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(781) 575-0070

930 Turnpike St.
Canton, MA 02021

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7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


7:30AM - 6:00PM


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9:00AM - 5:00PM

What People Are Saying:

  • Great service thanks Zane
    Chuck - March 2018
  • Great customer service, quick turnaround, fair price
    Fausto - February 2018
  • I like how thorough everyone at Monro is when working on my car.
    Courtney - January 2018
  • Every time I bring my car in for a oil change the guys are so great and prompt
    Natasha - November 2017
  • They will not stand by the service they provide. They damaged my vehicle and will not repair what they did because it is too expensive. Very unprofessional and disappointing. If you need work done on your vehicle go to a real mechanic.
    Brian - November 2017
  • My entire family have been loyal customers of this location ever since they took over from Mass Tire. I made an appointment for a simple oil change. I left my truck on Tuesday at 10am. The manager stated that it would be done by the end of the day. I called to see if it was ready and he said "we didn't get to it, please leave it and it will be the first vehicle done in the morning". I called again at 10am. I was told that the truck was "on the lift" and would be ready soon. He never called me back so I was forced to take an Uber there ($10.00 out of my pocket) because I had to be to work. When I arrived, the truck was still on the ground. He LIED to me. They never even touched it. Over 24 hours with my truck. They have lost me and my entire family as customers. I will share this story via social media as well. Facebook and Twitter (Canton, Ma sites) Very frustrated!!!!!
    Austin - October 2017
  • I have been a customer of this location for over 15 years, back to when it was Mass Tire, Canton, and have quite literally spent many thousands dollars on repairs, tires and more for both of our cars. I brought my Ford Expedition in with the engine light lit and informed the acting manager, Bill, that I had a problem that needed to be diagnosed and repaired. I received a call from him that informed me that the diagnosis was that I had a misfire in cylinder 3 and it need to have the ignition coil replaced at a parts cost of $180 plus labor for a total of $348. I expressed that the cost of the part was ridiculous and he informed me that that was what your suppliers cost to me for the part would be. Upon investigation, I found that OEM price for the coil from Ford was only $79 and from a parts store was $40 for one or $200 for all eight. I told him that I would retrieve my vehicle and take it else where. He was vary gracious and had no problems with my doing so. He explained that he had no way to change the price and of course couldn't accept parts from outside. The result was that I took it to a local mechanic and had the works done for $125 including parts and labor. I truly doubt that I will be doing business with Monroe in the future as a result of this experience.
    Robert - October 2017
  • We service our vehicles regularly. Ed is very accommodating and always explains the services to be performed. Technicians do a good and efficient work.
    Neal - September 2017
  • I like the honest service
    Lisa - September 2017
  • Polite service. Always let me know what shape the car is in and what to prepare for.
    Ilene - August 2017
  • I got my car inspection on my lunch hour and was in and out in about 15 minutes. Super fast and friendly.
    Jacquelyne - August 2017
  • Customer service was great and prices
    John - August 2017
  • Had car inspected it was fine have had work done prior thought it was way to expensive. Staff nice though
    Elaine - August 2017
  • I've brought my vehicle here a few times and the service has always been good. The service costs have always been fair and I would highly recommend Munro to others.
    Nicole - August 2017
  • Service was amazing
    Randi - August 2017
  • I love my oil change
    Barbara - August 2017
  • The balls
    Santiago - August 2017
  • Whenever I see the guys in canton, I feel at home. They treat me like family and take care of my vehicles quickly and professionally .
    Chris - August 2017
  • I had a screw in my tire and was in a hurry to get it either repaired or replaced, as to not miss much work. I originally tried the place directly next door but the bays/lobby was packed and no one at the service desk. I walked out as soon a second I walked in and decided to try Monro. They immediately got my car in, had the two tires I needed in stock, and even let me add on my state inspection last minute. The staff working was friendly and helpful and they didn't rob me blind, they were also happy to let my dog hang out in the lobby while I waited. I don't think I was there for more than an hour!
    Jessica - July 2017
  • Ed the Service manager helped me in a timely way and did what he said he would do...very satisfied
    Andrew - July 2017
  • I had an oil change on my vehicle and had it assessed for a loud noise. They were thorough in the auto exam and explained it clearly what the problem was and corrective action. No pressure to have work done there.
    Diane - July 2017
  • Very helpful everyone is extremely nice
    alyssa - July 2017
  • Store Manager was very knowledgeable and nice.
    David - July 2017
  • I was taken right away for my cars inspection
    Donna - July 2017
  • Ed was very informative when it came to explaining what needed to be be fixed, why it needed to be fixed, and the points to consider between selling my car or paying for the necessary repairs.
    Greg - July 2017
  • Patches my tire and checked the other ones. Friendly service.
    Christie - July 2017
  • Friendly greeeting on the phone and helpful explanations and answering questions
    Christie - July 2017
  • Always helpful and fair pricing. Would recommend...
