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235 East Main Street
Newark, DE 19711

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What People Are Saying:

  • Have always been satisfied been going to monro since 1986.
    Michael - March 2018
  • We have always used our local Monroe store, in Woodbury, NJ. We take all 3 of our cars there & have so for years. They have always treated us great. They’ve always explained things to us & we’ve never felt taken advantage of. They’re very reliable & convenient! Our daughter is away at college, at University of Delaware. Her car was in need of an oil change & a tire rotation. Instead of coming home, to use the Woodbury location, so she thought it would be best to take her car to the local Monroe, right on Main Street, in Newark. It was her first time, taking the vehicle herself. She was completely unaware of a normal bill. When I saw the credit card bill, I was floored. They charged her $74 for an oil change & tire rotation, on a 2012 Honda Civic!!!! They put some kind of special oil in a 6 year old Civic! And, there’s nothing special with her car, nothing sporty about it. I have taken her car for an oil change in Woodbury & have never paid anything close to that. Her vehicle is in your computer system, with the history of prior oil changes. We have never used any kind of expensive oil in any of our cars. I am extremely disappointed with the Newark location, that they would take advantage of a college student! We will never use that location again! Never let your child bring their car there alone!!!
    Joan - February 2018
  • A customer at this location for 23 years. Good workmanship. Fair pricing. A pleasure to deal with.
    Francis - February 2018
  • I always drop my car off and get it back in a timely fashion. They never find stuff to fix that doesn't really need it. I've always have had a great experience at Monro and the coupons always help too. Quality remains long after the price is forgotten.
    D. - January 2018
  • This review will be old compared to what was worked on. However, the time between here and now has highlighted why I respect our Monro group and why I trust them to work on my car. The 1994 Corrolla was falling apart. In September, I had to get the breaks fixed (the pads were beyond worn out) and, in October, I had part of the exhaust pipe worked on (it had fallen away). Thinking all the repair work was done, I took my car in to get Inspected before the tags expired (this was in December). Sure enough, the car failed Inspection due to exhaust issues. I took the car back into Monroe and described the issue. They took a look at it and said that the catalytic converter was cracked as well as a section of the pipe. Their recommendation, based on the repair work thus far, was to call it quits on the car (a question I had been asking each visit). I respect that assessment a lot. They could have convinced me to put more and more money into that car and I would not have known the difference (I am not much of a car person). However, they were honest and open with their advice and saved me a whole lot more money in the long run. It is that type of honesty that will have me keep coming back. I really like this Monro, please don't change it up. P.S. This type of honesty has been given to us for over 10 years. This is just the most recent, and biggest, example that I can give on how great this group is.
    Christopher - January 2018
  • Munro does all the service to my 09 Ram. Oil changes, tires, tire rotations, tune ups, etc. I haven't had a problem with them or their prices yet.
    John - January 2018
  • Service was great and quick. Appreciated with a flat tire the day before a snow fall was about to fall. Will definitely refer people and continue to use them!
    Danielle - January 2018
  • Had my car in and out within a few hours
    MELISSA - January 2018
  • I left very happy with the service provided including time taking in explaining additional future work the car needs. I found a reliable place to service my car. Thank you for excellence in service
    Lydia - December 2017
  • I have been to them multiple times. They always try to offer advice but are never pushy. This time I got my oil changed and it appeared that I needed some filters changed. They offered a good price so I had them change it. They also checked my breaks and tires and informed me about when I should start to look into replacing them.
    Robert - December 2017
  • Customer service was top notch and helped me out with no issues.
    Joshua - December 2017
  • Took my car in for a standard oil change...nothing else was wrong with my vehicle! They estimated 2500 worth of repairs and now my tire feels like it’s going to fall off. I fully Believe they messed with my car to gain additional money for estimated work. Would never bring my car back here!
    Somer - December 2017
  • Darren has been wonderful and getting my car in when there is a problem he would work it into the schedule and they always schedule my services around my work schedule. They evaluate my car is needs and don't try to upsell me something I don't need. They explain what I do need and why I need it.
    Dawn - November 2017
  • I never like spending on my car... repairs are a drag. Called and scheduled the appointment, drop off and pick up were on time just as promised. Quote was accurate, work was completed on time. Car seems to be driving. Thanks!
    Michael - November 2017
