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(302) 999-0237

600 Kirkwood Highway
Elsmere, DE 19805

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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9:00AM - 5:00PM

What People Are Saying:

  • lovely place and always there to help in the needed time.
    Nadriah - March 2018
  • Pleassant & friendly and always gets my business.
    Mike - February 2018
  • I was in and out
    Daniel - February 2018
  • Service as scheduled, quick service
    Raymond - February 2018
  • Mike & his staff are efficient, friendly & professions.
    Mike - January 2018
  • Excellent service at all times
    Rosalyn - January 2018
  • They were professional, courteous and explained everything.
    Thomas - December 2017
  • timely, inexpensive
    jill - December 2017
  • The gentlemen here were so nice and honest!
    Kristi - December 2017
  • Good service cheap and best for old cars. I suggest everyone to visit this place
    nshaik - December 2017
  • Great service .. Great timely Service
    Jasmain - November 2017
  • The employees all perform excellence service when I bring my vehicle in . I have been a customer at this location over five years and still enjoy the amazing atmosphere .
    Tyesha - November 2017
  • I was there for a quick oil change on a Saturday morning. I didn’t make an appointment: There were two other people there in front of me but it took 1hour and 20 minutes to get out of there. I watched them have my car up on the lift longer then it needs for an oil change. Slow moving and not much “umph” to get stuff done. The work is good and people are friendly.
    Jared - November 2017
  • Awesome job by all including Mike.
    David - November 2017
  • I have 3 cars and Monroe has and still continues to provide professional auto care
    Edwin - November 2017
  • I am a returning customer. I love their customer service. I was late for my appointment but they took me right in. Checked over my whole car. And was done no time. I thought I needed brakes on top of oil change, but told me I was good. But can get changed next oil change. Another shop might have me spending money I didn’t need to at this time. I appreciate the honesty.
    Lady - November 2017
  • I absolutely love these guys! Always fast and friendly! Whether it’s a simple oil change or I am having them dig around in my engine to find a problem, I can always trust the gentlemen my Monro
    Lauren - November 2017
  • Got wheel alignment. Easy and quick appointment setting ( same day) wanted to use online coupon guy at front desk didn’t even ask to see it he had already applied discount which saved me time trying to pull it up on my phone emails. Engaged in simple customer conversation which was nice not too invading
    chevze - November 2017
  • Great job
    Gloriann - October 2017
  • I have been going to Monro since I moved here nearly five years ago. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, and they don’t try to sell me services I don’t need. Getting an appointment is always easy, and if I call ahead, I can often get an oil change without an appointment. I have zero complaints. Highly recommend.
    Margaret - October 2017
  • This location provides quality customer service on a consistent basis
    R - October 2017
  • They changed my oil and told me all that needed to be changed/fixed. Thanks!
    Dalexis - October 2017
  • The tires have performed as expected. The quality of the service and the professionalism of the staff was at the higher end of what I expected.
    Mike - October 2017
  • This particular location uses quality parts and gives great service
    Rosalyn - October 2017
  • Great and servicing vehicle for what it was brought in for in addition to making you aware of any other possible issues.
    Kim - October 2017
  • good service pleasant customer service
    Keith - September 2017
  • I didn't
    Vincent - September 2017
  • Excellent service, not a long waiting period. Store manager Rowsey provided top notch customer service.
    Kevin - September 2017
  • For the 2nd time a Monro did not rotate my tires as requested but reset the computer as if they did. Then the tech tells me "whoever took your tires off before did not put your wheel lock back on so its missing" Well that was also Monro in Philadelphia who btw put regular conventional oil in my vehicle...knowing it requires synthetic blend and did not want to change it out immediately. No thanks Im done.
    Sean - September 2017
  • Oil changes brake and jobs: Excellent service
    Stuart - September 2017
  • The tires are okay for the most part, but I am not happy with the service or price I paid for the product. I went in for one flat tire to be repaired and two of my tires were removed. When asked why I was sitting so long the manager checked and said the tech had removed two tires instead of one. He told the tech to replace the tire. I leave and go to work for 8hour shift and come out to a flat tire. The tire that was flat was one of the tires that was removed by the tech. I went back to Monroe to question why my tire was flat cause it was not flat or damage when I came in to get the other tire fixed. The manager at the time refused to fix and replace my tire for free and at the end of the day I pay $300.00 for two tires. I am very upset about the whole transaction and the customer services was horrible.
    Jaime - September 2017
