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(203) 755-9644

649 West Main Street
Waterbury, CT 06702

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What People Are Saying:

  • Great service and deals until you pay and dont get the discounts you asked for because you didnt mention the word COUPON when you checked out.
    Bryan - March 2018
  • Completed oil change took a little longer than expected but overall wasn’t that long of a wait, overall pretty good seeing my last visit went different guys in there this time and they took care of me
    Chuck - February 2018
  • It was fast and reliable and the appointments were flexible.
    Michelle - January 2018
  • The mechanic was very helpful in identifying the problem with my vehicle. Giving me a quote for the service of the fix and explaining what needs to be done
    Justin - January 2018
  • This is the second time that I went to the Waterbury location and walked out spending a lot less money than I expected. Staff is very helpful and won't do unnecessary repairs. This is greatly appreciated!
    Shelley - December 2017
  • My car needed an oil change i was fit in at the last minute taken well cared of while waiting friendly staff
    narelyn - December 2017
  • Brought 4 tires to put on my vehicle after a couple of weeks of low tire pressure my husband and I realized they only put 2 of our tires on. The other 2 are no where to be found. We have spent a lot of momey with our 5 vehicles in the house and the owner has no solution. He thinks we are trying to get new tires from Monroe. They hire shady staff. I don’t trust them will never go there again.
    L. - November 2017
  • Very nice people, they made sure my car was taken care of and were awesome.
    Paul - November 2017
  • In and out in an hour and a half after having front and rear breaks and rotors replaced in excellent condition.
    Alban - November 2017
  • 30K miles in 8 months and I needed new brakes, thanks to Monro the pads and labor were free which saved me a TON of money.
    TIMOTHY - November 2017
  • It’s great that a free tire rotation is free with an oil change. Definitely worth the money versus going to a place that charges for a tire rotation.
    Tina - November 2017
  • Great service, quality wirk!!!!
    Chris - November 2017
  • Went in for exhaust test came back something simple and instead of charging me to fix it he told me go next door to the auto store and purchase the piece and put it on myself.
    Denisha - November 2017
  • Great customer service, fast and friendly
    Yvonne - October 2017
  • Bib is helpful, honest and kind. I trust him with my car without reservation.
    Marcy - October 2017
  • I was a walk in, no appointment. Upon entering, I was greeted with a smile, good morning, and how may I help you. My vehicle got an oil change, I was so pleased with the service, I brought my other vehicle down for an oil change as well. Very nice, keep up the great work...
    Vee - October 2017
  • Brakes are definitely a necessity! Very pleased new pads and rotors! Took my Jeep right in and was finished at the time that was stated it would be done.
    Stephanie - October 2017
  • I have gotten work done at a couple Monros and I've never had a bad experience. At this particular Monro Muffler i dealt with Rob. He did a great job. He told me what was wrong with my car and what was the most important thing to fix first. He also showed me proof of what was wrong , which is important because I am a chic who does not know a lot about cars and he made me feel confident that I was getting work (and spending money)because it actually needed to be done.
    Marcy - October 2017
  • Will come back for service again.
    Althera - October 2017
  • The service is great and they get the job done fast.
    Chris - October 2017
  • Bob and his team were very helpful, concise, and made me feel at ease when I brought in my car. Thank you!!
    Paul - October 2017
  • All my oil changes and brakes and pretty much all mechanical work I go to these guys!!!!
    Chauncey - October 2017
  • Bob and crew stayed late to make sure I got to my appointment safely and on time. I will recommend to family and freinds.
    Michelle - October 2017
  • No answer
    John - September 2017
  • Great service
    Mary - September 2017
  • My service was great
    Qwanda - September 2017
  • Quick and done very well
    Rachel - September 2017
  • Good service
    Mike - September 2017
  • Very good service from all the gentlemen. Did an oil change, the car felt great afterwards however they came back with I need axels and I think the amount charged for that is to expensive. Found somewhere cheaper.
    Sonia - August 2017
  • The service was great they dropped me off at my home and came back and got me when my car was ready. I'd definetely recommend to other people.
    Trevor - August 2017
  • My husband I ONLY go here. No matter who is working, we always receive excellent service and feel at home. Kudos!