    Chandra - July 2017
  • Monro in Canton has been extremely reliable time after time. They can always find a time to schedule maintenance on my car. I also trust them. They've always been very honest with me.
    Julie - June 2017
  • My car was in and out as promised after brake pads, rotors, and an oil change...can't believe how rotted out my rotors were.
    Gail - June 2017
  • Changed 2 tires and breaks here. Did a battery test for free. The owner is honest guy and can get the work done.
    shuang - June 2017
  • Took me quickly without an appointment. Polite and explained results of tire and brake grading. Applied for Drive card easily and able to save $. Thank you!
    Ilene - June 2017
  • Service was performed in a timely manner.
    Alan - May 2017
  • Very accommodating!
    Marc - May 2017
  • I always go there for my car oil change. I am very satisfied with service and work that the technicians do. I am planning on going until who knows
    Apolina - May 2017
  • JOSE G. was very helpful , friendly and professional. Had a flat I needed fixed fast. He got me a new tire at a fair price. He has me out the door and on my way in less than 45 minutes. Great customer care
    Greg - May 2017
  • Ed was wonderful to me, answered my questions and still engaged me in conversation between customers. I'll come back again and recommend it to family and friends.
    Kelly - May 2017
  • Excellent location, right next to my job and terrific service and very knowledgeable!!
    Sharon - May 2017
  • Called Ed at 8a and explained I'd be driving into the evening and had just discovered a headlight out. By 9a Ed had it in the shop, and I was off shortly thereafter. Ed is always great, and his help getting me in was much appreciated!
    Robert - May 2017
  • Service on Ford f150
    Ricky - May 2017
  • Useful for the car.
    Frederick - April 2017
  • Great service
    Kelly - April 2017
  • So far, air quality seems to be improved. Having health issues, I am very appreciative.
    Susan - April 2017
  • Very impressed with the manager's expertise ; he knew exactly what the problem was just by my description of it. Car was promptly fixed with no cost overrun - this shop rates six stars. Extremely happy with service.
    Robert - April 2017
  • By the time I schedule an appointment at Monro Tire something is not well with my vehicle so it is never exactly a happy experience to visit them. That being said I have consistently found the team there to be helpful and articulate about what is happening with my vehicle. I have not always found Monro to be the best price but if I can't afford a Service then I am honest with them and I will say that they have tried to find creative ways to work within my budget.
    Tim - April 2017
  • Great service. Very quick. Minimum waiting time. Accommodating staff. Went here for a car inspection and showed up 15mins before they closed and still took me in.
    Claire - April 2017
  • The service done on my car was fast and efficient, as well as reasonably priced.
    Judy - April 2017
  • Very friendly atmosphere and clean.
    Benita - April 2017
  • I went in at lunch to get a sticker thought it will be a long wait time. But to my surprise they took me right in and got my sticker and got back to work in plenty of time
    Cynthia - April 2017
  • I've taken my cars to Monroe for service for several years now and have been very satisfied with the service we have received.
    William - March 2017
  • Easy in and easy out. Changed the oil, rotated the tires and gave us a list of maintenance items
    Howard - March 2017
  • Very quick and friendly service.
    Donna - March 2017
  • I had my oil changed and I wouldn't bring my car anywhere else. Munro is a very fair price for a oil change and very convenient to my work and home.
    Cindy - March 2017
  • I'm so happy with them my car runs like new ! I have 90,000 + miles I got a tune up and my thoughts of getting a new a car are gone now ! Thank you !!!!!
    Mary - March 2017
  • good proce
    Jose - March 2017
  • Staffs were very courteous, pleasant, and professional. Service was excellent.
    Apolina - March 2017
  • Great service! Polite friendly staff-adhere to appointments-saves time
    Patty - March 2017
  • The manager n tech were friendly, precise in info n timeframe given. Resolved n communicated to my needs very well.
    Ana - March 2017
  • I purchased a set of new tires for my Acura MDX. The price was competitive and the service was excellent.
    Kevin - March 2017
  • This location used to be Mass Tire and Auto and I brought my vehicles there for 7 years. Great service and honest pricing. Monroe muffler purchased this location recently and things changed. I had to have my front wheel bearings replaced. While the service was done in a timely manner, they charged me $450 per side. I was able to find similar equipment online ranging from $170 - $250 per assembly. This tells me they are marking up their parts, which is ridiculous. I'll be taking my business elsewhere from now on.
    Keith - February 2017
  • People here are very friendly and knowledgeable
    Gerry - February 2017
  • Prompt and courteous service.
    Ethel - February 2017
  • Way to expensive can get the same work done for half h price
    Elaine - February 2017
  • Not bad just thought was super expensive. Can get same work form for a lot cheaper not sure I would go back or recommend
    Elaine - February 2017
  • Always quick and prompt and very helpfull. Will go back again
    Ellen - February 2017
  • Convenient and good price
    Jose - February 2017
  • The guys at Monro in Canton on RT 138 are excellent - they go above and beyond to make sure I understand exactly what is wrong, why it needs to be fixed, and how they will fix it. I have NEVER been so confident/comfortable in car repair services.
    Gillian - July 2016
  • They always check everything and work quickly.
    Carrie - March 2016

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