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(203) 937-8338

1177 Orange Avenue (Route 1)
West Haven, CT 06516

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7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


7:30AM - 7:00PM


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9:00AM - 5:00PM

What People Are Saying:

  • Friendly staff.
    Leigh - January 2018
  • good wait time, they service my car really good and they are always pleasant.
    Sijaun - January 2018
  • I needed my car to have the oil changed And it was very good the service
    Roberto - January 2018
  • I always get in & out quickly. Friendly, efficient service.
    Kathie - January 2018
  • They explained to me all of the issues with my car so that I could understand what was wrong with it. I also thought the pricing was reasonable, and they did a quick job on the repairs.
    Amy - December 2017
  • Decent service
    Nakeya - December 2017
  • Miguel had great customer service. He explained everything to me and was so nice!
    Taylor - December 2017
  • Very economic Offer. The guy at the desk for the cooperative. The tire rotation did help to make the car run smoother.
    Domnic - November 2017
  • I had a nail in my tire and they were able to patch and mount it. The customer service was great and they were very efficient. I was in and out within 15 minutes
    Danielle - November 2017
  • Great oil change/checkup service, prompt and courteous with quick delivery. Never had any issues.
    J. - November 2017
  • I recommend Monro Muffler to everyone because they have given us expert and trustworthy service for years. I know they will give me an honest estimate and will do great work. Please enter me in the drawing; we could really use money for the holidays. Thank you!!
    Barb - November 2017
  • I had a great experience at this establishment, the work was affordable, and service was honest.
    Meghan - November 2017
  • it's been good
    mikey - November 2017
  • I purchased rims and tires on line and Monroe Muffler/brake mounted them
    Dan - October 2017
  • Good service
    Iesha - October 2017
  • Tha people was working in my car is so nice
    Aldo - October 2017
  • Went in for my brakes and wasn't pressured into buying any other services. The guys seemed genuine, honest and friendly which can be a rarity at chain shops. Also a plus that Monroe offers lifetime warranty on their brakes! Will definitely recommend and come back. Thanks!
    Monica - October 2017
  • Had a complete brake job
    Eugene - October 2017
  • Great and prompt service.
    Vinay - October 2017
  • Great service, pleasant to deal with and car was ready before expected.
    Christine - October 2017
  • I get my oil changes at the Orange,Ct Monro. The guys there are great and knowledgeable.
    Debra - September 2017
  • quick service
    Carl - September 2017
  • They took my car right away. I walked a short distance to work and picked the car up at the end of my work shift.
    Anthony - September 2017
  • I have been doing business with Monroe for many years, very satisfied with the service
    Donna - August 2017
  • I get my oil changes l at Monro. I wouldn't say it is the best service, but for the price I couldn't ask for much more
    Amy - July 2017
  • Needed service on a Sunday afternoon and they were able to get me in and out in no time.
    Paula - July 2017
  • I called last minute to see if they could fit me in for an oil change. Was in and out. Plus only $19.99 and they rotate your tires for free
    Frank - July 2017
  • I love these guys... they are ALWAYS helpful, courteous and fast with their work.
    Sandie - June 2017
  • Oil change quick and easy, with a friendly service person. No hard sell, which is very much appreciated. Lots of magazines to read, too! Will definitely use this Monro location again.
    Carol - June 2017
  • Even @ $27.84 the service was a value, but I feel like MONRO is borderline unethical to manipulate the end price. The service was performed professionally and with courtesy, and was nevertheless a value. You should put the "END-PRICE" in the advertisement, thank you.
    Larry - June 2017
  • Ive been having my service done at this location for many years. even when they failed to fix things right but we all make mistakes. have a coupon for an oil change with included tire rotation, check tire pressure, check battery, and check brakes. even with an appointment it took over an hour. As i was watching none of the free or included service was done. i told him i wanted my tires rotated. back into the bay the SUV went. none of the other things were done. d than even with the coupon i was charged the full price than it was deducted
    Frank - June 2017
  • My first time there, very friendly, explained what was wrong and how much it was gonna be, not a long wait, answered all my questions. I will definitely recommend them and come back..
    Annamarie - June 2017
  • job was completed to full satisfaction
    Valyphone - June 2017
  • Service was excellent!!
    John - May 2017
  • The workers were very nice, but the service I received was sub-par. I went for an oil change and a wheel balance and I'm pretty sure they just never did the wheel balance. It wasn't on my receipt and I had already left the store before I noticed. I'm also convinced that they didn't even bother to check my tire pressure. I'm not planning on ever coming back.
    Shannon - May 2017
  • First time checking this place out, quick and efficient service
    Anthony - May 2017
  • My experience here has been nothing short of fantastic, from everything to Customer service, and work performed. The hard working individuals working in this establishment are courteous, respectful knowledgeable and do everything they can to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape after they work on it.
    Josey - May 2017
  • I dropped my car off for an oil change and asked for the $19.99 oil change special they had out front. When it was time to pay it came to almost $30. Ive been to other Monro's in other cities and paid @23 walking out the door/. Also, they did not put a sticker in my window and reset my oil change light.
    Amanda - May 2017
