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3296 Lake City Highway
Warsaw, IN 46580

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What People Are Saying:

  • Start on time and end on a reasonable time.
    John - March 2018
  • Great service from scott and his team. Punctual, polite and thorough. I’ll be back!
    Scott - February 2018
  • Scott is the best!! I wont go anywhere else from now on! Thanks again!!
    Janelle - February 2018
  • I needed a few things done on my car, and William and Scott worked with me to get a day set, and they were great about explaining things in simple terms for me. Thanks, guys.
    James - February 2018
  • The staff at Monro is great! The have always been friends and helpful. I usually just do oil changes there, but have also gotten new tires there as well as had them fix a rattle my car was making (which they did for free). They also helped me use the warrantee on one of the tires I had bought when it went flat.
    Henry - February 2018
  • William was very nice. He was the only employee there, but took his time to figure out getting my oil changed!
    Elizabeth - February 2018
  • William was very nice. He was the only employee there, but took his time to figure out getting my oil changed!
    Elizabeth - February 2018
  • I appreciated the work that was done, and completed as promised. It's nice having a quieter vehicle again. I especially appreciate that my repair could be worked in even though I couldn't get to my original appointment on time. I still received an estimate while I waited and got the repair done the next morning. The service was great.
    Chris - February 2018
  • Always great fast service. My go to place for oil changes and more for great prices.
    Miranda - January 2018
  • They were short-staffed and still were friendly and timely. Thank you!
    Nyle - December 2017
  • I went in the shop at Warsaw, IN without an appointment with a used vehicle I had just purchased that I was driving across country. They got me in right away and then showed me a leak in the transmission line. Told me what I should do and how to save some money. They made sure I didn't get ripped off by another shop. I appreciated there time and honesty. Not just letting something pass by even though it wouldn't benefit them. I would recommend them
    Michael - December 2017
  • I've had oil changes and major repairs done on two cars with great results at very good prices. No complaints.
    Steve - December 2017
  • I've had oil changes to major repairs done with great results at very competitive prices. No complaints here.
    Steve - December 2017
  • I appreciated the friendliness of the guy in charge. They seemed pretty busy, but still did their best to get me taken care of as quickly as possible. We have 4 kids and can't go very long without our van, so that was helpful and appreciated!
    Katie - December 2017
  • Very speedy service
    Lynette - December 2017
  • I have gone to monro for oil changes, new tires, new structs, sway bars, breaks, everything and haven't had a problem ever. Until today i'm not how I feel if I will be going back. 4 days ago, I brought my Eclipse in to get an oil change and my 100K tune up. I know on cars like mine, things are a bit time consuming but 4 days seems a bit much. When picking my car up, my car has never had problems starting until day when i go to leave it hesitated. So i asked the manager about it and said my key was left on and had died but recharged while he was taking the test drive and will charge up while I drive, ok no big deal. It did still chug while I was at a stop but didnt think much of it. While at work, went to go move my car to a different parking spot, still same thing but this time she died while trying to move my car. Also to top it off I smelled gas. Being at work I figured it wasnt my car I was smelling the gas from and it was just something nearby I was smelling. On my next break tried to move my car again, still died and the gas smell became over powering. So had to leave work early, called a tow truck to bring back to monro tonight after they have already closed. Now i hope they fix this gas problem, my battery problem, plus pay for my tow and something for my hassle. Considering I've been a loyal customer and never had issues with them until now, they may just loose a customer after tonight. We will see how it goes tomorrow on how they handle this situation
    Lindsay - November 2017
  • The truck is now very quiet and runs great.
    John - November 2017
  • Not happy with the personnel and overall service! Had a coupon for a $14.99 oil change and first was told it would be $40.00. He adjusted the bill, but told me that was the price with a drive time card. However, their outside sign says $14.99 but didn’t see anything about with a drive time card. All in all my bill ended up being $29.19! We have been going to this store for over 10 years, but we think we will be looking for another place to have our oil changed!
    Linda - November 2017
  • For years I have made oil change appts online, last couple years I never get a confirmation email or call. When I asked a previous manager about that, I was told it meant my first choice was good to go. Pffft. I made the appt on Sunday evening for Wed 10-4 at noon or 1 PM. My wife in a wheelchair unable to walk and I arrived at 11:45 AM. He couldn't find an appt for me. I did get an email Monday confirming my request and it said I would get a confirmation email. Pffft. Anyway he got my car in at noon. They drove it out at 1PM. A full hour to do oil change and rotate tires on a 2013 Ford Cmax. Pfffft. My wife had to use the restroom while waiting. The sink was dirty and the faucet ready to fall off so loose on sink. As this place has gone so down hill in the last few years I'll be changing where I get any work done.