  • Never had a bad experience here. Staff is very helpful and profess
    Terry - September 2017
  • Mike the manager is always friendly and jamal is my go to. Dont lose either one of them!
    Mike - September 2017
  • I've been going to Monro's for a few years now since their prices and service beat the mechanic I used to go to. Ever since then, Mike and his crew has never ceased to render superb customer service and I can trust their judgments and recommendations for both my husband and my vehicles. I especially appreciate mechanic Jamaal. His expertise never fails.
    Rhonda - August 2017
  • I always get my oil change with Monroe I like the service price not bad too.
    Ruth - August 2017
  • Very friendly staff. Very quick service and listened to what is needed and wanted. Would recommend to anyone!
    Sam - August 2017
  • Had a tire go flat in the driveway and took it to the Elsmere store for a patch and was told the TPM was broke when I went to pick up tire the broken TPM couldn't be found. I question the validity of the claim the TPM was found broken.
    Ray - August 2017
  • Arrived at 10:45, taken almost immediately. Quick servive, Great promotional price!
    Ray - August 2017
  • My comment is that idinot have an appt, bit tjey still attenme
    Moses - July 2017
  • Definitely will go back.
    Erika - July 2017
  • Definitely will take my cars back.
    Gustav - July 2017
  • Reps are always professional & strive to provide excellent customer service
    Rosalyn - July 2017
  • Things Done very fast
    murali - July 2017
  • Been doing business with Monro for years back in NY, and this experience at the Elsmere store was by far the best one I've had. Mike was very professional and the mechanic, I believe his name was Kevin, were very helpful in the service they provided. Did a rear brake job, in about 1 1/2 hours with no appointment and treated me like I've been a customer for years. They should be given high praise for the service!!
    Jerome - July 2017
  • Good
    Jeff - July 2017
  • Vehicle taken directly in at scheduled appointment time. Completion time estimate, 30 mins. Actual completion time, exactly 30 mins. Accurate price qoute. Perfect.
    Bryan - July 2017
  • They were fast and friendly and called me immediately when they found other problems. They definitely knew what they were talking about when they talked to me. They were nice to me when I dropped off my car and when I picked it up.
    Rebeca - July 2017
  • I loved the fast service!!
    Carrie - June 2017
  • Didn't sit for longer than 15 minutes on a Sunday morning. The guys didn't try to badger me into fixing anything else on my car but the oil change & tire rotation, which I appreciate a lot. They did recommend new tires and an alignment, and gave me a free quote on that, but did not pressure me whatsoever into booking an appointment for it then/making it seem like a dire situation so I can shell out more money to them. Would recommend a better waiting area - it was very dirty and I thought my clothes were going to get oil on them sitting in the seats, but since I didn't wait long I wasn't too worried about it.
    Courtney - June 2017
  • Quick appointment, fast service, professional approach. Got the new credit card,, saved $. Will not hesitate to use for other servicex.
    Raymond - May 2017
  • The service provided was excellent
    Liceth - May 2017
  • The service provided was excellent
    Liceth - May 2017
  • Every thing was done perfectly and in a timely manor at an affordable price.
    Steven - May 2017
  • Kind of expensive for a car that already had brakes put on.
    Michelle - April 2017
  • called and made an appointment went in in 20 minutes i was in.
    Margo - April 2017
  • Install was completed in a day.
    Kevin - March 2017
  • In and out in 90 minutes
    PARIS - March 2017
  • Excellent Service and good car advice.
    Tina - March 2017
  • Very nice people.....
    Stephanie - March 2017
  • They explained everything, were efficient and extremely helpful. They are great assets to your shop!
    Thoms - February 2017
  • I think the guy's here are very Pleasant to deal with got to my car pretty quick and are caring people of your situation with your vehicle. I would bring my car there again!
    Jennifer - February 2017
  • The service was fast. The staff was friendly.
    Ellen - February 2017
  • I was set-up for a schedule Maintenance Appointment, I bought in a coupon and came from New Jersey to redeem it. I was met by the technician as soon as I got out of the car, by the time I went inside gave the gentleman at the front desk my coupon, information and sat down for NO MORE than 15 or 20 minutes my car was finished. The technician advised the one at the front desk that everything on the list on the coupon was not so the young man at the desk took the time to find me another coupon more suitable to my maintenance needs and saved me $10.00 on that service. The technician at the desk said, "this was worth coming to Delaware" and I had to AGREE!! The coupon bought me to Monro, Kirkwood Highway in Elsmere, DE, the GREAT SERVICE and WONDERFUL TREATMENT is what will BRING ME BACK!!!
    Cheryl - February 2017
  • The Kirkwood Highway store has always given exemplary service and for the most part efficient on the time frame for repair. I've been a regular for about 7 years now.
    Jason - June 2016

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