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102 Falmouth Road
Hyannis, MA 02601

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7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


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What People Are Saying:

  • I already filled out the survey. I am trying to print my $20 coupon
    Karyn - March 2018
  • Your shops assistant manager,Jeff, showed me the belt that came from my car and we compared it to the new one. Jeff took the time to explain the obvious wear on the one that came from my car. I was so grateful that Jeff took the time to do this. Most times your in...your out. The extra time given to me made me feel like a valued customer. I will be taking my business there in the future and have told others about my experience and tell them " this is the place to go".
    karyn - March 2018
  • oilchg/wtire rotation--great service and good advice on future things to watch.
    wayne - February 2018
  • Spoke to Jeff yesterday, he said he would fix my tire and just bring it in. This morning Idrove in. He could not find the leak but didn’t act frustrated. He knew he would find it and he did. Under warranty prorated and off I went. My good experience had nothing to do with the tire, it was attitude and friendliness. AND it does work both ways. I will come here because he knows what he is doing. I do not know cars, he does. I am in a different line of work and people trust me. For all the 1 star folks, do you really think the guy is out there to screw your car up? Hmmm, wonder why Jeff is still there considering he got some one star folks. I would recommend Monro in Hyannis. Recommending because of Jeff. The person is the company
    Nancy - February 2018
  • local dealer just great w/service, price and advice--unusual but nice to do business with.
    wayne - February 2018
  • Good service by competent personnel
    frank - January 2018
  • Price and services can not be beat
    Cape - January 2018
  • My truck is at the stage where things need replacing frequently. Dennis and Jeff always work with me to get the truck in and keep it running for me.
    Sarah - January 2018
  • got an oil change and tire rotation....they checked the fluids and brakes and levels
    Mike - January 2018
  • Staff is great and very friendly
    Kaitlin - December 2017
  • People are friendly and was on time for my appointment for a oil change. The worst thing about the place is an aweful waiting room compared to all other competitors. I can't get a better price so I tolerate it. That's why I gave it 4 stars
    Priscilla - November 2017
  • Thoroughly inspected car and completed oil change!
    D. - October 2017
  • Courteous and excellent service.
    Fran - October 2017
  • once again great service
    william - October 2017
  • Purchased tires from and shipped to this store. Was able to make an appointment for the next day. I arrived and car was immediately brought in to switch out the tires. Install and balance was handled quickly. Fair price and great service.
    Eric - October 2017
  • Excellent service. Friendly service. They get the job done....
    Scott - October 2017
  • I had my 2008 Kia Sorrento serviced here for an oil change. Two weeks later on my way home from work my oil light came on and I heard a rattling noise in my car. I pulled over to check the oil and had absolutely no oil in my car, it was bone dry. Had to have my car towed home to my driveway, it was jacked up to check for the most obvious (the oil cap being tight) since I had just had an oil change and Gee, the oil cap was extremely loose and all of my new oil I had just paid for had leaked out.... Cost me over $30 to get more oil and two days loss of work while the car sat in the driveway waiting to find out what was wrong with it. Wrote this company an email and never ever got a phone call or heard a word back .... All of this over someone not doing their job properly and tightening an oil cap after doing an oil change. And I had used the company the previous oil change with no problem. I will not use them again with no response to the mistake that was made and the possible damage that could have been done to the engine of my car.
    Susan - October 2017
  • I have had prior service at this location. I asked for an appt. My vehicle was serviced the next day on time, and ready tor me within the hour.
    Wilson - October 2017
  • Dennis and his team are always professional and helpful
    Roberta - October 2017
  • The guys over at Monro in Hyannis are always helpful and have great customer service. Reason why I will be a continued customer.
    Crystal - October 2017
  • These folks work hard and do a great job. They are honest about what the vehicle needs and never try to sell me things I dont need. Prices are very fair. They have earned my trust. Only complaint is that they get grease on the interior of my car. Their hats are greasy so there is grease on the roof. Grease on the interior door handle and Grease on the seat.
