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918 N. Colony Road
Wallingford, CT 06492

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What People Are Saying:

  • Needed 4 tires cause mine were bald. They had the size i needed and installed them right away. I feel much safer now
    erin - March 2018
  • Brian and his team changed the oil and replaced the brakes and rotors on my SUV. They were professional and did a great job. I recommend and will definitely return to the Wallingford, Ct location.
    Denise - February 2018
  • I have always had a good experience at Monroe. They are very courteous and professional. The service is always fast and very efficient. I have been a customer for a long time and always recommend them to my family and friends.
    Ron - February 2018
  • I continue to have all of my family vehicles service at this location, quality work and good prices by people whom I trust
    milton - February 2018
  • No issues. Good Service at this store! Advise to management: Create an attractive incentive programs on hiring more mechanics. There never seems to be enough of them. no matter what Monro shop I stop at in CT.
    Paul - January 2018
  • I received an oil change and the service was excellent.
    Judith - January 2018
  • Very thorugh, pleasant to deal with, and got the job done in a timley manner
    Albert - January 2018
  • I would like to thank Patrick and the service department for once again doing a great job on my vehicle. I stopped on a Friday for a quote on new tires, and by Saturday afternoon I was driving away with a new set. In the past month I've had two sets of tires installed and a exhaust system all without any problems, No upcharges or extra fees, what Patrick quoted was what I paid. Next time my car needs service, I will bring it back to Monroe in Wallingford Ct.
    Clement - January 2018
  • made appointment got right in good service.
    Jeffrey - January 2018
  • Patrick the new manager is great, very responsive.
    Gilad - January 2018
  • They were quick and did a great job
    Melissa - January 2018
  • The Wallingford branch always provides great service, and the new manager who recently took over was honest with me and gave me great deals. Instead of trying to talk me into getting new brakes, for example, he said I could wait another few months. Other auto companies have done otherwise in the past, but not Monro.
    Lindsay - January 2018
  • I brought my car in for an oil change and tire rotation, and the mechanic gave me feedback on my brake pads, caliper pins, and uneven wear, as well as my tire tread values. I happened to recently have my brake system re-done (about 11 months ago), and was very concerned at these numbers and findings. I then went to Firestone who did my brakes earlier that year, as they were still under warranty, and they said all the numbers from Monroe were completely fabricated and not what they found. They said the brake pads were wearing evenly and were 4-5 values off from the Monroe numbers. They said the tire tread values were also off by about 2, and they quoted me $200 less on some caliper piece that I am not fully aware of as they said it was not really needed, only if I wanted to get it fixed. I felt taken advantage of at Monroe, very uncomfortable as a customer, and I do not trust this location or company any longer.
    Michelle - January 2018
  • Quick service at a great value.
    Roberto - December 2017
  • Very happy with the service i received at Monro Muffler Wallingford. They were able to fix my tire instead of having to replace it and even with being very busy right before Christmas were able to fit me in. They always treat me right and this is was the first time I had brought in my (new to me) subaru forrester.
    Mary - December 2017
  • Great and speedy service
    Todd - December 2017
  • Patrick at Wallingford store was very helpful and professional with the service on both my cars. One car had a new exhaust system installed and my second car had new tires installed. I will be bringing my daughter's car in for new tires the first of the year. I'm very happy with the service that was done.
    Clement - December 2017
  • Very happy with service
    Jonathan - December 2017
  • Every thing great
    Osama - December 2017
  • I had my tire changed because I had gotten a flat tire about an hour earlier from getting there. They were closing in about 45 minutes but still took the time to help me. I had tried other places before coming here, I honestly didn't know you guys did tires. I was so happy I was helped and treated like a real person and not a silly girl. I will be coming back and I tell everyone how wonderful the staff is here!!! Thank you thank you thank you
    Shannon - December 2017
  • Mark was great service impeccable my flex pipe was replaced gas pan too SUV running so much better
    Deborah - November 2017
  • I brought my car for an oil change today on a very busy Saturday and to complicate matters worse, the computer system seemed to be down for the company. I can relate when technology fails and makes life more difficult but Mark did his best to make everything run smoothly and offer the service I've come to expect from this location (store 156, Wallingford, CT) as well as the awesome prices.
    Dave - November 2017
  • Great service. Totally felt valued and appreciated. It’s very rare these days to get this kind of service. Way to go!!
    Julie - November 2017
  • Mark always is friendly and nice to deal with. Mechanics always seem to know what they are doing. I never get pushed into unwanted or unneeded service.
    Patty - November 2017
  • Brought our Camry in for brakes and tire rotation. Within 2 hours, car was done. Gave us a good price, would take our car there again. Mark the manager made sure everything was done before we left. Explained everything to us that was done. Great place for repairs.
