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1194 Main Street
Haverhill, MA 01830

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What People Are Saying:

  • I have used Monro Muffler for all of my car needs from tires to brakes to oil changes and I started when my car was 6 months old. I met the manager Paul when he was in the Portsmouth location attached to BJs. He gave me solid advice and did not lie to me so I have followed him to Somerville and now Haverhill. I trust no one else with my car needs. He is excellent.
    Pamela - March 2018
  • On 2-13-18 had oil change, was not what I told Paul Perry the type of oil to use. I was charged for synthetic oil, the Lincoln Manual, Lincoln dealer, and Ford dealer all recommended semi-synthetic oil was OK to use. I called on 2-12-18 for an appointment and told Paul Perry it was OK to use the semi-synthetic oil. when oil change was complete, Paul Perry told me that I was being charged for full synthetic oil because thats what his book told him."where is the customers rights?" I would never go back to your dealerships again, I have been a customer there for the past 4 years.
    Paul - February 2018
  • I went in for a oil change. The staff are so friendly.
    Sherry - December 2017
  • Quick service.
    Marcia - December 2017
  • On the radio I heard that you are having a $9.99 black Friday sale for oil changes. I went in on Monday November 27,2017 and they told me that the black Friday sale was on for drop off. I never heard that on the radio or I would of dropped it off. That was the first thing that upset me. The second is i got the oil change for 14.99 and when I was paying for it they charged me another 9.00. If I knew this was going to happen I would of went back to where I usually go and not get charged more then supposed to. I will never recommend or go back there again since I was ripped off. I might be a female, but I'm alot smarter then you think.
    Dionne - December 2017
  • Came in for an oil change and to A) verify I had a flat and B) change the tire. I dropped my vehicle in the morning and did not receive it until the hour they closed. I had to call them proactively to see the progress. Normally I spend around 50-60 dollars for an oil change however I came out spending 80 with no consultation. They proactively changed my air filters which came up to a whopping $60 when i did not even request this service! And did not even mention the tire outside of the free inspection. Did not offer to fix via patch or switch out which was really the goal of my visit. Spent $140 to which I feel nothing was really accomplished outside of an oil change (so a really expensive oil change). I did not bother arguing with the gentleman since at that point it probably would've been pointless. Most likely will go to Meineke or other for future
    Anthony - November 2017
  • Fast turn around
    Mike - November 2017
  • The time frame was excellent. Their service was excellent. And their explanation and detail was excellent. Definitely going back! Thank you!!
    Jolean - November 2017
  • The guys are always polite, on time and friendly. They answer your questions and do push you to do a service
    Krystal - October 2017
  • They were very helpful in explaining everything I had to do with my car didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need
    Irene - October 2017
  • Very courteous with prompt service
    Doug - September 2017
  • All employees were attentive, friendly, and did a great job servicing my vehicle
    Andrew - September 2017
  • The last interaction I had was great, at the usual location I go to in Haverhill, MA. I went in for an oil change and the technician went above and beyond for me as I had a lot of questions about my Ridgeline. I left knowing everything looked great and I was all set!
    Lindsay - August 2017
  • They are up front and do the job beyond expectation. I am very satisfied with their service.
    Joe - August 2017
  • I called monro on 7/17 to get an estimate for a radiator hose and clamp for my 2001 saab. They quoted me on $267 for the parts, labor and a coolant flush. I made an appt for the next day. I went in on 7/18 and waited for about an hour. When I went to pay, he told me $46. They only gave me an oil change and changed a brake light. I didn't even ask for or need an oil change! They didn't even order my parts. So he waived the fee of an oil change and made an appointment for the next day to do the original work I had asked for. I went in on 7/19 and dropped my car off. I picked it up about a half hour before they closed. The bill came up to $298.27. I left and went to the gas station. My "fill coolant fluid" came on my display. I called monro back and the manager told me to come back so he could fill the reservoir. He said it probably hit an air pocket. He told me that any coolant I see coming out of my car is just "overfill". I went straight home after that which is about 10 min away from the shop. I parked my car and lifted my hood to check on my coolant reservoir and noticed it was low again. I bent down near my passenger side tire and noticed a steady stream of coolant pouring out. At that moment, the hose they had just replaced, burst off and coolant sprayed everywhere and poured out all down the street. The shop was closed at this point. I called the manager in the morning and told him I wanted a refund. I didn't want them to touch my car again with the amount of times they had already screwed up. He told me he understood completely and to come in later that day. I brought in pictures to show him and he agreed to refund $150. He had a different employee do the refund because he(the manager) didn't know how to. The employee told me to wait 5-7 days for the refund to go on my card. I had my brother-in-law fix the problem that monro could not. I found out today that I'm not getting the refund because they need documents that they did not tell me I needed.
    Janete - August 2017
  • Took care of my rear brakes and rotors at a reasonable price!
    Paul - July 2017
