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(978) 688-2900

99 Winthrop Avenue
Lawrence, MA 01843

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • Brought in our SUV for breaks and they caught a serious issue that we did not know about which potentially saved us a lot of money and a possible car accident!! Thanks guys!
    Krystle - December 2017
  • Loved my experience at monro. As a first time customer tgere I was treated kindly and with respect, they checked my car and did everything in less than 1 hour and didn't try to rip me off by changing things I didn't have to.
    Marianne - December 2017
  • Bought new tires. Look and feel awsome.
    Paul - November 2017
  • Customer service was great and very fast! Work was completed quickly and at a great price.
    Andy - November 2017
  • I normally only come here for an oil change. Relatively new to using Monro for servicing my vehicle. Even with an appointment the waiting time is a little ridiculous. And my change was wrong. I was suppose to get back $1.63 or something and only got back 40 cents in all nickels.
    Allison - September 2017
  • Service is always timely and accurate. Staff are always welcoming and very helpful, I never think twice about putting my car in their hands!
    Katrina - September 2017
  • Got brand new tires on August 30th and my back tire was completely flat on September 1st. Almost got into an accident on the highway.
    Gina - September 2017
  • I have found my new oil change guru!
    Susan - August 2017
  • The muffler replacement was OK. However, I was told a price on one day and it went up 100 dollars the next day since I was,apparently, given the wrong information the first time.
    Rodrigo - July 2017
  • Brought my car in for oil change/ tire rotation and was in and out in no time! Great service and great price.
    Laurel - June 2017
  • These guys always do a great job servicing my vehicle and always let me know when my suggested PMs are coming up. My 12 year old car still runs like it drove it off the lot thanks to these guys.
    Abdiel - June 2017
  • These guys always do a great job servicing my vehicle and always let me know when my suggested PMs are coming up. My 12 year old car still runs like it drove it off the lot thanks to these guys.
    Abdiel - June 2017
  • Not reviewing a product
    Pam - May 2017
  • I've been a loyal customer for many years, but dealing with this group of team, I will never go back again unless there is management change. Excuses, arrogant, and rude. Not the customer's fault your workers showed up at 12 o'clock (late as asst. manager Angel Rodriguez explained). I'm not the only customer Angel says, so I need to wait, but wait, I thought it was first come first served when I made the appoinment and dropped the car off at 8 in the morning. Why should I around my full day because you can't manage your workers. Both asst manager and the manager, Julio says talk to the corporate, lol. I guess they don't think they should be held accountable. I have recommended people to go here, but never again. Both manager and asst manager were rude, unapologetic, and arrogant. wow, if I could give a zero star, I would. I doubt anyone would read this, if you did, I think you wouldn't care.
    seong - May 2017
  • bought tires
    eileen - May 2017
  • I had the worst experience ever with getting my car repaired and I have been coming to this Monro location for years. The current staff and management are jokers. If you were to send a "secret shopper" to this location, I guarantee you would pull it's franchise license.
    Tonya - May 2017
  • Friendly, helpful service. Appreciate Julio and being able to get morning appointments.
    Tracey - May 2017
  • This shop is a joke. Only go to this place if you want your car coming out worse than when it went in. The managers seemed totally unorganized. I went in for brake replacement and headlights to be installed and came out with replacement rotors and front axle after they couldnt get the right axle for hours. That isnt even the bad part as I understand there can be some additional repairs. They were not able to replace the headlights on my car as the bumper had to be taken off and they did not "have enough time". They told me to come back and they would do it for no charge. Ok, fine with me. Came back a couple weeks later and another manager there wanted to charge me for the headlight! After I explained the situation, they said they would do it, but only after cursing to themselves and the other manger under their breath. Come to find out they couldnt figure it out. I was able to watch a youtube video but it seems they didnt want to be bothered by it. So they put all the parts back together, including my hubcap...which wasnt really put on properly as it flew off on the highway.
    Brendan - April 2017
  • Excellent customer service, very friendly staff. The manager is so kind, and helpful. They really go out of their way to do a good job. I waited a little longer than I wanted to, my apt was at 10, and my car wasn't taken into the shop until 11:30ish. But they were very apologetic!
    Courtyney - April 2017
  • Very Kind, Treat their customer very professional, Good Service :)
    Kristal - March 2017
  • Kinda high prices, but really fast service and verybgood employees
    Jason - March 2017
  • The outside ad board stated 18.99 for an oil change. When I went to pay the amount was 27.00 and some change. This is the first time in all my Monro service years that I have ever been charged a different amount than advertised! I realize there is usually a disposal of oil fee, but it still is not usually this much over the top. The mechanic said it was a charge for labor. I will probably not be coming back again, and it is frustrating because it is in a convenient location. The service was speedy, no complaints there; just the surprise price!
    Donna - March 2017
  • Very friendly and helpful staff. I went in for an oil change in and out. And I wasn't presured to make aditional purchases
    Joshua - February 2017
  • Friendly and professional
    Andy - February 2017
  • I was told it would take about an hour but 3 hours later my car service was complete. It was on a Sunday and it was not that busy. I was told that their printing machine was down so I got no receipt. I requested to have it emailed to me and still nothing.
    Tony - February 2017

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