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1335 Washington Street
Hanover, MA 02339

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What People Are Saying:

  • I went in for an oil change. While there, I remembered I had new brighter bulbs for my headlights I had in my backseat, and the guys put them in for me no charge in 5 minutes! Great service!!
    George - March 2018
  • Brought my car in for a full synthetic oil change. The service was great and car was serviced within 30 minutes. Making an appointment was easy and ensured my car would be looked at even thought they were pretty busy
    Erik - February 2018
  • Simple oil chang but they rotate the tires and give the vehicle an overall comprehensive inspection. No pressure!
    Gary - February 2018
  • I had to make 4 trips to get muffler done and still no good. 1st muffler defective, went back, took over a week to get replacement, Next was not put in correctly and banging against frame. Now 2nd muffler gone bad. contacted store several times. Was told would be ordered a totally different type to replace it. Two weeks now and no answer. Horrible service.
    Mike - February 2018
  • Best service and awesome manager! He did everything I asked for. He advised me as to a few things I need at my next oil change visit. He did not alarm me with a laundry list of repairs as I received from Midas Muffler. I left Midas crying at the amount of work I "should take care of". Thank you for your honesty and advice.
    Terrie - February 2018
    BILL - January 2018
  • Well my car is fixed, so that’s good. But I tried to use a Brakes Forever coupon I had but the gentleman working on my car refused it saying that he had replaced my brake hose for free. He didn’t say my service didn’t qualify (it did), he just ignored me. I didn’t press the issue and paid. Once I had paid he then told me that his reasoning for replacing the brake hose was that he could not remove it easily so he instead just cut it out and put a new one in. Doesn’t really feel like I got a hose for free there. Additionally I was told I would receive a call when my car was finished. I never received that call and had to call myself the next day to find out. Not a huge problem but when I called I was told the gentleman had just taken it out for a test drive. Odd that when I found it it was covered in snow and didn’t appear to have been driven for some time. Furthermore, the blower motor in my car has begun to make an odd sound that a google search has suggested might mean it needs replacing. Possibly a coincidence but after my visit i’m not entirely sure. Finally, I was startled to discover paraphernalia (related to a certain plant that the profanity filter won’t let me type) in the waiting area of the shop. Of course it could have belonged to some customer but then shouldn’t it have been disposed of? Admittedly, I went to this place out of convenience and now i’m sort of kicking myself. 2 Stars because at least my brakes work better than they did before.
    Alex - January 2018
  • Always happy with my oil changes and the personnel at this Monro location.
    Carole - January 2018
  • My muffler and tailpipe were replaced within a reasonable amount of time on the day I dropped in.
    Paul - January 2018
  • i have been using monroe for years and they always perform!
    rob - December 2017
  • I brought my car in for a grinding in the rear passenger side which I knew were brakes. Because it was Sunday I could not take it to my mechanic, so I tried Monroe. First estimate for rotors, pads and calipers (which I'm sure I didn't need) was for $850. When I told him no way that could be the price seeing I just had my fronts done 6 months earlier for $300, he told me he didn't set the price, but then somehow figured out how to get it down to $600. I told him to go ahead and do the work as I needed the car for Monday. This was 11:00 AM when he started. I called him at 4:00PM to pick it up and was told they could not bleed the brakes and would need to try again on Monday. I received a call on Monday telling me that they still could not bleed the breaks and I would need a master cylinder. At this point I told Don to put the car in the lot and I'd have it towed to my own mechanic to complete the work. The brakes bled fine and I'm on my way. My own mechanic would not charge me because he felt I was screwed by Monroe enough. I'm pretty sure this will fall on deaf ears, but it felt good getting it off my chest. I wish there was a way to warn others of the gouging and basic lousy service.
    Gary - December 2017
  • The service I received at the Hanover, MA location was reasonably priced and completed in a timely manner. The staff was friendly, honest, and straight forward. They didn't attempt to sell me on any extra / unnecessary services, which was quite refreshing. I plan to return to this location for all future service for my vehicle.
    Kenneth - December 2017
  • Very good deals and the people are very nice and helpful!
    Brian - December 2017
  • Service was quick and friendly! The man at the front desk was very personable. Price was fair. The location is great as I just walked over to Panera and the mall while I waited. I will definitely be back!
    Michelle - November 2017
  • I have my oil changes and tire installation here. Appointments are always prompt, friendly, and prices are reasonable. I would definitely recommend having your vehicle serviced at this location.
    Leo - November 2017
  • Excellent service
    John - October 2017
  • Excellent service
    John - October 2017
  • Great experience with fast, friendly service great
    Robert - October 2017
  • I have been there twice both times services been professional ,quick and really easy and affordable
    Judy - October 2017
  • I got my exhaust fixed and it didn't take long at all. They took me right away and called me as soon as it was finished. I got an oil change as well and it was all affordable. I would definitely go back for more service when needed.
    Kim - October 2017
  • Excellent Service and pricing.
