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What People Are Saying:

  • Service was performed as promised.
    Theresa - January 2018
  • I had gone into Monro on a Monday and got an estimate for rear brake pads. They gave me the estimate, and I made an appointment for Saturday and told me it would take an hour to get them installed. I come on Saturday, wait a half hour, before being informed that they can't install my brakes because my Subaru is "too new" for their scanner. I really wish they had told me this when I had come in the first time, and then I wouldn't have had to make an appointment and waste a whole Saturday morning. It was one of the most incompetent acts I had ever seen from a repair shop. Don't make the appointment without knowing 100% sure that you can do the service provided. Super frustrating.
    Alex - January 2018
  • Long wait poor service
    yaru - December 2017
  • My girlfriend and I both needed oil changes on our vehicles but we’re strapped for time. We called around a few places to try and squeeze it in. Monroe told us to come right on down. Super helpful, and a great price at that. The staff was excellent.
    Jeremy - November 2017
  • Hello. I brought 3 vehicles in this week for oil changes and everything went well for the first two, a Honda CRV and a Jeep Commander. The 3rd vehicle was a different story. I had a 1130am appointment on Thursday November 2 2017 for a Nissan Rogue and was told it would be ready in 45 minutes. I went to pick up vehicle at 1pm and was told that it hadn't even been started. I questioned the employee as to the reasoning and was told that they were short staffed and to come back in 45 minutes to an hour or that I could just grab my keys and leave without oil change being done. I agreed to wait the extra time and just watched the employees for a few minutes to see their level of productivity. The employee that I dealt with seemed to be in a supervisory role, not doing anything but talking to the other employees and talking on his phone while there were 2 stalls open for my vehicle. At that point, I just went for a walk to release some of my frustration. I ended up back at the shop at 2pm to pick up vehicle and they were just finishing up the oil change. The light was on in that vehicle because one of the tires was low on air and when I left, the situation was still the same, with the light still being on. I ended up leaving the shop at 215 pm with the oil change completed, but that was it. I questioned the point of making an appointment when they couldn't honor it. There is absolutely no reason why I should've had to wait 2hrs 45 min for a basic oil change. I enjoy going to monro for my oil changes and bring 3 vehicles there, but am beginning to question whether it's time to move on and find another business to satisfy my vehicle maintenance needs. As you probably know, this isn't the first time I've had an issue with your company and am not trying to be a stickler. I just want my needs to be met professionally and in a timely manner and neither was done. I'm sorry to have to do this, but it needs to be addressed. Thanks Jason Wahl
    Jason - November 2017
  • Friendly professional service. Wait wasn't long which is a plus with working third shift. My issues were fixed and can keep my vehicle going.
    Rachel - October 2017
  • Great service done in a timely manner
    Robert - October 2017
  • I have gone to Monro for oil changes and I have always had a pleasant experience,
    Carol - October 2017
  • I was happy with the service overall.
    E. - October 2017
  • Quickly and accurately performed
    Gregg - September 2017
  • Job done right, car runs like a top.
    Gregg - September 2017
  • Performed the work needed in a professional manner. Offered alternative services, explained options.
    Gregg - September 2017
  • Three times (on phone while making the appointment and twice at the shop) specifically asked for the shop to do what manufacturer suggests for my 2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring at 120,000 miles. Definitely an oil change and tire rotation, no cabin air filter but change plugs/tune up if needed. All that was done was an oil change, brake check and tire rotation -- all well and good but no check on other things that were called for at that mileage level were done (checking plugs, engine, etc.).
    Gregg - September 2017
  • Great prices and service, car finished right on time
    Tim - September 2017
  • Got new tires installed. Car and steering wheel now shake. Now i have to go back another time to see if they can re-balance my wheels. Super inconvenient. Hopefully my fillings dont fall out of my teeth on the way there from all the shaking.
    Rui - September 2017
  • Prices went up v:-/
    Michelle - August 2017
  • My oil change was fast and effective and i had a concern right after and the fellas at Monroe were fast to address my concern and i was on my way .