    Leah - July 2017
  • the gentleman Mike was very polite he got me a good deal explained in detail what my car needed and how the parts were necessary to change and explained how it got to that point before i even told him what else was wrong they found out with the inspection and also explained if i would only changed the pads on the brakes i would be back for more work and more money to waste my sister's car wasn't to bad compared to mine but at least we got our cars fixed at a fair price
    Stephanie - July 2017
  • Service was done on my vehicle that I didn't consent to before hand, and I only found out about it from the receipt. It makes me question the honesty in the other services done.
    Joshua - July 2017
  • Prices are high
    Sabrina - July 2017
  • Great customer service and great prices
    Allison - June 2017
  • They were very time efficient and polite.
    Tyrell - June 2017
  • Quick and honest service, had them check the breaks they were squeaking, said he wouldn't recommend doing the breaks but the fluid needed changing.
    Kimiko - June 2017
  • Brought my car in for them to check on a hole in my muffler and Bob went through the whole car and he found that I needed drums done on the back of the car and while I was there I just had them do an oil change as well the pricing was fabulous he didn't rake me over the coals because I was a woman he gives a fair price and I don't feel like I'm being ripped off as a woman the one in Naugatuck I was taken advantage of and I would never go back there I would only go to the one on West Main Waterbury cuz I trust all those guys down there!!
    Melissa - June 2017
  • Service was fast and efficient..
    Janet - May 2017
  • Great customer service. Took Care of me right away and fixed my tire. Would highly recommend
    Kathleen - May 2017
  • Called to make an appointment they got me in very quickly next day ask for a tech Alex that I knew worked there manager said no problem he will take care of you right away mind you I was 20 minutes early but they got me in right away and Alex took his time to make sure everything was done properly before releasing my vehicle back to me would recommend this service center to others
    Michele - May 2017
  • Got windshield wipers replaced. Got speedy service done in two minutes.
    Stephnany - May 2017
  • Very knowledgeable and friendly! Wish there were more deals
    Nicole - May 2017
  • Went for my triannual oil change and they greeted me right away despite waiting in line apologized for the wait, had me in an out on like an hour
    Derick - May 2017
  • I usually get my oil change here; they also include free tire pressure check, tire rotation, free brake inspection and windshield wipers if needed. Excellent service. Also if you need a ride home while they service your car, they offer that to you. The price is great for the service.
    Stephany - April 2017
  • The service was good, but rather than explain the price deferences; they let me choose this and that next thing I know I'm paying $70 for a oil change. I have a chevy suburban and never paid over $45 now I take my smaller truck the trailblazer and gotta come out of pocket $70. Really upset about that
    Charles - April 2017
  • Had a 7:30 AM appointment for an oil change, car was taken at 8. The tech didn't rotate my tires like he was suppose to then when asked why gave a BS reason that the tires were new and need to be broken in even after i told him that 7k miles had been driven on the tires.
    nosson - April 2017
  • Spilled oil on my engine and can't drive with windows down it smells that bad! Even with windows up!
    Sally - April 2017
  • Always fast and friendly service. Monro may not be the cheapest but Bob the manager and all the guys do such a great job that we keep coming back!!!
    Cheryl/ - April 2017
  • 2 belts changed and an oil change. $340. : / Top it off with a small hand dent were hood was closed scratches on hood and heychain was damaged. I didn't complain because I'm sure they weren't going to do anything about it or tell me it was there already. Never going back.
    Chris - April 2017
  • Made an appointment for 10:00 for an oil change waited 45 minutes before the car was brought in to be checked. Man was rude
    Ernestina - April 2017
  • Bob on west main in The Waterbury CT was fantastic! I will never go anywhere else.
    Anthony - April 2017
  • Excellent service
    Ray - April 2017
  • Service was very professional and friendly
    Michelle - April 2017
  • I went in for an oil change, tune up and safety check. I rotated my tires. I paid over 500.00 for the work. I told them I was going on a long road trip and needed to make sure I was safe. Brakes and tires were good. I sign off on the work. 2 plus weeks later I am Cing home from Tennessee and if I had been alone in the car I would have driven my tire off. I lost one lugnut and a stud and the other 4 lugnuts on that side were hand loose. 2 lugnuts on the other side were hand loose and the other 3 needed to be tightened. I called and spoke to a manager. The first thing he said was you know where you initialled you were supposed to bring your car back. I told him that is not something you have someone initial off on. That is something you need to hear. I took it back in that day they fixed it. They did not put it in the computer they wanted no records. I can't trust them.