    Stephen - October 2017
  • Just got 4 of the best tires on the market for a very competitive price. My visit was prompt and short, all done while i waited. Thanks to the crew for a great experience.
    Perry - October 2017
  • Great battery
    Christopher - October 2017
  • drove up and had the tires rotated and oil change done with in an hour .
    Linda - October 2017
  • Always cordial and friendly service without the long wait. Reliable recommendations and work.
    Peter - October 2017
  • After four attempts to perform a simple wheel balance they failed miserably. They admitted they cant perform proper services and the place is filthy so decontaminate yourself if you step inside. I would give zero stars if it was allowed.
    McManus - October 2017
  • I made an appointment on-site on a Monday for service on my '89 T-bird on the next Wednesday. They discovered after I arrived for my appointment that they did not have the transmission filter. I waited over two hours for the job to be completed. It seems to me they should have checked their stock for an older vehicle before the car arrived for service. That said, I was happy with the work. The Hanover, MA location has always treated me well, fairly and promptly.
    Jon - September 2017
  • I received a maintenance oil change for my vehicle.
    Evan - September 2017
  • Great hours and location. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Oil change completed quickly. Great overall experience.
    Carol - September 2017
  • Just pulled in for the 2nd time and had no problem getting a oil change and tire rotation
    David - September 2017
  • Good Job on the Oil Change
    Christopher - September 2017
  • Often used the same looking ad to get discount on oil change, but Monro changed ad to require use of credit card. The ad does say this and their deals are up to them but adding hidden small print doesn't really make me feel good about going back.
    Joe - September 2017
  • Done quickly and efficiently
    Linda - August 2017
  • Went in for an oil change with no appointment and was taken right away.......was out of there in no time.....loved that.....great service ...
    Pat - August 2017
  • very happy!
    Alex - August 2017
  • I went to Monro this past weekend to have an oil change done on my car. I came in with a coupon for $9.99 oil change and the condition was that I needed to leave my car there all day until they had a chance to get to it to have it done at this price. The mechanics at my local Monro did a great job and it did not take long at all! I will always go to Monroe for an oil change. They always have the best prices and they always do a great job!
    Madeleine - August 2017
  • At first when I arrived a little early for my oil change appointment, the gentleman who checked me in seemed a little agitated or irritated. It may have been because they were somewhat busy. In any case, his mood changed. He submitted my Drive Card application, had my car (an oldie-but-a-goodie) serviced and waiting. He sent me on my way with a smile
    Jon - August 2017
  • Car sounds better, and Monoe Muffler accepted a coupon I had, which really helped!
    Anne - August 2017
  • I plan to have my vehicle serviced here in the future
    Gary - July 2017
  • Quick, convenient and professional. I asked for an oil change and they did it. They are thorough and check the car out but don't push other services and products
    Mary - July 2017
  • Was very helpful when I came in and asked to plug a hole that was in my tire.
    Ashli - July 2017
  • Extraordinary Job servicing my older vehicle (1991 Buick Park Ave) on 2 places that needed attention. Job was done quickly, and it was a Holliday !! Well done !!
    Carolyn - July 2017
  • must use inferior quality filters. never going back oil leaked all over my garage and place of work for 2nd time in 6 months
    Gary - July 2017
  • Excellent service, work done on time. Courteous staff. Great value.
    John - July 2017
  • They are always very helpful an always super nice
    Heather - June 2017
  • I recently bought 2 new tires from Tirerack and brought them to your location for mounting as per their agreement with Monro. According to Tirerack, my cost to have the tires mounted, balanced and old tires disposed by you folks was to be about $29.00. I did ask to have the 2 rear tires balanced at that time. The final bill came to $53.35. I was going to have an oil change done at the same time but was informed that corporate policy would not to allow me to use conventional oil, which I have used since the car was new, instead of synthetic (as per manufacturers recommendation). That was the end of the oil change. As part of the tire mounting, the shop performed an alignment check and informed me that the rear was way out of line and I should consider getting 2 new tires, when I asked for a print out of the results I was told it was unavailable...hum. Don, the manager, said the rear tires were wearing unevenly, cupping on the inside and I should get it aligned ASAP. I declined the opportunity. The next day I went to Sears automotive who have done every oil change on my car since it was new. As a courtesy, they too do an alignment check. They did give me a printed results sheet. Interestingly they said the front Toe was out but Camber was fine and the rear end had no issues at all. As for the rear tires, the left rear was 8/32 outer, 9/32 mid and 9/32 inner, right rear was 6/32 outer, 7/32 mid and 7/32 inner. Sears did not recommend I get new rear tires. I consider myself fairly competent when it comes to car mechanics but have come away from shop 441 with a bad taste in my mouth, I feel I was being sold a "bill of goods." I have a Ford Expedition that will be needing tires soon and I have to say I will choose another location to do the mounting.
