some strange retaliation of some sort dealt my way. The District Manager, I believe his name was Al, was a kind man, but I'm flat out too scared to bring my car back there.
    Aimeebeth - October 2017
  • By fixing wrong issue cost customers more money
    Mitchell - October 2017
  • On saturday, September 16, I go in for an appointment at 9AM, where I asked to be serviced for a transmission flush. No big deal, until Jose comes back into the waiting area where I asked him if he could also service my car for an oil change, I asked him would it matter if the milage on the car being under the suggested service milage would matter and I would want my car to be serviced on conventional. Rudely replied, "Put whatever, it's your car" I simply shrugged it off. An hour goes by where I receive a call regarding my car being done, I return back to the shop to pay. Total comes to 121.78 , I asked Jose "was this with the oil change too?" he simply sucked his teeth and said "You asked me to check the milage, You didnt tell me to go through with it." Bickering goes back and forth where I say screw it. I then leave the shop, hoping to speak to Gary, who is a wonderful and polite person in breaking down what I need to do and how to fix it, simply telling him "Hey I want to come back to do business, you guys are great. I do business here all the time but you gotta fix the man's poor attitude. He (Jose) has to understand that this is business and put whatever he got going on aside." Jose overhears the conversation and cusses me out saying "you didnt ask for no _____ oil change you asked me to check the ______ milage." I was astonished that this man just cussed at me. Gary then told me to walk away and he'll handle it. I wasn't going to say anything about this until this survey was emailed to me. As they say another customer leaves, another will walk in, and badically I will not go back there regardless of service. Due to this incident, I am currently finding a new shop.
    Capone - September 2017
  • Excellent job and service
    Patrica - September 2017
  • Working just fine thank you
    Kim - September 2017
  • I find this location to be very courteous. I called in the morning requesting an oil change and tire rotation. They allowed me to drop my car off and pick it back up later. I work pretty close, so it allowed me to go back to work and grab my car at lunch. I find they give real life suggestions regarding additional services. For example, two tires are getting worn, but he didn't sell me on them today. He simply said "they are getting worn. They will be fine through the winter, but if it's a bad winter you may want to replace them sooner."
    Erich - September 2017
  • now it has no noiseon bumps
    Ali - September 2017
  • Great service!
    Lambert - September 2017
  • Went in for an oil change , Very speedy process , sat in the waiting room with wifi available which was great . Car was ready to go for me in less than I would say 15 minutes. And it was a great price
    Tracey - September 2017
  • Manager is nice ...
    Yihong - August 2017
  • I just bought my first car and I went to my local Monroe before getting an inspection sticker, I asked them to check the car make sure everything is ok. They did. But when I asked what was wrong with the car he said it needed front breaks. So just getting this car from a dealership I was pretty upset. I then asked him how much it will cost he said around $600 for pads and rotors plus misc. So i went back to the dealer he looked at the breaks and said they still have a year or so they didnt need to be changed. I got mad. He said the guy I went to at Monroe was just trying to get me to buy from them. I usually love going to Monroe they are so friendly and punctual but after all this I probably won't return. I dont know anything about cars and I feel like they were trying to scam me.
    Michelle - August 2017
  • As a woman seeking routine auto services/repair, it's always nerve racking. Previous experiences of not being told the truth, being overcharged services can make it hard to trust but not My Munro. They are alway friendly, efficient, reasonable prices and most importantly honest. Coming Tread Quarters in the south., which I also love, I figure I'd take a gander. Best and easiest decision I made! 2 years of great, worryfree services. Thank you Munro.
    Helena - August 2017
  • Was on way to NH when noticed my truck started to dive to the right when braking. Stopped and noticed smoke from Left front. Found this store online and they were able to take me right in. The left front caliper was gone. Totally shot. A new caliper, pads for both sides and rotor were ordered and replaced. The caliper was replaced under warranty. The rotor was at cost +. I now feel the rotor was marked up close to 100% based on my searches of this part. The tech and store manager (Gary) was very nice. He was excited to tell me I was under warranty for the caliper and that it was going to save me alot. The job ended up costing half of what the original brake job on both sides costed. Not much of a discount...