  • My appointment was for 1pm. I was promised it would take 1 hour. I arrived at 12:45pm, finished the paperwork in 15minutes at the desk. They started working on my car at 2:30, my car was ready at 3pm. This made me late to pick up my kids! Bad bad experience.
    Francis - November 2017
  • Monroe charged me 1000 dollars for engine work. A tune up and engine coils and still my 2013 work van did not run well enough to drive off of the Monroe lot. After charging me 1000 dollars for the engine work they informed me they could not fix it and I had to have it toed to the Nissan dealership to be fixed. Once there they informed me I needed a new engine and the work done at Monroe was useless and might have actually caused the damage. I wouldn’t trust Monroe to change a tire! I will make sure anyone I know never goes there. Nissan tells me I should file a grievance.
    Donny - November 2017
  • Great with squeezing customers in as long as you don't mind waiting. Honest and up front about what work they need to do or should do.
    Mark - October 2017
  • Needed an oil change FAST, that day - Monro was able to squeeze me in with only about an hour's notice. The price was a fair bit higher than I was expecting (even with synthetic oil), but they were friendly and the work was done just about in the hour they'd promised.
    Xat - October 2017
  • Fast, honest, polite service
    Jason - September 2017
  • I had a flat tire and it was determined that my tire couldn't be repaired. We called the shop and the manager was very helpful; he gave us all the options and ensure the technician would be available for my immediate appointment. They were courteous and helpful in explaining all of my options. I would definitely go back there for future services.
    Felicia - September 2017
  • In & out in little time & no problem.
    Steven - August 2017
  • I've been coming to Monro for years for all the various car problems I've had and I will continue to do so. They've always been honest and upfront with me and their prices have always been fair.
    Rebecca - August 2017
  • They did the job well in minimum time with maximum efficiency.
    Jack - August 2017
  • If the product is the service, well then I would say I had a great experience. The guys seemed genuine and trustworthy and were straight forward with me.
    Todd - August 2017
  • 8 am appointment and was out in no time!!
    Vince - August 2017
  • Good service. Satisfied
    Becky - August 2017
  • Thorough and always have my car done in a timely fashion
    Debbie - July 2017
  • The staff was helpful and able to repair my damaged tire in an efficient and timely manner.
    Todd - July 2017
  • I had a pretty good experience here. It was about what it costs everywhere else to get a complete oil and filter change. The only thing I was not real pleased with was around my appointment. I had a scheduled appointment for 8 am... they then asked me when I was done work for the day and I said by 3pm... I got held up at work and didn't;t arrive until 4pm. My car was not off the lift and it took 30 minutes for me to get my car and go. This was rather frustrating as I was in a hurry and did not get my car back when they said that they would give it back, Overall a good experience.
    John - July 2017
  • The staff are very courtise , I'm in and out in 45 minutes.
    Gail - June 2017
  • Great
    Kevin - June 2017
  • I have to say this by far the best service I have received on my vehicle! This location will be my go-to for all future repairs! I brought my Mazda 6 Series in one day with a CEL. The wonderful associates at Monro Brake and Service gave my car a very thorough diagnostic and were able to diagnose the issue efficiently and also suggest some well needed other repairs. There pricing was the most reasonable for the kind of repair I had to have done - Catalytic Converter replacement. They preformed some other services like a Fuel Induction Service and filter replacement to name a few, but by far, I am impressed! Derrin ( sorry if I spelt that incorrectly) and Frank definitely took care of me. They deserve a raise! They are company jewels!
    Sanya - May 2017
  • The manager at store #546, Darren McCarnan, is a manager that is few and far between. Honest as the day is long. I am not loyal to : banks, auto man., the insurance co., but you can call me a loyal Monro customer. I don't know what you pay Darren, I recommend doubling his salary. MC
    Michael - May 2017
  • Great value for Oil Change & tire rotation @ 19.99
    Gerard - April 2017
  • Service was great and staff was very friendly.
    Bryan - April 2017
  • Needed a muffler replacement and the staff here were professional, friendly, and I will bring my Baja here again if ever I need repairs in the future.
    Tiffany - April 2017
  • Great customer service
    Juanita - March 2017
  • Tires look good and have good ratings, but these are for a warm weather car and will not be used until Spring.
    Rodney - March 2017
  • Fixed my car up twice now, once with the brakes and again with the engine. Quick turn around, and nice people that gave me an easy to understand rundown of what was wrong with my car.
    Sara - February 2017
  • There was nothing negative with my appointment. All work was done properly and on time.
    Blake - February 2017
  • The employees were nice and very knowledgeable of the work they do. I feel like they do not lie about what needs to be done with my car like other auto shops and for this reason is why I only go to Monro to provide service for my car.
    Marcus - August 2016

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