    Frank - June 2017
  • Great, quick oil change
    Diana - June 2017
  • Failed to do service on my vehicle and charged me. Trucks OBD system is telling me I already need another oil change after just spending 75 dollars on one! Failed to tire rotate failed to check brakes failed to do oil change apparently but still took my money!
    Brennan - June 2017
  • I have never paid over $100 for in oil change. And my fluids were not talked off as they normally are when I get in oil change. I have zero windshield fluid two days after I change. But the amount I paid for this oil change, the fluids should have been talked a lot! I will not be back
    Michelle - June 2017
  • They are very professional here and always get it done quickly in the time they say it will be done
    Chris - June 2017
  • In the morning when i started my car there was a loud noise coming from the exhaust. I was treavelling the next day so I needed it fixed that afternoon. I called around to two places and they couldnt see me or finish the work that day. I called monro in Hanover and spoke to Donny and he said bring it in and we'll take care of it that day. He did . He gave me two options the service was thorough and prompt and didn't negatively impact my day or travel plans. I had a very positive experience and would recommend his services again
    Kevin - June 2017
  • Just an oil change, went fine!
    Aaron - May 2017
  • I always call/go online to request appt times. Upon arrival, service is always on time. Always completed on a timely manner.
    Nicole - May 2017
  • I'm glad I became a customer here because they do such an awesome job. Thank you for all your help.
    Jillianne - May 2017
  • my oil change was good
    Elizabeth - May 2017
  • I had an oil change. They were fast and very polite
    Lisa - May 2017
  • I had an oil change. They were fast and very polite
    Lisa - May 2017
  • I had an oil change. They were fast and very polite
    Lisa - May 2017
  • They did the work and finished earlier than expected. Good job.
    Jerry - May 2017
  • 2 thumbs up
    Allegra - May 2017
  • They repaired very quickly and working fine
    gary - May 2017
  • I will get my oil changed going foward again and again. Great staff!!
    MARK - May 2017
  • yes if i use this product all the time so my truck wont blow upjohn daniels
    Jack - April 2017
  • Quick service. Love that.
    Mark - April 2017
  • Great place for a quick, reasonably priced oil change.
    Margie - April 2017
  • Great place for a quick, reasonably priced oil change.
    Margie - April 2017
  • The men over at Munro are all very proffesional and helpful. So great to work with and I recomend them to everyone. Thank you to all them.
    Lori - April 2017
  • Fast and easy
    Thomas - April 2017
  • oil change but love the tire rotation, brake and safety check
    Cheryl - April 2017
  • Good service, the guys talk you through what's absolutely necessary to have repaired and what needs to be done in the future but can wait a bit longer.
    Anne - April 2017
  • Took care of me right away and without an appt. Good professional quick service.
    Charles - March 2017
  • Asked over the phone specifically about my exact vehicle and its specs to ensure that the promo found online ($29.99 for conventional) would apply when I came for the oil change. Manager don promised up and down that it would be honoured. Upon my arrival they did honor it and up-charged me over 50%. During my 70 minute wait for an oil change/rotation I managed to find another coupon online that would be applicable ($20 off $50 or more) to help me recover some the extra expense, he also did not honor that one. To top it off, they didn't recalibrate the "oil change needed" setting, so I waited another 5 minutes for one of his mechanics to come back from lunch break to fix it. That mechanic didn't know how, so don fixed it himself eventually. I was not impressed with the service A to Z, especially the dishonesty.
    Paul - March 2017
  • i never have an issue here. i have been using monro for over 10 years
    Robert - March 2017
  • Their quick with the services and do awesome. I appreciate it guys, thanks so much.
    Jillianne - February 2017
  • Usually have had good service but lately bills are through the roof. Nothing is ever the price in promos. Always some reason you don't qualify. Extra items trying to be sold when not asked for. Disappointing after coming hear for so long.
    Paul - February 2017
  • Donny and his team were friendly and helpful. They did a great job replacing my exhaust and catalytic converter. It was an expensive job, but comparable with what I had researched on-line. I was a new customer to this shop , but I plan on using this as my new go to place for oil changes, exhaust and brake repairs.
    Amy - February 2017
  • The service was excellent and quick, I'll definitely be back again.
    Jillianne - February 2017
  • Donny was great, had me bring car in next day. Called quickly with estimate, finished on time and budget. Very helpful making repair suggestions. Friendly staff, I will certainly go back....... well done!
    Paul - February 2017
  • good%20service%2C%20good%20price.
    Michae - January 2017
  • I had estimate from dealer and Monro was able to beat that price by a lot.
    James - January 2017
  • Price. I've been changing my own oil for more than 35 years now. I can't buy filters and oil at the big box stores for what you charge. Satisfactory job.
    Torben - July 2016
  • The man at the front desk was very nice and was able to use the online coupon you guys have as a promotion right now for my oil change.
    Ashli - July 2016
  • The mechanic was awesome and answered all my questions.
    Dorothy - August 2015

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