    Stephen - August 2017
  • Well done
    Nichoalas - August 2017
  • Good service, friendly manager.
    Saroj - August 2017
  • I call ahead to ensure Gary will be available to service my car. He's honest, experienced and isn't pushy/doesn't try to upsell unnecessary services. He walks you through the process and gives options so you're not surprised with additional charges.
    Mercedes - August 2017
  • Great customer service
    Patricia - July 2017
  • The shop manager was a sick person. He was always coughing and spitting in the trash. Treated his mechanic very poorly. Don't bother to call in and make an appointment because you can expect to sit there and wait for a long long time. And also don't bother to call in and ask for quotes on new tires, tune up, brakes etc. because once you are there, the store manager will give you a different price, usually higher than what they tell you over the phone. Monro is a publicly traded company so they will always tried to get you while minimizing their cost. Avoid this place.
    Ex - July 2017
  • Always go to my guys for my oil changes
    Erin - July 2017
  • Had a great experience with having my brake pads and rotors replaced. Gary the location manager made the visit very pleasant. Felt comfortable in negotiating a reasonable solution in satisfying my needs.
    Maria - July 2017
  • Monroe Muffler works for me.
    Terri - July 2017
  • Monroe has been my go to since the warranty let up on my Toyota. I get the same service as the Toyota dealer at much more competitive rates.
    William - July 2017
  • Every time I go there, I am satisfied with my experience. No complaint at all.
    Ryan - July 2017
  • I had the car recently serviced at the Monro facility in Lowell, Ma and I will go back again anytime. Gary, the manager, is an awesome guy who treats every customer - I eavesdropped on some of the conversations, and he was courteous, understanding and went way out of his way to address everyones concerns and needs.
    Micheal - July 2017
  • Even though, The manager was short in personnel, He still was able to delivery a job on my vehicle.
    Jesus - July 2017
  • I called this Monro location about 10 mins before they closed when my brake line broke on my vehicle. Tow truck was not going to arrive until sometime around 7pm, 1 hour after the shop closes, but the Manager (Gary) said that he would wait for me to arrive and take the vehicle in. He did and my vehicle was worked on first thing the next morning and finished before lunch. OUTSTANDING!
    Jeff - June 2017
    MAGDA - June 2017
  • This place has always been great! 4 years + going here and they have never let me down.
    Roy - June 2017
  • I had my Altima for oil change and tire rotation on Saturday. The job is done good and the guy there is so funny. I definitely will come back again
    Peng - May 2017
  • see title
    Leonard - May 2017
  • Great service and decent prices. Love it
    Beshoy - May 2017
  • Quick service friendly
    Awilda - May 2017
  • Fast reliable and inexpensive service. Customer service was great. I will continue to go there.
    Michelle - May 2017
  • This place is a joke, I scheduled an appointment online for my new car to get an oil change and received horrible customer service. I dropped the car off and told them I wanted conventional oil when the mechanic asked what kind of oil I would like. He said okay and then left. A few moments after another mechanic walked in and I asked him roughly if he knew how long the oil change would take cause I was willing to come back to ouck it up at a later time, he gave me attitude and said he'll take my car right now. I said alright and just waited. He then walked back into the waiting room and told me that my car only takes synthetic oil, I said I knew that but I still want conventional oil put in. He said okay and did the oil change. I went to pay and he tried to charge me $50 for a simple oil change. When I asked for what he said he had put in the synthetic oil. I told them twice what type of oil i wanted and they still did whatever they wanted. He ended up lowering the price when he realized how annoyed I was that he didn't listen to me. He then went on to tell me how my new car was going to need some work. He was so full of it and was just trying to rip me off. My car is totally fine and doesn't need any work done since it is legit new. I'll never be going here again or recommending anyone here.