    Liza - August 2017
  • Vehicle was miss diagnosed. Attempted to sell me four new tires & suspension when I needed wheel bearings, which is what I brought in vehicle for initially. Was informed that wheel bearing was fine but tires were scalloped and I needed new tires. Upon further questioning why tires were scalloped, I was told that my suspension was shot and needed four shocks and new tires. I picked up my vehicle, and brought it to a Ford dealership where the truck's wheel bearings were repaired and informed that all else was fine. Since I've been driving all over New England without any problems.
    Dean - August 2017
  • Always pleasant to deal with
    Mike - August 2017
  • I had to drop my car off for a last minute oil change. With no appointment and only one mechanic on duty, the got it done in not time
    Joseph - July 2017
  • The Fall River Monro is outstanding. They are great guys who give good service- both mechanical and customer- even when they are slammed and understaffed. I recently purchased quick strut assemblies from Amazon and brought them in to replace my seriously ailing rear struts on my Toyota Camry. The work took a lot longer than I expected (like 5 hours for a 1 hour job) but it was done well. When I picked up my car, I was informed one of the struts I brought in was defective. The mechanic thoroughly explained why and what I needed to do from that point on. I was already thinking about how I'd now need to come in and pay all over again for labor when I purchased a non-defective right strut. He assured me it was safe to drive on, and offered me a wonderful deal. He made a note in the computer, as well as hand wrote and signed my receipt- offering me totally free of charge labor to fix the right rear strut AGAIN- giving the defective part back so I can return it to Amazon for a refund. That is what going above and beyond is to me. I will continue coming to this location for all of my needs as long as I live in this area, you can count on that.
    Danielle - July 2017
  • I had an oil change appointment on June 17 at 10am. I was told it would take 45 minutes and when I returned at 1040, they hadn't even started my oil change and my car hadn't even entered the stall. The employee told me they were short staffed. My car entered stall at 1045, but because I had other commitments, the oil change was the only thing done(no tire rotation). I don't think I'm asking too much of you guys , considering I had an appointment. It sucks because I bring 3 vehicles to you guys and this isn't the first time I've had an issue with your service. On top of that, I forget to bring the coupon that you guys mail to me, so I ended up paying $33 for a subpar oil change because the employee didn't want to delete and begin a new invoice. All I'm asking for is for you guys to provide me with good service in a reasonable amount of time. I don't like to complain, but I know you guys are better than that.
    jason - June 2017
  • Always good service
    Denise - June 2017
  • Good smooth oil change service, only complaint is the oily hand print on my hood.
    Ray - June 2017
  • Had an appt that had to be rescheduled by dealership. Could not have been more appreciative of my willingness to do so. Exceeded expectations!
    Diane - June 2017
  • They have great deals for oil changes and tire rotation.
    Lisa - May 2017
  • I am always very satisfied with the service at monro.
    Heather - May 2017
    FELICE - May 2017
  • The Service was prompt and honest. Replacing my bulbs was a challenge with dropping the number and removing the wheel well. I was quoted one hour labor and even though things did not go exactly to plan that was what I was charged. I have been going to Munro since 2002 and through several managers will continue to go there first. Do what you say and say what you going too do. Leave the upsell to others. ...Goes a long way.
    Wardell - May 2017
  • I came to Monro for an oil change for the first time with their company. It was quick and efficient and they were friendly and informative. I used a coupon which included quite a bit for $20 before fees and taxes. I will definitely use their services again.
    Kim - May 2017
  • I"ve been having my car serviced for the past three years at Munroe Muffler for oil changes, tire rotations, brake pads, rotors, etc. and very satisfied with the service performed.
    Felice - April 2017
  • Quick, polite and punctual.
    Rachel - April 2017
  • Cheap, quick m, and done right. No complaints
    Michael - April 2017
  • I had to get my front brakes done I had gotten my rear brakes done here about two years ago and was very satisfied with the service so I went back. i wasn't disappointed. The service was very friendly, fast, and reasonable price. When I made my appointment they had a flexible selection so it could easily work into my schedule. The service was done fast and the price was a really good deal. I'd definitely go back again.
    Mathew - April 2017
  • Products and services were explained thoroughly. Told what will need replacing in the future without pressure to buy right away.