  • Went in for an oil change, was told front brakes & rotors were extremely bad and that is why I felt the brake pedal vibrate and heard a grinding sound sometimes. Had them replace brakes & rotors, leave to pick my son up and 2nd time I step on the brakes, same exact vibration & grinding I felt before. Return the next day and explain brakes are still bad. Was told that's impossible by manager. I told them to take it for a ride and see for themselves. Sure enough, they felt it too. About an hr later, I was told it's because the front control arms are was rusted and they missed it the day before so that is what is causing the issue. Then they said they back brakes & drums are very bad also and need to be replaced. I asked why they didn't tell me that yesterday when they inspected the brakes as part of the oil change package. Was told they couldn't get wheel off so they never checked. Quoted me $1100 plus to fix back brakes, drums & front control arm. When I started asking questions & texting my brother about what they were saying, manager became very annoyed. After spending $430 previous day and being told problem was fixed when in actuality it wasn't. I feel like I was completely scammed and taken advantage of because I was a woman. Will never, ever go there again!
    Alison - April 2017
  • great service
    Chris - April 2017
  • this was the first time that I had used Monro,I was told by co-workers about your services and decided to try out your organization. I was going to the 10 minute quick change places in the past, however the prices were starting to get very high. I was very satisfied with the service you provided and the prices were also very reasonable. and to tell you the truth the amount of time it took to change the oil in my vehicle was about the same as the "Quick Change" which never was the advertised "10 Minutes" and I was also spared the sales pitch for other services as well. I will definitely use your services in the future and will recommend you to others
    Todd - April 2017
  • Rob is the only person I trust with my car. Great guy.
    Jessica - April 2017
  • I always go to have my oil changed at the Monroe store because of the courtesy, great time it takes to complete the oil change, and Miguel handles everything professionally and with a great personality.
    Katherine - March 2017
  • it is a very friendly atomostphere the manager was very polite and the gentlman that worked on my blazier was very good the only thing that concered me was that i was not told that it was going to take as long as it did so i waited there for 6 and a half hours
    Adele - March 2017
  • There's usually a wait when I go depending on how many employees are there but my oil change goes by quick for a very affordable price. No complaints here.
    Christina - March 2017
  • Good estimate. Didn't try to upsell me. Will try to do the work piece-meal.
    Larry - February 2017
  • Had an oil change on my Honda Accord. Customer Service is always excellent
    Neida - February 2017
  • great service
    john - February 2017
  • I have 2 vehicles and bring them both to the Orange Monro Muffler. The managers and the mechanics there are super people and the work is excellent. I plan on remaining a repeat customer there.
    Maryann - February 2017
  • You have a great staff at this location.
    Jessica - February 2017
  • Very friendly and quick service.
    Nancy - February 2017
  • The employees were very courteous. I got an appointment quickly and they didn't push a hard sell!
    Kathie - February 2017
  • Went during lunch break and appreciated the prompt servicing. Went before and really appreciate the honesty.
    Scheri - February 2017
  • Oil change took an hour in a half when I have gotten oil changes for years and it took 45 mins at the most. When I was checked out the gentlemen wanted me to sign a receipt that showed that I declined parts (very important parts at that) that he NEVER even verbally told me about! And he stated and I Quote " ok Nissan Altima is all set, just sign here" and then when I called him on his mistake he became very defensive and over talked me! After I asked for some sort of compensation for my many issues and concerns he said he couldn't help me! I then asked for corporates number and he told me and I quote "it's over there on the door"! I was spoken to very rudely by three other men in the shop when they heard my complaints with the man checking me out and one of them proceeded to tell me I need to stop eating so much! I gotta say my biggest complaint was trying to have me sign a document that stated I declined parts that were NEVER even verbally brought to my attention! Corporate did state they would give me a coupon for a free oil change for another location and I will use it BUT that will be my last time ever spending a penny at Monroe Muffler! Extremely dissatisfied customer! Ps I only gave one star because I could not submit this without clicking at least one star!
    Tara - January 2017
  • They changed my oil so quickly I was impressed. Also gave me an explanation of why my check engine light is on
    Mariah - December 2016
  • I liked the honesty of what maintenance needed to be done on my car. I also liked that I had not made an appointment but they still took my car in while being busy.
    Natalie - November 2016
  • I didn't wait for too long, even though the service man said that it was going to be 15 minutes before they could service my car.
    Adan - October 2016
  • I always take my car there for oil changes and any problems. This time my starter went suddenly and they were able to fix the car on a Saturday in a few hours. They are always very kind and very helpful.
    Lynn - August 2016
  • I don't know very much about cars, but the gentleman explained everything to me in detail. I was very appreciative!
    Kathie - July 2016
  • Don Adams is a very good man.
    Collen - September 2015
  • They are so nice that I quit going to Jiffy Lube.
    Tyler - September 2015
  • The employees are always genuinely caring people. Very pleased to keep my business with you all.
    Flying Wrenches - September 2015
  • The mechanics fixed only what was needed. They didn't try to sell me anything extra. They were very courteous and frienly. I have all my maintenance done there and I would recommend them to friends.
    Laura - August 2015

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