    Nancy - April 2017
  • I've been a returning customer for 4 yes or so
    Darlene - April 2017
  • No Comment
    Donald - April 2017
  • After having the struts change on my car and an alignment done, my car is handling much better and feels better on our rough roads.
    Justin - March 2017
  • They got me in and had my car ready when promised...fair price
    David - March 2017
  • Always great service when I come here! The staff are fast and efficient.
    Lovey - March 2017
  • I loved the fact that my appointment was made for the exact time my car went in! The service was fast and excellent. The guys were very detailed about what I needed done aside from the work they were already doing!
    Jessica - March 2017
  • Always doing something extra every time i bring my car here something else is found wrong and whats craxy is every thing they find broken is something that was replaced before coming to the shop.
    Yahaira - March 2017
  • Great service with a smile. Oil change done in a reasonable time. The employees inspect other part of your car and either show you if there are other problems or give you an estimate to get it fixed
    Omayra - March 2017
  • The staff was excellent. They checked out my brakes and showed me and explained the issues and then laid out a plan of action with a few scenarios at different cost levels. They also advised the best approach but were not overly aggressive to upswell at all. I felt very comfortable and the brakes were done in the time quoted. Great group of guys; I'll be back!
    Tim - March 2017
  • Received an oil change
    Johnathon - March 2017
  • Great service in a timely manner.
    Jeffrey - March 2017
  • I would go here again
    Martin - March 2017
  • Great
    Carmen - March 2017
  • Great
    Carmen - March 2017
  • Never have any complaints. Very knowledgeable and great customer service!
    Aileen - March 2017
  • I get my oil change from them ,my car fixed, I can call for appointment and then squeeze me in and I think so much because I am traveling on the highway from Danbury Connecticut to Waterbury I can call for appointment and then squeezed me in and I think so much because I am traveling on the highway from Danbury .
    Gwen - March 2017
  • Great customer service!
    Ann - March 2017
  • I always leave feeling satisfied with this location's work.
    Barbara - March 2017
  • I was treated with so much respect!
    Lashonda - February 2017
  • My fiancé and I were traveling back home to NY from a wedding in Waterbury, CT when my mustang began to stall and shake. We pulled of the road and thankfully found a Monro on west main st. Mike Lachance was fantastic. It was immediately apparent that he is knowledgeable in car repair in general but particularly Fords. He clearly explained what needed to be fixed, the pricing and Monroe policies. Mike was exactly what we needed that day since we were stressed and worried. He was knowledgeable, accommodating, kind and informative. Monro should recognize Mike and employees like him who have the ability to draw in and retain customers with his technical ability and excellent people skills. Thank you Mike for saving us that day!
    Victoria - February 2017
  • In and out for an oil change pretty quick. Friendly people great service. Second time there
    Angel - February 2017
  • Always pleasant from the moment I walk in. They take their time with my vehicle when I have concerns. I always feel like I receive a good price
    Denisha - February 2017
  • Oil change, wiper blade change and tire rotation. Quick, neat and professional.
    Sharon - February 2017
  • I was having problems with my Acura's battery on Super Bowl Sunday. I had to get to Danbury to see my kids and NY in 2 hours from when I dropped my car off and I could tell the shop was packed. I brought my car to Mike at Monroe's and explained my situation to him. Although he was skeptical at first (seeing how busy his schedule was) he personally got to work on my car and had me out in no time! It's not easy to find someone who will take the time to hear you out and take action when needed. Thank you
    Alexander - February 2017
  • in and out so fast
    Greg - February 2017
  • Fast efficient service! Friendly staff :)
    Kimona - May 2016
  • They are very quick and can usually get my vehicle right in for an oil change. I love this Monro in Waterbury.
    Caryen'Lynn - April 2016

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