    Barbara - April 2017
  • I just filled out the survey from a needed follow-up appointment. I believe that my tires were not properly installed since my valve stem just popped off on the highway. This has cost me a half day of work, and $850 for tires, oil change, valve stem sensor for a 7 year old 16' rim. Seems a bit much, but luckily I didn't crash in the snow storm the day the stem popped off as detailed in my previous message that was somewhat limited since I maxed out the usage of characters. Hopefully, this feedback doesn't result in some sort of retribution from employees because I honestly don't ever want to go back again.
    Mark - March 2017
  • Hi, from the start the experience on December 23 was far less than expected. I scheduled an online appt. for tires & oil change. At arrival the tires I wanted were not available, but was told I would get the same price. It was buy 3 get one free. After inspecting bill I only got a $100 credit (tires were $138), and were not at the $100 price I was told I would receive. Additionally, the time it took for a pre scheduled appointment took forever 4 hours. I did not gripe about the price because I figured I was getting a better tire. BUT, here begins my real issue. I paid for a balance and tire alignment, which was clearly not done as my car shook at certain speeds considerably after the tires were installed and did not do this prior. After some research it was clear that the balance and/or alignment was off or just not done would be my guess. I come to this conclusion because while waiting all the service tech was telling people over the phone is he wasn't going to get to them that day and clearly overwhelmed. I should have brought the car in, but was so turned off by knowing it would take forever and already used a day off to get this done in the first place that I didn't. Shame on me. Fast-forward to 3/1017. I am driving on the highway to work in a snow storm when suddenly my air pressure gauge comes on and my car immediately started to shake. I pulled to breakdown lane and notice that the tire valve stem was completely missing. Luckily, I was ok, but to be safe I drove on the tire to the next exit about a 1/2 mile away. I then found out that the key lock for my tire was clearly stripped (acknowledged by shop), and the tires were not put on with a torque wrench from the last time. I finally got my $40 credit, but had to buy a new $140 tire that was 3 months old, as well as a sensor. Ironically, my car is 7 years old and in the service waiting area is a sign about inspecting/replacing sensor parts at 7 yrs and never mentioned. Reeks of negligence.
    Mark - March 2017
  • Monro was quick and efficient! They also call before they start repairs or replacements.
    Gwendolin - March 2017
  • Good service
    Steve - March 2017
  • Done in a timely manner. Friendly service and fair price
    Timothy - March 2017
  • Quick, efficient, friendly and economical.
    Gregg - February 2017
  • Eddie and his crew were able to squeeze in an oil change for me on a very busy Saturday when they really did not have the availability. Phenomenal customer service from Eddie and his team! This store and team are great at taking care of their customers.
    Andrew - February 2017
  • repairs completed professionally and as quoted!
    Mark - February 2017
  • Brought in my classic Volvo that I just purchased.. They took their time and pointed out any concerns when I was getting my oil change... really nice staff and professional. will go again!!
    taylor - February 2017
  • Timely and courteous
    Jason - February 2017
  • Always satisfied
    Heather - February 2017
  • I recently went to Monro for the first time for some basic maintenance. I made an appointment online for an oil change, tire rotation, and new wiper blades. I also found a coupon for the oil change and wipers. I ended up getting a really good deal on the wipers but during the tire rotation they didn't add more air to my tires. I assumed that was something they did automatically. Overall an average experience but there are other place I prefer to get maintenance at.
    Jenna - February 2017
  • I really like the manager at this location and the service is polite and good. However, every single time I make an appointment I ALWAYS have to wait way past my appointment time. Every time. It's very annoying since I never have an alternative ride and have to wait plus I have a busy schedule and so make appointments in order to plan my day yet still have to wait every single time!
    Autumn - February 2017
  • The manager was jerk. Constantly complaining about the DM that just left. He wears his hat on backwards. Poor customer service. I will never go there again.
    Darline - February 2017
  • I grew up around cars, so as a female I learned many things. This shop pays attention to the things I day about my vehicle and help me to solve the issues.
    Susan - February 2017
  • the car is running more effeiceint,no hesitation anymore.runs more smoother.
    helder - January 2017
  • I had an appointment at 4p and they were ready right on time. My car was done fast and everyone was profeasional!
    Sean/Aleksa - November 2016

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