  • I have been a loyal customer for over 6 years now. You have switched out so many techs at your store that they cant even check my brakes right. I brought my truck in for an oil change and to have my brakes inspected because they were squealing. After they kept my truck all day they told me there was nothing wrong the following day I brought it to another station and my front caliper was seizing up. your techs never even touched my * brakes
    Jason - July 2017
  • I went to Monro for an oil change...the tech (L. Reyes) was polite and friendly and explained everything to me about conventional oil verse synthetic. He was honest... now a days it is hard to find a shop that is honest with customers.. I was grateful for his honesty. Shop 438
    Heidi - June 2017
  • New worker tried to sell me brake pads and rotors for twice what it costs and then told me he would do the work cheaper if i came after hours. Obviously he is under cutting Monro by doing side jobs for cheap after hours using the monro shop and parts. I have been going to this shop for years but because of his shady dealings i will now find a new shop to go to.
    Paul - June 2017
  • I normally call for a appt. I stopped in and they were able to do the oil change.
    Sherry - May 2017
  • As always extremely professional and very helpful.
    Robert - May 2017
  • Had both front and rear brakes and all 4 rotors replaced yesterday at 1194 Main St Haverhill, MA location. Took longer than expected, but ok. Paid over $900 and drove away. Rear brakes then seized up and started burning. Overwhelming burned rubber smell. Had to drive all the way back. Calipers had seized up and locked the brakes.Then,they didn't have any brake replacement parts. It was close to closing (6:00 pm EST) and no other store had any replacement parts. They called all around. Meanwhile I'm sitting there missing my wife's birthday party and dinner. Then they told me they found some parts and I had to go buy them and get them and bring them back to the store. I got really angry and they decided to send one of their technicians to go get the parts. Waited another few hours till they were done. They refused any discount or refund, despite putting me out, causing me to be in their store all day, and having to cancel my wife's birthday party. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE POSSIBLE!!! I will never, ever, ever go there again, and neither will my wife or all the people that we told about it when we cancelled the birthday party. Do yourself a BIG favor, go to Meineke instead. Everyone of their stores is well stocked with all parts, and they own up to their mistakes and try to make it right with their customers. Not like this place.
    Barry - May 2017
  • put my oil filter wrong, drove away oil all over engine, had to drive back, they had to fix filter and try to clean off oil. manager was very apologetic and worked hard to fix problem,NOT his fault, will take time to burn oil off engine. still smells
    pete - May 2017
  • I have only had my car serviced at Monro one other time and it was not a good experience. I decided to give it another try at a different location. I called ahead to make an appointment and I was told I could bring my car right in. When I arrived, I told the man who greeted me that I had called ahead and he remembered my name and vehicle. I did wait for a little bit before my car was taken in but it was a beautiful day and I walked to get coffee. The service was prompt once my car was in. The gentleman that I spoke to over the phone and when I arrived was Gary and he was very kind and professional. I would definitely return to this location again!
    Danielle - April 2017
  • Oil change
    Gj - April 2017
  • always professional, courteous, accommodating and pretty much on time when have an appointing
    Lori - April 2017
  • terry was fantastic: friendly, knowledgeable and honest.
    Patricia - April 2017
  • My appt. was at 1:00 pm I told them I needed front pads and rotors 3 hrs later they called and stated they just started and I needed front pads and rotors! Ok now they order the parts now it's 5:00 pm and the parts come in wrong and re ordered the and yes they came in wrong again so they said they would put the pads on but they will have to turn the rotors Not what I wanted So now the brakes sound terrible Don't go to monro Haverhill
    Paul - April 2017
  • Everything rides better glad In got them.
    Veronica - April 2017
  • Pleasant and professional people and mechanics.
    Patrick - April 2017
  • Extremely happy with the fast & dependable service. Had my car evaluated and complete for pick up within 3 hours. The service men are always helpful and always answer all my questions.
    Alicia - March 2017
  • Priced well
    Charles - February 2017
  • Sun oil change and tire rotatio Minimal wait
    Doreen - February 2017
  • I brought my 2014 Ram 1500 here for a couple different noises with aftermarket warranty. Got new ball joints and a driver side axle that had a ton of slop at very little cost to me as they worked with my warranty company with nothing needed from me
    Josh - February 2017
  • Excellent Sevice
    Eduardo - February 2017
  • Being new to the area, I wasn't sure of where to service my car for a routine oil change - I wanted a place I could rely on and feel confident I was getting the best care. I drive over two hours a day so I definitely was looking for a place I could be reassured time and time again. My friend referred me to this location and I am extremely thankful for it. From the time I called to book the appointment to the time I left their facility I was treated with care and understanding (I'll be the first to admit I'm no car aficionado) but the guys here made sure I understood what care I needed that day and what care I may need in the future to ensure it's running properly.
    Samantha - January 2017
  • The staff were very friendly. Asked me if could they do anything else.
    Sherry - December 2016
  • Jim always takes time to explain what work will be done and what options are available. The estimates are almost always what the final cost turns out to be so there are no surprises.
    Eric - March 2016
  • Very outgoing and down to earth staff. They showed me what I needed to get fixed and gave me all my options. Will definitely return to your Haverhill MA location.
    Frank - September 2015

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