    Tony - November 2017
  • The mechanic knew what he was talking about
    Steev - November 2017
  • After having made an appointment, it took 1 hour and 20 minutes for this service. Way too long!
    Diane - November 2017
  • Fast service and friendly staff.
    Heather - October 2017
  • Professional and quick oil change and tire rotation
    Dan - October 2017
  • Professional and quick oil change and tire rotation
    Dan - October 2017
  • The staff is always professional and courteous. They do the work requested and explain any issues in plain English. They do not try to sell services and products that are not needed. I have used this shop for many years. My wife and I highly recommend them to all our friends.
    Jeff - October 2017
  • these guys are professionals: fast, honest, experienced. Thanks for all the hard work!
    Nicholas - October 2017
  • As usual, Mark and Brian were friendly, accommodating and timely! Thanks guys!
    Lisa - October 2017
  • The manager of this Monroe store is absolutely excellent Mark does a great job he always gets you in on time gets you out as soon as possible and he'll go over my whole account with me he is the reason that I go to Monroe.
    Karen - October 2017
  • They do great work here
    Chris - September 2017
  • Every time I bring my car in they are always so nice and helpful. As a woman bringing in her car for service I do not feel as if they are trying to take advantage of ms.
    Kristal - September 2017
  • Very happy with the service from Mark and the price.
    Shane - September 2017
  • Senior mechanic pointed out my rotor had major grooving on drivers front and it's brand new jeep renegade with 6k miles. And gave me advice that dealership should fix being so new. He could have just rotated tires and not say nothing. He went above average. I will go back!
    Ada - September 2017
  • the manager is a gentlemen I trust with any work we need on our vehicle. Very knowledge and someone I trust.
    Daniel - September 2017
  • oil change, brake check were done on time and in less than an hour
    Ken - September 2017
  • Often it is tough to find an auto mechanic you can trust. I trust the folks who work at Monro of Wallingford.
    Joe - September 2017
  • Extremely friendly and helpful. I will be going here for all future services!
    Alexis - September 2017
  • Mark the manager is very helpful and always willing to take the time to explain the options as well as service.
    Amy - September 2017
  • Great service!!!! did exactly what I asked for to the car and even let me know about other things that needed work
    Zack - September 2017
  • Mark and his staff exceeded my expectations from start to finish. I called at 9 am, dropped off at 1 and by 5 pm I had my car back. I would recommend this shop to anyone.
    Jonathan - September 2017
  • lubricates the engine to my car
    Melanise - August 2017
  • oil change
    Douglas - August 2017
  • Every time I go in to get my oil changed it's an amazing experience, the manager Mark is just incredible. He doesn't BS with you, doesn't take advantage of you trying to get you to fix more stuff on the vehicle. He tells you exactly how it is and how much longer you can drive it for and what not. I won't be going anywhere else, he has won over my service
    Elizabeth - August 2017
  • Tires work great
    Susan - August 2017
  • Think Mark is awesome he always takes care of my car no matter what. I know he is honest and trustworthy and will always do right by me
    Diane - August 2017
  • Excellent job great service good price and most of all very friendly...
    Desmond - August 2017
  • I bring them in for any problem even if I have to go to a specialist.
    Frank - August 2017
  • We really appreciate Mark--and knowing how honest he is.
    Matt - August 2017
  • Great staff
    jessica - August 2017
  • Got the job done
    Dan - August 2017
  • Great deal on synthetic oil and was done in a timely manner
    Holly - July 2017
  • Used coupon for oil change. Tire low light still on when received car back. Did not check tire pressure as coupon said. Not sure what else they missed.
    Bryce - July 2017
  • Mark is the best manager. I go to Monroe for their consistent customer service.
    Karen - July 2017
  • Walked in late on a Sunday and they fit me in and kept the cost reasonable.
    Scott - July 2017
  • The staff is fantastic. I just wish they would trust me when I tell them I don't want the tires rotated, only the oil change.
    Michael - July 2017
  • Vehicle inspection that provides the car owner with for accurate assessment of the cars needs and costs. Repair technicians that provide quality service and to accomplished the repair.
    Milton - July 2017
  • Fast curtious service with convenient shuttle service. Made recommendations for additional service needs but not pressured to do work right away.
    Mark - July 2017
  • Went in for oil change. Gave me estimate on other work needed. Not pushy!!
    Kim - July 2017
  • Work was done well and on-time. I dropped off the vehicle in the morning and it was ready when I picked it up after work.
    Jim - July 2017
  • The service was great.... Had my oil changed, tires rotated and my front brakes and rotors replaced. Mark, the manager was awesome to deal with. He was very helpful and advised me in detail... the status of my brakes. Although I was prepared for Monro to service both the front and rear brakes, Mark explained only the fronts were at the end of the road and for me to "wait a little while more before worrying about the rear pads" This was amazing to hear from a mechanic!!!