    Cassie - May 2017
  • Was told they would need to keep my car for a day and a half to. To my surprise, I got a call 7 hrs later telling me my car was done.
    Jessica - May 2017
  • Friendly and Effective service
    Marg - May 2017
  • Gary, Tristan, and the boys go the extra mile to satisfy and foster customer retention.
    Dave - April 2017
  • Will always take my car here!
    Dan - April 2017
  • Quick fast polite serive
    Warren - April 2017
  • I had a coupon rotating tires oil change was done fast I was wondering like they never rotate the tires.And was interested in drive card call back Gary 4 x never returned my call.
    Rick - April 2017
  • Got an oil change and was very fast but efficiently done. Great customer service!
    Meg - April 2017
  • I love going to the Monro in lowell. They are so friendly and fast. Gary the store manager is very nice.
    Shenelle - April 2017
  • The people were very friendly and professional. They got my car in and out pretty quick. So far I don't have any issues with their work. Definitely would recommend this place.
    Eddy - April 2017
  • Gary is great. Very responsive to your needs and he ensures everything is done correctly in a timely manner. I have been going to this location for a long time and will continue Togo do primarily due to the managements commitment to excellence.
    Bill - April 2017
  • The guys are great there very polite love going there to get my car fixed
    Sonya - April 2017
  • These guys are very good at what they do and are also extremely pleasant to deal with.
    Robert - April 2017
  • Been going to this location for years. Chelmsford St. Lowell Ma. GARY the manager is fantastic. If it weren't for Gary I would not be going there. He knows all aspics of his job and goes out of his way to make customers feel welcome. I hope that Monro as a company appreciates what Gary does. Whatever you pay him, he is worth double that amount.
    Charlie - March 2017
  • Gary and his staff are wonderful and very knowledgeable. They took time to answer all my questions that I have. Will be recommending them to other friend. Thank you. Gary.
    HENRY - March 2017
  • sounds better
    Mark - March 2017
  • Brought car by. Had rear brake pads and rotors replaced in a timely manner. Fixed problem
    Benjamin - March 2017
  • Great service! They don't try to oversell you. They just fix what needs to be fixed. Love this place.
    Andrew - March 2017
  • Like always Gary was so helpful and awesome.
    Jenny - February 2017
  • Excellent customer service
    Katerine - February 2017
  • Very helpful and knowledgeable
    Luis - February 2017
  • They were very accommodating and explained everything....Gary I believe his name was....was excellent
    Daniel - February 2017
  • Great service and reasonable price
    Manish - February 2017
  • I've been a client at this Monro location for about 2 years. I love the service the mechanics and manager are really informative.
    Angela - February 2017
  • Whenever I need an oil change I go to Monro on Chelmsford St., Lowell, MA. I always receive excellent service.
    Linda - February 2017
  • Gary- Store Manager was fantastic!! He took me right in and solved my issue quickly and provided updates Great service!!
    Karen - February 2017
  • Gary- Store Manager was fantastic!! He took me right in and solved my issue quickly and provided updates Great service!!
    Karen - February 2017
  • The workers are nice and good at their jobs
    Holly - February 2017
  • My appointment was on time and the work was well done. Gary does s great job managing and creating a friendly environment .
    Bill - February 2017
  • Most helpful with acknowledging of future repairs.
    Christa - February 2017
  • Longer wait than I like. Courteous, friendly, economical
    Al - February 2017
  • Drove in mins to closing time. Greg and crew checked the car and got the bulb I needed.
    Gabriel - December 2016
  • Eveyone is friendly and always willing and answer any questions about your car and they give you advice on the car.
    Enock - August 2016
  • The technicians were very friendly and professional. I had an appointment and they were on time. Great service!
    Rachel - June 2016
  • The manager was patient, attentive, and friendly. Welcoming and grateful for our business. Made me feel like a valued customer. Mechanic brought me in and explained the work to be done, educated me about parts of my car. Great experience all around.
    Robert - September 2015

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