    Mary - October 2017
  • Had slow leak in tire
    Carolyn - September 2017
  • Came in for a quick fix and an oil change. In and out in a breeze. Would recommend.
    Seth - September 2017
  • Quick oil changes, fast and friendly service, and fair prices. Easy one stop.
    Seth - August 2017
  • The guys were very polite, speedy & thorough! T
    Caitlin - August 2017
  • The service was professional and friendly. My car felt better on the road when they were finished with it. I would definitely come back!
    Elizabeth - July 2017
  • Dennis is helpful and honest and very customer focused. Jeff does great work.
    Evelyn - July 2017
  • Very good professionals, service and prices. I highly recommend this place to repair your vehicle!
    Anna - July 2017
  • I was on vacation when I had a major problem with my car. Jeff and Dennis could not have been more professional or accommodating as they went above and beyond to help me and my family as we were stranded without a car. I was offered a ride to a nearby rental car on a busy Sunday morning. If not for these two I am not sure we would have done. They identified the problem with my vechicle, and were able to accurately estimate how long the repair would be. My car now runs better than when I first purchased it two years ago.
    Thomas - July 2017
  • My truck is like a can of worms, but they stayed the few extra minutes at the end of the day to make sure I could pick my truck up the same day. I was unable to get a ride for the next day. Even though they had to stay they were polite and courteous and professional.
    Sarah - July 2017
  • My oil changes are always done as promised. Any add'l work needed has been reasonable & professional.
    Jane - July 2017
  • I have been to the Hyannis Monro shop multiple times over the years. They are always polite, prompt, honest and professional. Their prices are fair and work is top notch.
    Greg - June 2017
  • Appointment honored. Manager very friendly. Work done promptly. Price very competitive. Will be back.
    Steve - June 2017
  • Attention to detail and good suggestions on proactive maintenance.
    ERS - May 2017
  • I know nothing about tire rods but I am sure that the new ones will be great for the car.
    Maeve - May 2017
  • Will return
    Ernest - May 2017
  • Your manager is the best around as well as his employees - hard working, professional team - consider yourself lucky to have them working for you - they would succeed anywhere.
    Linda - May 2017
  • These people work hard. There are always cars waiting for service . They need more staff !! If they were allowed to hire enough qualified people to do work they could handle many more customers.
    Carl - May 2017
  • Great place always friendly and honest
    Jennifer - April 2017
  • Oil change
    Peter - April 2017
  • Very nice and informative. Will definitely come back
    Taryn - March 2017
  • I have gotten tires here and they seem to be fine and Dennis and Jeff are very good to me and my car I trust them and will continue to only go here for whatever is needed for my car.
    Maeve - March 2017
  • oil chg-but they alerted me to several important things
    wayne - March 2017
  • I would recommend this place for routine and semi diagnosis. They even found an answer to a problem that was outside their scope of work and recommend which dealerships to use based on performances.
    Chris - March 2017
  • I would recommend this place for routine and semi diagnosis. They even found an answer to a problem that was outside their scope of work and recommend which dealerships to use based on performances.
    Chris - March 2017
  • The quality of the work, from oil changes to brakes and tires to overall mechanical hiccups, is always reasonably priced while professionally completed. Friendly staff and done in a reasonable timeline. My whole family (3 adult children) all use Monro, even over the dealership of my new cars.
    Gregg - March 2017
  • I was pleased with the quick appointment and the great service.
    Horace - March 2017
  • I trust Dennis at the Hyannis location to be fair and efficient he has always been courteous and fair in taking care of my 2006 car and solving problems
    Marcia - March 2017
  • I trust Dennis at the Hyannis location to be fair and efficient he has always been courteous and fair in taking care of my 2006 car and solving problems
    Marcia - March 2017
  • The ceramic brake pads are quiet yet have superb stopping capability.
    Joseph - January 2017
  • The manager was short staffed and rather than ask me to wait performed the service himself while also answering the phones and running the shop. He's a gem. Was professional and courteous under pressure.
    Bart - May 2016

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