    Robert - July 2017
  • Got the appointment and was taken in early. This happened before.
    Timothy - June 2017
  • Have only been a customer a short time. & only for oil change. Different manager this visit than the last a few months ago. Last visit told I will need brakes w/in 6 months; this visit no mention of brakes. Recommended transmission flush when checking out but appears on receipt as customer declining service. Unable to check my air conditioning due to not having equipment. Feeling a bit skeptical & may seek another opinion before doing any more in depth work.
    Gina - June 2017
  • Had a oil changed & told him PLEASE take a listen, something wrong with MY SUV! & when I got back I was told that I definitely NEED 3 tires +rotor+ HE says I also need total brake JOB! He ( Mark) said I he knows I don't have enough $$ BUT had to tell me. I really like this location.
    TERRI - June 2017
  • High price if you ask me. 10 hours from drop off unit car was ready. Also paid $150 for o2 sensor which also seemed high.
    K - June 2017
  • employee were very nice and service was done in a timely fashion
    John - June 2017
  • manager was very helpful
    Lynn - June 2017
  • There is not a single place I trust more with my car than the Wallingford branch of Monro Muffler/Brake & Service with Mark and staff!!
    Ashley - June 2017
  • I have been coming here for a couple years now and it is always great service. The manager is awesome and very friendly. I would def recomend going here for your car needs.
    Sydney - May 2017
  • I keep coming back because if Mark.
    Chris - May 2017
  • Mark and his team always do a good job! They are very accommodating with appointment times and I trust that he will do the right thing.
    Lisa - May 2017
  • Service is great. Prices are better than dealers'.
    Dirck - May 2017
  • Service is great. Prices are better than dealers'.
    Dirck - May 2017
  • I use this for oil changes, tires, and all!
    Jennifer - May 2017
  • Mark will take the time to answer any questions you may have. Him and his team work hard.
    Paul - May 2017
  • Monroe gives the best deals on oil changes in the area. They have knowledgeable staff and are always courteous without being pushy. Those are the two things I care about most, cost and customer service.
    Carlos - May 2017
  • Excellent group
    Kathleen - May 2017
  • Everything was great
    Kathryn - May 2017
  • Best service I've ever received
    Kathleen - May 2017
  • I walked into Monroe on a rainy Tuesday expecting nothing more than to schedule an appt. to get my brakes checked. Mark was busy at the counter with another customer, but made sure to acknowledge me and ask what he could help me with. I was in no rush, so I told him why I was there, but to take his time. Not only did Mark check my brakes while I was there, he also set me up with new brakes and rotors at a fair price on the spot. Meanwhile taking another walk in, 2 appts, and what seemed like 400 phone calls. Mark was pleasant and professional and while extremely busy, never skipped a beat. He even slowed down to explain everything thoroughly and made sure I understood. I've never been to Monroe before, but with employees like Mark around, it'll be my first stop from now on. Thank you for a great experience.
    Danielle - April 2017
  • great guys
    ken - April 2017
  • I never have a problem and they always take care of me
    Britney - April 2017
  • Wonderful people work here. Know how and friendly. I have never been steered wrong here unlike other service stations. The staff really tries to help their customers and are not pushy. I can't see going anywhere else.
    Donna - April 2017
  • Everyone at this location was beyond helpful and knowledgeable. They made me feel valued and took pride in their work. The manager was especially helpful and welcoming. I got my tires balanced quickly and he made sure my car was fully serviced before letting me drive off the lot.
    Rebecca - April 2017
  • had an oil change and brake job and both were done quickly and courteously.
    susan - April 2017
  • they do good job.
    Armindo - April 2017
  • The wipers are great and the oil change fast and efficient. Can't say enough great things about Mark, the service coordinator/cashier/Monro ambassador/comedian. He wears a lot of hats and does a great job with a smile and even a clever joke. He keeps me coming back.
    Gail - April 2017
  • I was quite pleased with the service. Completed as requested and on time.
    John - April 2017
  • There was a small mishap that was realized and everything was generously made right in the end
    Mason - April 2017
  • Had an appointment for a oil change, got in an out in a timely fashion. And a discrepancy with my vehicle indentified and quoted.
    Leroy - April 2017
  • Every time I go to do an oil change they check out my car and they do it for free, just to make sure everything is functioning normally! I love it!! The staff is super friendly too!
    Maria - April 2017
  • It's always easy to get an appointment when I need one. The service is always prompt and efficient - they change the oil and check everything and don't try to sell me things I don't need. I am comfortable with my car serviced at Monro in Wallingford and will continue to use them for all my routine auto service.