    Delon - October 2017
  • Very conscious and customer focused.
    Steve - September 2017
  • Understaffed, Not professional and a very LONG wait. Only 1 auto tech to run the store, clearly told us that the Asst. Mgr hadn't been there for a week, that he frequently was left to operate on his own - This clearly affects customer service & overall auto service in the BADDEST way and needs to be handled. I was there at 7:30 am for an oil change and didn't leave until after 9am. Not to mention that the Mgr. did not get there until just before I left - That is not professional at all! If anything that auto tech deserves the manager position
    Santa - September 2017
  • Great place to go for oil changes. Can't beat the price which also includes tire rotation. Also monitor tire and brake condition. Have always had a good experience.
    Dennis - September 2017
  • I bring my cars here because they are very customer focused, highly skilled, friendly, and affordable. They help keep maintenance cost as low as possible by only recommending work that really needs done. It’s like having a mechanic in the family.
    Steve - September 2017
  • The work performed was great and the manager seemed greatly concerned about my safety.
    Megan - June 2017
  • Fastest time I had gotten my oil changed. I used to have to wait an hour. Got it all done on about 30 minutes
    Debbie - June 2017
  • The wait was a little long. They were under staffed and there were only two people to work on the cars, answer the phone, and talk to walk in customers
    Ashley - June 2017
  • You should be embarrassed of this store. I set up two appointments online only to find out that this branch does not accept online appointments. I finally called and set something up a few days later. I was in the store over two hours for a basic oil change. I asked for my tires to be rotated but was told that they were too busy and I would have to make another appointment. Your front desk clerk basically had a nervous breakdown right in front of me. He explained how awful his job is and how four managers have come through in the past few months. He said the best day of his life is when he could leave this job. I have been a repeat customer for the past few years but will never return. I contacted the corporate office after this appointment but never heard back. I have already contacted the BBB with my concerns of your ability to run this branch.
    Derek - May 2017
  • Kept promise on timing and locked car in garage to protect over night.
    David - May 2017
  • My car is running great! All the workers were straight forward and didn't give me the run around. Will definitely go back!!
    Shanna - April 2017
  • Best thing was their fast service, new front breaks, and the confident staff!
    Michael - April 2017
  • A little high on standard repair estimates.
    Delon - March 2017
  • everyday driving they did great in the snow
    Kevin - March 2017
  • I love taking my vehicles to Monroe. I always feel safe driving away and with three kids that's my number one concern. Thank you for always putting my mind at ease.
    Miranda - March 2017
  • Manager recommended a Brand and quoted a price. The was acceptable and the tires are just what I needed.
    Dennis - March 2017
  • I went in to get my tires balanced. The staff was very courteous
    Kelly - March 2017
  • I've been going there for years. There's always friendly people there.
    Janice - February 2017
  • I love the service I get at Monroe !! They are always great to me and my baby. Fast service and friendly service equals AWESOME service!!
    Miranda - February 2017
  • I bring my cars here because the guys are very customer focused, trustworthy, highly skilled, friendly, and affordable. They also help keep maintenance cost as low as possible by only recommending work that really needs done. It’s like having a mechanic in the family.
    Steve - February 2017
  • I just want to say thank you. They worked us in on a Saturday with a friendly caring attitude. The technician that worked on our vehicle was great. He pointed out a couple trouble areas and we were on our way. Good timeframe and even got us in the bay 1/2 hour early. Thank you again Warsaw Monro
    William - February 2017
  • Got home and unfortunately, techs had not cleaned oil from top of skid plate. Over night oil proceeded to leak onto the cement in garage leaving a sizable puddle. So much of a spot that I thought something was loose, and had to take it back for repeat. Usually good service, but not this time.
    Tom - February 2017
  • This store consistently provides timely and courteous service. The staff is friendly and ensures that you understand everything serviced on your vehicle. Highly recommended for great service at an affordable price.
    Jeff - February 2017
  • Never have a problem here everyone is honest and shows me what needs repairs and gives me quotes before purchases
    Margaret - June 2016
  • I like how Monro goes the extra mile and checks extra things like brakes, tread, etc. when you get an oil change!
    Kelly - May 2016

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