    Patty - April 2017
  • I received great service and was well accommodated, despite all the people coming in for emergencies and/or appointments
    Mason - April 2017
  • Mark and Brian are the best
    Tony - April 2017
  • Mark has great service and runs the shop well
    Jose - April 2017
  • Had brakes replaced. Like the life time pad warranty.
    George - April 2017
  • Great people and service
    Ken - March 2017
  • I trust Mark with my car. He is so straight forward. That is so rare these days
    Chris - March 2017
  • Great customer service
    Robert - March 2017
  • Was told about this place from a friend. So we needed a brake job and decided to give this place a try. Great service. Pleasantly surprised. And the Brakes Forever lifetime warranty is a major plus. Mark was friendly and very knowledgeable. We will be bringing our other car there next week for repair. Definitely recommend!
    Michael - March 2017
  • My car was serviced in an acceptable time.
    Jonna - March 2017
  • The service was quick and pleasant
    Nicole - February 2017
  • All stuff was so helpfull.
    Aybey - February 2017
  • Always amazing service. Never any hassle just complete professionals!
    Myles - February 2017
  • My car was on the lift for more than 45 minutes for an oil change?! When they rotated the tires they said I was "missing" an air pressure sensor. I have only had the car for 3,000 miles and they were the only people to touch it. I brought it to the dealer where I bought it the next day and they said that the valve stem had been replaced with a cheap rubber one incapable of even holding a sensor. Since it was not their issue, they charged me $115 for the diagnosis! I went back to complain and the tech denied breaking my valve and any other tampering. I'm out 75 miles travel and $115 and a proper valve stem! NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!!!
    Ray - February 2017
  • The service is always friendly and professional. Mark goes over everything that has been done, and let's me know if and when some other service should be taken care of. There's never any pressure, and he goes out of his way to give me the best price.
    Beth - February 2017
  • Mark and his crew are great. They handle a lot of work and various requests with positive and comfortable customer service.
    Steve - February 2017
  • Oil change was very quick and the customer service was great.
    Joe - February 2017
  • This location provides excellent service - always on time
    Marie - February 2017
  • I got an oil change the staff and manager were great. Very helpful and polite! I'll be using this location from now on!
    Kaylee - February 2017
  • Wont use any other shop if I can help it
    Tony - February 2017
  • Mark and Brian are the best. Wouldn't trust anyone else with my cars!
    Tony - February 2017
  • I went to monro muffler for an oil change and the staff was very helpful, friendly and accommodating. I would go back!
    Lauren - February 2017
  • The service that I got when taking my car into Monro to get an oil change and a tire rotation was excellent. I walked in the guy behind the desk named Mark checked me in and gave me an estimated time of how long it would take. When customers walked in he greeted them and spiked up a conversation. We talked about the Super Bowl and he made sure that every customer was taken care of with the best service possible.
    Elizabeth - February 2017
  • Mark Luth is the most amazing manager! He was so personable. His knowledge about cars is amazing. I know I am in great hands when I deal with him. I live in NJ, but always wait until I take a business trip to CT and then have my automobile needs taken care of.
    evan - February 2017
  • Mark is the best
    Lisa - January 2017
  • I've been going to this location for years and like the customer service and care provided by the technicians. They're honest, fair, and will work with you.
    L. - January 2017
  • Oil change appointment and service was done in a very timely fashion as usual. However, when I got home I realized the next morning that the tech must have forgot to put a paper mat on the floor and unknowingly left an oil footprint on my floor mat. I am sure this was an unintentional oversight as I have had many oil changes at this location and have never had an issue. I always receive quality work. My vehicle is in no way excellent condition, but nonetheless, since I was in the area the next night, I stopped back to the shop figuring this must happen occasionally even when every precaution is taken. I was met by the Mgr. Mark who was not on duty the previous night. He was closing up as it was minutes before closing time. I knocked on the locked door and told him the situation. Mark was very apologetic and vowed to make it right. He then proceeded to clean my mat better than it was before the issue. He went out of his way to fix a problem that he had no previous knowledge of just to make the customer happy. Because of this instance and the quality work I usually receive, I will continue to get work done at this location for both of my vehicles as well as recommend this store to others.
    Brian - January 2017
  • Mark is always at Monroe when I need service on my car. He is polite, professional and honest and the reason I continue to take my car to Monroe.
    Danielle - January 2017
  • There was no pressure to purchase maintenance services I did not need right away.
    David - September 2016
  • Very knowledgeable staff. Took there time to explain what they were doing and why. Even should me the bad parts they replaced. Also called right away when car was ready for pickup. It was a great experience and will definitely go back again.
    Karl - August 2016
  • Very knowledgeable staff.
    Sue - August 2015

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